Hack Instagram

Hack Instagram
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Instagram has 500 million daily and 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media applications, ranking among the top ten most downloaded apps, both on Google Play and App Store.

It can safely be said that Instagram is reasonably secure, just as other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook (which owns Instagram). Private Instagram accounts, in particular, have a high degree of security. Activating two-factor authentication, checking the login in activity and whether the emails claiming to be sent from Instagram are not for phishing, reviewing the followers and blocking/removing undesirable ones are among the elementary steps to make an Instagram more secure.

However, just like any other app, especially popular social networking ones with millions of users, Instagram is a target of hackers. Despite the various security measures and layers, it is still possible, and sometimes fairly straightforward, to hack Instagram accounts and passwords. The intentions are not always malicious; sometimes an account is hacked to reset a forgotten password or block an already hacked account; or sometimes to help a concerned parent. There are numerous ways to achieve this, which will be explained in the following.

Hack Instagram

Ways to hack an Instagram account

Online tools


Neatspy is one of the most popular monitoring apps, claims to be totally legal and work perfectly in stealth mode. Also, it does not require rooting the Android device or jailbreaking the iOS. For hacking Instagram, it can be used with two methods: Neat spy app lication, using the Control Panel; and using the app’s keylogger. Using Control Panel does not provide access to the account’s password; however, the hacker will be able to read sent and received messages and multimedia. The keylogger can track the keystrokes and decipher the password to the Instagram account.

Prices begin from 50$ per month for Basic Android up to 700$ per month for Business iOS.

KidsGuard Pro

This app is among the best and most convenient apps for parental control . In addition to standard features like access to messages, call logs and location, KidsGuard Pro lets the user access internet browsing history and monitor social media accounts. It is quickly installed, works in stealth mode, and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

The app offers several affordable plans with 30-day return guarantee: KidsGuard Pro for Android and iOS and Monivisor for Windows, and KidsGuard for WhatsApp on Android.


One of the best and fastest working spying apps, XNSPY works on all types of devices and networks, including Android and iOS operating systems, with 100% secrecy. It provides full access to Instagram, even including deleted photos as it backups the data. The application features a keylogger, too, making it possible to hack the Instagram password.

The prices start at 50$ per month up to 150$ per annum.

Minspy Global

A cheap, popular hacking app, Minspy allows you to hack 5 Instagram accounts at the same time. It supports Windows, iOS and Android systems and does not require rooting or jailbreaking. It provides access to most Instagram info and is equipped with a keylogger. Using the keylogger, the account’s password can be hacked.

The prices start at 50$ per month for Basic Android plan and go up to 700$ per month for Business iOS.


Like other applications/internet services, Instagram accounts can also be hacked by phishing. Actually, phishing is claimed by many hackers to be the easiest way to hack Instagram. And there are curious methods to do it. One such way is creating a fake Instagram login page on the web. The target will unknowingly type their username and password in the fake page and the hacker can simply check their already registered host web account to access them.

When the user’s username and password are found, the hacker can either monitor the user’s activity and steal their information (ninja mode) or take complete control of their account (owning mode).

Phishing can also be in the form of Instagram emails. It sometimes is very difficult to distinguish between “real” emails and fake emails from Instagram. Such fake emails claim that the user is blocked out of their account, or is hacked, or has been reported etc. They’ll then provide a link to click on and enter the user credentials to “recover” their account. The account is, instantly, gone. Following many incidences of this type, Instagram has now introduced a feature with which you can see the genuine emails sent from Instagram.

Social engineering and password guessing

Cracking a password is oftentimes much easier than it appears. Experienced hackers use various techniques to convince you to trust them and share private information, eventually making you follow them to fake pages and infected applications (spear phishing). It is also easy for hackers to be disguised as someone you know or can trust (quid quo pro).

There also specific methods to crack passwords. The first and most used is Dictionary attack, which involves testing the words which are very likely to be included in a password. Another method is Traffic interception, when the hacker places a software as an intermediate between the user and the network to monitor the transmission of data and hijack the critical information.

One would be surprised to find out that, according to Huffington Post, “123456” was the most common password used in 2016. [5] It is child’s play for hackers to guess such passwords. They just need to try a few of the common passwords and the personal verbal and obvious numerical info they have gained from their victim through social engineering to find out their password. There also are machines that can try millions of random passwords in the blink of an eye.

Connected/third-party apps

Many, if not most, of the people connect to Instagram using their Facebook account (as mentioned above, Instagram is owned by Facebook). Many also use their email address. Therefore, if any of these applications is already hacked, the hacker has the person’s Instagram account under their control. It is also one of the worst, most potentially harmful danger concerning social media and other accounts that you can put yourself in is choosing the same password for all or most of your accounts. Once one of them is hacked, all the others will follow.

Another way of an Instagram account being hacked is through third-party apps. Sometimes, you just forget that you have granted permission to an app before and do not use it now. Sometimes, these apps continue to have access to your account even after deleting them. The convenient way to stop third-party apps from accessing your account on Instagram is revoking their access using web browser (for both iOS and Android). It is recommended to take this measure as these apps or their connection to your account can be hacked.

Shoulder surfing

This “method” is possibly the most unexpected method of stealing someone’s information, yet it can actually be very effective, and does stand up to its name. As was said above, Instagram has millions of followers, most of which check their account daily or even hourly, and many times they do it outside: on their way home, going to work, while standing in a train, sitting on a park seat, at the break between classes, … and Instagram is so engaging that many do not even notice the passing of time. This provides the perfect opportunity for others to look above their “shoulder” and check out their activity. It is far too common for users to enter their login information in social environment without bothering to protect it from others. Subsequently, it doesn’t require much effort to read or guess their private, critical information.