How to hack phone password without erasing data?

How to hack phone password without erasing data?
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Your Android phone accidentally locked and you are wondering how to unlock it? Wondering how to unlock your Android phone’s password without a factory reset? If yes, then this article will definitely help you. Here is how you can effectively unlock your Android phone password without losing your data.

You store a lot of data on your Android phone and you want to back it up so other people can’t access it. To prevent further access, protect your phone with a password.

You always set up some sort of lock to secure your smartphone to stop others from checking your phone data, messages, or pictures. More importantly, it is needed to deny admission to your valuable phone data in case it gets stolen. However, many times you come across this situation where your Android phones are stuck as you cannot unlock the password. Either your children have been playing with the lock patterns, and the screen gets locked due to entering the wrong password many times, or you have unexpectedly forgotten your password. Or somebody else has reset your password, or you have broken your mobile screen, and you cannot enter your password. Many such similar situations may arise.

You are in the middle of some things, and you want to make some urgent calls. How to unlock Android phone passwords without factory reset? What do you do then? There are very easy solutions to this that would help unlock your Android phone in no time without going for the factory reset and losing your valuable data.

Solution 1: How to unlock Android phone password without factory reset with Androidunlock tool

If you don’t know how to waste your time to deal with this situation, then I just suggest you to use Android Unlock Tool. This is a professional tool that you can use to unlock the password of your Android phone without losing any data. This tool will unlock any type of password you use to lock your phone without losing any data. It is 100% safe and reliable and can be used without any problems.

This can be used for any Android smartphone that is locked for any reason. So, this is the best option to unlock the password of Android phone and I suggest you to download Android Unlock Tool and use it without any problem. No matter what brand of Android phone you are using, such as Huawei, LG, HTC, Vivo or others, this powerful tool works effectively.

If you are a HTC phone user looking for the way to unlock the forgotten HTC phone password without factory reset, or a LG phone user looking for the way to unlock the forgotten LG phone password without data loss, then this great tool is the best one to use.

Solution 2: Unlock Android phone with Find My Device

The device you’re using, if it’s running Android 7.1.1 or lower, you can use Find My Device to unlock your phone, and you’ll need a Google account to do this.

To unlock your Android phone, follow the steps below:

Step one: First, go to on your computer or other phone. Then sign in to your Google account > a list of Android devices connected to the account will appear > select the phone you want to unlock.

Step two: You have the ability to call, lock, wash. Select the lock option

Step three: When the pop-up message appears, set a new password.

Step four: Then go to the previously locked phone and enter the new password. Now you can easily unlock your phone.

Restoring Android data after a factory reset

With the best tool like Android Data Recovery, you can recover deleted data from Android after factory reset. This is one of the best ways to recover all the missing files after wiping your entire phone without backing it up.

Solution 3: Bypassing the android phone with a forgotten pattern

You can also use the Forgotten PIN/Pattern function to unlock the device. If you tap this option, you can reset the lock screen with your Google account or a backup PIN.

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You can remember your Google account, but keep in mind that this option is only available on devices running Android 4.4 and earlier.

Check the following steps:

• First, enter the wrong password on your phone to get the Forgotten pattern/PIN option and then press it.

• You then have the option to unlock your Android phone with your Google account, a security question, or a backup PIN.

• If you select Google Account, enter your username and password and sign in to your device.

• If you select the Protect PIN code unlock option, enter the PIN code to unlock the device.

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Solution 4: Unlocking an Android phone’s password without factory reset with Safe Mode

Another convenient method to bypass security passwords on Android devices without factory reset. But remember that this method only works for third-party lock screen apps. Follow these steps to restart your device in safe mode:

• Press and hold the power button on the phone until the power menu appears on the screen.

• Now click on the Disable option.

• You will get a pop-up message confirming that you have restarted in safe mode. To confirm, just press the OK option

• When the device is in safe mode, all third-party applications are disabled and can be easily removed from the Settings menu.

If you now reboot the device and exit safe mode, you will be able to access the device without any security lock.

Solution 5: Delete Android password by restoring factory settings.

If the above methods fail to unlock the phone’s password, you need to take several steps to solve the problem. The unit must be reset to the factory settings. The following steps will help you feel more at ease:

Step one: First, turn off the device and briefly press and hold the Volume Down + Power buttons. This will speed up the booting of your device and allow you to enter recovery mode.

Solution 6: How to unlock the password of an Android phone without factory reset with the ADB command

This is another convenient way to unlock the password of an Android phone without a factory reset. This option is a bit cumbersome, but it unlocks your phone. Whatever password you use, it will be unlocked as follows:

• Then connect the locked device to the PC and run the command line.

• Now go to the ADB installation location on the system and enter the following command: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

• Then press the Enter key to start it. After a while, unplug the phone and restart it normally.

NOTE – This method only works if you have previously enabled the Developer > USB debugging option.

You can also learn more about ADB Connect here.

Solution 7: How to unlock an Android phone without a password using custom recovery

Another convenient way to crack a phone password without losing data is custom recovery. This process requires the installation of a custom recovery to work. And most importantly: Your phone must be equipped with an SD card. An SD card is required to send a zip file when the device is locked.

Here are the steps to unlock the password of an Android phone without factory reset:

• First, download the zip file named Pattern Password Disable to your computer and put it on your SD card.

You can download the URL here:

• Now insert the SD card from the locked phone and restart the device in recovery mode.

• Then flash the zip files to the memory card and reboot the device. Your phone will now start and open without locking the screen.

NOTE – Your device may occasionally ask you for a password or reason. Then enter a password and your device will be unlocked.

The phone is then unlocked and you can access it without resetting it or losing data.

Solution 8:

Password to unlock a Samsung phone without restoring factory settings (for Samsung phone users)

Many Samsung users are struggling with the same problem. These users can use the Find My Mobile service directly from their Samsung account. However, if you do not have a Samsung account, the following steps are not relevant to you.

Step one: First, go to and sign in to your Samsung account.

Step two: Select Lock > Enter a new PIN in the first field on the left, and then click Lock. After a few seconds, the screen lock password is replaced with the new PIN.

That’s it, it’s done…