How to Block Adult Content on Android

How to Block Adult Content on Android
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Once upon a time, only older people had cell phones. And kids used to use the phone to play games and call their friends. But now that phones are more common, they are easier to get. Now, almost every teenager is holding a smartphone.

Even though it's not a bad thing for teens to have a smartphone, using it in the wrong way can be very bad. At this age, they might learn and see things they shouldn't be able to see or hear.

If you're thinking about the sexual content, you're right, there is some.

But it's not the only bad thing you can find on the internet. Exposing a child to religious and political hatred can also have a very bad effect on their mind.

The same thing happens when teens see or hear things about drugs, guns, etc.

Instead of taking their phones, it would be better to stop those things from showing up on them. And it's easy to do.

Follow these simple steps, and your child's Android device will be completely safe to use.

Stopping a child's Android from showing adult content

How to keep the Play Store safe

The Play Store has millions of apps, and it comes with all Android phones and tablets. Also, you can't use an Android phone or tablet without installing apps from the Play Store.

So the Play Store must always be in good shape and ready for kids to use. And the teen never sees any kind of explicit app while using the Play Store.

You just need to change a few Play Store settings and boom!! The kid can use the Play Store right away.

Follow these easy steps to change how the Play Store works.

1. On the child's Android phone, open the Play Store app and tap the hamburger icon in the top left corner.

Then, from the list, tap the Settings option.

3. Tap the Parental controls option, which can be found under the heading User controls.

4. Turn on the Parental controls are off option in the next step.

5. As soon as you press the button, a message will appear asking for a pin. Now, change the security pin so the child can't change the settings back. After that, tap OK.

Now you have to set the limits based on the child's age, and when you're done, tap Save. (Rated for 3+ is the most restrictive, and Rated for 18+ is the least.)

7. Set up parental control s for movies and music in the same way.

Now that all apps with adult or otherwise inappropriate content have been blocked, you can let your child use the phone without worrying about adult apps.

How to Stop Your Android Phone From Showing Adult Content

How to Keep the Google App Safe 

Using a smartphone is the same as using the internet. The reason is that whether or not the phone is connected to the internet completely changes how useful it is.

If the child uses the Google app to surf the web, it might not be a bad idea to make it safer for kids.

1. On the teen's device, open the Google app and tap the More button in the bottom right corner.

2. After that, tap the Settings button.

3. Tap the General option on the next page.

4. Now, just turn on the SafeSearch button by toggling it.

From now on, none of the bad-taste images, videos, or sites will show up. The bad thing about Google's SafeSearch is that it isn't always right. It only filters the content to a certain point.

How to Keep the Chrome App Safe

Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Keeping this in mind, it's clear that the Chrome app also needs to be protected. So, let's look at what to do.

1. Open the Chrome app on the device and use the search bar to look for

2. A page called "Search Settings" will now open in Chrome.

3. Under "Safe Search Filters," choose "Filter explicit results," and then tap "Save," which is the last option.

Now the child can use the internet, and you don't have to worry about what they see online.

Monitoring apps can block inappropriate websites

Now, let's talk about the best way for parents to block inappropriate content on Android phones and keep their kids safe on the internet.

Turning on browser security is a good idea, but it doesn't give accurate results.

So, to stop all the possible dangers that could come from Android phones, you need to use monitoring apps.

The monitoring apps stand out from the rest because, unlike the above tips, they don't need physical access to the device after they've been set up.

The apps and websites can be blocked or unblocked from afar while the child is out. These apps will also tell you what websites your child is visiting.

Spying apps Spy24 makes it easy to get all the information from the target phone. You won't have any trouble finding sexual content, whether it's downloaded from the internet or found on social media .

Every category that could be bad for the child's mental health can be blocked. If your child goes to a bad site, you can tell SPY24 its URL and it will block it right away.

YouTube also has a lot of material for adults on its server. SPY24 keeps track of all the videos your child opens and shows them to you.

It solves all of the problems and dangers that the teen's Android device brings.

Last Words

It's great that you care about your child and want to keep them safe from the dangers of cell phones and the internet.

But being worried won't help anything. You need to do something to keep your kids safe from all the adult material on the internet.

The tips and tricks given will keep your kids safe from sexual content, but the spying app will give you more control and make sure your kids are safe.

So, if you agree that kids' safety should always come first, all you have to do is get a good spying app for Android.

Use Mobile Tracking Software to keep an eye on any cell phone.

Remote Listening: This software can be completely controlled from a distance. If you want to stop using Target Mobile Spy for a few days and then start using it again, you can do that. Spy software can be turned off by sending a hidden text message to the target phone. Then, if you want to start, you can do the same thing you did before—just text the code.

Monitoring apps can block inappropriate websites

Handle the phone By SMS: All features can be turned on or off from a remote phone using a hidden SMS. We can find out everything about SMS messages sent by other phones. The software works with every kind of language.

Tracking: This software handles all tracking functions, such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, and SMS messages. Also, you want to listen to the sounds around you when your phone is off.

Call History: When you want to listen to a mobile conversation on a Target phone. You can call the target phone, and while your call is going on, you can listen to everything that is being said on the phone. This call history is always hidden on the Target phone, so you can't see it.

For software that works with GSM networks, GPS tracking . All kinds of GSM networks, like the idea, BSNL, Voda phone, and many more, are supported.

Call Interception is the ability to listen in on a phone call that is happening on the target device. You tell the spy software which phone numbers you want to keep track of, and when a call to or from one of those numbers is made or received on the target phone, the spy software will send a secret text message to monitor the phone. Now, if you call the target's cell phone, you'll be added to the call. You can always change your mobile monitor.

Location Tracking: You can see the cell number and where the cell is located. 

SIM Change Notification: When the SIM card on the target phone is changed, SPY Software will send an SMS to the number you set up to keep track of it.

This lets you know that the phone number of the target number has changed, and since you know its new number, you can still control it.

Shield: After the installation, hide all calls and software.

Mobile Call Feature: This must be included in the mobile call feature. Once you've installed the spy software, you'll need to turn this feature on so that it can help you track the phone you want to spy on.

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* SMS command to turn on or turn off text notifications from a distance

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* No recording of a set number

* completely hidden Software

How to Block Adult Websites Without an App on Android

On the Internet, you can find everything, from entertainment to adult material. Even if your kids aren't looking for them, they might end up on inappropriate adult websites if they use the internet for everyday things. So, they can learn about grown-up things at a young age. Since websites don't block sexual content or other things that are bad for kids anymore, it's up to you to make sure your child doesn't look at those sites on their phones.

If you don't want to use an app to block adult websites on Android, you can turn on safe mode in the Google Play Store, Chrome, and Google. But you can also block explicit content on your Android device using third-party apps. By doing this, you can make sure that your child's device doesn't show any inappropriate sexual content.

Let's look at how you can use the above method to stop your kids from going to pornographic or violent websites. How can you start controlling your child's device as a parent?

Let's get started.

How to Stop Android from Accessing Adult Websites?

Taking your kid's smartphone away is not a good way to raise them. It can make things even worse between you and your kids. Instead, you can do parental control over your kid's phone. This means you can block pornographic, violent, or other sites or content that isn't appropriate for your child.

In this section, I show you how to block adult content or websites on Android devices without using apps.

Method 1: Stop Google Play from working.

If your child uses Google Play Store to download apps all the time, they may come across some apps that are not for kids. Your child could end up downloading adult dating apps and other content that teaches them about sexuality without you knowing about it. So, set up Google Play so that it won't show your child any apps or content that are too mature when they use it.

Note: You can't stop your child from seeing content that is only for adults on Play Store. They can still look at them, but they can't save them to their computer. Also, Google Play doesn't have parental controls in all countries. If you go on vacation to a place where you can't keep an eye on your teen, he or she may be able to download adult content.

Now, to set up parental controls to stop Google Play Store from showing mature, explicit content, all you have to do is,

Start up the Google Play Store.

Tap the icon in the upper right corner that looks like you. You can tap on three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of some devices.

Tap on Settings now.

Next select Parental control. Tap the "Family" button and then tap "Parental Controls" on some devices.

Turn on the option for "Parental Controls" in the upper right corner.

Set a security pin after that so that your child can't change the settings.

Then, tap Ok.

Tap Apps & games now.

Set a limit based on your child's age, and then tap the Save button.

This way, your child won't be able to get to apps or content on Google Play Store that are for adults.

Method Two: Turn on Safe Browsing

Every Android device comes with Chrome as its default browser. It is quick, safe, and reliable at giving us relevant answers to the questions we ask.

When your teen looks for something on the Internet, he or she will use a Chrome browser, of course. So, if you turn on "safe mode" in Chrome, the search results will only show safe content. Your child won't see anything that's too old for them unless they use a VPN .

It will also keep your device safe from dangerous websites, downloads, and add-ons. It will help keep you safe from the internet as a whole.

To block adult images, videos, and sites on Android, you must first turn on safe browsing in Chrome.

Open Google Chrome.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.

After that, click Settings.

Tap Privacy and security now.

Then, click the "Safe Browsing" button.

Last, choose either Standard protection or Enhanced protection.

Now, when you browse with Google Chrome, explicit content will be blocked. If you don't want to be protected.

Method 3: Turn on Google's Safe Search

The next way to stop Android from accessing adult sites is to turn on safe search in the Google app. We all use Google to search for what we want. So, if your child searches for something sexual on Google, all the pornographic websites or content will come up in the search results. But if you turn on Google's "safe search" feature, it will filter out the mature websites and only show the appropriate ones.

Follow the steps below to turn on Safe search on the Google app and keep kids from seeing adult content they shouldn't see.

On your device, open the Google app.

Use the search bar to look for some things.

Now, tap the More option in the bottom right corner.

Tap Settings next.

Then, choose the "General" option.

The last step is to turn on the SafeSearch option.

Google will now stop images, websites, videos, and other things that aren't appropriate from showing up in the main search results.

Method 4: Turn on Explicit Filtering on Chrome

You can also block mature content or websites on Android by filtering out explicit content on the Chrome browser. First, follow the steps above to turn on Safe Search in Chrome. Then, allow filter explicit. If you can't block adult content, you have another way to keep yourself safe.

Note: The version of Chrome on your Android device must be up to date.

On your device, open Google Chrome.

In the search bar, type

Under the section called "SafeSearch Filters," choose "Hide explicit results."

Tap the Save button to finish making changes.

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How to Use Apps to Block Adult Websites That Aren't Appropriate on Android?

You can also use a third-party app to block inappropriate adult websites on an Android device if you want to protect your child from adult content in a second way.

I've put together a list of some of the best Android apps that can block inappropriate websites. Check them out and pick one for your device.


OpenDNS is one of the best apps to speed up browsing and block sites, images, and videos that are sexual. It can also block other sites that aren't appropriate or are illegal or unauthorized.

By default, your device has a DNS server that connects your domain name to the right website. So, choose OpenDNS and all adult websites will be blocked on your device.

Note: OpenDNS won't work on your device if you have a data saver turned on.

Open your OpenDNS app on your device.

Give OpenDNS all the permissions it needs to get into your device.

Now you can see all of your DNS options. So, to change your device's DNS, tap OpenDNS.

Easy to Read

CleanBrowsing blocks the DNS for websites that are for adults. The app is kind of like OpenDNS, and the way it works is the same. It is a safe way to look around the website without coming across anything inappropriate.

The CleanBrowsing app is not in the Google Play Store. So, go to CleanBrowsing's official website and download it there. You can get CleanBrowsing for your device for free or for a fee.

Get Clean Browsing here.


Blokada is an open-source app that helps you block the DNS or IP addresses of adult websites and other inappropriate sites on your Android device. It is a safe and reliable app that blocks ads, scams, and sexual sites by removing them from a list.

The best thing about Blokada is that you can add a site that you don't want your child to visit by hand. You only need to set up DNS to keep yourself and your child safe from sexual, scams, and unknown sites.


It's a good idea to watch what your child does or says on the internet. Maybe they are being led to do bad things or are stuck in bad habits. So, one way is to control your child's phone with parental controls. Because of this, you should use the above methods to block adult websites on Android without apps.

You care most about your kid's safety.