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Hack Facebook Account | Facebook Messenger Spy Online App
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Accessing a target account remotely. Downloading a user archive from a backup copy containing the following: username and password for login, Messenger app chat history of a target, wall posts, likes and comments made by a target user, and info on visited places with an indication of location points.

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How to hack Facebook account remotely.

Read chat history without accessing a device.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is an app for recovering the password of a target Facebook account. With SPY24 Facebook Tracker™, the client will log into a target account on a new device. A hacking session runs in the background – completely unnoticeable to a target account owner.

Specify a target page URL to launch a new session: Facebook Messenger Spy Online App

File archive contains:

Facebook profile username and password check

Messenger app chat history of a target check

Likes, comments, and friendship requests check

Content published on the wall and groups check

Friends list including blocklist members check




There's a mandatory condition related to registering a new FB account. Any new user must specify and confirm their mobile phone number. This step increases the protection of confidential data and greatly simplifies password recovery if this user forgets it and can't access his Facebook page. If a password recovery procedure is launched, an SMS is sent to a phone number bind to a relevant Facebook profile. This SMS contains a code necessary to initiate a password replacement procedure. SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is based on algorithms exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol for intercepting a system message with a confirmation code. Thanks to this code, one can hack a Facebook password and recover a Facebook profile. A compromised account is transferred to a remote emulator (part of the SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ ecosystem ) for further generation of a user archive.

Pricing and Wallet Replenishment

Facebook Account Recovery

Feedback Section


SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is a cross-platform online app. So it can smoothly run on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. The algorithms used were optimized for the most popular operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS). All active processes are monitored online using a single Dashboard. To launch a session, you must specify a URL of a Facebook target page. System requirements of SPY24 Facebook Tracker™.


Facebook is the world's biggest social media platform with a wide range of noteworthy features. Due in large part to rather a high website traffic (2 billion active users per month), FB turned out to be an effective business tool for promoting IT products and advertising various services. Therefore, the following question becomes increasingly relevant in the current circumstances: «How to hack a Facebook account?»

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is the best solution for remote Facebook account monitoring. It's based on algorithms exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol to bypass social media platforms' security systems and allow clients to hack specified profiles. It's worth noting that for availing of this application, you don't need to install doubtful spy software or make some kind of pre-setting and preparations of a target account.

Positive customer reviews - an excellent indicator of software effectivity level. Over 80% of customers gave it the highest 5-star rating, 63% become members of the Affiliate Program. 6 out of 10 customers launched more than one hacking session.

Online App Performance

Software developers strived towards creating the most rapid and efficient algorithms for this online app. Thanks to their efforts, any client can get access to a target account in a matter of minutes after launching a session. This entire process is automated and does not require user intervention.

High operational stability

Several innovative technologies ensure software stability. SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ runs in the background and uses equipment provided by its developers. Therefore it's the best solution even for customers whose devices are rather weak computing power.

Intuitive Interface

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ features a simple and intuitive interface. Even a novice Internet user can get all the necessary information and start hacking Facebook since website sections are arranged easily. It is worth noting that a client can contact the 24/7 Support Team in case of any questions.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is the next stage IT solution offering remote monitoring.

the online app offers the following competitive advantages:

Already launched SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ session?

Share your personal affiliate link using social networks, websites, blogs, and forums. Earned bonus points will allow you to launch one or more Facebook hacking sessions for free.

Guaranteed Result

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ operates based on high-tech monitoring algorithms. So its users can always count on a positive result. A payment request is made only after a target profile credentials were compromised and a user archive was successfully generated. The administration gave credence to customers suggesting complete prepayments abandoning.

Anonymity and Privacy

While creating this software package, its developers used special mechanisms to ensure maximum protection of customers' personal information. Thus, developers achieved a high degree of anonymity and user privacy. Making payments in cryptocurrency increases security since it eliminates all the risks related to identifying transaction participants.

No Restrictions

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is a perfect example of an IT solution with all the features a modern user may need. This software can be launched and run anytime. And there's no need for additional configuration of a target profile/device before launching it. There's one more advantage to be highlighted – it's based on cross-platform mechanisms.

24/7 Support Service

Have you encountered any questions while using the functions of this online app? Please follow the FAQ section containing descriptions of potential difficulties. Couldn't you fix your issue by searching for the answers on your own? Submit a request to the Support Team or contact our online consultant using an indicated phone number.


Analysis of tools used by software operational algorithms.


Launching online app algorithms for restoring access to your own account.

Online App Documentation SPY24

Specifications and Description of SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ Online App.

Hacking a target Facebook account by exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol.

Step 1: Introduction

The beginning of the XXI century will make it into history as a period of rapid advancements in technology to popularize the Internet and optimize the manufacturing of low-cost portable devices. Combining these two factors facilitated the emergence of websites aimed at creating and promoting media content for free. But, initially, there were not many such tools, and they had minimal functionality.

Many large entrepreneurs realized that this is the future and began actively invest huge funds into startups created by talented programmers. As a result, several large social media platforms appeared in the mid-2000s, making it possible to distribute media content for free. The number of active users grew thanks rapidly, in no small part, to free communication and open access to large amounts of useful data (music, video, gaming apps). As of today, Facebook is considered the most popular social media platform.

Step 2: FB Key Features:


Facebook Being the world's largest social media platform, it was launched in February 2004 by a talented US programmer Mark Zuckerberg. FB is one of the five world's most visited websites. Its monthly audience exceeds 2 billion active users. This social media platform offers a multilingual interface, free registration, and PHP as a programming language.

how to restore Facebook chat history a Facebook password how to restore a Facebook account

Available publications:

Monitoring the virtual life of friends and relatives.

Communication in groups reflecting a user's interests.

Participation in community life (event planning, charity).

Viewing various videos with Watch.

Selling and buying products with Marketplace.

Short stories published by a user during the day.

Communication options:

Facebook, In addition to a social media platform interface, developers implemented instant messaging features via the Messenger plugin app:

Instant text messaging.

Sending and receiving files in various formats.

Video communications between multiple users.

Displaying current GPS location coordinates.

Content promotion options:

Increasing the number of subscribers and subscriptions.

Discussing posts, publishing comments.

Promotion of photos, video, and audio content protected by copyright.

Monitoring traffic stats related to a personal profile.

Facebook allows its users to create accounts with photos and basic personal information. With such an account, one can invite friends, exchange messages, upload photos/videos, and create common interests (groups). This social media platform offers many functions that allow users to interact with each other (e.g., virtual wink, photo albums, and a virtual «wall» where friends can post text and audio messages). It is worth noting that each user can control the level of access to published info and block access to unwanted content.

In recent years, FB became a popular advertising platform for companies to promote various goods and services. Facebook users can rate brand pages, post reviews of their products/services, and comment on their publications. As of 2019, over 90% of advertising campaigns involved Facebook marketing tools.

Step 3: Ways of Hacking Facebook

The rapid mainstream fiction of social media platforms ramped up publicly available media content. It, in turn, increased concerns about user data confidentiality. The longstanding confrontation between software developers and experts in scanning software for vulnerabilities has escalated. As a result, multiple state-of-the-art solutions were created for both personal information protection and hacking Facebook accounts.

But we will not consider preexisting techniques for hacking FB since most of them are currently ineffective. The work associated with searching for «loopholes» in the program code of social media platforms never stops and pays off in full. High-tech tools are created for bypassing even the most advanced protection mechanisms and demonstrating the best results.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is a highly effective tool for hacking Facebook. The online app features algorithms for bypassing social media platform's security systems and remotely compromising the credentials of a target account. It's worth noting that software for exploiting the vulnerability of SS7 protocol does not need to be pre-installed and does not require a target profile configuring.

Step 4: Vulnerability of Two-Factor Authentication System (2-FA)

To register a new profile, one should specify a mobile phone number. This's an important moment in account recovery in case of forgetting an authorization password - a system SMS will be sent to an account-bind number containing a verification code necessary to recover authorization data and specify a new password.

A mechanism that was meant to ensure the highest personal data protection for the social media platform users, in fact, became the most vulnerable element in its security system. This very two-factor authentication algorithm allows monitor remotely any Facebook account without the consent of its owner. Developers could have fixed this «loophole» a long time ago if it was not for one major obstacle: this vulnerability resides in the area of ​​responsibility of mobile service providers.

By exploiting a critical SS7 vulnerability, SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ performs remote incoming/outgoing traffic monitoring to intercept a service SMS with a verification code. As a result, its client can recover their Facebook account and carry out any manipulations with a target profile he wants. This procedure is performed unnoticed by an account owner, as it does not affect the stability of his device/account.

Step 5: Critical Vulnerability of SS7 Protocol

Most cellphone users associate mobile operators with such words as «technological effectiveness,» «reliability,» and «security.» This is explained not so much by the merits of providers themselves but by the productiveness of their marketing promoters striving to attract more and more new users by creating this «ideal» image. But even a little research of security systems used by cellular providers shows that there are issues, and some are critical.

One of these issues is the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol. It's a packet data network that became an important part of the telephone and cellular networks. SS7 was introduced in the 70s. This protocol has a universal structure for signaling, communication, networking, and maintenance of telephone networks. It's worth noting that SS7 is used when there's a need to link up VoIP networks and public telephone networks, making it possible to gain access to subscriber data from outside. In other words, you can hack almost any Facebook account with the help of special equipment and a database.

To launch SPY24 Facebook Tracker™, you must specify a URL of a target FB page. The system will automatically determine a phone number associated with a target account. By exploiting the SS7 vulnerability, take control of all traffic generated by a relevant cellular operator to intercept a system SMS with a verification code. After successful credentials compromising, a target Facebook account will be transferred to an emulator (part of the online app ecosystem). A client will download an archive of user files containing a copy of the target account history.

Step 6: Facebook application emulator

An emulator is an auxiliary tool created by SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ developers. Its key purpose is to store information obtained when hacking a target FB profile. In other words, immediately after restoring credentials, a target account is transferred to a virtual device, and the process of user archive exporting commences.

Contents of an archive with user files:

Login and password for authorization in Facebook

Messenger app chat history of a target

Published wall posts (photos, news)

Likes, comments, and friendship requests made

Facebook messages

A generated package of files can take up to 2-to-3 Gb. Its size depends directly on a target user's communicative activity and the volume of published media content. Before downloading it, make sure there's enough free disk space on your device. The archive is checked by a built-in antivirus tool, so downloading it is 100% safe.

Step 7: System Requirements of SPY24 Facebook Tracker™

This online app runs on equipment provided by its developers and does not require significant computing power from a client device.

System requirements:

Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC running on the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS.

The most up-to-date browser version (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera).

A package of utilities necessary for processing downloaded data (text editor, archiving utility, etc.).

Step 8: Conclusion

The vulnerability of the SS7 protocol has remained the biggest threat to Internet users' privacy for a long time. But so far, no solid steps were taken to address this issue. And here are two reasons for this. Firstly, software developers can't change anything due to their limited capabilities. Secondly, mobile operators with sufficient authority to launch a modernization are stopped by high costs related to this procedure. Therefore, all the parties concerned are striving towards preventing the development of awareness on SS7 protocol vulnerability, and this issue is discussed only at strictly-by-invitation events.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ detects and exploits the vulnerability of SS7 protocol giving clients access to authorization data of target Facebook profiles. This software offers high bandwidth and maximal performance. This is evidenced by the « User reviews » section, featuring experience with the product.

Facebook account recovery (login and password)

Get credentials from a backup history

Facing difficulties while logging into your own account? Does the Facebook password recovery feature show no result? Launch SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ session for remote Facebook hack and download a user archive containing account backup history.

File archive contains:

check Facebook profile username and password

check Messenger chat history/calls journal

check Likes, comments, and friendship requests

check Content published on the wall and groups



SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ software package gains control over the network traffic generated by a relevant mobile provider. It intercepts a service SMS with a confirmation code necessary to restore a target FB account. It uses mechanisms based on cutting-edge algorithms capable of identifying and exploiting the critical vulnerability of the SS7 protocol. SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ runs in the background and does not interfere with a target account/device, thus making it unstable.

Facebook features a built-in function for account recovery by specifying a phone number. A client can resort to this function in case of forgetting his login or password. After submitting a request, an SMS is sent to a phone number associated with a target profile containing an authorization confirmation code. If this unique character set is intercepted, a target account can be transferred to some new device.


By intercepting an authorization code

A client specifies a URL of a target Facebook page to activate the mechanism for determining a phone number bind to this target account. Next, SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ takes control over outgoing traffic generated by a relevant cellular operator and intercepts a service SMS containing a verification code.

With a verification code, one` can compromise authorization credentials of a target profile and start generating a user archive, which contains the following: login and password for authorization, Messenger app chat history of a target, wall posts, likes, and comments made by a target user, as well as info on visited places with an indication of location points.

Pricing and Wallet Replenishment

Facebook Account Recovery

Feedback Section

Tech Documentation

Bank card


The software can be launched using devices of all major types (smartphone, tablet, PC). Moreover, this online app was optimized for such popular operating systems as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. To activate processes aimed at the Facebook hack, you need only specify a URL of a target page. Our algorithms will exploit the vulnerability of the SS7 mobile protocol and intercept an SMS message with an authorization code. Obtaining this code allows transferring a target account to a Facebook application emulator (developed by specialists behind SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ ). As a result, our client gets an opportunity to download the entire history of a target profile, as well as its credentials (login and password).

How to hack a Facebook account

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is the next stage IT solution offering remote monitoring.

the online app offers the following competitive advantages:

Customer focus

Facing issues while working with this online app? For such cases, there is the FAQ section containing detailed answers to common customer questions. If searching for answers on your own resulted in nothing, you could contact our online consultant. Just go to the Support section and submit an appropriate request.

Guarantee Terms

The software has been showing high performance for years already. It offers the highest result even when other online tools prove to be useless. Full refusal of any form of prepayment is an additional guarantee - funds are written off the balance only after validation of a request and generation of a user archive.

High Performance

Due to longstanding algorithm optimization, a high level of software performance has been achieved. Thanks to innovative mechanisms, any client can get the desired result in 10-to-20 minutes after launching a session.

100% Anonymity and Security

One of the key advantages this online app has to offer is its full confidentiality. Due to advanced data encryption technologies, the maximum anonymity of customers can be ensured while they are using software to recover Facebook. The administration guarantees its users private information security and ensures that some 3rd parties can't obtain this confidential information.


One of the most important features this online app offers is its intuitive interface making SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ available to anyone. Its developers carefully worked out this aspect, making the user interface very informative. Moreover, you can find a detailed user guide in the Dashboard.

Planning to use the online app? Go to the user reviews section. Thousands of clients from around the world have already used our services and received a positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions by SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ users.

The core function behind this online app consists in providing remote access to a specified Facebook account. After successful hacking, a client can perform any manipulations with a target account without accessing a target's device. All the mechanisms used are based on the algorithm for detecting and exploiting the SS7 protocol of mobile operators.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ is the most efficient and secure software for hacking Facebook.

This section was created for clients encountering difficulties when using the online app. Couldn't find answers to your questions? Submit a request to Customer Support Service.

Guarantees provided to SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ customers:

Every user of this online app is guaranteed a positive result. Any client is provided with a link to a downloadable archive containing authorization credentials and a copied history of a specified Facebook profile. Zero-prepayments-policy serves as an extra guarantee for users (payment is required only after a target account authorization credentials become compromised).

Promotions and special offers are available to users.

To popularize SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ and increase an active user-base, its administration offers customers various promotions. To learn more, please visit the Pricing section. The most popular offer is our Affiliate Program, allowing its members to accumulate bonus points and hack Facebook 100% for free.

Online app operating principles.

This software is based on algorithms capable of detecting and exploiting the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol. After a session is launch, this app takes control over a cellular operator’s traffic. It intercepts a service SMS with an authorization code required for confirming rights to access a target Facebook profile. All processes are controlled using the website interface. www.fbtracker.org Learn more on online application functions by visiting the technical documentation section.

Minimum system requirements.

Being not an on-premise software package, this solution runs on equipment provided by its developers and does not require significant computing power on the user's part. Before launching an account hacking session, please make sure you comply with 3 obligatory conditions:

Prepare a device running Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS (ensure there's enough free disk space).

Provide an uninterrupted connection to the Internet, offering a stable download speed.

Install an archiving utility supporting files in *.zip format (to open a downloadable user archive).

What will data become available after launching a session?

User archive contains the following:

Login and password for authorization in Facebook

Messenger chat history of a target

Posts published on the wall (videos, photos, and news)

Likes, comments, and friendship requests

Friends list and current profile settings

Marked visits on Facebook posts

Scanning files for viruses and generating a link

Updating a request by defining account entry points

Preparing a target account before launching a session

This online app doesn't require any extra preparation and can be launched without the consent of a target account owner. To activate the software, simply submit a URL of a target Facebook page. Please note that an account owner won't receive any alerts about unauthorized access to his personal data.

What is the file size of a user archive?

A link to a downloadable user archive becomes available after an archive with a copy of a target profile history and authorization data is generated. Before downloading this archive, make sure you have enough free disk space. This archive may exceed 2 GB.

Security issues during archive downloading.

The administration takes customer security very seriously. Thus, before a link to a downloadable user archive is generated, all the available data is scanned with a built-in antivirus tool. Although the likelihood of encountering a malicious attachment is minimal, users are advised to remain vigilant of potential risks.

How to use the online app unbeknownst to a target?

This software operates based on the principles of complete anonymity and confidentiality. Since the app runs in the background and the Facebook security system does not regard its actions as a threat, monitoring is carried out completely out of sight of a target subscriber...

A target may grow suspicious only if you start sending messages on behalf of such target, change the account settings or completely delete such account.

Legitimacy issues related to running the online application.

Any social media user can avail of a standard tool for sign-in data recovery. Since all the processes related to a confirmation code interception are automated and do not require any client intervention, legitimacy issues lose their relevance. User’s actions are regarded as a violation of social media platform's Terms and Conditions only if such user personally confesses of “hacking.”

How high is the level of anonymity offered by SPY24 Facebook Tracker™?

Algorithms used by this online application provide the highest level of anonymity out of the box. However, a client can eliminate extra risks on his own by following these recommendations:

Use cryptocurrency as the main payment method.

Launch sessions only after activating a VPN software for traffic encryption.

Avoid actions allowing a target profile owner to detect hacking.

What should I do if a target profile owner changes his authorization data?

Password change won't stop you from downloading an archive with your target user's data. To obtain updated account credentials, you must start a new Facebook hacking session (in this case, you can get an extra discount). Pricing section .

Online Spyware for Remote Facebook Hacking

Account Hacking

Software exploits the vulnerability of the SS7 protocol used by cellular operators to compromise the credentials of any Facebook account. To start using this app, you don't need to install suspicious software or introduce some kind of pre-setting to a target account.

Parental Control

This function allows continuously monitor your friends and relatives. Using SPY24 Facebook Tracker™, you can track all actions conducted by your targets and read correspondence, view markers indicating visited places, and analyze their activity within the social media platform.

Account Recovery

This feature can prove to be very useful when a user forgets his password for profile accessing. Our software allows you to restore access to your own Facebook page quickly. The online app intercepts a verification code for reentering credentials (login and password).


Facebook accounts can be hacked remotely thanks to a mechanism based on algorithms capable of exploiting the critical vulnerability of SS7 protocol used by cellular networks. The interface is optimized for all major mobile operators and compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. To launch a session, specify a URL of a target page. SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ automatically detects a number associated with a target account, takes control of all cellular provider traffic, and intercepts a system SMS with a confirmation code. The intercepted code transfers a specified account to a Facebook application emulator (part of the ecosystem). As a result, an archive of user files is created, containing authorization credentials, correspondence in the Messenger app, photos placed on the wall, likes and comments made, and marked visits. You can download such an archive within 24 hours after the operation is completed.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ - Hack Facebook Password Remotely

When using the online app, customers are offered the following conditions:

Already applied SPY24 Facebook Tracker™?

Post feedback.

This will help developers in improving the software.

By registering right now, you'll get a bonus for the 1st account replenishment. All available accounts are managed online using a single Dashboard.


Administration guarantees each client a positive result. All the algorithms in use were developed based on cutting-edge technologies. It allows compromising credentials of any Facebook account without confirmation from its owner. There's an additional quality guarantee – we take no prepayments for services.


To avail of this application, you don't need to install doubtful software capable of impairing a client’s personal data safety. Moreover, there's a built-in antivirus for screening a generated user archive, thus eliminating any risks related to viruses capable of infiltrating a client's device.


One of the key advantages SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ has to offer is a high level of customer anonymity. All confidential information undergoes multilevel, end-to-end encryption preventing it from being obtained by some 3rd parties. This service supports payment methods with built-in mechanisms that make it impossible to identify both a payer and a payee.

Support Service

The online app features an intuitive interface and offers tips making its interface accessible even to novice Internet users. In case of any questions, while using SPY24 Facebook Tracker™, clients can contact 24/7 Customer Support.

Control Panel

Applying the software the first time? Read customer reviews in the feedback section.


Quick Result

A few minutes after launching a session, a client will receive a system notification indicating that an archive has been generated and is ready for being downloaded.


You can use the Dashboard for monitoring the status of available profiles and financial transactions history in real-time. Manage all available accounts using the Dashboard.


Become a member of the SPY24 Facebook Tracker™ affiliate program. You can earn bonus points by spreading your personal link through 3rd-party websites and attract new customers (referrals).