Hack Facebook Account | Facebook Messenger Spy Online App

Hack Facebook Account | Facebook Messenger Spy Online App
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Accessing a target account remotely. Downloading a user archive from a backup copy containing the following: username and password for login, Messenger app chat history of a target, wall posts, likes and comments made by a target user, and info on visited places with an indication of location points.

How to hack a Facebook account remotely.

You can look at your chat history without using a device. SPY24 Facebook Tracker is an app that can be used to find out a target Facebook account's password. With SPY24 Facebook Tracker, the client will log into a target account on a new device. A hacking session happens in the background, so the account owner doesn't know anything about it.

To start a new session, enter the URL of the page you want to visit:


Facebook Messenger Spy Online App

  1. The file archive contains:
  2. Check your Facebook username and password
  3. Check a target's Messenger chat history
  4. Likes, comments, and requests to be friends are checked.
  5. Groups and people who post on the wall check
  6. Friends list that includes people on the blocklist to check
  7. SPY ON Facebook


When you sign up for a new Facebook account, you have to meet a certain requirement. Any new user must give their mobile phone number and confirm it. This step protects private information and makes it much easier for the user to get back into his Facebook page if he forgets his password. When a password recovery process is started, an SMS is sent to a Facebook profile's phone number. This SMS has the code you need to start the process of changing your password. SPY24 Facebook Tracker is based on algorithms that take advantage of a weakness in the SS7 protocol to get a confirmation code from a system message. With this code, a Facebook password can be hacked and a Facebook profile can be retrieved. A hacked account is sent to a remote emulator, which is part of the SPY24 Facebook Tracker ecosystem so that a user archive can be made.

  1. Pricing and Refilling Your Wallet
  2. Recover Your Facebook Account
  3. Give Your Opinion

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is a web app that works on multiple platforms. So it can run well on phones, tablets, and computers. The algorithms used were made to work best with the most common operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS). Using a single Dashboard, all active processes can be tracked online. To start a session, you have to give the URL of a Facebook page you want to target. SPY24 Facebook Tracker needs certain things to work.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is the best way to hack into a Facebook account.
Facebook is the largest social media site in the world, and it has a lot of interesting features. Because Facebook has so many users (2 billion active users per month), it has become a useful business tool for promoting IT products and advertising different services. So, the question "How to hack a Facebook account?" is becoming more and more important in the current situation. 

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is the best way to keep an eye on a Facebook account from a faraway location. It uses algorithms that take advantage of a flaw in the SS7 protocol to get around the security systems of social media platforms and let clients hack into certain profiles. It's important to note that to use this app, you don't have to install suspicious spy software or do anything to a target account to get it ready.

Positive customer reviews are a great way to tell how well software works. Over 80% of customers gave it the best rating of 5 stars, and 63% of them joined the Affiliate Program. Six out of ten customers started more than one hacking session.

How Online Apps Work

For this online app, the people who made the code worked hard to make the fastest and most effective algorithms they could. Because of what they did, any client can get into a target account within minutes of starting a session. This whole process is done automatically without any help from the user.

  • High stability in operations

Software stability is ensured by several new technologies. SPY24 Facebook Tracker works in the background and uses equipment provided by its creators. So, it's the best option for customers, even if their devices don't have a lot of computing power.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface of SPY24 Facebook Tracker is easy to use. Even if you've never used the Internet before, it's easy to find all the information you need and start hacking Facebook. It's important to know that if a client has a question, they can contact the 24/7 Support Team.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is a remote monitoring tool that is the next step in IT.

The online app has the following advantages over the competition:

Facebook Tracker

Already started a session with SPY24 Facebook Tracker?

Use social networks, websites, blogs, and forums to spread your affiliate link. If you earn bonus points, you can use them to start one or more free Facebook hacking sessions.

  • Result Promised

High-tech monitoring algorithms are used to make the SPY24 Facebook Tracker work. So people who use it can always count on a good outcome. A payment request is only made after a target profile's login credentials have been stolen and a user archive has been created successfully. The administration listened to customers who said they wanted to stop making full prepayments.

  • Privacy and Being Unknown

The people who made this software package used special tools to protect customers' personal information as much as possible. So, developers were able to give users a lot of privacy and anonymity. When you pay with cryptocurrency, there are no risks related to identifying the people involved in the transaction.

  • There are no limits

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is a great example of an IT solution that has all the features a modern user might need. This software can be run whenever it is started. And there's no need to set up a target profile or device in any other way before launching it. One more benefit is that it is based on mechanisms that work across platforms.

  • Help is available 24/7.

Do you have any questions about how to use the features of this online app? Please read the section of the FAQ that talks about possible problems. Couldn't you figure out how to solve your problem by yourself? Send a request to the Support Team or call the phone number listed to talk to our online consultant.


  1. Analysis of the tools that operational software algorithms use.
  3. Put out algorithms for regaining access to your account through an online app.
  4. Online documentation for the SPY24 app
  5. Details about the SPY24 Facebook Tracker Online App and how it works.
  6. Using the weakness of the SS7 protocol to break into a target's Facebook account.

Step 1: Beginning
The beginning of the 21st century will go down in history as a time when technology changed quickly, helping to spread the Internet and making it easier to make cheap portable devices. When these two things came together, it made it easier for websites to pop up that let people make and share media content for free. But at first, there weren't many of these tools, and they didn't do much.

Many wealthy businesspeople saw that this was the future and started putting a lot of money into startups made by talented programmers. Because of this, by the middle of the 2000s, several large social media platforms made it possible to share media content for free. The number of active users grew quickly, in part because people could talk to each other for free and get access to a lot of useful information (music, video, gaming apps). Facebook is thought to be the most popular social media site right now.

Step 2: Features of Facebook:
Mark Zuckerberg, a talented US programmer, started Facebook in February 2004. It is the biggest social media site in the world. Facebook is one of the five most popular websites in the world. It has more than 2 billion active users every month. This social media platform has an interface that works in multiple languages, is free to sign up for, and uses PHP as a programming language.

how to get back a Facebook account, a Facebook chat history, or a Facebook password

Available publications:

  1. Keeping an eye on what friends and family do online.
  2. Communication in groups is based on what each user wants.
  3. Taking part in the life of the community (event planning, charity).
  4. Use Watch to watch different videos.
  5. With Marketplace, you can sell and buy goods.
  6. During the day, a user posts short stories.

Communication options:

The Messenger plugin app was used to add instant messaging features to Facebook, which already had a social media platform interface.

  1. Instant text messaging.
  2. Using different file formats to send and receive files.
  3. Multiple users can talk to each other via video.
  4. showing the GPS coordinates of the current location.
  5. Content promotion options:
  6. Getting more subscribers and getting more subscriptions.
  7. Talking about posts and putting up comments.
  8. Copyright-protected photos, videos, and sounds can be shared.
  9. Keeping an eye on the traffic numbers for a personal profile.

Facebook lets its users make profiles with photos and basic information about themselves. With this kind of account, you can invite friends, send each other messages, post photos, and videos, and find things you both like (groups). This social media site has many ways for people to talk to each other, like a "virtual wink," photo albums, and a "wall" where friends can post text and audio messages. It's important to note that each user can decide how much access to published information they have and block access to the content they don't want to see.

In the past few years, Facebook has become a popular place for companies to advertise their goods and services. Facebook users can rate brand pages, write reviews of their products or services, and comment on what they write. As of 2019, Facebook marketing tools were used in more than 90% of advertising campaigns.

Step 3: Getting into Facebook
The fast-growing popularity of social media platforms has made more media content available to the public. In turn, this made people worry more about the privacy of user data. The long-running conflict between software developers and people who know how to check software for flaws has gotten worse. Because of this, many cutting-edge ways were made to both protect personal information and break into Facebook accounts.

But we won't use hacking methods that already exist because most of them don't work right now. Finding "loopholes" in the code of social media platforms is a job that never ends and pays off in full. High-tech tools are made to get around even the most complex security systems and show the best results.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is a very good way to break into Facebook. The online app has algorithms that can get around the security systems of social media platforms and compromise the credentials of a target account from afar. It's important to know that SS7 protocol exploiting software doesn't need to be pre-installed and doesn't need a target profile to be set up.

Step 4: The Two-Factor Authentication System's Weakness (2-FA)
To set up a new profile, a mobile phone number must be given. This is an important part of account recovery if you forget your authorization password. A system SMS will be sent to an account-bind number with a verification code needed to recover authorization data and set a new password.

The part of the social media platform's security system that was supposed to keep users' personal information as safe as possible turned out to be the weakest link. This two-factor authentication algorithm makes it possible to keep an eye on any Facebook account from afar without the owner's permission. Developers could have fixed this "loophole" a long time ago if not for one big problem: this vulnerability is the responsibility of mobile service providers.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker uses a critical SS7 flaw to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic remotely and catch a service SMS with a verification code. So, the client can get back into their Facebook account and do anything he wants with the target profile. The account owner doesn't notice this process because it doesn't affect the stability of his device or account.

Step 5: A major weakness in the SS7 protocol
Most cellphone users think of mobile operators when they hear words like "technologically effective," "reliable," and "secure." This isn't so much because the providers are good, but because their marketers are good at creating this "ideal" image to attract more and more new users. But even a little bit of research into the security systems that cell phone companies use shows that there are problems, and some of them are very serious.

One of these problems is that the SS7 protocol can be broken. It is a packet data network that became an important part of the phone and cellular networks. In the 1970s, SS7 came out. This protocol has a universal structure for signaling, communicating, networking, and maintaining telephone networks. It's important to know that SS7 is used to connect VoIP networks and public telephone networks so that subscriber data can be accessed from outside. In other words, if you have the right tools and a database, you can get into almost any Facebook account.

To start SPY24 Facebook Tracker, you must enter the URL of the Facebook page you want to track. A phone number for a target account will be found automatically by the system. By taking advantage of the SS7 flaw, a cellular operator's traffic can be taken over so that a system SMS with a verification code can be intercepted. If the credentials are stolen successfully, the target Facebook account will be moved to an emulator (part of the online app ecosystem). A client will download an archive of user files that has a copy of the history of the target account.

Step 6: Simulator for the Facebook app
An emulator is a tool that developers of SPY24 Facebook Tracker made to help with other tasks. Its main job is to store information hacked from a target Facebook account. In other words, as soon as credentials are restored, a target account is moved to a virtual device, and the process of exporting a user's archive begins.

Files in an archive that belong to a user:

  1. Facebook needs your login and password to let you in.
  2. The chat history of a target on the Messenger app
  3. Put up posts on Facebook (photos, news)
  4. Likes, comments, and requests to be friends were made.
  5. Messages on Facebook

A package of files that are made can take up to 2 to 3 Gb. Its size is directly related to how much a target user communicates and how much media content is out there. Make sure you have enough free space on your device before you download it. The archive has a built-in antivirus tool that checks it before you download it, so it is 100% safe to do so.

Step 7: SPY24 Facebook Tracker needs certain things to work.
This online app runs on hardware provided by its creators, and a client device doesn't need to have a lot of computing power.

System requirements:

  1. Smartphones, tablets, and PCs that can connect to the Internet and run on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac OS.
  2. The most up-to-date version of a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera).
  3. A set of tools that are needed to work with downloaded data (text editor, archiving utility, etc.).

Step 8: Coming to an end
Since a long time ago, the SS7 protocol has been the biggest threat to the privacy of Internet users. But so far, no real steps have been taken to fix this problem. Here are two reasons why this is the case. First of all, software developers can't change anything because they can't. Second, mobile operators with enough power to start a modernization can't because of the high costs of doing so. So, everyone involved is trying to stop people from finding out about the SS7 protocol vulnerability, and this issue is only talked about at events where you have to be invited.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker finds and uses the flaw in the SS7 protocol, which gives clients access to the authorization data of the Facebook profiles they are tracking. This software has a high bandwidth and works as well as possible. This is shown by the "User reviews" section, which has comments from people who have used the product.

Recovering a Facebook account (login and password)

Get login information from a backup.

Have trouble getting into your account? Does the Facebook feature for recovering a forgotten password not work? Start a SPY24 Facebook Tracker session to hack Facebook from afar and download a user archive with backup history for an account.

The file archive contains:

  1. check the username and password for a Facebook profile
  2. check Messenger's chat and call logs
  3. look at Likes, comments, and requests to be friends
  4. check out what people have written on the wall and in groups


The SPY24 Facebook Tracker software package gives you control over a mobile provider's network traffic. It gets a confirmation code from a service SMS that is needed to restore a target Facebook account. It uses mechanisms based on cutting-edge algorithms that can find and take advantage of the SS7 protocol's biggest weakness. SPY24 Facebook Tracker runs in the background and doesn't mess with a target account or device, which makes it unstable.

Facebook has a built-in way to get back into your account by entering a phone number. If a client forgets his login name or password, he can use this function to get them back. After a request is sent, an SMS with an authorization confirmation code is sent to a phone number linked to a target profile. If this unique set of characters is stolen, an account can be moved to a different device.


By getting a code for authorization

A client gives the URL of a target Facebook page to start the process of figuring out what phone number is bound to this target account. Next, SPY24 Facebook Tracker takes control of a cellular operator's outgoing traffic and grabs a service SMS with a verification code from it.

With a verification code, someone can steal the authorization credentials of a target profile and start making a user archive. This archive includes the login and password for authorization, a target's Messenger app chat history, wall posts, likes, and comments, as well as information about places they've been to with location points.

  1. Pricing and Refilling Your Wallet
  2. Recover Your Facebook Account
  3. Give Your Opinion
  4. Documentation for tech
  5. Bank card


All of the major types of devices can be used to start up the software (smartphone, tablet, PC). This online app was also made to work well with popular operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. To hack Facebook, you only need to enter the URL of the page you want to hack. Our algorithms will take advantage of a flaw in the SS7 mobile protocol to get a hold of an SMS message with an authorization code. If you get this code, you can move a target account to an emulator of a Facebook app made by the people who made the SPY24 Facebook Tracker. As a result, our client can download a target profile's full history as well as its credentials (login and password).

How to break into a Facebook account

  1. SPY24 Facebook Tracker is a remote monitoring tool that is the next step in IT.
  2. The online app has the following advantages over the competition:
  3. Customer-oriented

Have trouble with this online application? For this, there is a section called "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) that has detailed answers to common customer questions. If you couldn't find the answers on your own, you could talk to our online consultant. Just go to the section called "Support" and send in a request.

  • Guarantee Terms

Since it was first made, the software has been running well. Even when other online tools don't work, it gives the best results. Full refusal of any kind of prepayment is an extra guarantee. Funds are taken off the balance only after a request has been validated and a user archive has been made.

  • High Efficiency

Because algorithm optimization has been going on for a long time, the software has reached a high level of performance. Any client can get the result they want in 10 to 20 minutes after starting a session, thanks to new ways of doing things.

  • 100 percent privacy and safety

One of the best things about this online app is that it keeps everything private. Customers can stay as anonymous as possible when they use software to recover Facebook because of how well data is encrypted. The administration makes sure that its users' private information is safe and that third parties can't get their hands on it.


One of the most important things about this online app is that anyone can use it because it has an easy-to-use interface. The people who made it put a lot of thought into this part, so the user interface is very clear. Also, the Dashboard has a detailed guide on how to use it.

Intent on using the online app? Go to the section with user reviews. People from all over the world have used our services and been happy with the results.

Users of the SPY24 Facebook Tracker ask these questions often.

The main purpose of this online app is to let you access a certain Facebook account from afar. After hacking is successful, a client can do anything they want with a target account without being able to access the target's device. All of the methods used are based on the algorithm for finding and using the SS7 protocol of mobile operators.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker is the best and safest software you can use to hack Facebook.

This section was made for people who are having trouble with the online app. Not able to find the answers you were looking for? Ask Customer Support Service for something.

Customers of SPY24 Facebook Tracker get the following guarantees:

Everyone who uses this online app will get a good result. Any client is given a link to a downloadable archive with authorization information and a copy of the Facebook profile's history. The zero-prepayments policy gives users an extra safety net (payment is required only after a target account authorization credentials become compromised).

  • Users can take advantage of promotions and special deals.

The people in charge of SPY24 Facebook Tracker offer customers different deals to make the program more well-known and get more people to use it. To find out more, go to the Pricing page. Our Affiliate Program is the most popular offer because its members can earn bonus points and hack Facebook for free.

  • Rules for running an online app.

This software is based on algorithms that can find and take advantage of the SS7 protocol's weakness. After a session starts, this app takes over the traffic of a cellular operator. It picks up a service SMS with an authorization code that is needed to confirm access to a target Facebook profile. The website's interface is used to control all of the processes. Visit the technical documentation section of www.fbtracker.org to learn more about how online applications work.

  • Minimum system requirements.

Since this isn't on-premise software, it runs on hardware provided by the developers and doesn't need a lot of computing power from the user. Before you start a session of hacking an account, you must meet three mandatory conditions:

  1. Prepare a device that runs Android, iOS, Windows, or macOS, and make sure there is enough free space on the disc.
  2. Offer a steady download speed and a connection to the Internet that doesn't stop.
  3. Install a file-packaging program that can handle *.zip files (to open a downloadable user archive).

When a session starts, what data will be made available?

This is what is in the user archive:

  1. Facebook needs your login and password to let you in.
  2. The chat history of a target on Messenger
  3. What's written on the wall (videos, photos, and news)
  4. There are likes, comments, and requests to be friends.
  5. Friends list and how your profile is set up right now
  6. Marked visits to posts on Facebook
  7. looking for viruses in files and making a link
  8. By defining account entry points, a request can be changed.
  9. Getting ready for a session by setting up a target account

This online app doesn't need any extra work, and it can be used without the permission of the owner of the account being used. To turn on the software, you only need to give the URL of a specific Facebook page. Please note that if someone else gets into your account without your permission, you won't get any alerts.

How big is a user archive's file?

After an archive is made that has a copy of a target profile's history and authorization data, a link to a downloadable user archive is made available. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive before you download this archive. This archive might be bigger than 2 GB.

There are security issues when downloading an archive.

The administration cares a lot about the safety of its customers. So, before a link to a user archive that can be downloaded is made, all of the data is checked with an antivirus tool that is built in. Even though the chances of getting a malicious attachment are low, users should still be aware of possible risks.

How to use the online app so that the target doesn't know?
The way these software works is based on the idea that it should be completely anonymous and private. Since the app runs in the background and Facebook's security system doesn't see it as a threat, monitoring is done completely out of sight of the target subscriber...

A target will only get suspicious if you start sending messages on their behalf, change their account settings, or delete their account completely.

There were questions about the legitimacy of running the online application.

Any user of a social media site can use a standard tool to get back their sign-in information. Since all the steps involved in stealing a confirmation code are automated and don't need any help from the client, questions of legitimacy don't matter. The user's actions are only seen as a violation of the Terms and Conditions of the social media platform if the user admits to "hacking."

How high is the level of privacy that SPY24 Facebook Tracker gives you?

This online app's algorithms give you the highest level of anonymity right out of the box. A client can, however, get rid of extra risks on his own by following these suggestions:

  1. Use cryptocurrency as your main method of payment.
  2. Start sessions only after you've turned on a VPN to encrypt traffic.
  3. Don't do things that would let the owner of the target profile figure out that you're hacking.

What should I do if the owner of a target profile changes his permission information?

You can still get an archive of your target user's data even if they change their password. To get updated account information, you must start a new hacking session on Facebook (in this case, you can get an extra discount). Part about prices.

Online spy software for hacking Facebook from afar Hacking an account

The software takes advantage of a flaw in the SS7 protocol, which is used by cell phone companies, to steal the login information for any Facebook account. You don't have to install any suspicious software or make any changes to a target account before you can use this app.

  • Parental Control

This feature lets you keep an eye on your friends and family all the time. Using SPY24 Facebook Tracker, you can keep track of everything your target does, read their messages, see where they've been, and analyze what they do on the social media platform.

  • Get your money back

When a user forgets his password for accessing his profile, this feature can be very helpful. With our software, you can quickly get back into your own Facebook page. A verification code for reentering credentials is caught by the online app (login and password).

How does the SPY24 Facebook Tracker online app work?

Facebook accounts can be hacked from far away with the help of a system based on algorithms that can take advantage of a major flaw in the SS7 protocol used by cellular networks. The interface works well with all of the major mobile operators and can be used on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. To start a session, give the URL of the page you want to go to. SPY24 Facebook Tracker automatically finds a number associated with a target account, takes control of all cellular provider traffic, and intercepts a system SMS with a confirmation code. The code that was stolen sends a certain account to a Facebook app emulator (part of the ecosystem). As a result, a user's files are saved in an archive. This archive includes the user's login information, messages from the Messenger app, photos posted to the wall, likes and comments, and visits that have been marked. You can download an archive like this within 24 hours of the operation being done.

SPY24 Facebook Tracker: Remotely Hack Your Facebook Password

When a customer uses the online app, they are given the following options:

Used SPY24 Facebook Tracker already?

  1. Leave a comment.
  2. This will help the developers make the software better.
  3. If you sign up right now, you'll get a bonus when you make your first deposit. A single Dashboard is used to manage all accounts online.
  • Guarantees

The administration makes sure that every client gets a good result. All of the algorithms used were made with cutting-edge technology in mind. It makes it possible to get into any Facebook account without the owner's permission. We don't ask for payments upfront for services, which is another way we guarantee quality.

  • Security

You don't have to install suspicious software that could put a client's personal information at risk to use this app. Also, there is a built-in antivirus that checks a user archive before it is sent to the user. This eliminates any risks related to viruses that could get into a client's device.

  • Anonymity

High customer anonymity is one of the best things about the SPY24 Facebook Tracker. All private information is encrypted from beginning to end, making it impossible for third parties to get it. This service works with payment methods that make it impossible to figure out who is paying and who is getting paid.

  • Service of Support

The online app has an easy-to-use interface and tips, so even people who are new to the Internet can use it. When using SPY24 Facebook Tracker, clients can reach out to Customer Support at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Control Panel

Putting the program to use for the first time? In the "Feedback" section, you can read customer reviews.


A client will get a system message a few minutes after starting a session telling them that an archive has been made and is ready to be downloaded.

  • Statistics

You can check the status of available profiles and the history of financial transactions in real-time using the Dashboard. Use the Dashboard to manage all of your accounts.

  • Bonuses

Join the affiliate program for SPY24 Facebook Tracker. Spreading your link on third-party sites can earn you bonus points and bring in new customers (referrals).