Geofence Monitoring

Geo-fencing feature – The history of device movements on a convenient map with

What is SPY24 Specific Location Monitoring?

With SPY24, you can remotely monitor specific locations and get alerts when your children or employees enter or leave them. SPY24’s extensive geofencing features allow you to:

Mark specific areas as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’.
Enter unlimited areas, locations, and places in ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ place lists.
Get alerts on your phone or tablet when they enter or leave those places.

Geo-fencing feature

Geofencing on Android for Patental Control


Geo-fencing feature – The history of device movements on a convenient map with

Set safe boundaries for your children such as home, school, or Grandma’s house, with SPY24. Monitor your kid’s whereabouts and get alerts every time your child breaches virtual barriers.


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Geofence Monitoring

A geofence is a predefined virtual boundary such as school attendance zones or neighborhood boundaries. It is a critical feature for parents since they can always get notifications in realtime whenever a child enters or leaves a designated safe area.

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Create Geofences with No Effort

Mark a location of interest and then set the geofence by creating a circular around the location.Available only when it is for android monitoring:

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Receive Geofencing Alerts In Time

Whenever the target enters or exits a geofence, you will receive a notification email.
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geofence iphone app

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Why do you need SPY24 Geofencing app?

Your child’s real world location should matter to you more than ever before as kids are at a very high risk of being abused by predators nowadays.

Every year 2.9 million cases of child abuse are reported alone in the U.S. With a geofencing app on your child’s cell phone or tablet, you can always ensure that your child is not trespassing into dangerous neighborhoods.

Geofencing is a perfect solution for parents who have to stay away from their kids most of the time due to their work obligations.

If you fear that your minor kids could be visiting pubs or drinking alcohol without your approval, you can set alerts on all the bars and pubs within your house’s vicinity using SPY24’s geofencing software.

Businesses who fear that their offsite employees are derailing and probably making deals with the rivals, can be certain about it using the SPY24 geofencing app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Can I Geofence Using SPY24 Specific Location Monitoring App?

SPY24 works with all Android and iOS devices. However, SPY24’s geo-fencing capability is limited to Android and Jailbreak versions of the app.

What Are The Prerequisites Of Using SPY24 Geofencing Software?

For geofencing to work on SPY24, you would be required to have a working internet connection (Wi-Fi or data plan) on the monitored device as the feature requires a real-time GPS location. Also, note that the SPY24 Jailbreak version is compatible up to iOS 9.0.3.

How Accurate Is Geofencing Feature On SPY24?

SPY24 is better than many other geofencing app providers because it uses Google Maps on Android and “Find My iPhone” on iOS, so it’s 100 percent accurate most of the time.

How Many Locations Can I Geofence With One Subscription Of SPY24?

There are no limitations on the number of locations you can geofence using SPY24.

How Can I Geofence A Location Of The Monitored User?

Using SPY24’s geo-fencing feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is to use your web account, go to “Settings” and then “Add Watchlist Locations”.

free geofence app for android ios

Geofencing apps for Android and iOS devices.

Geofencing apps for Android and iOS devices.

SPY24 Geofencing App: Customized Individual and Business Solutions

Privacy and confidentiality being at the heart of modern computer systems’ and networks’ design, methods of control and restriction of certain undesired activities are also gaining popularity. The reasons for that are numerous, ranging from parents’ desire to control children and keep them safe from provocative, dangerous content online and physical activities when they are beyond the parental gaze, to employers’ wish to assume greater controls over large workforce that cannot be physically controlled during the working time. One of the contemporary solutions for those wishing to assume such controls is geofencing – a new say in the world of technology.

What Is Geofencing?

The technology of geofencing, or geo fencing, serves for notifying the user or another trusted party about movement of a particular device within and beyond a predetermined region. Geofencing has a long history of application in transportation and logistics, with complex systems installed to geofence trucks moving on the road, freight forwarding and package delivery tracking. Nowadays, geofencing has expanded its outreach to the personal security field and business by providing caregivers and employers opportunities to trace children and employees leaving the defined area.

Benefits of Using Geofencing Apps

Though geofencing looks like some spy option from Hollywood films, it is a valuable solution for many regular routines. For instance, those who forget to buy some things in shops or find it hard to keep several destinations in mind can set up location-based reminders about those to-do issues:once you are next to the shop to which you are constantly forgetting to get, your gadget will issue a reminder. You can also geofence yourself by setting your smart home settings to turn the lights on and off when you arrive and leave, or set up specific temperature and humidity while you remain outside your house. Keeping things secure and intact has also never been so easy – just geofence your app and the tracker will notify you at once if a perpetrator is detected in your private area!

SPY24 geo-fencing can put a lot of worries to rest; SPY24 geofencing options alert users of their target device out of the safe zone. When it comes to child safety, this feature is an absolute must-have. Create a safe zone around your home or your child’s school and you will be alerted in real time when something out of the ordinary happens. As you can see, SPY24 apps work out perfectly both at home and in the workplace, making sure that you are always in control of your personal space and customize it to your personal preferences!

Additional Ways of Applying Geofencing Apps

Though the most widespread applications of geofence apps are in caregiving (i.e., parental controls) and transportation, there are some additional ways of using geo fencing systems, which you may also find valuable:

  • Enforced maintenance. This feature applies IT workers; in cases when you have devices requiring maintenance located outside your calibration and maintenance room, they should be geofenced properly to avoid compromising of private data.
  • Geo fencing is also appropriate for the use in assurance of escape routes in buildings; is objects remain in corridors longer than it is predetermined by the escape protocol, optical identification through geo fencing systems should send a signal about storage irregularity.
  • Geo fencing apps are valuable assistants in setting up of an asset combination management system, ensuring proper linkage and monitoring of objects
  • A wireless geofence app can be of much help for booth constructors at business events, since they allow precise definition of destination of fair boxes and location of their current position in the exhibition halls, thus increasing overall location efficiency.

As you can see, geofencing apps provide a wide variety of tracking and monitoring opportunities, and their use gives much control to caregivers, employers, technical engineers, and logistics/transportation teams. Try our SPY24 geofence solution to make sure that nobody gets out of your sight! However, beware the legal limitations of geofencing application; spying on your children may be acceptable, while using an illicit geofence app to spy on other people may entail certain legal issues.