How Do I Know If My Twitter Got Hacked

How Do I Know If My Twitter Got Hacked
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My Twitter Has Been Hacked In 5 Ways

Signs that your Twitter account has been hacked

How can you know if your Twitter account has been hacked by spammers? Fortunately, there are a few helpful resources on the internet to help you get your Twitter account back on track. It's critical to recognise the indicators that your account has been hacked. Here are a few indicators that your Twitter account, or someone else's, has been hacked.

Teaser Spam Links (Example #1)

Your direct message appears to have been written by a teenager.

Using LOL in a communication is a dead giveaway that things isn't quite right.

The use of a URL shortening service like is prevalent, yet it can be a red flag.

Please do not click on that link!

Example #2 of a Hack: A Fantastic Opportunity

In only 14 days, my best friend shed 12 pounds. This is something I must see! Hold your horses. Weight loss tweets are a red flag that your friend's account is down. Please do not click on that link!

Does it seem too wonderful to be true? Please do not click on that link! Hackers frequently use bait to get consumers to click on a link to download an app. Don't get taken in by these ruses!

Account Changes as an Example #3 of a Hack

You've received information that your account settings have changed, but you don't recall making them? Check to see if your password is still valid in your account. Change your password to something more secure once you're inside.

Strange Apps is the fourth hacking example.

In your Twitter settings, you find some unusual apps that you don't recall installing. Those should be uninstalled as soon as possible, friend! Consider eliminating some of your 3rd party app connections from your Twitter account if you have apps that are no longer needed or in use.

Hack #5: A Significant Increase or Decrease in Followers

If you see a significant increase in the number of followers in a short period of time, your account starts following 100s of new people, or you are losing a huge number of followers, you may have been hacked. Hacks can be disastrous to a person or corporation who has spent months or years cultivating a following only to have a portion of it vanish.

What Causes Twitter Accounts to Be Hacked?

Hackers can try to gain access to your account by impersonating you with your phone number, for example. Here are a few more frequent methods they can gain access:

Password security is inadequate.

Apps with security flaws installed

Spammers on Twitter utilise malicious programmes.

What Should I Do If My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked?

So, it's time to get to work. Here are some sites to assist you regain control of your Twitter account.

What to do if you think your Twitter account has been hacked

As part of a bitcoin-giveaway fraud, verified Twitter accounts were recently hijacked.

The situation is now being investigated, and activity on the impacted accounts has been halted.

Here's how to see if your Twitter account has been hacked, as well as what to do if it has.

It's upsetting to learn that your Twitter account has been hijacked. Hacked accounts can result in anything from the loss of account access to minor instances such as the posting of undesired tweets or the discovery of conversations in your direct messages that you never sent.

If you suspect you've been hacked or that someone else has access to your Twitter account, there are a few simple ways to check.

The social media behemoth advises keeping an eye out for the following red flags:

Unexpected Tweets from your handle

Unintentionally sent Direct Messages from your account

Other actions on your account that you didn't initiate or approve, such as following, unfollowing, or banning

You've received a notification from Twitter that your account may have been hacked.

Twitter sent you a notification that your account information has changed, and you didn't change it.

You've noticed that your password isn't functioning and you've been asked to reset it.

If any of the above red lights appear, Twitter advises that you take the following steps right away:

Make a new password.

Check your email address for security and, if possible, update your password there as well.

Third-party authorizations should be revoked.

Passwords for trustworthy third-party apps should be updated.

After you've updated your security settings, Twitter suggests deleting any unwanted tweets, performing a quick malware scan on your device, updating your security patches, and double-checking that your account has gone through all of the security steps.

How to Determine Whether or Not Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

Twitter is a social media site where many people, including celebrities, use "tweets" to communicate with one another. People can follow celebrities and friends and see what they're talking about by scrolling through their timeline. It's a terrific way to communicate with other app users while also keeping up with what's going on across the world.

I use Twitter to keep track of various cybersecurity professionals and to monitor what subjects are trending throughout the world. Because this is yet another famous social media platform, I believe it is critical to comprehend how your account can be hacked. As a result, this post will discuss the four most prevalent symptoms of compromise that could lead to a Twitter account being hacked.

Compromise Indicators on Twitter:

Tweets from your account that aren't expected

Twitter will send you an email if your account has been hacked.

Account behaviours if you lose access to your Twitter account (i.e. following, unfollowing, direct messages)

1. Tweets from Your Account That You Didn't Expect

This is the first and most evident sign that your Twitter account has been hacked. If you notice a tweet from your account that you didn't make, it's possible that your Twitter account has been hijacked. This could be due to your password's lack of complexity, making it easy for hackers to guess or bruteforce it.

Hackers gained access to "dozens of high-profile accounts, including those of Apple, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and former President Barack Obama" in July 2022, for example (cnbc). Take a look at the post sent from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' Twitter account by the hackers.

What can I do to avoid this?

The best strategy to prevent unexpected tweets on your account is to use a strong and complex password.

Numbers, symbols, the space bar, and lower and uppercase letters should all be used in the password. You should use a different password for your Twitter account than you do for other email or social media accounts.

This will lower the chances of your account getting hacked. is a popular service to check if your accounts have been hacked. You can check here to see if your credentials have been made public.

You'll receive an email from Twitter informing you that your account has been hacked.

You might get an email from Twitter informing you that they've spotted unusual activity on your account and believe it's been hacked. If this is the case, I recommend resetting your password right away and double-checking that you are the only one who has access to your Twitter account.

By changing your password as soon as possible, you are taking the essential safeguards and preventing any additional damage to your account.

You will be unable to access your Twitter account.

Have you ever opened the Twitter app on your phone and then found yourself signed out? The fact that the attacker was able to access your Twitter account is a red signal!! This most likely indicates that someone gained access to your account (through your email/username and password) and changed your password, as well as doing whatever else they wanted with it. You can try to reset your password, but if you don't get an email from Twitter with the reset link, it's possible that the hacker has altered the email address linked with your Twitter account.

What can I do to avoid this?

As an added precaution, you can use two-factor authentication to prevent your Twitter account from being lost again.

Account Routines (i.e. following, unfollowing, direct messages)

If you realise that you are suddenly following more or less individuals than you were the day before, that should be a major red signal. Especially if the accounts you've added to your following list aren't ones you've created yourself. It's possible that you've given third-party apps access to your profile and who you follow as a result of this. If you give these third-party apps access, they may be able to affect who you follow and who you unfollow.

What can I do to avoid this?

You should deactivate connections with these third-party programmes to prevent suspicious account behaviours from allowing unauthorised users and hackers to hack your Twitter account.

Twitter's most recent version

Make sure you're using the most recent version of Twitter; otherwise, your account could be jeopardised. If a weakness in the Twitter source code is discovered, attackers can quickly install a backdoor or malware. As a result, it's critical to keep your Twitter account up to date at all times.

Last Thoughts

These are the four most typical symptoms of a breach that will reveal whether or not your Twitter account has been hacked. These are just a few, but in my opinion, very evident signs of compromise. Of course, there are other signs as well, but these are the four that I believe you should focus on the most.

Hackers are constantly one step ahead of the game when it comes to developing new approaches in areas where prevention may not be possible at first. As a result, you should do all possible to keep your account safe.