How to hack Google account?

How to hack Google account?
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Email is one of the most important pieces of information that anyone working in cyberspace should have. Email is actually an Internet address that helps us to communicate with other people who work in the Internet and cyberspace, and in fact plays the role of the same postal address in the real and physical world. Most of us know about email with Yahoo and Gmail services, and each of us has at least one email address with a Gmail or Yahoo extension. Because so much of our important information is sent to our email address in cyberspace, it is very important to maintain its security. But while companies like Google and Yahoo have come up with many layers of protection for their users, there are still ways to bypass these layers and hack into people's emails.

Gmail Security

Gmail, which is actually Google's e-mail service, started in 2004 under a trial version and was officially introduced in 2009. Gmail currently has more than 1 billion monthly active users, which is a very high figure. However, Google has been able to cope well with all this information exchange and, in addition, provide security for each of its users.

This high security has made it easy for users to use Google's e-mail or Gmail, and sometimes exchange very important information in it or save it in their Gmail inbox. Storing various information in Gmail account and the possibility of misusing this information has caused many profiteers to think of a way to hack into people's Gmail account and steal this information.

Hack google account

While the high security of Google services is not a secret, the power of hacking and security experts should never be overlooked, and you should think that because you are using a secure service, you do not need to follow the usual security instructions. This is a completely misconception, and you should keep in mind that the highest number of hacks and infiltrations in various services are related to those who have not paid much attention to the security of their account.

Lack of attention to ways to increase account security has led to various ways to hack Gmail and access the Google account. Profiteers and hackers obtain people's passwords in various ways and then log in to their accounts.

Gmail hacking methods

As mentioned, there are several ways to hack people's Gmail that hackers have used to hack into other people's accounts and steal their information. One of the most common of these methods is the use of social engineering techniques to obtain a password, which accounts for a large number of hacked accounts. In the following, we will explain some of these methods

hack google account

Social engineering method

One of the most common methods for obtaining personal account information is not limited to a specific account and can include all personal user accounts in cyberspace. In this method, the hacker tries to get the password to enter the account from the user using various methods and does not use any special tools to obtain the password. In this method, the hacker usually tries to persuade the user to provide his password to the hacker by gaining trust and creating a ground for obtaining the password.

For example, a hacker creates a Gmail account with a Google username. It then uses this username to send an email to the person stating that there is a problem with the security of your account and that your account appears to have been hacked. In the next step, it asks the user to click on a link to remove the suspicion. The desired link redirects the user to a fake page and asks him to enter his password. By entering the password, you have actually provided the password to the hacker, and the hacker will be able to hack the person's Gmail without wanting to perform complex operations, and can access all the information of the victim.

How to use Trojans and keyloggers

Keyloggers are programs that are installed on user systems and store all the characters typed on the keyboard. Then they save the file of these characters somewhere or send it to a specific address. Trojans are also malicious programs that introduce themselves as an application and in fact, after installation, carry out malicious activities behind the scenes.

In this method, the user uses infected links and programs to install a keylogger or trojan on his system. The trojan or keylogger then begins to collect user information, such as passwords, and sends these passwords to the hacker. One of the most popular methods of hacking Gmail is the same.

Another simple way to hack Gmail is to access a person's Gmail account password and access the device that the person used to connect to Gmail.

In this method, the hacker is close to the victim and has access to the user's mobile or computer. Because browsers such as Chrome or Firefox store passwords for account access, it is easy to obtain a password by entering the password storage section.

We have introduced a summary of google account hacking methods without the need for complex operations and programming knowledge to you dear ones. Ways that can make anyone look like a hacker