(10) free apps 2022 for hack wifi password

(10) free apps 2022 for hack wifi password
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Hi. Here I want to introduce 10 of the best WiFi hacking programs, with the help of these programs you can crack the password of any WiFi router through your mobile device and get it. So come with us to the full text to get complete information about all these programs.

Note - This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to promote illegal activities. You are responsible for any illegal activity. in this article, I am going

Top 10 Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android

The first thing to note is that it is almost impossible to hack a WiFi password without rooting your device. Some programs have this feature, but they are few in number and the top programs have these features. This article is for those who have rooted an Android phone and have at least Android 4 Jelly Bean as the operating system on their smartphones, because I have tried to introduce you to the 10 best free Cracker password password apps for Android. Choose the best and most suitable for you.

1. WiFi WPS WPA Tester

The first application on our list is Wifi Wps WpaTester, which is one of the best applications for hacking WiFi in the Play Store that we introduce to you. The application can scan any WiFi network and find its vulnerabilities using several algorithms such as Zhao, FTE-xx, Dlink, TrendNet, etc. Wps tests the connection of access points with them. Friends, if we look at the negative aspects of this WiFi hacking application, it only works on Android 5.0 and above! Well I think this is better because most users today have the latest mobile operating system. Now, if you are looking for the best WiFi hacking app, you should download this free app from the Play Store once.

2. WPS Connect

WPS Connect Here we introduce you to one of the best free WiFi hacking programs that lets you check the security of your WiFi network! In addition, it supports hacking WiFi by supporting a large number of Wi-Fi routers. Another function of this WiFi Password Cracker app is that it allows you to disable other users's internet connection. It is important to know that the purpose of creating this program was to check your internet security. But it also uses algorithms such as Zhao Chesung and Stefan Viehbck to help the user identify and hack Wifi passwords.

3. Aircrack-ng

The next thing we want to introduce you to in this paragraph is that if you are looking for a WiFi hacking tool to test your network security and make sure you are safe, you should choose Aircrack-ng because it's completely your opinion about Provides WiFi security. This WiFi hacker apk has been developed and supported by XDA-Developers Android developers to run on Android, Ubuntu 14/15/16 or any other Linux distribution. Aircrack-ng is one of the best free WiFi password hacking apps for Android, which we are proud to introduce to you.

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4. WiFi Inspect

A special offer for a versatile tool for ethical hackers, advanced users and coffee owners. We advise you: With Wi-Fi Inspect, everyone can control and monitor their Wifi password crack networks. This is not a WiFi password hacker, but a monitoring and auditing program. Wi-Fi Inspect is similar to NetCut, with a better interface that lets you easily determine the number of people connected to your network using the IP verification feature and the ability to block or use a network connection. The network can be controlled with a few mouse clicks. If you know that Wi-Fi Inspect is connecting to your network, you can see people connecting to your network through game consoles, smartphones, TVs, and laptops. All you need to confirm a Wi-Fi is a rooted smartphone and you can continue. WiFi Inspect is one of the most wonderful free WiFi password hacking apps for Android that we introduce to you and we hope you can use it well

5. WiFi Password

Here we are going to introduce this free WiFi hacking program that will always keep you connected to the Internet at no extra cost. With this app, whenever your device is close to a WiFi network, it immediately connects you to that WiFi network. But note that to use this program, your device must be 5.0 or higher, only then you can use free Wi-Fi Internet.

6. WiFi Kill

But the program that is introduced to you here, as its name implies, helps to remove passwords, it allows you to identify the WiFi password in the disabled Internet connection. Due to the easy user interface of this application, it can be easily used in any application. With the help of this program, you get network information, but to use this program, your Android device must be rooted. And it is completely usable and useful in almost all Android devices..

7. . Zanti

ZAnti is an interesting WiFi hacking tool for Android. It is a complete set of testing and hacking tools that will give you the ability to determine the vulnerability of your Wi-Fi network. Additionally, to start the hack, you can see access points by configuring the known green button, and you can use ZAnti to prevent the target from accessing the website or server. Not only does this help you to hack WiFi passwords, but it also allows anyone to hack your WiFi password. ZAnti is one of the best free WiFi password hacking apps for Android that we introduce to you.

8. WiFi Warden

One of the best WiFi hacking programs available is called WiFi Warden, in this program there are many capabilities to hack all the necessary information such as BSSID, SSID, channel bandwidth, encryption, security, provide information when analyzing WiFi network Gives and will make hacking easier and with more interest for us. It is better to know that the feature of this application compared to other applications is that it provides you with all the advanced features without root.

9. Nmap

The next application that we are going to introduce to you is very special. The biggest feature of this WiFi hacking application is that you can use it on your Android and non-rooted device. With this program, you get features such as Os Finger Printing, SYN scan, in this program, the WiFi hacker is less, but the network security scanner is more, you can see this App service in the firewall service, host, etc. Overall it is amazing to try it

10. Backtrack

At the end of this article we put the Backtrek program in this list. This program deals with how to hack WiFi step by step. And by knowing its password, you can maintain an Internet connection on your device.


We have introduced the best free Wifi password hacking apps for Android, whether you are hacking your Android Wifi password without rooting or looking for ways to control and monitor your Wi-Fi network. Just note that this is a purely educational article and does not recommend hacking and considers hacking to be immoral