How to hack camera with Linux?

How to hack camera with Linux?
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Kali Linux is the most popular operating system for hackers.

This operating system collects various hacking and security tools. It creates a great environment for hackers and job security, and is a fairly complete toolbox for these people.

Kali Linux operating system which is extremely popular.

It has always been thought of by all people in any field who are using this operating system. With common updates, this operating system tries to implement a smoother, more beautiful and more powerful operating system each time.

Hack camera with Linux

There are many ways and with the tools provided by Kali Linux, our work will be much easier as a panther and you will not spend much time.

We want to introduce you to the WishFish tool, which you can easily do with a few very simple commands.

To hack the phone camera with WishFish tool, you need to install some software, use the following commands:

After selecting our Forwarding port service, we will wait for it to be downloaded and installed. After downloading and installing it, we will receive the link and send it to the target to hack the phone camera with Kali Linux.

What is the WishFish tool?

Using the WishFish tool, you can create various phishing links from custom or custom sites that can block camera images of victims, as well as give you information about the target IP address lock.

Using the WishFish tool, you can create a fake link or the same phishing and direct the victim to the fake page so that he does not suspect, and after obtaining permission from the user to use the camera, he takes a photo of the victim and sends it to the hacker.

It also receives other information such as the victim's IP, Android version, browser version and many other information that is very useful for the hacker…

How to install WishFish tool on Kali Linux?

To hack the phone camera with WishFish tool, you need to install some software, use the following commands:

apt-get install php

apt-get install wget

ap-get install openssh

If you like to install the tool on the phone thermox, use the following commands:

pkg install php

pkg install wget

pkg install openssh

Well, after installing the above software, we go to the installation of the tool and work with it, to install it, we enter the tool folder and use the following commands to run it.

chmod + x


hack camera with Linux

After running the tool, we go to get our fake link. Select your forwarding port service menu. I used Ngrok.

Hack other people's phone camera with ip

Download the Android ip webcam app from Google,

Well, after downloading this program from Google, enter it and go to the bottom of the page, click the start server option and wait for the page to connect and come up,

When the page opens, you can see your phone's camera and there is a link at the bottom of the page like this:

Well, the link that you copied with the Digton phone that you want to see the camera, enter the Google browser, copy the link that was in the program, and put it in front of the (/) sign, for example:

Well, when you do a Google search for this, a page will open in the first page that says video renderer and several types of video formats will be written in front of it.

I advise you to choose javascript,

When you click on javascript, the camera screen of the phone you want will be displayed.


(In this method, because it is an Internet network, you can access the camera anywhere on the planet without any space restrictions)

Hack the phone camera with the Remote Camera app

Remote camera is one of the remote phone hacking software that allows you to view images around one phone with another by establishing communication between two phones. This software does not allow you to see the surrounding images up to a radius of 13 meters, which means almost the size of a child's room or a normal house. Remote Camera program is an application software that can be used to control children.

To use this program, you can follow the steps below:

First, install the software on both mobile phones. (It is also possible to install the program only on the target phone and then hack the phone camera using a computer browser)

Activate the "Server" option on your mobile phone, which acts as a controller.

Then look for your name or mobile address on the target or controlled phone and after finding it, select it. (You can enter the device address in your browser)

After connecting, you can see the images of the second or controlled camera in your phone camera, and thus you have been able to control the phone camera remotely.

Phone Camera Remote CCTV Pro

This software is another software that hacks the phone's camera, which is more powerful and powerful than the remote camera. In addition to viewing images around the controlled camera, this program allows you to take photos and videos and save them and even publish them at the same time.

The program also has an auto-imaging feature that allows you to specify a specific time and the software will automatically start and end shooting at that time. How to install and work with this program is almost similar to the Remote Camera program and they are not much different.

PLC SPY phone control software

PLC SPY software is another control and monitoring software that in its latest update has provided the ability to control the phone camera of its users. This program is actually a phone hacking program, which was created by the child control system with the aim of monitoring children. plc As a parent, you open access to all parts of your child's phone. To install the new version of this program on your child's phone, you do not need direct access to his mobile phone, and all you have to do is send this program with the desired icon, such as Telegram without a filter breaker, so that he clicks on the program. It is then hidden from the child's phone menu