FoneWatcher App Reviews Phone Monitoring - for Android - iOS

FoneWatcher App Reviews Phone Monitoring - for Android - iOS
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FoneWatcher Is the Ultimate Android and iOS Phone Monitoring Software

FoneWatcher provides advanced cell phone monitoring solutions that keep you informed of the target's Android or iOS device's online activities.

Practical and Dependable Mobile Phone Monitoring Options

Up to thirty plus monitoring features to meet your needs.

No jailbreak or root required.

The stealth mode is 100 percent undetectable.

Fully compatible with the most recent versions of Android 11 and iOS 15.

FoneWatcher App Reviews Phone Monitoring - for Android - iOS

Multiple Options for Mobile Phone Monitoring

FoneWatcher, a provider of a comprehensive mobile monitoring solution, enables you to easily monitor Android and iOS devices and know everything that occurs on the monitored devices.

Android FoneWatcher Monitoring

Track current locations

View phone records (messages, photos, video, etc.)

Manage apps activities

Monitor 10 or more social apps, such as Snapchat and Ins.

Keylogger to record keystroke

Take remote photographs and screenshots

FoneWatcher Monitoring for iOS

Monitor WhatsApp, LINE, and Viber, among others.

Read sent and received messages

Trace incoming or outgoing call logs

View all text and multimedia files

Examine the Safari cache and bookmarks.

Track and export geographical

WhatsApp Monitoring by FoneWatcher

Monitor WhatsApp Chats

Monitor WhatsApp images, videos, and audio.

View WhatsApp Status Take Screenshots of WhatsApp

Recording WhatsApp calls is possible

Transfer WhatsApp Data

FoneWatcher iCloud-min Monitoring

Check memos and remembrances

Access even to deleted files

Sync and monitor locations

Visualize image and video files

Retrieve data from iCloud Drive

Export information such as contacts and location

FoneWatcher for Android - The Top Android Monitoring Application, Completely Hidden

FoneWatcher Android monitoring software allows you to covertly check over 30+ files on the target Android device, such as locations, SMS, calls, WhatsApp, and more!

FoneWatcher for Android is a sophisticated Android monitoring application with over 30 features.

Monitor SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

All monitoring features on Android do not require root access.

Less than five minutes are required for installation and setup.

Deliver remotely monitored data that is current.

Monitor Android phone in complete anonymity mode.

Remote Tracking and Command

FoneWatcher for Android enables real-time location tracking on a map. You can also control the Android device remotely, allowing you to record calls and take photos.

Locations Spy

Geofence Spy

Wi-Fi Logger Spy

Screenshots Spy

Take Photos Spy

Retain Calls Spy

Covertly Track Social Media Apps

The Android monitoring solution also allows you to monitor conversations and shared multimedia files from 16 social media platforms, such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Snapchat, LINE, Facebook Lite, and more.

WhatsApp Spy

Facebook Spy

Messenger Spy

Snapchat Spy

Instagram Spy


Tinder Spy

Viber Spy

Telegram Spy

Kik Spy

WeChat Spy

QQ Spy

Examine Phone Records Easily

This Android monitoring app provides access to all phone data, including SMS, call logs, photos, and videos. The target device's browser history and installed applications can also be easily monitored.

Call Log Spy

Messages Spy

Contacts Spy

Calendar Spy

Photos Spy

Videos Spy


Application Activities

Internet History Spy

More Effectiveness of the FoneWatcher Android Monitoring Application

Additional Android monitoring functions.

Compatible with the most recent Android 11

Simple to Start

Installation and setup are simple.

No need to root the Android device.

100 percent Undetectable

The app icon is concealed.

Checking remotely without the target phone.

Syncing & Protecting Data

Synchronize all data in real-time.

All user information is encrypted.

Affordable Price The daily cost is only $0.27.

Huge discounts on brand-new items.

Superior Customer Service

24-hour online customer service.

A dashboard in multiple languages is available.

How long does it take to install this Android monitoring application?

Installation can be completed within 5 minutes. Then you can immediately begin monitoring an Android smartphone or tablet.

Must the target device be rooted to use FoneWatcher for Android?

No, rooting the target Android device is not required before installing this Android tracker app.

Which Android devices are compatible with the Android monitoring app FoneWatcher?

FoneWatcher for Android is compatible with all Android 4.0 to Android 11 devices.

Can FoneWatcher for Android be used to monitor Android devices without root access?

Yes, FoneWatcher for Android is compatible with both rooted and unrooted devices.

How do I begin using FoneWatcher for Android?

To access all Android monitoring features, you must first create a valid account and purchase a license. Install and configure the application on the Android device. After that, you can begin remote monitoring of the Android device in question.

Can I remotely install FoneWatcher for Android?

No. Installing this Android tracking app requires physical access to the target device for 5 minutes.

FoneWatcher for iOS - Ideal iPhone Tracking Software Without Jailbreak

iPhone monitoring software, iPhone monitoring without jailbreaking

FoneWatcher for iOS Is the Best iPhone Monitoring Software Available.

Over 20 monitoring features for iOS devices.

100% safe to use without jailbreaking the iPhone in question.

Even deleted files can be retrieved.

Easy to initiate. Install in minutes.

Track iPhone/iPad in a Comprehensive Manner

The FoneWatcher iPhone monitoring app provides you with all the features you would expect, allowing you to track all kinds of activities on an iPhone or iPad that is being monitored.

Monitor Social Media Apps

You can keep track of everything that occurs on WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, and other social media apps by monitoring their conversations and content.

Monitor SMS & Call Records

Monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages and call logs on the iPhone/iPad being monitored. Even deleted messages can be tracked discretely.

Verify Phone Records and Voice Memos

Check any phone files stored on the monitored device, such as photos, videos, and notes. Additionally, you can listen to all of the recorded voice memos.

View the Safari History and Favorites

View the Safari history and saved bookmarks on the iOS devices in question. Always be aware of the websites visited by the target audience.

How does FoneWatcher for iOS function?

FoneWatcher for iOS is an application for computers. You must install it on the computer of the individual you wish to monitor. Then, by extracting iTunes backups or scanning the monitored iOS device, this iPhone tracker application can assist you in examining the backup data.

Do I need to jailbreak the target iOS device in order to use FoneWatcher?

No, jailbreaking the target iOS device is not required in order to use this iPhone monitoring app, as it is a desktop application that does not interfere with the normal operation of the mobile phone.

What iOS devices can the FoneWatcher iOS monitoring app monitor?

FoneWatcher for iOS is compatible with Apple devices running iOS 9.0 to iOS 14.

Do I need physical access to the iOS device in question?

If there are no backup files of the monitored iPhone on the target computer or if you wish to view the most recent backup data, you must access the target iOS device and connect it to a computer with our iOS tracking software installed in order to view the most recent backup data.

Do I need to install FoneWatcher for iOS on the target individual's computer?

No. Our iPhone monitoring software can also be installed on your own computer. Please ensure that you can access the target iPhone at any time and connect it to your computer; then, you can check the monitored iOS device's most recent backup data.

How do I verify the monitored data?

You must launch the program on the computer where it was installed in order to view the monitored information.

FoneWatcher for iCloud - The Top Android Monitoring Application, Completely Hidden

FoneWatcher Android monitoring software allows you to covertly check over 30+ files on the target Android device, such as locations, SMS, calls, WhatsApp, and more!

FoneWatcher for Apple's iCloud

Employ iCloud Account to Track iOS Devices

View a user's iPhone Photos, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and more.

Track the current location of an iPhone or iPad.

Retrieve all files stored in the iCloud Drive of the specified iOS devices.

No jailbreaking or application installation is necessary.

There is no need to install apps on the iOS device.

Support for viewing deleted photos, videos, and notes within 30 days.

When to Select FoneWatcher for iCloud

FoneWatcher for iCloud is an iPhone monitoring application that is simple to use. If you have the following requirements, FoneWatcher for iCloud is the best option.

To track the real-time location of someone

FoneWatcher for iCloud is an excellent tool for monitoring the current and previous locations of your children. It can precisely pinpoint the location of your child. Additionally, it records the time, longitude, and latitude of the visited location.

To achieve remote monitoring online

With FoneWatcher for iCloud, there is no need to install apps or gain access to the iPhone/iPad of the target. Sign in to your FoneWatcher for the iCloud account and start monitoring immediately.

To access files in iCloud Drive

FoneWatcher for iCloud can help you upload photos, videos, documents, and other files to iCloud Drives. Additionally, you can download these files based on your needs.

Satisfy All Your iPhone Monitoring Requirements

FoneWatcher for iCloud includes an extensive array of useful features to meet your iOS monitoring requirements. With FoneWatcher for iCloud, you can remotely and covertly observe what's happening on any iPhone or iPad in question.


Check the iPhone's address book for any existing or newly added numbers.


All images captured recently and stored in the albums of the iPhone/iPad can be viewed or downloaded.


All recently saved or deleted videos on the iPhone/iPad devices in question can be viewed or downloaded.


Track real-time GPS positions on a map and obtain a complete location log.


Display all events on the calendar, along with their dates, times, and locations.


Privately review the items, events, and plans that have been added to Reminders.


View and download any text or attachments that were recently deleted or saved in the Notes app on the target iPhone.

Cloud Storage

Display all events on the calendar, along with their dates, times, and locations.

Data Export

Support the exporting of all required data.

Determine How FoneWatcher for iCloud Operates

FoneWatcher for iCloud collects data from target devices in real-time and uploads it to a web-based management console on your behalf. This online control panel is easily accessible via mobile devices and any web browser.

A Few More Details Regarding FoneWatcher for iCloud Monitoring

FoneWatcher for iCloud is the ideal app for parents to monitor their children's iPhones because it is a dependable and efficient way to track any iPhone you desire.

Real-Time Data Syncing

Synchronization of new data from the target iPhone or iPad in real-time.

Never Be Found Out

It is not necessary to install the application or to have physical access to the target iPhone.

Privacy & Data Security

There are no viruses and all user information is protected.

Price Competitiveness

FoneWatcher for iCloud is less expensive than competing applications.

Multiple Languages Support

Support multiple languages in order to accommodate a diverse user base.

Prompt Customer Service

Users are supported 24/7 by the customer service team.

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp - The Ideal iPhone Monitoring Application Without Jailbreak

iPhone monitoring software, iPhone monitoring without jailbreaking

FoneWatcher for WhatsApp is the most advanced and dependable WhatsApp monitoring application available.

Compatible with every Android smartphone and tablet

Monitoring 10 or more WhatsApp files, chats, voice messages, status updates, and calls, among other things.

No WhatsApp account or password is required.

It only takes three to five minutes to install.

FoneWatcher Facilitated WhatsApp Monitoring

FoneWatcher's WhatsApp monitoring online dashboard allows you to effortlessly monitor your child's WhatsApp chats and phone calls, as well as store them in a database.

Consult WhatsApp Messages.

FoneWatcher makes it incredibly simple to track and monitor all WhatsApp chats and multimedia messages your child has sent or received.

Monitor WhatsApp Calls

Observe who your children are conversing with on their mobile phones. You can easily view who your child has called when the call was made, whether it was a video or voice call, the duration of the call, and any missed calls.

Check the WhatsApp Status

Multiple WhatsApp statuses, such as quotes, photos, and videos, can be viewed anonymously (thumbnails). Additionally, you can view expired or deleted status.

Recording WhatsApp calls is possible

FoneWatcher protects your children from potential danger by recording and remotely monitoring all activities, including voice and video calls. Using the playback functions is a great way to determine what your child has been up to recently.

Observe and record everything that they do.

FoneWatcher's WhatsApp monitoring online dashboard allows you to effortlessly monitor your child's WhatsApp chats and phone calls, as well as store them in a database.

WhatsApp Images

On the FoneWatcher online dashboard, it is simple to view WhatsApp chat photos and Status images. This feature enables seamless remote WhatsApp tracking.

WhatsApp Videos

You are able to view your child's WhatsApp videos without their knowledge. Please note, however, that FoneWatcher will only display a video's thumbnail in order to avoid additional data charges.

WhatsApp Voice Messages

You won't miss any of your children's WhatsApp voice messages. You can review all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp voice notes and retrieve conversation details.

WhatsApp Records

All WhatsApp-compatible file formats (PDF/DOC/ Excel/TXT/PPT/etc.) can be downloaded and printed as needed. This function allows the recovery of previously deleted files.


How frequently does FoneWatcher for WhatsApp update the log?

When the target device is online, FoneWatcher for WhatsApp updates the data login in real-time. You can also simultaneously synchronize the most recent data.

What happens if WhatsApp call recordings are silent?

This feature utilizes the microphone to record WhatsApp voice/video calls, so unless the loudspeaker is enabled on the target phone, you may not hear the other party's voice.

Is there a notification on the device regarding rebilling?

Nothing will be displayed on the target device. The renewal status will be displayed in the online control panel, where you can also access all reports. Additionally, you should receive an email to the address you used to register. Obviously, the phone users see nothing.

Regarding FoneWatcher

FoneWatcher is a leading provider of cell phone monitoring solutions that allows you to effortlessly monitor Android and iOS devices. This top-rated mobile monitoring application is relied upon by users all over the world.

What We Provide

FoneWatcher distinguishes itself from other mobile tracking apps by providing more robust monitoring capabilities for Android and iOS devices. This phone monitoring tool allows you to check up to 30+ different types of data, including SMS, Call Logs, Locations, WhatsApp, and more.