FlexiSpy vs SPY24: A Comprehensive Comparison

FlexiSpy vs SPY24: A Comprehensive Comparison
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FlexiSpy vs SPY24: Spying is a fast-growing business, and there are many so-called monitoring apps on the market today that all claim to be the best at spying on cell phones. Today, we're going to look at two of the most popular and successful spy solutions. We'll look at their products, features, installation, OS compatibility, usage, pros and cons, and pros and cons. Let's look at Flexispy Review and SPY24 as a whole and see what they can do.
SPY24 is the most effective software for keeping an eye on kids and employees.

SPY24 is one of the best spy apps for cell phones, tablets, desktops, and personal computers. It will be the most effective phone and computer spy tool in 2022. The next step in making the application has been taken. It has become one of the most important things for parents, employers, and a lot of people who do ethical surveillance. It is made up of a number of monitoring solutions that work together to make it a tracking software that can be used for many different things. Every SPY24 product has its own set of unique, effective, efficient, and results-driven features that can be controlled through an online dashboard that is easy to use. Talk more about the product's features, its operating system, its support, and its pros and cons.

FlexiSpy vs SPY24: A Comprehensive Comparison

SPY24 VS FlexiSPY Review


Some of Spy24's products are:

SPY24 has monitoring products for cell phones and tablets that can be used to spy on any cell phone or tablet that is connected to the internet. Spy software can be used to track and control PC laptops, Mac computers, and desktop computers of all kinds. Here are some of the SPY24 products that you should know about:

Software for spying on Android

The most technologically advanced and effective spying app for mobile devices is the SPY24 surveillance app for Android. It lets people put parental controls on their smartphones and tablets that run Android. Using spy app features that are both standard and unique to the app, users can monitor phones in secret, and the results are sent to a web-based control panel.

Here are the best things about SPY24 Android Spy that make it a great solution:

The spy app works on both smartphones and tablets that have been rooted and ones that have not.

It is a trick tool because it can be hidden on the cell phone of the person you want to trick.

It can't be found by any anti- spy software on the Android phone or tablet it's meant for.

It can just change the icon of its app on the target phone, even if that phone has the most recent version of its operating system.

SPY24 is a unique and sophisticated spy app for Android that can do a lot of different things.

Watching over your computer (Mac & Windows)

This spy programme is made for MAC laptops Spy and desktop computers. Using tools that give immediate results through the dashboard, it is possible to keep an eye on Mac computers and laptops. The MAC monitoring programme is the best way to spy on and keep track of Mac computers because it has so many sneaky features.

Here are some important things to know about the computer spy software SPY24:

With just a few features, Mac computers can be spied on and tracked.

Do bad things on the target computer without too much trouble.

Activities can be tracked, recorded, and watched on laptops and desktops.

The best ways to use this product are to keep an eye on employees and set limits for kids.

Compatible with all MAC operating system versions

Software that can spy on Windows

There is no other software like SPY24 spy software for Windows because it has so many features, is easy to use, and gives fast results through the dashboard. In the business world, you can't say enough about how important Windows monitoring software is. It can also be used to look at the computers of children.

Here are some of the best things about the SPY24 windows tracking programme:

Spy software that can be put on laptops and desktops but can't be seen

Compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system

It includes both common and unusual spying tools.

The best software for keeping an eye on employees and keeping kids safe online

There are many ways to keep an eye on and keep track of Windows PCs.

With SPY24, you can monitor both phones and computers.

SPY24 has a lot of different products, and each one has a lot of features for tracking Android phones, Mac computers, and Windows PCs. Some of the effective and powerful features for spying on Android, Mac, and computer operating system devices are as follows:

Here are some of the best things about the Android monitoring app:

People who message you on social media are watching you.

A screen recorder is a programme that saves what you see on the screen of your computer.

Real-time viewing of the GPS tracker

History of the Location History of the Website

Using Geo-Fences to track routes

Keeping track of phone calls

Taking pictures with a camera that is far away

This Android spy app has the most powerful tools for monitoring cell phones and tablets, like the ability to record live screens and monitor social media, as well as the ability to track Internet browsing activities and real-time location. Users can also look at their call history and use remote control tools to change how their Android phones' cameras and micro phones work.

The MAC snooping app has the following features:


Record the screen in real time

The MIC on the remote control had a bug

Finding out where someone is

Web blocking

Keep track of what sites you've been on.

Things that happen at the same time

Covertly, you can use SPY24 computer surveillance software to keep an eye on your kids or protect your business. It can record live computer screens and control laptop microphones from afar. It can also record keystrokes as they are typed. You can also filter websites, keep an eye on web browsers, do real-time surveillance, and do many other things.

Features of spy software for Windows that are very powerful 

Find out where your GPS is.

Websites are screened.

Taking a picture of what's on the screen

With the MIC bug activity logs, you can keep track of what keys you press.

The SPY24 Windows spy solution lets you remotely control and watch everything that happens on the Windows devices you want to spy on. It can find out where the target device is, log time-wasting activities, and block websites that aren't good. Users can record both their live PC screens and their keystrokes in real time. With Window Spy, you can keep an eye on the activity logs of Windows laptops and desktops.

How does SPY24 do what it does?

SPY24's settings are almost the same for all of its products, and you can get a licence for its android spy, pc spy, and windows monitoring software at any time. You will also be able to get into the target device so that you can install and run surveillance software. You can also turn on the dashboard to use the features of your chosen product and see the results of your work.

Some of the platforms that are supported are:

SPY24 is the best software for monitoring cell phones and computers that can be found anywhere in the world. It works with Android, MAC, and Microsoft Windows, which are three different kinds of operating systems. The software for monitoring Android phones works with operating systems from 4.4.0 to 13.0. Also, it works with both Windows and MAC operating systems.

Use is for the following reasons:

Here are some ways that SPY24 spy software for PCs and cell phones can be used.

How to be a parent in the digital age

Observation and Reporting by Employees

backup of data

People should try to avoid cyber attacks.

Monitoring in real time

The app that secretly keeps track of you

The SPY24 Spy App's Pros and Cons

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the best spy software for phones and PCs –SPY24.


The only spying app in the world that is legal

A programme that is easy to set up

An app that is simple to use.

Hidden software for phones and computers that can listen in on conversations

Tools that focus on results and let you track them in real time

Phones, PCs, and computers all come with special tools that can be used to spy.

There are online dashboards for each product.

You can keep an eye on the phone you want to track without having to use it.

It's easy to change how visible and invisible tracking is.

Compatible with all versions of Android, MAC, and Windows.


There isn't enough spy software for the iPhone.

To finish the installation, you need to be able to get to the target device.

If you don't install it, you won't be able to monitor it from afar.

Don't encourage espionage from anyone else besides children and employees.

Flexispy Review – The Best Software to Spy on Phones and Computers

Flexispy is one of the best phone tracking apps you can use to keep an eye on cell phones. It is one of the first spy solutions for cell phones, and the company says it is the best way to keep an eye on the phones and computers of children and employees. It has a huge number of tracking and monitoring features that have made it an essential tool for spying. It is thought to be one of the most important companies in the business of phone and computer surveillance.

Flexispy Review – The Best Software to Spy on Phones and Computers

The Flexispy monitoring app lets you buy the following products:

There are a lot of tracking and spying tools in the programme that you can't get anywhere else right now. You have full control over tracking phones, keeping an eye on PCs, and snooping on laptops and desktops at work. Users can take advantage of the company's advanced features from anywhere in the world by logging into their online accounts and getting results right away. You should be familiar with the following Flexispy products:

Monitoring solution for iPhone/iPad PC and Monitoring software Flexispy app features for Android, iPhone, MAC, and PC

Flexispy has hundreds of ways to spy on cell phones, Mac computers, and PC devices. Here are the features you can use to fully monitor any phone or computer, as shown below. But you have to set up the subscription for each operating system you want to keep an eye on, like a child's computer or an employee's computer.

There are features of Flexispy for both Android and iPhone devices.

Pay attention to what's going on around you.

Listen in on phone calls as they happen.

Keep track of where the device is.

Check your messaging apps often.

We're keeping an eye on contacts.

Watching what people do online

Keep track of what the app is doing.

Investigate any questionable behaviour

Taking pictures with a camera that is far away

Check out the pictures and videos.

iPhone keylogger is a piece of software that keeps track of what keys are pressed on an iPhone.

Android keylogger is a programme that keeps track of what you type on your Android device.

Flexispy is the only app that lets you spy on both Android and iPhone with the same features. This can only be done with this tool. Flexispy will let you see for yourself. It is something amazing to see. Why do you think that is? Even though Android and iOS are different, Flexispy can record live phone calls on both, listen to the environment, spy on the internet, and take pictures with the camera from afar on both Android and iPhone devices.

Flexispy has many features that let you spy on Mac and PC.

Watch your instant messages.

Check out what's going on in the network.

Watching what people do online

Don't lose your information.

The temperature is kept at a set level.

Data is easy to look at.

A keylogger is reading people's emails.

Flexispy has many features that let you spy on Mac and PC.

Flexispy has the same kinds of features as Flexispy for Mac and Windows devices. Users can listen in on social media conversations and keep track of what people do on the internet. Also, the tool can track keystrokes on both PCs and Macs, and it can protect all of the data on the devices. You can keep track of the emails you send and receive and look at data through a web-based dashboard.


The following operating systems can be used with Flexispy spy software:

Flexispy works with both Mac and PC computers and all kinds of phones. It works with all versions of the Android operating system from 4 to 11. Also, the Flexispy iPhone spy works with operating systems from iOS 6 to iOS 13. On either the Mac or the PC, there are no limits on which operating systems can be used.

Flexispy's good points and bad points


It works with almost every Android, iPhone, and computer system operating system.

Flexispy works in stealth mode when it is installed on the phone or computer you want to spy on.

There are a lot of unique and special things about it.

It's a spy programme that is almost impossible to find.


To use the Flexispy iPhone spy app, you must jailbreak your iPhone.

Extreme conditions have been used to package the revolutionary features.

It is one of the most expensive pieces of spy software you can buy.

Which monitoring app, FlexiSPY vs. SPY24, is better?

FlexiSPY is the only monitoring software for Mobile, PC, and Mac that offers Call Interception, Ambient Listening, Phone Call and VoIP Recording, as well as all the other spy features you would expect. SPY24 is cheaper, has more features, and is more powerful.

FlexiSPY vs SPY24

SPY24 starts at $5,99, which is less than FlexiSPY.

Are there things that FlexiSPY can't do? SPY24 is invisible for Android 11.

The only way to fix the most recent iPhone

FlexiVIEW is easier to use than FlexiSPY, and it's free.

Safer than FlexiSPY, since SPY24 hasn't had any data leaks.

SPY24 has been around since 2012 and is more reliable than FlexiSPY.

Make up for your FlexiSPY - SPY24 Trading Program losses

Phones that already have SPY24 on them and are sent right to your door

You're ready to make up for your FlexiSPY losses, so check out our trading programme.


Read on to find out why SPY24 beats FlexiSPY in the race.

SPY24 vs. FlexiSPY - Comparison Table

SPY24 is for detectives who want to know everything and leave nothing to chance.

Look below for proof that SPY24 is cheaper, has more features, and is more powerful.

Price: SPY24 vs FlexiSPY

  • SPY24:free
  • FlexiSPY:$29.99
  • Android 13 keeps it a secret.
  • How to Record a Phone Call
  • Getting in on a phone call
  • Look at IM Calls.
  • Record the area around the phone
  • Phone Surroundings Live: Listen to It
  • Take pictures and videos with your phone camera

The first SPY24 came out in 2020.

At SPY24, we know a thing or two about how to make reliable mobile surveillance software because we started the spyware industry in 2012 and have been running the package ever since.

SPY24 is like a master against the fake sweatshirt.

Since 2012, when we made the first spy phone in the world, we continue to design, develop, test, sell, and keep up with all of our products. Nothing is outsourced, and everything is done in-house.

All of this makes for a better product and very happy customers, unlike most other companies, which are just retailers who resell lower-quality technology that they got from the lowest candidate.

If you choose SPY24, you'll get the innovation, reliability, and quality that come from 14 years of experience making technology that millions of people all over the world use.

A unique product with unique features. Let's look at a few ways in which we are different.

Mostly about instant messages

SMS and phone calls are no longer used by people under 30. Instead, they use social media and instant messaging. SPY24 is made to be the best instant messaging app. It can record both sides of a conversation and show stickers, among other things.

Monitors all audio streams

Unlike FlexiSPY, SPY24 lets you listen to and record phone calls and instant messaging (IM) calls like those made through Facebook Messenger.

Remote control that works well

You can use your phone as a remote camera and video recorder by opening the microphone and listening to what's going on around you.

FlexiVIEW is a free app for mobile phones.

With our easy-to-use mobile review app for Android and iPhone, which comes free with every purchase, you can get recent and important information on the go.

Always know what the application is by looking at a screenshot.

Update IM all the time. When this happens, people rush to update their software, and you miss out on important chats.

Because of our unique app screenshot feature, you won't notice when an app like WhatsApp is updated because you'll still be able to see screenshots of chats.

It is the safest place for data.

Customers don't usually think about how secure their data is until it gets hacked.

Skipping security cuts down on the cost of keeping an eye on applications, but it also means ignoring safety.

We are proud to say that SPY24 has never lost any of its customers' personal information.

Our competitors, however, can't say the same.

Check the hacked room to see if the spyware application has been shamed.

Different people have different ideas about what "best for value" means.

The SPY24 product line has something for everyone, whether you're on a tight budget or a professional who needs access to all information.

We have something for everyone, from our SPY24 LITE product, which is the most affordable in the industry, to our SPY24 EXTREME product, which is unique in the industry.

You can get back what you lost with FlexiSPY by using our trading programme. You can get back what you lost by trading your FlexiSPY licence for a copy of SPY24. Join the more than 1,600 spyware fans who have moved to SPY24.

Do you still want to know more?

Below, you can read our full review of FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY vs SPY24

Describe FlexiSPY.

FlexiSPY is a mobile app for spying on people that is sold as parental control software to help keep your kids safe. Once FlexiSPY is installed on the target device, it keeps track of things like incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages, emails, and more. This information is then sent to your web-based portal at set times that you choose, with a minimum of 5 minutes between each transfer.

Before we go on, it's important to know that FlexiSPY's iCloud spyware app doesn't work in most situations. FlexiSPY also has a jailbreak package for the iPhone, but it doesn't have many features and isn't worth the money. There is only one company that can monitor an iPhone in a reliable way.

On Android devices, it's helpful that FlexiSPY has features like call blocking, website blocking, and app blocking that let you limit certain actions (not available for iOS).

Let's start by finding out what kinds of devices FlexiSPY works with.

Which devices can be used with FlexiSPY?

  • Android devices
  • Works with Android versions 4.0 or later
  • Needs access to the device in person

Rooting is needed to keep track of instant messages, Wi-Fi networks, emails, and other advanced features.

  • iOS devices (without jailbreak)
  • All versions of iOS can use it.
  • Requires iCloud login credentials
  • It doesn't need to be in the same room as the device.
  • iOS devices (Jailbroken)
  • Works with iOS 6-8.4 or iOS 9.2.
  • Needs access to the device in person

FlexiSPY works with Android and, to a certain degree, iOS devices. After a lot of testing, we found that FlexiSPY for iOS doesn't have as many features as it does for Android. Also, FlexiSPY doesn't work on devices with iOS 10 or later, so it won't work on the newest iPhones.

You can't get FlexiSPY from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Only on the FlexiSPY website can you find the official application.

Details and costs

FlexiSPY is a switch product for parental control software, even though it has the same or similar features as most phone monitoring apps.

They have two packages. The Basic package costs $29.99 a month and gives you important information about what the target device is doing, like call logs, photos, and videos.

The premium plan starts at $ 69.99 and gives you access to instant message logs, keyloggers, call blocking, apps, and websites.

FlexiSPY Basic and FlexiSPY Premium for Android in a table of features

FlexiSPY Basic $29.99 gives you:

Call logs




Where GPS Is


Notes, Calendar, and Contacts

History of the browser

Upgrade to FlexiSPY Premium $69.99 to get:

Stopping calls

Stopping websites

Stopping applications


Messaging apps


Wi-Fi networks

Parental Controls from FlexiSPY have these features:

Tracking by GPS

Limit calls that come in

You can block calls, websites, and apps.

Great disadvantages:

FlexiSPY doesn't have all the features of a real spyware programme, and it doesn't record phone calls or IM conversations.

FlexiSPY Basic doesn't have basic parental control features like required registration and blocking of apps, websites, and phone calls.

There is no way to take a screenshot (app screenshots provide a backup that will allow you to see all user activities and is vital when other components are changed or updated, for example).

Product for iOS that isn't very good and doesn't work on the newest iPhones.

There are questions about how well the FlexiSPY ISP product will work in the long run.

FlexiSPY packages

The package you choose will depend on how much money you have and what you need.

Do you have a small budget and only need a few details about what mobile users do? If that's the case, FlexiSPY Basic might be a good choice. FlexiSPY Premium, on the other hand, can be useful if you want to have some control over the target device.

But if you want a more advanced package that gives you accurate and useful information and has features like call recording, live listening, environmental recording, and instant messaging, you have to go with the original spyware app.


If you want to keep an eye on a mobile device without the user knowing, you need to use your head. FlexiSPY gives its application a disguise for this reason.

Once the installation is done, you will be asked if you want FlexiSPY to be hidden or not.

In this case, "hidden" doesn't mean that FlexiSPY is completely impossible to find. Instead, it means that it looks like another app on the target device. Find out more below.

FlexiSPY support

There are three levels of technical support for FlexiSPY:

Access to support via email and live chat is part of the free Basic and Premium subscription service.

For $ 12.99, you can get priority line support, which includes phone support and installation instructions. On their website, it says that this service is optional and cannot be returned.

Help: $53.99 gets you help with rooting or jailbreaking, installation via Team Viewer, detailed help setting up features, and technical support over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers can pay extra for more support from FlexiSPY. As it says on their website and in their portal, the more customer service you get with your subscription, the higher your priority.

Data security

After making mistakes in the past, FlexiSPY has now put in place security protocols like data encryption and two-factor authentication. According to FlexiSPY, there is no reason to worry that your account information or your child's data has been accidentally shared or is available somewhere else.

Even though they say they won't leak your information, it's important to know FlexiSPY's warning history about parental control apps, which we'll talk about below.

How is FlexiSPY used?


FlexiSPY lets parents keep an eye on their child's activities, such as the websites they visit, calls they make, text messages they send, and where they are using GPS.


Keep track of where employees are when they are on the job. Keep track of their websites, work schedules, and the time they spend on corporate mobile devices.


FlexiSPY is hidden on the target device as an app called "Update Service." This can help you find out where your partner is and see what he or she is doing on the phone.

Do we detect FlexiSPY?

To get real value and information from spyware software, it's important to always keep the software hidden.

Even though FlexiSPY isn't "real" spyware and says it's only for parental control, if kids know they're being watched, it can be bad for them because they can easily find ways to avoid being watched.

For example, she was once told that they were being watched. What stops a child or teen from just changing the information that their parents know about? FlexiSPY is great because it gives the user the option to hide or show the application.

When you first install FlexiSPY on the target device, you'll be asked if you want to hide the FlexiSPY icon or keep it. If you choose to hide, an icon called "Update Service," which is the FlexiSPY app, will show up in the phone's menu.

For Android OS versions lower than 9, this icon won't show up on the app's home page or in the phone menu. But keep in mind that the "Update Service" icon will show up and stay in the list of apps under Settings. While this is going on, the FlexiSPY development team is working on hiding the app icon on Android 10 devices.

It's safe to say that traces of FlexiSPY and how it was installed are not completely hidden, but they are somewhat hidden. This is true no matter what kind of device you want to monitor.

Screenshot of Android 10 showing FlexiSPY in use

FlexiSPY also has features that make it hard to use, like blocking calls, apps, websites, and Wi-Fi. This means that the owner of the device being monitored will always know that they are being watched. This might not matter if you want to keep an eye on your kids while they are playing outside and you have full control and access to the target device. But if you want to spy more quietly, you won't be able to use FlexiSPY because these features mean that the app is never really hidden.

How to put FlexiSPY on an Android phone

Here is an overview of how to install FlexiSPY on an Android phone.

Get the phone you want to hack, make sure it is unlocked, charged, and connected to the internet. Internet

Since FlexiSPY is not spyware but a parental control app, there should be no reason to keep it secret. And it's probably a good idea to get your child involved in the installation process from the start to make things as clear as possible.

Go to Play Store > Menu > Play Protect > Settings (Gear) > Security Threat Scanner > Turn it off.

Get FlexiSPY here (choose between Android and iOS here)

Open the browser on the target device (use Google Chrome), tap the address bar, enter the link on the screen, and press the GO button. Enter a captcha to check it (draw the figure or type the letters), and then click Download.

When the download is done, click Open to start the installation.

After you open the bt.apk file, you'll need to do the following: Next, Installation, Open.

Price: SPY24 vs FlexiSPY

Install FlexiSPY

Finish the download.

Choose whether to hide or show FlexiSPY.

To make sure FlexiSPY works well on the device your child uses, add it to the list of unsupervised apps:

Go to Settings, then Device Support, then Battery, then Unchanged Apps, Add Apps, Update Service, and you're done.

screenshot of how to set up FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case you have any questions or problems during the installation. If their "free" customer service doesn't work, you might want to move up to their "paid" (priority support line) or "uber-paid" (help) levels.

We think that the best spyware programmes will give you free, high-quality technical support as well as an easy installation service where a technician will install the software for you remotely. All you have to do is hook up the device you want to control to a computer or MAC.

Is FlexiSPY a real spy app or just a way for parents to monitor their kids?

From how they market it, you can see that FlexiSPY presents itself as a parental control app, not as a real spyware app. They have some restrictions-based features, like blocking apps, calls, and websites, but they don't have the features you'd expect from a serious spyware app, like call recording, IM call recording, live listening, surround recording, and so on.

FlexiSPY says it's the best choice for parents who want to protect their kids, but there's a good case that the restriction features are useless because the child knows their phone has a spy app and so on. The app can be deleted or turned off by the child.

If you want an app with a lot of features and depth, FlexiSPY is designed to stay out of sight and has more than 74 features, while FlexiSPY only has 42. Many of them work well as parental controls, like GPS tracking, SMS monitoring, and monitoring chats.

FlexiSPY is a useful app for keeping an eye on kids.

FlexiSPY is a good app that lets you see what your child is doing on their phone and online. But it doesn't protect in real time, and the biggest problem is that it takes a long time to upload data.

You can set the portal so that data is uploaded every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, etc. minutes. But after a lot of testing, we found that most features take at least 30 minutes to upload, even though the app is set to upload data every 5 minutes. Other features, like taking photos and videos, take several hours.

You won't know right away if your child has set up a meeting with a stranger through an instant messaging app. This means that as a parent, you don't have enough time to respond or stop your child from doing something wrong. But you will have the proof you need to punish your child, turn him over to the police, or do whatever else needs to be done.

On the other hand, the SPY24 product for iOS has very few features. It can't block calls, apps, or websites, and it only updates the little bit of data it tracks once every 24 hours. This is not the best way to stop or fix your kids' bad behaviour right away, and it doesn't help when they are in danger right now.

Is FlexiSPY a trustworthy spyware app?

When you pay extra for a spyware programme, you should be able to:

1. as advertised in terms of performance

On paper, FlexiSPY seems to have a lot of useful features. Still, the app is only useful if the user just wants a broad view of mobile activities that can be done at any time.

During testing, FlexiSPY's ability to track social media, emails, and phone calls did not work. When their customer service asked, they promised an update in a few weeks that would fix all the problems.

When it comes to making sure your child is safe, you should be consistent. Many of FlexiSPY's most important features don't work because of a bug, the security measures of the network provider, or the phone provider (see FlexiSPY's iOS product).

SPY24 VS FlexiSPY Review

When this happens, customer service at FlexiSPY will tell you that the only thing you can do is wait for their team to fix the problem. If they can't help you, they'll usually give you a free 1-2-week subscription renewal as a consolation.

As a general rule, you should ask for a refund right away if the spyware customer service tells you that the features will work later and suggests that you freeze your account until they do. To get a credit card payment back or look through trading programmes for more reliable solutions.

2. A fair and reliable way to get money back

FlexiSPY says that you can get your money back in 10 days. But despite what it says in their marketing materials, many people find out right away that getting a partial or full refund is hard.

If you read the fine print of FlexiSPY, you'll see why their complicated refund policy is at best misleading and at worst just plain true.

Don't just take our word for it; read some of the comments customers have made on https://spy24.app/, one of FlexiSPY's best partner sites.

Some of the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website also reveal interesting facts about how FlexiSPY refunds are handled and how other customer service practises are handled.

Common refund problems include charging the full price during a free trial or not getting a refund within minutes of making a purchase (despite strict adherence to the terms of use).

Does the FlexiSPY app for iOS work?

Because of Apple's new security rules, most spyware apps are no longer a good choice for iOS devices.

For FlexiSPY's iOS product to track and upload data, the user must turn off 2FA on the device they want to track. Apple quietly took away this option from its iOS 10 version, so you won't be able to do this by the end of 2019.

FlexiSPY Customer Service tells us that the company is working on a way to get around Apple's two-factor authentication policy. This would be a big job, so we won't hold our breath while we wait for an update to fix this problem.

For now, FlexiSPY is an alternative solution, but we'll let the reader decide if it's a good one.

Make a new iCloud account.

FlexiSPY's other solution is for you to easily create a new iCloud ID for the target device. Apple's policy says that the owner of a new iCloud account has two weeks to decide whether or not to use two-factor authentication.

Again, if you are watching younger children openly, this may not be a problem because you could force them to use an account. But if you are watching a worker or a child who is older than you, this can be a problem.

Here's the bottom line:

If you want to use FlexiSPY to keep an eye on an iOS device that hasn't been hacked, you must not only have control over the Apple user's current credentials but also be able to force them to make a new Apple email in order to track any data.

Click here to learn more about why iCloud Spy Apps are not a good choice.

But if you feel like you know enough about FlexiSPY, you might want to skip this and go straight to the most reliable iPhone monitoring app on the market.

Jailbreak on FlexiSPY vs. Jailbreak on SPY24

Both SPY24 and FlexiSPY offer ways to jailbreak an iPhone, but when you look at how well they work, how well they work with other devices, and how reliable they are, it seems that they are not the same.

First, the i Phone Spy app from SPY24 has more than 50 features, while the jailbroken app from FlexiSPY only has eight basic features.

SPY24 is also the only way to spy on newer iPhones like the iPhone X, 8, 7, 6, 5, and SE ,13 pro. Most competitors, including FlexiSPY, sell what they call a "No-Jailbreak" solution for iCloud spyware that doesn't work as promised.

On the other hand, SPY24 has the least expensive iPhone spy app so far.

At only $19.99 per week, the iPhone EXTREME Weekly is not only the most affordable option, but also the best value for money. Note that to change how SPY24 for iPhone works, you have to jailbreak the device.

With SPY24 EXTREME Weekly, you get advanced features like IM Call Recording, Spy Call, RemCam, RemVid, Ambient Recording, and more that you can't find anywhere else.

Below, you can see how the features of SPY24 Jailbreak and FlexiSPY compare:


As you can see, when it comes to monitoring an iPhone, SPY24 has a lot more features, depth, and compatibility than FlexiSPY.

Will FlexiSPY keep my child's information safe?

Given that the company has a good reputation for keeping data safe, the better question is whether my child will be safer or less safe with FlexiSPY on their device.

Even though FlexiSPY hasn't been hacked since May 2018, the fact that it has leaked information in the past should be a clear warning sign for any caring parent. Imagine that you bought a parental control app to keep your child safe, only for his name or private photos to get out and be seen by who knows who.

Also, FlexiSPY's claim that it had a breakthrough response is not believable. In a 2015 leak, for example, hackers stole information from FlexiSPY's servers and put it on the deep network. After denying the breach at first, FlexiSPY said it would improve security. Two weeks later, Krebs Security said that they still hadn't taken down the links to screenshots of mobile devices running FlexiSPY.

When it comes to your kids, data security is very important. FlexiSPY has had multiple leaks over the years, which is pretty bad for an app whose main purpose is "parental control" and child protection.

Here, a former customer of FlexiSPY talks about his time with the company at the Better Business Bureau.

"How can I trust a company with personal information from my cell phone if I can't trust a company whose business practises are bad?"

Find out more about spyware leaks and think about all your choices before making a choice.

How can I tell if FlexiSPY is on my phone?

To see if FlexiSPY is installed on your phone, go to the list of apps and look for an icon called "Update Service." For Android 10 devices, you can also find the FlexiSPY icon in the app drawer under the same name, "Update Service."

Then let's talk about how to uninstall.

How can I get FlexiSPY off my phone?

To get rid of FlexiSPY from your phone, go to the list of apps, scroll down until you see "Update Service," then tap "Uninstall" next to it.

Then, in your FlexiSPY portal, go to the device management page and click disconnect and uninstall. FlexiSPY will be removed from the device.

What is better about SPY24?

SPY24 has special features that are made to work with Android, iOS, PC, and MAC devices.

SPY24 is the only way to get advanced features like Call Recording, Call Interception, Environmental Recording, REM CAM, and REM VID, which can help serious detectives find out more.

Also, SPY24 is the best instant messaging app. No other app comes close to the depth and coverage of this original spyware app when it comes to tracking instant messaging.

More than 30 features than any competitor

The most sophisticated parts of any monitoring app

There are three packages: LITE, PREMIUM, and EXTREME.

The parts work as promised on both Android and IOS.

This is the only spyware app that can be completely hidden on an Android 13 device.

A unique, free app for Android and iOS phones that gives you up-to-date information on the go.

The only reliable and cheap iPhone monitoring app on the market.

Customer service and after-sales services that are the best in the business

Data protection you can trust, based on years of experience

Trading programmes that help customers of our competitors who have been tricked or are unhappy.


SPY24 and Flexispy are two scale applications that are the same. In some ways, Flexispy is better than other programmes, but SPY24 has a lot of features for a low price. SPY24 is the best application for monitoring mobile phones and computers, except that it doesn't have an iPhone spy solution.