For Internet security, a parental control router is available

For Internet security, a parental control router is available
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Protect your children from online hazards and improper information by selecting the finest parental control routers. You can use the parental control feature to Protect your children from online hazards and improper information by selecting the finest parental control routers. You can set Internet access limitations for specific devices using the parental control feature. The best routers include parental controls.

For Internet security, a parental control router is available

2022's Best Parental Control Routers

To date, the home router has become one of the most important items in the lives of modern consumers. Almost every "smart" item in our homes needs to be connected to the Internet. Routers have become indispensable in today's world. If you haven't already done so, we encourage you to read the rest of this post.

Sometimes it's necessary to block access to social media sites or other websites. It is possible to do so with some gadgets, such as tablets and smartphones. This is why the parental control feature exists.

This function allows you to pick and select which websites you want to limit access to. You can, for example, block access to the worldwide network when your child needs to sleep or study. Certain versions allow users to ban specific websites and set time limits.

Our specialists combed through the market for home routers and selected the best budget ones. Despite their low price, they provide a secure connection with no issues. They also have a great style and have proven to be reliable devices that work around the clock.


Live Parental Controls software is included with the Netgear DGND3700v2. This is a free tool that allows for customized monitoring and restricts access to harmful content on the internet. OpenDNS supports Live Parental Controls as fully functional software. It is the leading security and infrastructure, service provider. Anti-phishing, Domain Name Systems, and content screening are among the features that make using the internet safer.

An ADSL modem and a gigabit port are included in this variant. The latter is an all-in-one router that connects to a cable/fiber optic modem. As a result, you can switch to any internet network without having to replace your router or deal with the hassles of resetting your home network.

Mercusys MW301R

The Mercusys MW301R is the cheapest router on our list. This model is a low-cost, but dependable, device with a lovely look and a straightforward setup. The device's speed is 300 Mbps. Two antennas provide excellent and consistent coverage over a small area.

It offers more possibilities than you might imagine, despite an extremely basic initial setup interface. It is possible to turn on the Wireless Distribution System (WDS) and use it to replace (for example) the repeater. The model also features parental control and remote limitation. Overall, the low-cost Mercusys MW301R is ideal for individuals who need a quick and inexpensive option to replace an old router or to ensure a steady work environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Asus RT-AC86U wireless router

This dual-band router comes with a slew of useful features and functions. One internal and three detachable MIMO antennas, for example, are targeted at improving signal coverage, while the router's work is powered by a dual-core ARM processor with a frequency of nearly 2 GHz. There is 512 MB of RAM available.

In addition, the function Adaptive QoS allows the user to choose from a limited number of network connectivity options. At the same time, the AiProtection technology ensures that all existing connections to the router are protected, even if they do not have their own antivirus systems. Another useful feature is the support for parental controls and the Time Machine backup tool.

Archer A5 from TP-Link

If you want a router that can work in two wireless networks at the same time, the TP-Link Archer A5 is a good option. This device has dual-band 802.11ac connectivity.

AC1350 has a 5 GHz bandwidth with a rate of roughly 900 Mbps and a 2.4 GHz bandwidth with a rate of 450 megabytes per second. You can simply play online games and download large files with this router. You also have access to four Ethernet LAN connections and one Ethernet WAN port.

By highlighting the speed and MAC filtering, the TP-Link Archer A5's sophisticated settings allow you to keep parental control and turn on the guest network mode. Tether is an application that allows you to simply control your home network. The router, most crucially, has two antennae to provide a solid signal. The icing on the cake is a superb interior design.

Archer C5400 from TP-Link

The TP-Link Archer C5400 is a tri-band router that can generate one 2.4 GHz network and two 5 GHz networks. All network ports are gigabit (1 WAN and 4 LAN). Furthermore, there are two USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports.

Remote limitation, parental control, antiviral, and NitroQAM support have all been added to the C5400, allowing you to reach better data rates with compatible adapters.

DIR-605L by D-Link

D-DIR-605L Link is appropriate for medium and large rooms. This router has four Ethernet connections and a 300-MB Wi-Fi connection. This model is compatible with IEEE 802.11n standard devices. The DIR-605L features construction with two fixed antennas that are used for signal receiving and transmission. URL filtering, MAC filtering, Network Address Translation support, and Wi-Fi Protected Setup are some of the other notable features.

The DIR-605L has a very easy configuration and robust encryption (WPA/WPS protection). QRS allows you to view the history of all users in real-time, while MyDLink Lite allows you to manage your home network from anywhere in the globe, allowing you to set up parental controls without difficulty.

EA6900 Linksys

A Linksys EA6900 home router is a great alternative to the prior option. It has three antennas and can simultaneously broadcast 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz connections. The main benefit of the router is its ease of use, such as the availability of a specific mobile application called Linksys Smart Wi-Fi.

This Android and iOS-based debugged app for tablets and smartphones streamlines the work with this router and simplifies its configuration, allowing you to activate parental control or reset the password in just a few clicks.

WRT32X Linksys

The router WRT32X is primarily intended for gamers, thanks to the Killer Prioritization Engine, which allows the router to prioritize PC gaming traffic. However, there is a parental control option that allows parents to limit their children's access to specified websites.

The router is compliant with the 802.11ac standard and features a dual-core processor with a frequency of roughly 2 GHz. This device has a 2.4 GHz bandwidth of 600 Mbps and a 5 GHz bandwidth of 2600 Mbps. A USB 3.0 port, five Gigabit Ethernet connections, and a USB 2.0/eSATA port are included in the package.

ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 from Asus

The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 is designed for gamers, therefore its features are unnecessary for the majority of consumers. This model has the fastest performance in its class (5 Gb).

The presence of the function AiMesh, which allows you to extend the radius covered by connecting the router to another router, the programming interface Gaming Center, and the control panel Game Dashboard, which displays precise information about all active networks connections and attached devices, are also pleasant features. In addition, the IPS protection system guards against Internet dangers, the Game Boost feature speeds up network gameplay, and parental control restricts children's access to a set of websites.

Asus RT-AC88U wireless router

The inclusion of eight Gigabit Ethernet connections is the router's key selling point. The user can use them to set up wired LAN connections for PCs and other network devices, as well as block access to 18+ websites using parental control. Furthermore, the RT-AC88U comes with four external antennas, each of which has a high gain and uses a different data stream for each antenna.

This model's operation is based on the most recent dual-core CPU with a clock rate of 1.4 GHz and good efficiency. It ensures a high data transfer rate (more than 100 MB/s) between wireless consumers and devices connected via a USB interface.


This device comes with software that allows you to customize your Internet connection. Virtually all Netis routers use the same firmware, and the configuration process follows a similar pattern.

This type works well in both the home and the office. You have the option of using a wired or wireless device. Other devices that support the 802.11b/g/n standards are compatible with Netis. The model's download rates are around 150 Mbps.

In general, the Netis router's parental control capability is fully integrated, allowing clients to utilize it effectively both at home and at work.


Wireless networks are convenient, but they are not completely secure. Any hacker in close proximity can block or intercept your Internet connection, obtain access to any of the files stored on your computer, infect your machine with viruses, and cause other difficulties if you do nothing to maintain the safety of your network.

Any model you choose must be compatible with the WPA2 certification program. Furthermore, any device you add to your network must be able to support it.

Keep in mind that certain routers are designed with business or extended family security in mind. These devices come with a variety of added functions, including the ability to add further encryption, monitor the devices, prohibit undesired users from the network, and even see what websites the users visit.