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Here you can scan your device with IMEI
  1. Supported by the social deputy and crime prevention of the judiciary
  2. Cooperation with mobile and computer guilds all over the country
  3. Cooperation with 8500 government service counter offices
IMEI Scanner
What is SPY24?

What is SPY24?

  • SPY24 is a worldwide system for inquiring and tracking stolen/missing phones, tablets, and laptops. This system, with the support of the Social Affairs and Crime Prevention Department of the Judiciary and with the cooperation of telecommunication operators, guilds, and the police, has provided a suitable platform for facilitating and accelerating the tracking process. SPY24 system has taken an effective step towards crime prevention in the field of buying and selling digital devices by providing the capability and "theft of Mobile Device , tablets and laptops".

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You can register mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, external hard drives and modems in the system.

On the main page of the website, go to the tracking and theft theft section and register your product details and specifications in the system. Warning: For mobile and tablet IMEI, your product is a 15-digit number on the product carton.

You can click on this link to see how to find the IMEI.

After registering your lost or stolen digital goods in the system, from the moment of registration in the system, the purchase and sale of your digital goods in stores across the country will be prevented and you will be searched in the list of found and discovered goods of the country.

1- After registering your stolen or lost mobile phone or tablet in the system, the first SIM card placed on the mobile phone or tablet will be tracked positively by your telecommunications operator and a tracking code will be provided to you. 2- The system will prevent you from buying and selling your mobile phone or tablet in the country's stores. 3- The information system searches your product in the list of found goods around the world.

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