How Spy App Without Target Phone Works? What are the best ones?

How Spy App Without Target Phone Works? What are the best ones?
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Spying without installing software on a cell phone

In this article, I'm going to talk about how you can sometimes spy on someone's iPhone or Android phone from afar. I can also say a few things about how to protect yourself in these kinds of situations.

Hey, it is your best friend Frankie here.

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Every day, I get a lot of messages and questions about how scary it is that someone can spy on a phone without installing software.

Since you are here reading this, it looks like you also want to know more about these things.

The main question here is whether or not you can hack someone's phone and read their texts or see what else they are doing if all you have is their phone number.

Today, I'll give you answers to all of these questions.

We should start by talking about how to spy on cell phones, and then you can find out more about how to spy on an iPhone. Look at it! Or, if you want to know how to keep an eye on an Android phone, read on!

Some of the methods here are advanced and very technical, while others are more artisanal. However, this shouldn't make you think they're easy.

Strangely, it's often the simple, easy-to-use methods that play on our tendencies to get distracted and emotional weaknesses rather than making us think about security flaws in information systems that work the best.

So, the answer to this article's main question is YES.

Spying on a cell phone without installing software is possible, but not in a "magical" way. All of these choices depend on the victim's "unknown cooperation."

If you read on, you'll get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

I made this guide to help parents keep an eye on their kids' phones and keep them safe from any online dangers they might find. In the US and UK, it is not illegal to spy on your child's phone as long as they are a minor. If you think your partner is cheating on you, this tutorial could also be used to track your phone. Remember that if you use this in this way, this kind of spying is often seen as a crime.

How to Spy on a Phone Without Putting Software on the Phone You Want to Watch

So, let's get straight to the point of this guide.

I'm going to tell you the top five ways I know to spy on iPhones and Android phones without having to install the software first.

Some of these are free, and others are based on paid tracking systems that you can get elsewhere.

Best Cell Phone Spyware Without Target Phone

Before going into more depth, let me briefly describe them all:

Method 1: manipulating people. This is probably the best way to go, but it costs money (don't worry, it's not a lot.)
Method 2: Use your Google and iCloud accounts. This is free, but you need to know the user name and password of the person you want to hack.
Method 3: A link that isn't safe. This is called "phishing" in the tech world. It's free, but you need to know a lot about computers and technology to use it.
Method 4: A flaw in the software. This is also free and easy for anyone to do, but you need to have the victim's phone in your hands for a few minutes.
Method 5: Take a look at wireless networks. This is also free, but it is hard to put into place.
Method 6: Use a hidden camera. Yes, you can set up spy cameras in the style of James Bond. To do this, though, you'll need some time and hard work.
Now that you have a better idea of how these methods work, I'll start the guide.

Here we go.

Method 1: Manipulating people ( SPY24)

I would say that this is one of the most dangerously effective spying methods because people often don't realize how dangerous it is until it's too late.

Most of the information that can be found is kept on a smart device that we carry with us (usually a phone), which is attacked when we are careless.

The victim is tricked into giving out sensitive information.

Let me show you how this works.

An attacker or liar comes up with a reason to borrow your phone and uses those few seconds to steal information or read your messages.

I think you should take a few minutes to watch this video so you can learn more about social engineering and protect yourself.

Once an attacker gets into a victim's phone, they won't waste time reading messages just for fun. They want to connect to apps so they can check on the phone's activity from afar.

This could be done with spyware like SPY24, which works with all of the major operating systems for smartphones. It is one of the best spying apps, and people all over the world use it.

And there's no doubt that you should look into SPY24.

This software lets you connect to your victim's cell phone without having to install anything complicated. This method is different because SPY24 uses the iCloud or Google account more than the device itself to get information.

Because of this, it's almost impossible to find on a cell phone. The person being used can't tell that they are being used because they can't see any signs that this is happening.

When you use this software:

See which apps people are using.
Listen in on conversations and check call logs.
You can read messages from iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other chat apps.
You can look at messages and private information by reading what's on a keylogger.
This software is easy to install, and you don't need any technical skills to do it. Briefly:

You can buy a license for the software on the site (30 percent DISCOUNT)
If the target device is an Android, you can get to it. If you know the victim's iCloud login information, you don't have to physically access their iPhone (email and password.)
Install SPY24
Sign in to the dashboard you were given to start collecting information.
BIG NEWS: I'm saving you time by sending you a detailed guide I made with pictures and videos that shows how to install SPY24 on different devices.

You should believe me when I say that this is the most popular spying app in the world and that it makes it easy to keep an eye on things from a distance.

You can get a free trial of this service so you can see for yourself how well it works and what it can find.

Let's review: With social engineering, you can get into a victim's phone without arousing much suspicion and connect it to a spy app in a few seconds. You would only need to log in to your SPY24 dashboard to see what is going on with the target device in real-time.

Best Cell Phone Spyware Without Target Phone

Want to know if there's a way to stop this technique from being used on you?

There are no direct security measures you can take to stop social engineering.

If you give someone your smartphone for a short time, you have given them temporary access to the device and given them a chance to use apps. You would be surprised at how quickly spy apps and services can be put on your phone.

Pros & Cons

  • It lets you spy on someone from another device.
  • It can't be seen at all on the target device.
  • It's easy to connect, and the service offers help with installation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in multiple languages.
  • Remote application support team (assistance), where the team can install the app on an old phone for you.
  • Spy on all of the social media sites that people use the most.
  • It doesn't need to be rooted or broken out of jail.
  • With a demo, you can see for yourself how everything works.
  • Only works on cell phones and not on PCs or Macs.
  • Calls are not recorded.
  • costs a small amount
  • Needs a short amount of time with the victim's phone.

I don't think there are any better apps than SPY24 for spying on mobile phones. You can use Flexispy, Hoverwatch, or eyes as alternatives (click here to see the 7 best phone spy apps for 2022), but they don't provide the same level of support and help as SPY24.

Method 2: Getting in through iCloud and Google

The second way I want to show you takes advantage of features on iOS devices (like iPhones and iPads) and Android devices.

Don't waste any more time—what here you need to know.

Apple is a good place to start.

Accessing a person's iPhone through their AppleID is one of the best ways to spy on it without installing spyware or other programs.

To do this, you will need the login information for the phone you want to hack, the phone itself, and a few minutes with it. This is just long enough to let someone access iCloud and clear the two-factor authentication (2FA.)

Using this method, you can get access to the phone's full backup, which includes iMessage conversations, emails, shared photos, browser history, and GPS locations.

I can show you how to do everything in just a few minutes.

  • The first step is to get the iPhone's Apple ID (for iCloud) from the person you want to spy on.
  • Next, go to on your iPhone or other iOS device and sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID and password.
  • When you do this for the first time, you will need to enter a code. This is sent to your victim's phone through a push notification. Just type it in now, and you'll be good to go.
  • Now we can look at how to do the same thing on Android.

The built-in Device Manager feature on Android phones with a Google account is one of the free ways to spy on Android phones without installing any software. If your target stays connected to the internet, you can use this option to find out where they are.

Let's look right now at how to do this.

First, you'll need the login information for the Google account of the person you want to hack.
You will use your browser to go to when you get there, no matter how that happens.
Once you sign in with the credentials you've gathered, you'll be able to see exactly where your target device is, no matter where it is.
Pros & Cons

  1. doesn't cost you anything to do
  2. You don't need any IT skills to do it.
  3. You don't have all of the information you might need.
  4. You must know the target's iCloud or Google login information.
  5. You will need to be able to get to the device you want to control.
  6. You can see that both of these methods are easy to use, but they don't give you as much information as SPY24 does.

Method 3: Use a bad link (Phishing)

Many people might think that this method is similar to manipulating people. This depends on getting people to click on malicious links on their phones.

Through SMS and email, an attacker can get the target to click on a specially made link that gives them the information they need or install spy software.

Installing spy apps on your phone lets you keep an eye on it from afar. Alternatively, you can use phishing to create fake social networking pages and get sensitive information like login credentials.

Let me explain how this works in more depth.

First, you make an email address that looks like it came from Apple, Google, or a social networking site like Facebook or Instagram.

Write an email that is very similar to, if not the same as, the ones you normally get from these services to get the user to update their login information. Most of the time, this means changing the password.

When they click on the link that takes them to the page where they can change these credentials, they put in their information to access the account, and then you have it.


The information you put on this page will be saved, and you will be able to see it. Once you have these login details, you can get into a victim's iCloud or Google account and start spying on their phone without even installing software.

Note: Many websites have ready-made templates for phishing emails that can be used right away. You do need to know how to use PHP and HTML programming languages to put them on a website and make it work.

I made a video that goes over these steps and shows you how to put them into action.

This is probably one of the most common ways to spy on Facebook messages for free when you don't have the phone with you or to find out how to get into an Instagram account without a password.

But can I tell you the truth?

This method does work, but it takes a lot of skill to do it well. Android and Apple have both declared war on phishing websites and emails that are sent out every day as if that wasn't hard enough.

Let me show you what I mean. Email services like Gmail, iCloud, and others now have a way to find email addresses that might be used in phishing attempts. Many of these services also let you use two-factor authentication to stop software or sources you don't know from getting into your device.

Phishing can also be used to find apps that will install themselves without needing to ask for login information. Self-installing apps are not sold on the market. Instead, they are made by hackers who are paid to do so.

If you try to find these by searching on Google, you will get lost. You are wasting your time and probably letting bad software into your device.

Pros & Cons

Free (many hosting services allow you to recreate websites at no charge)
Needs time and advanced skills
Doesn't give you a dashboard that makes it easy to access the information you've gathered.
You can't spy on more than one service at the same time.

Since so few of us are experienced hackers, I wouldn't suggest that you try this method. One of the biggest dangers is that you'll waste a lot of your valuable time. Instead, I'd suggest using SPY24, which is easy to use and doesn't require any computer skills. It can be installed right on the phone you want to track, so you can keep an eye on your child's or spouse's smartphone from a distance.

Method 4: Weak spots in software

This choice is popular for several reasons:

  • It's simple to do.
  • It's true.
  • There is no cost.

One of the problems is that you won't be able to see everything that happens on the target phone. Instead, you'll only be able to see a few things.

Think about WhatsApp and how it works on the web. With this feature, the app can be duplicated on a smartphone, computer, or tablet. This lets them listen in on all conversations.

By scanning a QR code with the camera on your phone, WhatsApp Web works just like the official client for Windows or Mac.

After scanning this and clicking a box to keep access, you can always get back to this WhatsApp account by opening the computer client.

So, what does this mean for you?

Using the techniques in the social engineering section of this guide, if you can get your victim's phone for a few seconds, you can scan a QR code and connect to their WhatsApp account on your PC or tablet.

You can now listen to all of their conversations without having to install software on the device.

You should make sure not to read any messages before the victim does, or you might get caught. I made a tutorial for you if you want to learn more about WhatsApp web and how it works. You can look at a Full Guide to How to Use WhatsApp Web.

But not every service can be hacked in this way. But you can also use other social networks to steal passwords in the same way.

How does THAT work?

Both iPhones and Android phones store login information locally for popular social networks. All you have to do is take the victim's phone and take a few minutes to figure out the passwords.

Go to Settings > Password > Find what you're looking for and click on it

On an Android, go to the search icon and type "Password Manager." Then, choose "Google account," and look at what you need. FYI, you need to know the device's unlock code to get to the passwords.

Pros & Cons

  • Free
  • Very simple.
  • Doesn't leave a mark on the phone.
  • You need to have access to the phone.
  • Some social sites need two ways to log in.
  • You need the code to open it.

You don't have an easy way to keep track of information.

      This method has helped a lot of parents keep their kids safe from dangers that were not necessary. I do know that it might be hard to get the unlock code. In these kinds of situations, SPY24 is much better.

      Method 5: Taking a look at wireless networks

      I want to make it clear that sniffing a Wi-Fi network is not at all easy. It's a great system, though, if you can't get to the phone you want to hack. This is why it is used so much all over the world.

      Let's start by getting a better idea of what it is.

      Sniffing is the process of getting information from a Wi-Fi network.

      It seems like a high-level espionage trick you might see in a James Bond movie, but there are many tutorials online that can teach you the basics of how to crack Wi-Fi passwords.

      Now, you can use software programs to break into a wireless network even if you don't know much about technology. The Kali Linux Network Distribution program is a good example of this. Once you've found a way to break through the Wi-Fi, you can see the traffic going through these points.

      If the information going through these paths is encrypted, there isn't much chance that your information will be sniffed.

      But even good things have bad sides, and this sniffing method is no different.

      End-to-end encryption is a type of security that is now used by many messaging apps like WhatsApp and Instagram. To put it simply, messages sent between users are completely encrypted as they move from one smartphone to another. When a message gets to where it needs to go, it is turned back into text.

      What's the meaning?

      If you sniff a WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram message, all you will see is a bunch of letters and numbers that look more like hieroglyphics than a text message.

      You can also sniff out other kinds of information, like:

      • Passwords
      • Photos and videos were shared.
      • Mail
      • Notes
      • the rest

      Hackers love this method because it lets them sit at free public Wi-Fi ports and steal sensitive information like credit card numbers and passwords for social media accounts. To protect yourself from this kind of attack, I recommend that you don't pay for things online when you're connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

      Pros & Cons

      • No cost to use
      • You don't need the person's phone number.
      • You need to know about Linux OS.
      • End-to-end encryption makes it impossible to spy on social apps.
      • No dashboard to easily see the information that has been gathered
      • The Wi-Fi network is the only way to spy on a device.

      There are more bad things about this method than good ones. If you want to spy on your child's or spouse's phone, there are easier ways to do so. I'd suggest that you use social engineering.

      Method No. 6: Hidden cameras

      This may seem like a crazy way to do things, but it's for the best.

      You may have already figured out that it's not easy to spy on a cell phone without installing spyware. With spy cameras and other surveillance tools, you can find sensitive information like passwords or credit card numbers more easily if you want to.

      In these versions, all you need to do is make sure the victim is in the right place when they are typing important information into their phone.

      Spy cameras are easy to use, cheap, and small.

      It's also getting harder to notice them than it used to be.

      I have some suggestions for where you might want to put them:

      The headboard: Before going to sleep, most people spend at least 10 minutes on their phones at the head of their bed.
      Back seat of the victim's car. Make sure the picture shows the hands of the victim.
      Behind a work desk.
      Over the toilet box, inside an air freshener: the bathroom is the best place to talk to a lover in secret.
      Be careful: buy a spy camera that can see in the dark and has HD. Most of them are already set up like this, but you should check to be sure.

      Pros & Cons

      • Fast
      • Full recordings of the room where it's going to be put
      • Keep track of important phone calls
      • The keys on a smartphone keyboard are hard to read.
      • You cannot access social media conversations
      • Frankie-Caruso
      • Frankie's Take: none

      If you want to buy one of these by cams online, make sure that it won't be the victim who opens the package for you when it arrives at your door. This is not only uncomfortable, but you will also have to explain why you bought what you did. If you want to record compromising phone calls, this is the best way to go about it.

      How to keep someone from spying on my phone

      At this point, it's pretty safe to say that it's almost impossible to spy on a cell phone without installing special software on it.

      You can't steal data without using cameras to spy on the victim, sniffing the wireless network, or one of the other methods listed above.

      The best way to spy on a smartphone is to install spy apps on it after having a short amount of physical access to it. I talked about a few of these programs in the tutorial on how to hack Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and iPhones.

      With a clear explanation, I can give you some "tips" that are different from what I've already told you in other parts of the tutorial. These "tips" will help you avoid attacks by "spies" and find out if someone has put spy apps on your phone.

      Check the apps you've put on your phone.

      Spy apps usually hide in places other than the home screen and the system menus, but there are ways to find them.

      First, go to the Settings menu on your phone and look at the list of installed apps to see if any names seem odd.

      This would be an easy way to figure out which apps might be spy apps that you should delete.

      Here's how to see the full list of all the apps you have on your phone.

      Settings > App Menu. Click the (...) button in the upper right corner. Choose "Display System" from the list that comes up.

      Go to Settings > General > Storage and iCloud on Your Device. Press the button under Device Storage that says Manage Storage.

      Here, I would suggest that you first look at the apps that have advanced permissions and then at the apps that can control other things on the phone.

      Here are a few things to do:

      Go to Settings, then Security, then Device Administrators. If you've used the root to unlock your device, open the SuperSU/SuperUser app and look at the list of apps that have root permissions.

      Go to Settings > Profile and Device Manager to see if there are profiles for apps you don't have installed.

      Try opening your browser (like Safari on iOS or Chrome on Android) and typing in the localhost:8888 and localhost:4444 addresses, as well as *12345 on the phone numbering screen.

      Some spy apps use these special codes to let you into their control panels.

      Use a safe unlocking code.

      If you never give your phone to a stranger (which is very smart) and set it up with a secure unlock code, you can be pretty sure that no one will be able to put spy apps on it.

      Do the following to set up a safe unlock code:

      On an Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock > PIN and type the unlock code you want to use twice in a row.

      If your phone has a fingerprint sensor, you can set it up to unlock with your fingerprint by going to the Security menu and choosing the Fingerprint option.

      I don't think gestures are a good way to unlock your phone because they are easy to see if someone is watching you use your phone.

      On an iPhone, go to Settings > Touch ID and Code, choose the option for the lock code, and type the code you want to use twice in a row.

      If your phone has a Touch ID, you can use your fingerprint to open it by selecting "Add a Fingerprint."

      Hiding Apps

      If you give your phone to friends you know and trust, there is a chance that it will end up in the hands of someone you can't trust. Hide apps that you think are important or that have private information. Check out my tutorials on How to Hide Android Apps and How to Hide iPhone Apps to learn more about how to do this.

      Safely handle passwords

      No matter what you think about spying on your phone, it is important to learn how to keep your passwords safe so that they are less likely to be found by bad people.

      My tutorial on how to manage passwords has everything you need to know about this.

      Many people can't stop themselves from wondering how a Spy App without a Target Phone works. If you have doubts about your partner or spouse, or if you are a parent and notice that your kids have the withdrawal disorder that is common in teens and young adults, you should check what they do online. Even though it is possible to keep an eye on a phone these days, it may be hard to find a good Spy App without the Target Phone. Keep in mind that security may be the most important thing to think about when looking for the best government agent on the web. Getting to the target phone remotely with a Spy App without Target Phone for Android without the real phone is a way to have control over kids, employees, and other people so you can watch what they do and remember them. With the Spy App without Target Phone for Android, you can see all of the features of the real phone even if you don't have it. This includes SMS messages, mobile calls, GPS location, and social media activities on Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Instagram, and other sites and apps.

      This spying is done only to keep track of what the people being watched are doing. The way people use cell phones has changed how they live. In the new world we live in, their habits, relationships, activities, culture, and social habits are all changing. It's no longer a big deal to have a registration for your life. So, there is a need to spy on someone without them knowing. People have a responsibility to keep the public clean from these changing trends all over the world. Most people in modern families work, so working parents can't keep an eye on their kids. Since then, the Spy App without Target iPhone has become a must-have for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids. Most managers and corporate chiefs use the Spy App without Target Phone to keep an eye on their most important heads. This is because the corporate business world is full of fierce competition. After everything, do you think it's wrong to keep an eye on someone? Not in the least, if someone is trying to help the people they are watching, it is usually kids or high school students who are growing and curious about the world.

      Features of a Spy App that Doesn't Need the Target Phone

      There are a lot of spy apps available.
      The Spy App without Target Phone can break the start-to-finish encryption of most news apps by going around their encryption to see what's going on in these web-based media apps. There are some best-hidden Spy Apps for iPhone that don't require the target phone to access all of the phone's features. Some of the things you can do with the Spy App without Target Phone are:

      • Instant messages
      • Actual calls
      • Apps and sites for online media
      • Reports on GPS Location Messages
      • History of Call Logs Length of Calls
      • Directory of phones
      • Messages about changing a SIM card
      • Gallery of Photos

      Remember that these exercises can be done differently with a Spy App and a Target Phone.

      How Does the Spy App Work Without the Phone of the Target?

      There are two ways to get a Spy App set up without a Target Phone. The first way is to get to the target phone and download the hidden spy app without using the target phone. The next one introduces the Spy App without Target Phone by linking to sites that give access to the target phone without introducing the product. Some of the best professional co-ops will do this work for you. For these professional organizations to help you, you have to agree to their terms and conditions. From that point on, you have to give the details and information on the target phone. Then, using the connection pinging code, the specialist co-op connects you to the real phone. The main goal is to call the objective phone or send an instant message to it. When the person with the aim phone does something, a code is automatically made. It finishes the step of referring to a third party, giving you the necessary access to the valid phone. You can now walk up to the phone you want to call.
      Also, you can see what the other person is doing, including their calls, text messages, photos, posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, texts in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, and Viber, as well as their web browsing history, without them knowing. For some reason, these government agent apps can be used without the objective phone. The first piece of evidence you can use to catch the other person with the aim phone is call streaming, which lets you walk up to and listen to the calls of the person who is making decisions or accepting calls.

      Number 2 is "Call recording." This lets you listen to the conversations and record them so you can listen to them again later. There are both good and bad things about using this framework. By keeping an eagle's eye on the messes, you are trying to control how things will turn out. Compared to younger children, teenagers and young adults react differently. Most of the time, the younger kids will listen to you, while teens and young adults are more likely to avoid your way of controlling them, which is severity. Even though this can be helpful when a Corporate Chief keeps an eye on his high-flying heads and important employees, reining in the high-fliers in the corporate world has become perhaps the most important thing for the growth of corporate organizations.

      Will people know about Spy Apps?

      Spy app for Android that doesn't need the target phone
      You need to get the goal's phone; if possible, you need to keep an eye on Android phones correctly. The government operative app can be downloaded to the phone at that time. Then you would be able to put the app on the phones of your kids or staff. There are still several ways to download them from far away. You only need a few minutes to set up the government agent app on the targeted Android phone, and then you're done. Note that the program icon should be hidden on the target device so that they don't know that a covert operative application is being set up. When the Spy app is running on your Android target phone, you can log in to your online dashboard and see everything that is going on. Apps that let people talk to each other, like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, etc., include. The way to do it stays the same for all Android devices.

      Now, let's look at some of the best Spy Apps.

      Like the other apps on this list, it's a great option for your Android and iOS devices if you want to check your phone. Since putting the app on the market, Spyic has been featured on several major tech sites, such as Huffington Post and Life Wire, where it has gotten a lot of praise as a great Spy App Without Target Phone. It doesn't take more than 10 minutes to set up Spyic. You should record something for free. Your email address will be your username, and it will be used to check if you have signed up for a record.

      If you've read this far, you should be thinking, Shouldn't something be said about apps that let parents spy on their kids? Spyier will take care of you. It was planned with the average parent in mind. We know there are risks on the Internet. We can't keep the kids from going online, but we can keep an eye on what they do online. There are a lot of searches on the internet that ask the same question: "Would someone be able to watch my phone without calling it?" Let's not waste any more time. That is a chance, no doubt. With Spyier, you can without a doubt. If you have your devices synced across multiple devices, you just need to enter your iCloud credentials on the connected device and you're done. Spyier is in full working order.

      With Xnspy, you can monitor an Android device without putting the user's security at risk. But the same isn't true for the price, which doesn't match up with those of other competitors. Xnspy has a lot of features and parental control apps, but most of them are focused on controlling and setting time limits for kids' use of their devices and preventing them from going to dangerous sites.

      Spyera Spyra used to be a big deal in the world of spying on apps. It has a lot of features that let you get information from an Android phone in many different ways. Spyera lost its place because its estimates got huge, really huge. Spyera couldn't keep up with all of the new competitors and lost several times to them.

      Best Cell Phone Spyware Without Target Phone

      TheTruthSpy is a tool that has all the best features and is easy to use. This device is for most parents because it can be used to watch. With this tool, a parent can keep track of their children. This device for a government agent has a great GPS area capacity. On WhatsApp, you can look at your call logs, browsing history, web-based media activities, and text and media messages. Even someone who doesn't know much about technology can use this application without any trouble.


      Now, I'd say that we had a lot of fun writing this article. Now you can see that it's not hard to hack a smartphone without getting caught.

      We talked about five ways to do this:

      1. SPY24 is software that lets people monitor phones from afar.
      2. iCloud and Google Spying on Each Other
      3. The method of phishing to steal passwords
      4. The WhatsApp web bug lets you remotely read someone else's messages
      5. By sniffing a wireless network, you can get into someone else's phone.
      6. Hidden cameras

      There are also some ways to find out if someone has hacked into your smartphone and is spying on you.

      If you have any other questions or concerns, you can always take a few minutes and write to me in the comments section below. You can also follow my YouTube channel, Facebook page, or Pinterest profile to get a full picture of what you might want to know.

      LEGAL ADVISOR: This guide was only written to show examples. Spying on someone's phone can be a crime that can get you in trouble with the law. I'm not responsible if you use the information in this article in a bad way.


      Frankie Caruso

      PS: Did you know that you can use GPS to track a phone (iPhone or Android)? Look at it!

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