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SPY24 App is a cell phone spy software which allows you to track your phone in real time. This powerful program silently records all the activities on the target phone. Data then uploaded to your secured online account which only you can access to view and manage.

  • What is SPY24 App?

    SPY24 is the industry-leading cell phone monitoring software program designed and intended for parents to help keep their children safe and for employers to maintain productivity among employees. SPY24 is at the forefront of developing and deploying this technology to parents and employers.

  • Can I install SPY24 remotely?

    It is required to have possession of the phone you want to monitor for approximately 2-3 minutes to install the SPY24 app. Once the app has been installed, possession of the phone again is not needed.

  • How does SPY24 App work?

    SPY24 Monitoring Software works by accessing data from the phone on which it has been installed. Once the application is installed, it will gather data from the phone and upload it to our secure servers. You can view this data by logging into your Secure Online Account, which is provided when you purchase the program. Everything you need to begin using SPY24 will be emailed to you. Nothing is shipped. In the email, you will receive the activation link which will take you to the installation instructions. To install the app, the process differs depending on whether you’re monitoring an iPhone, iPad, or Android and macOS and Windows devices. For iPhones and iPads, you are only required to have the Apple ID and password (iCloud credentials) associated with the device. For Android phones, you will need to have possession of it for about two to three minutes. All settings may be adjusted remotely anytime online right from your Online Control Panel. After the installation process is completed, all data, even those deleted, is uploaded to your private Control Panel account which is available from any PC or phone browser.

    Attention: The target phone must have access to the Internet, and be compatible with SPY24. Check if your mobile device is supported.

  • Is it legal to use SPY24?

    It is legal for parents to use SPY24 to monitor their children and for employers to monitor company-owned devices of employees. For companies to utilize the software, it is necessary to gain the consent of the employee before installing monitoring software on the device. Parents are permitted to monitor the activity of their underage children. Otherwise, It is legal for a person to monitor the cell phone of another person as long as that person is fully aware and consents to have their phone monitored. If you have any doubts or concerns about the use of SPY24, you should seek legal counsel. SPY24 and The Powerline Group Inc. cannot provide legal advice. We do not condone the use of our software for illegal purposes. If you have any questions as to legality and usage in your area you should contact an attorney.

  • Is the icon visible on the phone?

    Yes. By default, the SPY24 icon will appear in the Applications menu (screens and/or pages) and also in the Applications Manager menu. The icon cannot be removed and will remain visible unless SPY24 is uninstalled from the monitored device.

  • Which features require rooting?

    Rooting the Android device is not required.

  • Why should SPY24 be the best solution?

    Keeping track of employees’ mobile phone usage, seeing who your children are contacting from their phones, back up your own phone data in case the phone lost or broken, tracking down the thief in case the phone get stolen are among the most popular uses of tracking software.

  • What phones does SPY24 work on?

    SPY24 currently supports: 

    Android Versions: 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10, 11, 12, 13,14

    iOS Versions: 6.x, 7.x, 8.x upto 17.3.0

  • How to remove SPY24?

    Because SPY24 does not appear in Cydia, you must log in to your account to remove it. In page Setting, part Uninstall SPY24, insert password of your account, then click Uninstall SPY24 to remove SPY24 remotely. Be careful, once you have removed SPY24, you have to get the iPhone in your hand once again if you want to re-install SPY24.

  • Why does target phone needs internet access?

    Target device requires the Internet access to send logged data to your online control panel.

  • What if target phone does not have an internet connection?

    If your target device is a GSM phone that takes a SIM card, you can always use a SIM card with Internet access (even a cheap prepaid SIM) just to get the software installed and setup, and then swap it out with the Target’s own SIM card later. Without internet connection, all features will still work, but SPY24 will not be able to report any captured data (SMS, Call Logs, Email, Location) to your online account except for Auto Answer feature. SPY24 will save logged data and wait for be uploading when the target phone have an internet connection

  • Is the internet access log visible on the phone bill?


  • Does SPY24 support my phone service provider?

    SPY24 runs on all supported phones regardless of service provider, or location. You have full access to SPY24 data whether the phone is across town or the world. The only requirement is that the phone should use a supported operating system and have a working internet connection.

  • Can I install it using one SIM, but then give the phone to someone who uses another SIM? / Can I change SIMs?

    Yes. This is also a way to install SPY24 into target phone if the original SIM does not provide internet access.

  • Is my privacy protected?

    We do not record, store, transmit or resell any customer’s personal information. Moreover, SPY24 uses active security policies that ensure complete privacy by encrypting all confidential activity logs.

  • How do I see the SMS Call Logs and Location tracking information?

    Using the user-friendly control panel, you can see data in easy-to-read format.

  • Some data in my account seem to be lost. What happens?

    Data older than 30 days will be deleted. You should back up your data to your computer regularly. Go to page Setting, here you can export data to CSV for download. SPY24 sends the download link to your email.

  • Is SPY24 App free?

    No, SPY24 is a commercial product. But it is quite affordable! We also offer trial 48 hours package with all features. After trial time, if you are not ready to purchase, you can still use GPS tracking, remote adjust setting and uninstall for free.

  • What payment methods does SPY24 accept?

    You can pay either by: Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, crypto

  • How do I receive the software?

    – For Android, macOS and PC you can download direct link from our website.

  • Does SPY24 show an icon or something on the target PC and Mac?

    It does not. SPY24 is totally silent. Nothing is displayed on the target phone.

  • How can I tell if SPY24 is on my phone?

    No way.

  • Do you provide technical support?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Why is not SPY24 listed on the AppStore?

    SPY24 reads all your internal iPhone information and upload it to SPY24.app site to read them on a comfortable interface. There is no way that Apple allow third-party programs to read this data this way.

  • How to install SPY24 into target iPhone?

    Open Cydia > find SPY24 > install.

    Open Springboard > tap SPY24 icon on the application screen

    Sign up to bind this device with an account

    Tap Hide SPY24

    Attention: Once you Hide SPY24, all icons, files, source of SPY24 will be hidden from springboard, Cydia. No one can open it again. Only you can configure or remove it via your secured online account.

  • How to move my iPhone to another email address?

    1. Remove your old account (this action will remove SPY24 in target iPhone also)

    2. Reinstall SPY24 to your phone

    3. Sign up with new email address.

    Attention: Old data and license in will be deleted. Therefore, do not forget to back up your data and download to your PC before removing your account. If you want to move the target device to another email address included with previous data and license, please contact our support team.

  • From where can I get guidance about installation?

    SPY24 provides you with a handy manual on their website. Once you decide to install the app, this manual gives you a step by step guidance which is clear and easy to follow. Click here to visit our Help Install page.

  • Can SPY24 be installed without opening passwords?

    No, SPY24 is meant to keep a certain level of privacy. Which indicates that you will have to get that device unlocked by the owner and then you will be able to install it. SPY24 does not breach passwords.

  • Is there any danger of facing legal penalties if I install SPY24?

    Generally, SPY24 will only be installed after you seek permission from the person you are spying on. Or at least they know about it. Otherwise, they may file a lawsuit against you. SPY24 only gives you access once you verify it.

  • How can I get data in my account?

    Once your target device starts getting tracked, your account will be collecting data from it. If the internet connection of the target device is weak, it may delay the uploading of data. Otherwise, it will start uploading immediately to your account. It will be stored, and you can watch it later.

  • Is there any restriction on language?

    No, SPY24 supports many languages. No matter which language is being used in your target device, SPY24 will provide you exact information in your account.

  • Will my data be safe with SPY24?

    Yes, SPY24 gives every user a username and password which he can change at any time. It is your responsibility to remember and keep your password safe.

  • What features can I avail from SPY24?

    SPY24 offers you a wide range of tracking features which start from listening and recording live calls to monitoring all the social networking apps, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The location, call log, SMS history, apps installed, etc all can be tracked with SPY24.

  • What kind of files does SPY24 Record?

    SPY24 can record images, videos, audios, GPRS location, etc. In short, it can be said every kind of files can be tracked and saved with SPY24 in all conventional and some specific formats.

  • How can I trust SPY24?

    SPY24 truly cares about his customers and their privacy. SPY24 keeps all the data which has been entrusted upon its team safe and encrypted. Even SPY24 application management team cannot access your data under normal circumstances. All your data is safe with SPY24. If you wish to stop using SPY24, your data will all be wiped out from the server.

  • Will it consume the target device's battery and storage?

    No. target device will not come to know that it is being tracked. SPY24 stealth mode is specially designed to make sure that no battery and storage is consumed. Your device’s battery may get consumed a little bit due to the uploading activity.

  • Can I use my account for different devices?

    Yes, you can use it. If you wish to switch your target device, you will have to change the aviation number by logging into your account. So you can start tracking your new target device.

  • How can I be sure SPY24 works as expected?

    Reliability is our foremost priority. We are confident about our customers’ complete satisfaction with our monitoring application. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you are still unsure about SPY24’s monitoring features, try it for FREE.

  • How to stop daily or instant emails from SPY24?

    1. Log into your SPY24 dashboard.
    2. Select the device.
    3. Open settings.
    4. Uncheck “Everyday E-mail Notifications” field and save the new settings.

  • How to save my cellular data?

    1. Log into your SPY24 dashboard.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Uncheck “Allow communication over cell data option”.
    4. Increase the “sync interval” and “GPS scan interval”.
    5. Uncheck “Custom Push Channel” in settings.
    6. Save settings.

  • How can I track my device when no internet connection is available?

    You can keep track of the monitored device even if it is not connected to the internet, by using SMS Commands. Click here for more information.

  • How can I download my data as .CSV file?

    • Log into your SPY24 dashboard.
    • Go to “Data Liberation”.
    • Download your SPY24 data as .CSV file.

  • Can I add another device to my account?

    You can add other devices to your SPY24 account. Upon installing the application on a new device, make sure you use the same email address and password you used when you purchased SPY24. Access your SPY24 dashboard to find the separate tab for new device(s).

  • How to block/unblock an application?

    • Log into your SPY24 dashboard.
    • Go to “Packages Installed”.
    • Locate the application you want to block/unblock.

  • My data does not show on my SPY24 user dashboard even after purchasing a paid subscription.

    In case you were previously using a SPY24 free trial subscription, and that subscription has already expired, you will need to install the application again on the device you wish to monitor.

  • My recent SPY24 data does not show on my user dashboard for the last few hours.

    SPY24 was specially designed to keep our customers in mind. Our application uses minimum resources of your battery life and mobile data. We recommend waiting for 24 hours so that all your SPY24 captured data reflect in your user interface.

    However, the monitored device may stop uploading the data if:

    • The monitored device is hard reset.
    • The monitored device’s firmware is upgraded.
    • The monitored device is not connected to the internet.
    • The SPY24 application is removed from the monitored device.
    • You need to reinstall the application if scenarios #1, #2, or #4 apply.

  • Why does my device tab show a gray or red icon?

    Depending on the internet connection of your monitored device, your user interface will show a green/gray or red icon. Hover the mouse over the grey/red icon to check the amount of time the monitored device has been disconnected for.

  • Why can’t I see all my SPY24 data?

    We generally retain your Personal Data for as long as is necessary to accomplish the business purpose for which the Personal Data was collected. With respect to data collected from a target device and data provided to register for the service, we retain this data for ninety (90) days, as specified in our Privacy Policy.

  • The device tab shows a green icon, even though the instant features are not working.

    SPY24 was specially designed to keep our customers in mind. Our application uses minimum resources of your battery life and mobile data. It is possible that even though you see the green symbol, the device is not actually connected to the internet.

  • Why does my MMS not reflect in my user dashboard?

    • The MMS feature might not be enabled.
    • To enable MMS monitoring, go to settings, and enable “MMS” from the “Individual Feature On/Off” panel.
    • The auto-download option is not active.
    • MMS will be only available once it is downloaded. Only images and audio files will be displayed.

  • How can I start using SPY24?

    Choose the SPY24 subscription type that suits you best. Follow the steps on our website to create your SPY24 account. Once your account is created, you will receive an email with the installation instructions.

  • Does SPY24 provide technical support?

    It is our mission to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with SPY24. Our technical agents are here to answer all your concerns and offer expert assistance 24/7. You can easily reach out to us here.

  • How many devices can I monitor from a single user account?

    You can monitor as many devices you want, by using a single SPY24 account. However, in order to be able to monitor multiple devices at the same time, you need to purchase a SPY24 subscription for each of them.

  • Why does the target phone need internet connection?

    SPY24 collects monitoring data and uploads it so that you’ll be able to access all the information from your user dashboard, ONLY when the target device is connected to the internet. The monitored device requires internet connection to get SPY24 working, thus sending the captured data (call history, location information, etc.) from the target phone to your user dashboard for review. You will also need internet connection on the target phone to initially download the app.

  • Can I use SPY24 service to monitor any other person like my girlfriend or boyfriend?

    SPY24 service is designed for parental and employee monitoring only, you must not use it for any other purpose. Please read our terms and conditions carefully before using SPY24.

  • What phones does SPY24 work on?

    SPY24 works on all Android and IOS, macOS, and PC devices. To make sure SPY24 is the app for you, benefit from our FREE trial subscription.

  • How to block or unblock calls and SMS for a particular contact?

    • Log into your SPY24 dashboard.
    • Go to ‘Contacts’.
    • Find the contact you wish to block or unblock.
    • Click on the link next to the contact you want to block or unblock.

  • Why can't I see any incoming or outgoing SMS?

    In case the monitored device is using a third-party application to send SMS, for example, Go SMS, SPY24 will not be able to capture outgoing messages.

  • How do I see the SMS information?

    All subscriptions include a feature-rich and very user-friendly Control Panel. The first logs of captured text messages, call details, GPS locations, and much more will be available as soon as initial user authentication ends.

  • How do I check the call logs information?

    All subscriptions include a feature-rich and very user-friendly Control Panel. The first logs of captured text messages, call details, GPS locations, and much more will be available as soon as initial user authentication ends.

  • How can I monitor the phone's call logs with SPY24?

    Go to your Login SPY24 user dashboard. Select the “Calls” tab from the sidebar menu. Check all the incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You will also be able to check the call recordings.

  • Can I monitor the GPS Location if the location service is disabled on the target device?

    SPY24 will retrieve GPS location data ONLY if the location service is enabled on the target device.

  • Why am I getting too much location data?

    To adjust the settings for GPS location data, increase “GPS Distance Interval” to 500 meters or more in your user dashboard, under GPS location.

  • Why does the GPS location show incorrect results? How to correct it?

    SPY24 offers three different options in order to properly locate the target device, even when the phone is not connected to the internet:

    Using GPS: accurate location, up to approx. 50 meters; but may not work if the monitored device is located inside a building.

    • Using the device mobile data: accurate location, up to approx. 100 meters; needs internet connection.
    • Using device cellular tower information: no internet connection necessary, low accuracy up to 1-5 km.

    In order to get accurate results, we recommend enabling Settings >> Location and security >> Use wireless networks.

  • What is the geofence feature and how to use it?

    Geo fence is used to get notifications when the monitored device enters or leaves the set geo fence.

    Below are steps to set geofence:

    • Log in to your SPY24 user dashboard.
    • Go to “Geo fence” on the sidebar menu
    • Click on the “Create New” button to set a new geofence for your monitored device.
    • The map with the monitored device’s last location will be displayed. Move the pin to any other place where you wish to set the fence.
    • Enter the place name below the map box and click on “Save”.

    You can see your set geofence list in the table. If you want to update (change) your existing geofence then click on “View Map”.

    Note: GeoFence will function properly and provides accurate location information up to 50 meters, as long as your monitored device has the GPS option activated.

  • How do I see the Location tracking information?

    All subscriptions include a feature-rich and very user-friendly Control Panel. The first logs of captured GPS locations and much more will be available as soon as after initial user authentication.

  • I am trying to capture a photo by using the Live panel, but I receive a dark photo instead! What could be the reason?

    If you are trying to capture a photo by using the Live panel, but receive a dark photo instead, the monitored device is not in use, or the display is turned off.

  • How do I take a live screenshot using SPY24?

    • Go to the “Live panel” tab on your SPY24 Interface.
    • Click on the “Screen” tab.
    • Take screenshot.
    • See screenshot in your SPY24 user dashboard.

  • Remotely take a screenshot of any target device using SPY24.

    In order to remotely check the monitored device screen, use SMS Commands and see what your children/employees are up to on their cell phones. You can also view the live screen of your target device under the Live pro features.

  • When I click on "Live Panel", a popup saying 'internet connection may not be available' shows on the screen, even though my device tab shows a green icon.

    The SPY24 app is updated periodically, and possible bugs are fixed as soon as they are identified. However, this error might occur in extremely rare circumstances. In case it does, please ignore the error and continue with the desired action.

  • Why aren't the 'Easy Access' buttons working for me?

    This feature is only available for devices with an OS version higher than 2.0. Any capture functionality functioning through the Easy Access buttons requires that the monitored device is connected to the internet. Here, at SPY24, we’re constantly working on improving our customer’s experience. Therefore, we are always ready with alternate options for obtaining the results the customer desires. If the Easy Access buttons are not working for your device, we recommend you use SMS Command to do the capture instead.

  • Why am I receiving an error when using instant audio/photo or location?

    In order to be able to use the Instant audio/photo feature, the monitored device needs to be connected to the internet. If the device has a strong and stable internet connection, try accessing this feature by opening your user dashboard in another browser. We also recommend using “Scheduler” or “SMS Command” for more reliable results.

  • Why can’t I use Live Panel for Audio and Video streaming?

    In order to be able to use the Instant audio/photo feature, the monitored device needs to be connected to the internet. If the device has a strong and stable internet connection, try accessing this feature by opening your user dashboard in another browser. We also recommend using “Scheduler” or “SMS Command” for more reliable results.

  • Why is the instant feature not working?

    This feature is available only for devices operating on OS versions higher than 2.0. Instant capture requires a strong and stable internet connection. If the instant feature is not working for your device, we suggest using SMS Commands to capture audio/photo/location.

  • Why does the device tab at the top of the page show a green icon even though the Easy Access features are not working?

    Some phones will show a green icon on the device tab even when not connected to the internet. Here, at SPY24, we’re constantly working on improving our customer’s experience. Therefore, we are always ready with alternate options for obtaining the results the customer desires. If the Easy Access buttons are not working for your device, we recommend you use SMS Commands.

  • Why have my SPY24 data not been updated for more than 24h?

    SPY24 data are frequently updated and they can easily be accessed in your user dashboard as long as the application is properly installed and the monitored device is connected to the internet. If your data has not been updated for 24h, the target device might not be connected to the internet, or the application is no longer installed on the monitored phone (Factory Reset). Please verify proper internet connection & software installation on the target device.

  • How to save/download images?

    To download or save images

    From Desktop:

    • Right-click on the image thumbnail that you want to download.
    • Open it in a new tab.
    • Click on “Save”.

    From Mobile:

    • Long press the image thumbnail that you want to download.
    • Tap on “Download Image” or “Open Image in New Tab”.
    • Save image.

  • How can I monitor a device for a specific time interval (specific hour/day)?

    SPY24 also provides you with the possibility to schedule a certain action on the target device. You can choose the day and time for monitoring and set specific time intervals.

    • Log in to your SPY24 user dashboard.
    • Under Settings, select ‘Default Watching Interval’.
    • Define the interval of the day for which you want to monitor the phone.

  • The audio/photo schedule feature is not working properly.

    All SPY24 features function accordingly only when the monitored device is connected to the internet. In order to benefit from the best outcomes of the audio/photo schedule feature:

    • Schedule the desired action 4-5 hours in advance.
    • Change “Sync interval” in settings to 7200.
    • Do not set audio capture longer than 15 minutes.
    • Make sure the desired scheduled actions do not overlap. SPY24 may fail to perform two or more actions scheduled at the same time.

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