How do I request a refund for purchases made on the iTunes or App Store?

How do I request a refund for purchases made on the iTunes or App Store?
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If you have issues with Apple music, books, or applications, or if you purchased something by mistake, you can request a refund from Apple. Some circumstances will be eligible for a refund, while others may not.

Apple decides whether or not your case is suitable for a refund based on your reasons, provided details, time of use, and other factors.

Because you'll need to demonstrate a valid reason for getting your money back, requesting a refund isn't a technique to gain free trials or short-term usage of a particular app.

However, there are times when you just need to know how to request a refund for purchases made on the iTunes or App Store. It's especially important for parents whose children have an adorable tendency of purchasing everything they see on the App Store without their permission. Those parental control options, on the other hand, are occasionally discovered too late.

You can request a refund from any device that has a browser. We'll walk you through the entire procedure in this article to make it easier for you.

When you report a problem, what happens next?

When you report an issue with an app, you'll be sent to a screen where you may provide a reason for your request and select one from a list of possibilities. It's done to figure out what's behind your query and whether it's productive enough to warrant a return.

Your response will influence the next steps: you may obtain a refund immediately away, or you may be transferred to Apple's official website, where you can speak with customer service.

The following are examples of reasons for receiving a refund:

There is a problem with this item.

The app could not be installed.

The app does not perform as planned.

How do I request a refund on my iPhone, iPad, or computer?

Using your laptop or iPhone/iPad, you can request a refund.

Here are some ideas for how to go about it.

From the website where you can report a problem:


Put your Apple ID and password in the boxes provided.

Next to the item, you want a refund for, click the "Report a Problem" button. Follow the prompts to select the cause for your inquiry and submit it.

When you report a problem, what happens next?

Starting with the receipt

Look through your mailbox for the receipt you received from Apple.

Each receipt email will include a list of the things you've purchased, as well as a "report a problem" button. Tap it, sign in using your Apple ID and password, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Please describe the issue you're having with a purchased item and submit your inquiry.

How do I receive a refund on a Mac or Windows computer using iTunes?

How do I receive a refund on a Mac or Windows computer using iTunes?

This strategy is not applicable to mobile devices.

Launch iTunes on your Mac or PC.

To get started, go to Account and enter your Apple ID and password.

Go to the Purchase History page.

Select "All" from the drop-down menu.

Next to the app for which you request a refund, click "More."

You can then report an issue using the same processes as with the other ways described above. Make a note of the reason for your refund and send it in.

How long does it take to get an Apple Store refund?

If your refund is accepted, Apple will credit your account using the same payment method you used to purchase the item.

Store credit is valid for up to 48 hours, and mobile phone billing is valid for up to 60 days.

How to Avoid Unwanted iTunes Purchases With SPY24, you can do just that.

It's sometimes quicker and less expensive to keep undesired purchases off your children's phones than it is to spend hours coming up with a justification for a refund or waiting for another Apple decision. The entire process could take up to 60 days in some circumstances. Imagine going through this every time your child made a large purchase from the Apple Store.

Many new solutions are available on the market for modern parents to control their children's purchases in a simple and cost-effective manner.

One such tool is a parental control app. SPY24 allows you access to your child's phone, allowing you to see exactly what purchases were made and who is still receiving your funds (via in-app purchases).

A full buying history is reflected on a comprehensive dashboard for parents. You can keep track of every new app your child installs.

The key characteristics of parental control

The key characteristics of parental control

SPY24 provides a basic set of controls over your child's online activities.

Keep track of your phone calls.

Keep an eye on SMS messages.

Track your SMS/MMS messages.

Take screenshots

Check out the website's history.

Keep track of your whereabouts with GPS.

Keep track of your app purchases.

For less than a dollar per day, you can track your child's expenditures in real-time, before those never-ending in-app purchases start draining your bank account.

How can I keep my child from making impulsive purchases in the Apple Store?

First and foremost, there is always a point in sitting and talking. Take your youngster for a walk or ask him or her to remain home with you in the evening so you can talk. But don't press them: they shouldn't have any idea what you're talking about.

Begin with something kind, such as telling them what you appreciate about their behavior. You're proud of what they've done recently. Then, after a little pause, tell them how much money they spend on games, apps, and music.

Next, issue a mild caution, telling them to "tone it down a notch." Let them know that you'll know exactly where each dime goes from now on.

Teaching children the value of money is not easy; yet, it is preferable to begin doing so from a young age because it helps youngsters develop patience and sharpen their planning skills, both of which will be useful in the future.


We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our clients in the hopes of saving you time during the process. They're here, along with our responses.

- What is the procedure for disputing an iTunes charge?

Apple will contact you within 30 days after you submit your report. A representative may contact you to obtain further information in order to validate your request. If Apple decides to issue a refund, the funds will arrive on your credit card within two weeks.

However, some situations are not eligible for a refund. Provide as many details as possible so that the representative can fully comprehend the topic and send along with pertinent information. This will increase your chances of a successful procedure by a factor of two.

- What happened to my Apple refund?

Check the progress of your refund on your account; if your balance does not update, it may take a little longer.

If you don't see any progress, you may always contact Apple Support to inquire about what happened to your refund.

- How can I get in touch with an Apple employee?

You can either use the bot or call Apple Technical Support directly at 1-800-275-2273 to speak with a live human.

- How do I get a refund from Apple iTunes over the phone?

The most efficient method is to submit your request on their official website.

If you're in the United States, call (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273).

- Where can I locate my app store purchase history?

To access iTunes & AppStore settings, go to Settings > iTunes & AppStore.

Tap “View Apple ID”

Scroll down to “Purchase History”