How to hack telegram with two factor authenticator?

How to hack telegram with two factor authenticator?
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Telegram is one of the social networks among the users of different devices that has many capabilities and you can use this messenger very simply and easily.

The two-step verification hack of Telegram is a topic that we intend to address in this article. Social media enables you to connect with the whole world. It also puts your online presence at risk for hackers. Every day, we encounter many people being hacked on Instagram and other social network accounts. We often hear that the profiles of celebrities are also attacked. In the last few years, social media companies have taken steps to strengthen the online security of users. Most of them now run the two-step verification method. By doing this, the real owner of the profile will be authenticated so that he can enter his profile safely.

hack telegram with two factor authenticator

In Telegram, the two-step verification process is slightly different from the way it is done on Twitter or Twitch. In the Telegram app, if an offender wants to access your profile from another device (not you), he or she will be asked for an additional password along with a regular password for the account.

The two-step verification of Telegram means that in order to log in to your account through another device, other than the device with which you are currently connected to your account, in addition to the code that Telegram sends to you, you need You will also have a second code that you specify. In other words, in two-step verification of Telegram, you need two separate codes to activate your account, one of which is sent to you by Telegram via SMS and the other by yourself, depending on the password. You specify a pass, you enter.

Suppose you put your cell phone somewhere and there is someone who has access to your phone. Now he can connect to your account by installing the Telegram application on his mobile phone and entering your phone number instead of his own phone number, and in fact somehow succeed in spying on your Telegram. After creating an account with your number, a 5-digit code will be sent by Telegram to your phone, which will be displayed in the notification bar of your phone, and the hacker can open your phone without opening it. Read it and enter it in your phone. In this way, he manages to open your Telegram on your phone and hacks your Telegram account

In Telegram, the two-step verification process is slightly different from the way it is done on Twitter or Twitch. In the Telegram app, if an offender wants to access your profile from another device (not you), he or she will be asked for an additional password along with a regular password for the account.

This method, which uses the principles of phishing, requires an email that is similar to the main site. In this example, should not be used and should be used instead. Next, the user clicks on the link in the email and enters the Linkedin site, but is linked to the domain. Some conscious users do not notice, but some do not.

As soon as you enter user information and click on Sign in, two-step authentication is enabled and a temporary cookie is created for secure access to the site. It can then steal your username, password and cookie, but at this stage you do not need your username and password.

To log in, open the main LinkedIn site and copy the temporary cookie to the Browser Developer Tools section. This refreshes the page to provide access to the account.

The purpose of this article is to prove that two-step authentication hacking is possible.

Unfortunately, code-based two-factor authentication may not increase the level of security of your personal information as expected. This is because the verification code sent to you will not be of a different nature from your password, and the shorter lifespan of this code will not prevent it from being stolen by hackers. Like a password, if this code is stolen, the security of your information will be compromised.

hack telegram with two factor authenticator

Hackers can get your information by creating fake websites. For example, a security researcher has designed software called Modlishka to show how vulnerable websites are to hackers. This software automates the hacking process. Unfortunately, there is no obstacle for hackers to build this software or other hacking tools.

These attacks are usually carried out in the form of a text message or an email directing you to a fake website where hackers can automatically and instantly copy the original version of the website to make the fake website look compelling. On that fake website, you enter your login information and the code you received via SMS or authentication software; Hackers then enter this information on the actual website to gain access to your account.

There is another type of attack called SIM card swapping attack, in which hackers have been able to gain access to Jack Dorsey's Twitter account. A hacker will impersonate you, and an employee of a mobile service company such as Verizon or AT&T will persuade you to transfer your mobile service to the hacker's phone. Each phone has a chip - a part of the user's identity or SIM card - that identifies it on the network. By transferring your account to the hacker's SIM card, he / she can read the contents of all your messages, including the authentication code message sent to log in to a system.

It is important to note that the two-factor authentication method should not be left out because it is not perfect. It will certainly be better than using a password alone and can still ensure the security of your account against a wide range of hacker attacks; But for sensitive and important accounts, be sure to consider a stronger way of protection, such as hardware security keys.

Hacking Telegram from its server is 99% impossible and not everyone can do it. Even the biggest hackers in the world have not succeeded in doing this, but if and only if someone succeeds in doing so, he will receive a reward of $ 300,000 from Telegram, and of course, his name will remain in everyone's mind for a long time. Stays. But hacking by the user has a completely different flow.

Hacking a user may have different reasons. At best, the person who hacked you is your mother, father or even your spouse who can control your messages. Of course, this is more of an excuse than a reason, but controlling children's relationships is one of the reasons why people hack their children's Telegram accounts.

The second reason for hacking people through their account is personal reasons. Reasons like enmity, making money or whatever. For example, someone does not like you and decides to hack you, disrupt or delete your information. Or it may even be that a hacker can hack accounts that he or she can telegram to access that person's files and contacts and monetize them by locking them in or threatening the hacked user.