How to hack LinkedIn premium account?

How to hack LinkedIn premium account?
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What is LinkedIn Premium? There are a number of features in the social network that you can access by creating a regular user account, but there are also some more special features. In fact, you can get a special or premium version of those features for a fee. Premium LinkedIn is also one of those social networking features.

LinkedIn Premium has four plans: "Career", "Business", "Sales" and "Hiring".

If you are looking for employment or career advancement, you can take advantage of the Career Plan. This way, you will find the job you are looking for twice as fast as others.

The "Business" plan includes features such as "Ability to send 15 emails", "Unlimited search of people" and "Monitoring the growth of businesses".

The "Sales" plan is a special section for selling products, services and discovering customer needs.

The "Hiring" plan helps corporate human resource professionals meet the resources they need through LinkedIn.

There are several ways to pay for LinkedIn Premium plans; Either you have to buy these accounts using intermediary sites, or you have a MasterCard yourself, or get help from friends and acquaintances abroad to do so.

There are many terrific advantages you can take advantage of by investing in a Premium LinkedIn Account:

You can do a much deeper dive in your research

You rank higher in LinkedIn Search

You gain much deeper access to insights such as “Who’s viewed your profile”

You can leverage the power of InMail

Quite a few people use the LinkedIn Premium Accounts – LOVE it. The key here is that you have to be actively using it and converting business to obtain your return on investment

One new client is worth the $39.99 – $119.99 CDN per month* may be worth the investment (*based on your package).

LinkedIn InMail is one of the most popular features for the Premium accounts.It allows you to send a private message to any one of the 313 million LinkedIn members.

One person told me they use LinkedIn InMail to reach out to high-level decision-makers that otherwise (probably) wouldn’t respond. They were able to reach a high profile executive through this channel, and bypass many of his ‘gatekeepers’, because the InMails allow you to include a longer message than the 300 characters you are allowed in the standard Connection request

Did you know that you can send people messages WITHOUT investing in a Premium Account?

Send a message via LinkedIn Groups. Here’s how:

Step #1: Visit the profile page of your “dream” connection. (You may have to use the search function to find them first)

Step #2: Scroll down their profile to see which LinkedIn Groups they have joined.

Step #3: Join one of the groups, or click on a Group you both share

Step #4: In the top navigation bar of the Groups, click on “Members”

hack LinkedIn account

Hack LinkedIn premium

As a long-time LinkedIn user, it's not hard to see how LinkedIn is generating revenue. As part of Microsoft, executives are compensated by performance based on key metrics for LinkedIn. It is a really valuable tool and ought to obtain revenue. The most obvious of revenue streams is Premium services - something that LinkedIn encourages you to purchase at every turn.

LinkedIn has a habit of providing great new features for free, then pulling them back behind a paywall or paid service. I've been watching the paid service evolution since I first established an account in 2004. FYI - I've used both premium and free services (including LinkedIn Business and Sales Navigator). As a job seeking professional, I never paid for premium services, nor do I promote its usage to job seekers.

Your decision might be different, so take advantage of any Free trials (if you get it free, go for Sales Navigator). My decision to purchase premium services revolved around the following:

Improve my chances of being seen (Premium logo by my name)

Overcome the limitations of commercial use restrictions (when LinkedIn only shows you so many search results).

Access premium only groups (e.g. the career version of premium has access to a job seekers group)

New LinkedIn Philosophy

Yellow Pages meet the White Pages.

I use LinkedIn as a refined yellow pages. I leverage the capacity to search for targeted people at companies of interest. The purpose of this is to initiate offline conversation - the #1 Way to Find Work Today is NETWORKING!

I'm not as interested in a majority of the content or capabilities of premium services outside of this capacity, mostly to just avoid going into a rabbit hole.

Reaching out to and meeting with people - that's the job of the job seeker.


The person-to-person, face-to-face, conversations with people in a narrowly targeted audience.

From that perspective, I've noticed some hacks that have served me well under the Free LinkedIn option.

Site Search on Google

It is very easy to find people on LinkedIn with a Google search (similar search works on Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, etc). As a crawler of this website, google serves up all the profiles that have a set of keywords using the following standard: [keywords]

As an example, if I wanted to do a google search for a director of project management in Austin Texas for semiconductor manufacturing at Applied materials, it would look like this:

premium LinkedIn account

The results, in my case, are 5,590 pages with those keywords. Doing a similar search on LinkedIn, I get 145 results, of which I can only see 3 because of a commercial use restriction.

Microsoft will not arbitrarily prevent users of LinkedIn to search on this platform for limited results--results that are readily available to a moderately sophisticated internet user. This obviously takes users to another platform--something I'm sure isn't LinkedIn's intention.

[NOTE: this same search works on Bing, Microsoft's own search engine. This is where I do almost all my searches now. I'm noticing that the results are better and profiles show up in