How to hack BNB 2022

How to hack BNB 2022
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The Binance coin digital currency with the exclusive symbol BNB is the currency code, which was founded by Binance digital currency in 2017 by Chang Peng Zhao in a Chinese company, which is known as one of the most successful exchange offices in the world.

The main purpose of BNB is to supply fuel in cryptocurrency exchange operations. This digital currency can be used to pay for services. This cryptocurrency has also played a very important role in the Binance exchange ecosystem. Including payment of transactions, exchange fees, the cost of listing different currencies, etc.

The cryptocurrency market attracts a large number of investors every day. So the more the market thrives, the more theft and fraud will actually be hacked. About $ 1 billion has been reportedly stolen from digital assets in cryptocurrencies. So most reputable exchanges consider security measures for their websites that make it more difficult to access this currency code.

How are currency codes hacked?

Digital wallets are an integral part of this currency code and you need a digital wallet to buy and sell the currency code. In fact, these are digital wallets that are hacked by hackers, otherwise the currency passwords can not be hacked.

Now money changers or users, by not following the security principles in keeping their currency password, prepare the way for hackers to hack their wallets.

Types of digital wallets include:

Wallet on the desktop

Mobile wallet

Web wallet (online)

Hardware wallet

These wallets also have different ways of serving each other. For example, online wallets are more easily hacked by hackers because they are online than other wallets.

Important methods of hacking cryptocurrencies

Theft of centralized exchange offices

Centralized exchanges are involved in stealing digital currencies. A centralized exchange is a type of online trading platform used to exchange cryptocurrencies. This means being focused on third parties. This third party oversees transactions and acts similarly to banks. The advantage of this type of exchange is that by forgetting the private key, your digital capital will not disappear.

As the cryptocurrency market grew, hackers attacked centralized exchanges. As a result, a new type of exchange office, known as decentralized exchange office, came into being. Decentralized exchanges are safe and secure against hacking and cyber attacks.

Phishing attack

When a hacker tries to obtain their confidential information by falsifying the site, they carry out a so-called phishing attack. Hackers create a page similar to the main Bainance site to hack currency codes and hack their information.

Browser extensions

Some browser add-ons can enhance your user experience on digital currency trading websites. Plugins are likely to read any information you enter on those sites and hack your wallet. So always be careful when using browser extensions.

Hacked by fake ads

It is possible that if you are looking for digital currency sites in the browser, hackers will direct you to their site by capturing the first search results, with urls similar to the main site.

Hack wifi

Recently, security researchers reported a crackdown on wifi networks. Vulnerability crack attack allows anyone to see all the data that passes through Wi-Fi. Similar problems have occurred with public Wi-Fi, such as airport and hotel Wi-Fi.

Copy and paste information

Hackers can install an application on your device (mobile or computer) without the knowledge of another software. The program works in such a way that, when you are pasting (tracking) your wallet address for digital currency exchange, instead of your wallet address, the hacker's wallet address is pasted. This way, your digital currency is hacked and sent to the hacker wallet.

Digital wallet slack hacking bots

There are some hacking bots that install on slack. This way they warn you about the security risks on your wallet. If there is no danger. They will then connect you to the URL and ask you for your privacy key.

Installation of keyloggers

keylogger there is malware that, if it enters your network, stores any recovery phrase, password, etc. entered on your device and sends it to hackers. Keyloggers get to your device in 3 ways:

by Email

Infected via usb connection

By opening infected software from a website

In addition to the aforementioned factors, attacking Bainance depends on other factors such as human weakness, system weakness, and poor implementation of two-factor authentication.

Phishing is directly involved in this human weakness. Hackers continue to use cunning new methods of phishing to the point where they make things difficult for the most cautious users.

In 2019, the world's largest exchange, Bainance, was hacked and about 7,000 bitcoins were leaked from this exchange. The hackers had tried to attack the hot wallet of Bainance exchange through phishing and other tricks. This wallet has made up only 2% of the exchange's capital. The amount hacked that year was about $ 40 million. Bainance was able to pay the losses of the losers that year by stopping the withdrawal of accounts.

Bainance exchange has a lot of financial and strategic support that can keep the currency code stable for consecutive years.

Scientific research has shown that conversations that reveal details of emails and mobile devices provide a good opportunity for abusers, and hackers are more likely to attack users who have these conversations. . So knowing this can help increase the security of your binance account and help users counter attacks.