FMWhatsapp App Download Latest Version Android - iPhone

FMWhatsapp App Download Latest Version Android - iPhone
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APK Download for FMWhatsApp (Anti Ban) - Latest Version (April 2022) (Official)

FMWhatsApp will be available in 2022.

The FMWhatsApp APK can be obtained by clicking on the link below. If you have a smartphone device, it's possible that you're using WhatsApp on that device. FMWhatsApp APK can be used to enhance the functionality of your WhatsApp account. It was developed by third-party developers to include additional functionality such as masking the online status, blocking calls, using DND mode, and theme support.

The most useful feature of FMWhatsApp is the ability to download status updates directly from the app. FMWhatsApp allows you to save the current status of any video or image. More handy functions, like masking the Online status, blocking the Whatsapp internet connection, sending bulk messages, sending scheduled messages, and so on, make the program even more useful.

The only thing that irritates WhatsApp users is the fact that the app's functionalities are severely restricted. Example: You can only send 30 photos at a time, and the movie capacity is limited to 16 megabytes (megabytes). Furthermore, the maximum file size allowed for PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations is 100 MB in size.

These restrictions were put in place to prevent spam, but there are instances when you want to get rid of them. In response to these limits, many WhatsApp users begin looking for an alternative program that does not impose these restrictions. There are numerous new features incorporated in this FMWhatsApp, such as the ability to disable the internet connection, the ability to forward messages in bulk, the ability to download tales, and so on.

IMPORTANT: We do not promote the use of WhatsApp MODs such as GBWhatsApp 2022, and all of the ones that we supply are solely for educational and research purposes. However, even if the most recent FM WhatsApp update 2022 includes an anti-ban tool to keep your account safe, you will be held liable if any troubles arise.

If you are one of the many people who wish to be free of the restrictions imposed by WhatsApp, you may be interested in learning more about FM WhatsApp for Android. It is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application that is made by an independent developer and is available for download from the Google Play Store.

Unlike the WhatsApp app, this program operates on the WhatsApp API and does not impose the same restrictions as the WhatsApp app. Please keep in mind that FMWhatsApp 2022 is currently only accessible on Android devices, and you will need to download and install FMWhatsApp APK on your devices manually. Below you will find a comprehensive tutorial on Fouad FMWhatsApp, including instructions on how to download, install, and use it on your Android smartphones and tablets.

FMWhatsapp App Download Latest Version Android - iPhone

Download FMWhatsApp

Download FMWhatsApp APK

Pros of FmWhatsApp APK

The following are the upside of this App.

It has an anti-delete feature, which forbids the recipient to delete your sent messages.

You can choose any theme from the library, which has a collection of more than a thousand themes.

You are allowed to share ten images in one message.

You can share large files up to 700 MB.

What Is the Function of the FmWhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp, also known as Fouad WhatsApp, is a WhatsApp program mod that was created by an independent developer named Fouad Mokdad and is available for download. This program was created in order to assist individuals in getting over the constraints and restrictions placed on WhatsApp overuse. Other privacy and customization tools are also available in FM WhatsApp for Android in addition to the rise in limit sizes.

This app is presently only accessible for Android smartphones, and it cannot be used in conjunction with the official WhatsApp application. There are certain security problems associated with the program, but the developer is committed to addressing them in each new version. Because FMWhatsApp app for Android APK is not available through the Google Play Store, you will need to download FMWhatsApp app for Android APK and then manually install it on your devices.

FMWhatsApp APK has the following features:

Hide your current online status

This app's most fascinating feature is that it allows you to hide your online status on your WhatsApp account, which is really convenient. This program allows you to conceal your last seen information on the official WhatsApp, and it also allows you to conceal your online status when using WhatsApp.

This is the most useful function of FMWhatsApp; there are many others, such as Freeze always online, which allows you to always show your WhatsApp status to everyone who is online with you (requires an active internet connection always to work).

Privacy and App Lock are two important features.

Privacy features are the primary reason why people prefer to use WhatsApp MOD programs such as FMWhatsApp over the official WhatsApp client. With the help of 2022 FMWhatsApp, you may hide blue ticks, second ticks, typing state, and recording status, among other things.

When you will download FM, please let us know. When using WhatsApp's most recent version 2022, you can also secure the app by using a pattern or PIN to keep it safe. Fouad Settings is a menu option that contains all of these configuration options.

The Use of Media

If you wish to get rid of WhatsApp's media constraints, you can download the APK FMWhatsApp 2022 for Android from here. More than 30 photos and files of up to 700MB in size can be sent at the same time using FMWhatsApp from Mega Filmes HD APK using the FMWhatsApp application.

Whether it is a movie, a document, audio, or anything else, everything may be transmitted over FMWhatsApp without any problems... This website allows you to join and share WhatsApp groups.


If you are tired of the default WhatsApp layout, you can customize it to suit your preferences. The themes for FMWhatsApp are provided by the same developer as the themes for YoWhatsApp, resulting in both apps having the same theme store. Every day, new themes are uploaded to the store, and all of them are available for free download.

Updates on a regular basis

If you want to download the most recent FM WhatsApp for Android, then keep checking back on this page for updates. Because there is currently no official FMWhatsApp website available, we will continue to update the download link with the most recent FMWhatsApp version as soon as it is made available.

Emoji Characters (Variant)

In addition to the emojis that are already incorporated into your keyboard app, you may choose the emoji variation you want to use with FMWhatsApp. You can choose from a variety of options, including Stock, Facebook, Emoji One v3, Android 0 emoji, and many others. To take advantage of this function, you must first download FMWhatsApp2 APK's newest version from the link provided below.

Others – We have just mentioned a few of the advantages that you will be able to experience after downloading FM WhatsApp's newest version from this page. In addition to the above-listed functionalities, you will have the ability to:

You can pin up to 100 conversations (3 on official WhatsApp).

Calls can be filtered so that only certain contacts can contact you.

Message recalling should be disabled so that messages can't be removed by the sender.

You can use the app without having to root your Android handset.

Information on the FMWhatsApp v9.27 APK file

FMWhatsApp APK App Size:52.6 MB App Name:FMWhatsApp APK App Size:52.6 MB

Version 9.27 is the most recent version.

and higher versions of the Android operating system

Fouad Mokdad is the creator of this game.

The most recent update was made on April 20, 2022.

Downloads totaled more than 50 million.

What's New in this Version?

According to the official WhatsApp server.

Copy Captioning for media (image/video) -Select image/video > 3-dot > Copy Captioning feature Copy Caption (insert link here)

Activate the Reactions feature (Long press any msg)

When media visibility is turned off, the save to gallery option is available.

New User Interface (UI) Design for Contacts.

Notify you when someone views your status using the Status View Toast feature.

In the View All Messages screen, the entire number of messages is displayed.

Once, the document was marked as open for viewing.

Send out a large number of messages, including photographs and videos.

Download and view the image/videos only once.

Anti View Once - You can watch "view once" images/videos an endless number of times with Anti View Once enabled.

Attachment selection has been improved.

Remove the "Read More..." link and display long texts on their whole.

When enabling Airplane mode, pay extra attention to the details.

Stories in the style of Instagram have been added; you may enable them from the Home Screen -> Header.

[Re-Add] [Fixed] Save your profile photo [Fixed] How to contact online toast It is not possible to send in full resolution.

[Fixed] [Fixed] Displaying color previews while using a photo background When the proximity sensor is turned off, it does not work [Fixed]. Users of Android 4.4 may experience a crash [Fixed]. Always online is not functioning properly [Fixed] Some 80 percent of those surveyed are experiencing difficulties downloading their status information (download the previous status).

FMWhatsApp APK (latest version) for Android.

Now that you've learned everything there is to know about FM WhatsApp, it's time to give you a link to download FM WhatsApp APK for Android. Please ensure that you have read the prerequisites above and that your device meets them before downloading it.

Please see below for the direct link to download FMWhatsApp v9.27 APK, after which you can proceed with the manual installation process. If you are unfamiliar with the process of manually installing APK files on Android devices, you can refer to the FMWA installation tutorial provided below.

FMWhatsApp can be downloaded here.

There are a plethora of WhatsApp MOD applications available on the internet, but FM WhatsApp appears to be the most recent and safest option. Other MODs, such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and YoWhatsApp, can be used instead of FMWA APK, although they have fewer functionality when compared to the newest version. To use this FMWhatsApp for Android, however, you will need to delete or disable the official WhatsApp application. This is the sole drawback to using this software.

How to Install FM WhatsApp APK 2022 on Android Devices

Initial step: deactivate, remove or disable the official WhatsApp app or an earlier FMWhatsApp APK (if installed).

Now, to get the FM WhatsApp APK for the latest version, click on the link provided above.

The APK file should be saved in your device's storage.

Open Android Settings and then Security Settings to access these options.

Device Administration options can be found by scrolling down the page.

Install programs from unknown sources can be enabled by checking the box next to it.

If you receive any pop-ups, simply click on the OK button.

Navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the FM WhatsApp APK file to install it.

Install should be selected, and you should wait for the installation to complete.

Once this is completed, launch the app and register with your cellphone number...

Congratulations, you have completed the installation of FM WhatsApp 2022 APK for Android.

Screenshots of the FMWhatsApp2 APK for Android

Permissions Must Be Obtained

The following is a list of the permissions that FMWhatsApp requires in order to function properly. Before installing it, make sure you have thoroughly read the instructions.

Terminate any background tasks that are running.

Internet Access Device Location Access WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Mike, NFC

Obtain Accounts

Examine the Contacts

Make changes to the audio settings.

Make a recording of audio

SMS (Short Message Service)

Contacts with a Vibrate Write

External Storage should be written to.

Make use of Google Maps Services.

What is the difference between FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp differ in a variety of ways that are readily apparent. One of the most notable differences is the ability to hide your online status, anti-delete Status & messages, expand the length of your status character, and many other features. The most significant disadvantage of using FMWhatsApp is that you cannot back up your conversations using Google Drive. More information can be found in the section below.


In WhatsApp, you can hide your online status with the codex.

50 MB: 15 MB for media sharing

Custom Themes:X Anti-Delete Status/Stories:X Free Last Seen:X DND Mode:X Airplane Mode:X Security Lock:X Disable Forwarded Tag:X Disable Calling:X Backup to Google Drive:X

Updates in a short period of time:X:

Advantages of FMWhatsApp APK

The following are some of the most notable characteristics of FMWhatsApp APK.

When someone unintentionally sends you a message, they will remove it if they have the Anti-Delete Message/Status enabled. It will remain on your phone indefinitely.

You can use your phone without being interrupted by WhatsApp messages if you enable Airplane/DND mode on your phone.

Custom themes will give you a new and exciting look for this application.

With a single click, you may share even more photographs.

When you forward mail, the forwarded tag will not be displayed.

There are many more functions available in this app; simply explore and experiment with them.

FMWhatsApp APK has certain disadvantages.

Every good thing has its drawbacks, and this app is no exception. Here are some of the disadvantages of using this app.

It is not possible to backup data to Google Drive.

Because this is not an official version, there may be a security risk.

It operates at a somewhat slower speed than official WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions About FM WhatsApp 2022

Q1) Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp?

Using and downloading FM WhatsApp is absolutely safe, and you don't have to be concerned about your personal information being compromised. You can easily opt out of this app because it uses the official WhatsApp API, which you can do by deleting your account from this app.

Q2) Is it possible to use FM WhatsApp in conjunction with official WhatsApp?

One problem with this program is that it cannot be used in conjunction with the official WhatsApp app, which is a major drawback. Before you can use it, you must first uninstall the official WhatsApp application. Although it is compatible with other WhatsApp MODs such as YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp, it is not recommended.

Q3) Whatsapp Availability Platforms (FMWhatsApp)

For the time being, FM WhatsApp 2022 is only accessible for Android mobile phones and tablets. Q3) This application can only be used on devices that run Android version 4.4 or higher. FM WhatsApp for PC can also be obtained with the use of Android emulators such as Bluestacks and Nox App Player.

Q4) What is the best way to update FM WhatsApp to the most recent version?

The FM WhatsApp newest APK file will need to be downloaded and then manually installed on your device whenever a new version of the app is released. The installation procedure remains the same as that described in the previous section of this page.

Q5) Why has my FMWhatsApp account been banned, and what can I do to get it unbanned?

A5) If your account has been suspended or terminated, we ask that you delete this program and download the official WhatsApp app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Final Remarks

So that's all there is to FMWhatsApp, and we hope you've been able to complete the FM WhatsApp 2022 download from the URL provided above. The most advantageous aspect of FMWhatsApp MOD is that it may be used in conjunction with the official WhatsApp application. Consequently, even if you wish to utilize two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, you can download FMWhatsApp Versi Terbaru (the latest version).

Maintaining the download link with the most up-to-date FMWhatsApp direct download link is our goal, so be sure to visit Latest Mod APK to learn about the most recent version. Until then, you can use Aplikasi FMWhatsApp v9.27, which is the most recent version of this program, to communicate with others. If you have any information on this app, or if you are experiencing any difficulties while using or downloading FMWhatsApp2/FMWA, please let us know in the comments section below.

FMWhatsApp APK is being reviewed today, which is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application. This article will discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and other aspects of the product. As a result, if you want to read something intriguing, you must pay attention.

We live in a technologically advanced world that is greatly reliant on communication. In general, with the introduction of the smartphone, a large number of messaging applications entered the market. People use a variety of applications, but WhatsApp is considered to be the king of communication tools. It enables you to communicate in complete secrecy through any sort of messaging. However, human nature dictates that we always desire more. As a result, comparable applications such as WhatsApp are being developed by developers.

What are the benefits of using FMWhatsApp APK?

We already know that this App is a modified version of the genuine WhatsApp, which you can see here. But why would you want to utilize it? The answer to this question is straightforward: in order to provide a more visually appealing experience and to include cool features that were not included in the original App. Freedom of customization is provided by this App, allowing you to tailor the App to your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you do not like the green layout of the original App, Want WhatsApp Group Links? Check HERE, you can change it in the customized version of the app. Want WhatsApp Group Links? Check HERE Your satisfaction with your appearance may be enhanced as a result of this convenience.

The primary objective of this upgraded version is to give more functionality, a more user-friendly interface, and any other enhancements that have been requested.

Guide for putting in place

It is necessary for you to follow the steps.

Startup your PC.

Connect to the internet if necessary.

Launch the web browser on your computer.

Go to to find out more.

Look for the Fm WhatsApp downloading file on the internet.

Download the file to your computer.

Transfer the file to your Android mobile phone using a USB cable.

Then navigate to the phone's settings.

After that, navigate to the security settings.

You must enable the option "install from unknown sources" in order to proceed.

After that, run the setup file to complete the installation.

Following the installation, you will be able to use the App.