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Gb Instagram apk is the most recent version of the Official Instagram application. To get the most recent 2022 version of Gb Insta, click on the link.

GB Instagram Mod Apk Download Latest Version, This software includes an ingenious function that allows you to hide your Instagram online status.

Download GB Instagram Mod Apk Latest Version - GB Instagram

Gb Instagram apk is the most recent modified version of Official Instagram. To get the most recent 2022 version of Gb Insta, click on the link.

Gb Instagram - What Is It?

Gb Instagram apk is a popular and reliable mod version of the official Instagram application. You can download the revised version of 2022 for free from this link. Gb Instagram app is an excellent and highly praised mod of the original Instagram app. GB install includes a lot more intriguing features, including the ability to download media files, preview photos, copy the link to media files, and apply custom colors and themes. Even! Numerous new features are continually being added to GBInstagram.

The popularity of Gb Insta as a useful application continues to grow. Because the contributors contributed numerous exciting innovations and improvements that were quite popular, as well as periodically improving their existing features. Millions of people rely on and use the SPY24 app on a regular basis. On and monthly searches, you may evaluate the Gb Instagram keyword trend. There are over 50,000 fresh users searching for it on Google.

Every day, millions of real-time users spend their time on Gb Instagram. Due to the fact that each element is fantastic and eye-catching, particularly the custom color, it makes your profile look lovely and very attractive.

Download GB Instagram Apk

To download the 3.80 version of Gb Instagram, click on the download link. It is the most popular and has every mod feature available. Additionally, it comes pre-installed with nearly ten vintage custom themes. If you wish to utilize a custom theme on your profile, I recommend that you download this program.

Now, we'll briefly examine each feature available in the most recent edition of this software.


Gb Instagram's newest version 2022 features

Numerous incredible features have been added to Gb Instagram's current version 2022. That is why the popularity of the Gb version continues to grow. Nonetheless, I provided an unbiased assessment of each feature based on my personal experience. I hope you enjoy it.

Media files can be downloaded

Occasionally, we are unable to locate our favorite media assets on Instagram. Because we never have extended access to our device's storage to save our preferred media files. That is why the GB Insta includes an integrated multimedia downloader. It's really simple to save multimedia files to our Android storage, such as short films and images, in the Gb version. Additionally, there is no requirement to insert any third-party application.

Simply tab on the three-dot icon to view the media file's menu list. Additionally, click on the GB option and then on the download button.

A sample of the media file

With the official version, you cannot preview photographs in the full-screen mode because Instagram does not provide us with image previews. However, Gb Instagram includes a preview option. Which enables you to view and download the uploaded image in its whole and in its original quality.

Simply click on the three-dot list symbol at the top of any video or image to access the three-dot list. Then click on the GB option, and last on the preview button. The media file will then be opened in full-screen mode.

Support for external media players

Instagram's terrible aspect is that it does not make the media player visible to its users. Additionally, it prevents us from playing the video using an external player. However, do not fret, Gb. Instagram's new version includes the ability to play any uploaded video through another player.

To access the Gb option, click on the three-dot icon at the bottom of the video. Now, select your external player by clicking on the preview. Following that, the mp4 file will play on your external media player. And take pleasure in it.

Hide story from the view

It is a magical quality. Instagram, in general, allows us to view the story reader. However, you can hide your profile using GB's new version. That is when you are watching the narrative of a friend or an unknown person on Gb Instagram. Otherwise, your profile would be hidden from the viewer list. That is its most great attribute. We can enable this feature by checking to monitor each user's status anonymously.

To access the settings menu, click the profile symbol. Additionally, click on privacy, and then on the option to hide see stories.


It is the most recent feature that was added with Gb Instagram's most recent upgrade. Which enables simultaneous usage of many accounts on a single device. Occasionally, users are unable to use their other accounts concurrently without signing out. GbInstagram includes a multi-account functionality that enables you to utilize two accounts simultaneously without having to sign out. This capability was added by the developer specifically for individuals who wish to manage many accounts concurrently. Additionally, the Offical edition includes a multi-account feature. However, it will log you out of your initial account while you transition to another profile.

Navigate to the navigation menu by on the profile symbol. Then navigate to the account settings page and log in using your secondary account.


Each mod version of social media apps, such as Gb WhatsApp, Gb Instagram, and others, carries a danger of the user profile being banned by the community. When someone uses a mod apk, the site's machine algorithm can detect and suggest that the user is using a mod apk. However, the Gb version is anti-banned, ensuring that your account is completely secure and undetected. I am confident that anyone can use it without reservation. And you should without hesitation give it a try.

Personalize Appearance

Are you dissatisfied with your plain Instagram appearance?

There, you can use GB Instagram to alter your profile's design. This wonderful apk provides us with the ability to customize. Which allows you to customize the design of your profile and add a custom color to it. Additionally, it enables us to use a variety of colors in your profile. This means that only the color of the head, body or footer may be modified. Additionally, it includes numerous customization options.

Numerous customized profile templates are already featured in the Gb Version library and may be used for your profile.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Instagram GB apk

Many believe that the Instagram GB apk is a forgery. This section will address all user inquiries.

How Do I Increase My Instagram Followers?

There are numerous methods for acquiring genuine Instagram followers. For example, #Hashtag, Shoutout, and Paid Promotion. However, if you want to acquire genuine followers in an uncomplicated manner, download the top follow software. It is popular software that guarantees 100% authentic Instagram followers.

Is the Gb Insta application safe to download?

It is a third-party social networking application. However, installing it on your smartphone is completely safe and secure. The Gb install app is used by millions of real-time users. And no one filed a fraud complaint. Additionally, it is a free download. However, if somebody believes that the Instagram GB apk is a forgery or is insecure. This question can be phrased in a variety of ways. Such as Reddit, Quora, and Yahoo's answer engine, and validate that the app is completely secure for each user.

What is the distinction between the Official and the GB editions?

There is a significant distinction between the two versions. Instagram Official is a straightforward social media application. By using this feature, the user can share media items such as photographs, images, and video clips. However, the latest version of the Gb install is a modified version of the official install. It includes a slew of cutting-edge and performance-enhancing features. As I stated previously, you can read each line to determine why Instagram Gb is necessary and the distinction between the two versions.

Is the Gb Instagram apk available for free download?

It is available to download for free to anyone. The SPY24 version's purpose is to increase customer satisfaction and give the greatest possible user experience. However, you may download the Instagram Gb newest version 2022 for free from here. SPY24's download URL is embedded below.

How to download SPY24 for PC?

Generally, no Windows or Mac machine supports android files. As a result, you must install an Android emulator on your computer. You may use the emulator to download and install Instagram Gb or any other software on your computer.

Numerous Android emulators are freely available on the internet. You can download and install any Android emulator of your choice. I recommend Bluestacks; following that, you'll be able to download SPY24 on your computer.

How to install the latest version of Gb Instagram on Android?

By and large, every Android operating system prohibits the installation of third-party applications on a mobile device. Because Google owns the Android operating system. And Google's first goal is the satisfaction and security of its users. Additionally, it instructs everyone not to install any third-party applications. Due to the fact that this program is hazardous and may extract your data, you can install it in a few simple steps.

To begin, you must activate Unknown source on your Android device's settings.

Navigate to the settings menu and select the security setting. Then click to enable the option for unknown sources.

Now, navigate to the download folder and open the version of Gb Insta that you downloaded. Additionally, you can tap the Install button. This application installs in a matter of seconds.

You may notice that your device now has the Gb insta installed. Log in by clicking the open button. You can sign in with an existing account or create a new one.

Gb Instagram Apk Specifications

Gb Instagram

Compatible with Android versions

Version 3.80 is the most recent version.

Downloads in total: 10000000+

Approximate file size: 38.9 Mbps

Platform: SPY24

Monthly searches: over a million

Several Instagram GB apk alternatives

The original Instagram

OG Instagram is a defunct mod of the official Instagram. It has less obvious features than Gb Insta. For example, you can download music files, videos, and photographs, as well as view profile images in full-screen mode. Five years ago, Og Insta was used by every Instagram user. Because it was considered safe in the past. Following the launch of SPY24, OG consumers experienced periodic declines. We are presently in the year 2022. This version is not used by anyone.

Plus Instagram

Instagram plus is a more advanced mod version, in which you can unlock additional functionality not available in the standard version. As an example, you can hide your ID from the list of status viewers, copy comments and bios, and play the video using an external player. However, I will clarify everything in a subsequent post.

Download Instagram Gb Version

It is the most recent 2022 version of Instagram, with a Gb size of 3.80. Which is currently operational on all devices. Additionally, Gb insta has every feature possible. Additionally, this version supports the new external theme. Simply click on the download URL linked in the download button below to begin the installation process.

Instagram GB Download Version

Most Recent Update

The anti-banned feature was been improved. You can now enjoy it indefinitely.

INCLUDES IGTV: Generally, the official version of Instagram displays a video for no more than 30 seconds on the site. When we upload a lengthy video, it instantly moves to IGTV. However, IGTV was recently enabled in Gb, which means. This app allows us to watch any IGTV video.

Video Call Support: The GB Instagram version now supports video calls via Instagram Messenger. We can communicate with our buddies using the Gb version.

Add audio to your story: It is a one-of-a-kind feature. Any social networking platform prohibits us from uploading audio to the account. However, you can do so with Insta as well as the GB version.

Additional Information: You can incorporate a tag into your article. Copy your friend's biodata, copy their comments, and create your favorite chat, group chat, and other new additions.


This post concludes simply by stating that Gb Instagram is a safe and secure application for Android users. I discussed in detail each feature function, FAQs, and alternative to Gb Instagram apk download, as well as the download link for the latest 3.80 version. If you want to use it, you can do so by downloading the most recent version of the Gb install app. And I'll keep this app updated as new versions are released.

Benefits and Drawbacks


It enables direct media file downloads.

The custom color option enables you to customize the appearance of templates.

You can customize the color of the chat.


It lacks end-to-end encryption.

Additionally, it is not available on the Google Play Store.

Instagram and Facebook accounts can communicate with one another.


This software allows you to download all the videos and photographs you see on Instagram.

There is an excellent option on Instagram that allows you to conceal your online presence. You can remain active on Instagram without informing anyone.

Additionally, you can conceal your presence in another person's story. This indicates that you have never seen their narrative.

You can copy the text from any caption and paste it into your own postings.

The zoom option enables you to enlarge the images.

Additionally, the capability of copying bio is provided inside.

This application does not require root access to run.

Additionally, there is no such thing as a ban, as this app is anti-ban.

There are no fees associated with this app, which means it is completely free. Unlike other similar apps, this one is free.

You may personalize your Instagram by adding several themes. The interface is truly adaptable to change.

Unlike the official Instagram app, you can now utilize multiple Instagram accounts within the same app.

While chatting, you can also start a conversation to indicate that it is essential.

This application's built-in auto translator enables you to switch to another language and even translate the target text to another language.

The following themes are available for download.

Recent Additions

Support for IGTV has been added.

The vice note might be documented and incorporated into the story.

The crash that occurred when clicking download has been resolved.

Numerous bugs have been addressed.

This version now includes voice and video chat capabilities.

The story's tags can be added.


Navigate to the settings section of your phone and select the security option.

Here, select the Unknown sources option.

Now, click the link to get the GB Instagram APK.

Delete the official Instagram app first.

Now, wait for it to download and then install it.

It is now completely ready for use according to your specifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this Instagram application free?

Yes, this app is completely free.

Q. Is it possible to download it via the Google Play store?

No, this application has been deleted from the Google Play Store. You would have to download it directly from the internet in apk format.

Q. Will I be blacklisted if I use it?

Certainly not. This program includes an excellent anti-ban mechanism, which ensures that you will never get blacklisted.

Q. I'd like to hide my Instagram online status. Is it possible to do so with this app?

This software includes an ingenious function that allows you to hide your online status from Instagram. Additionally, you can conceal your perspective on another person's story.