How to Block Disney Plus Shows: 3 Parenting Tips

How to Block Disney Plus Shows: 3 Parenting Tips
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The Best Ways to Block Shows on Disney Plus: 3 Strategies to Help Parents

Modern children are extremely technologically savvy and intelligent. Even preschoolers are familiar with the use of smartphones and tablets to access their favorite games and television shows.

If your children enjoy Disney or Pixar movies and television shows, you may be familiar with Disney+ (aka Disney Plus). It is a streaming video service that was introduced by The Walt Disney Company in November of this year.

Despite the fact that some parents were unaware of Disney+ until recently, the streaming service is expected to reach 116 million customers globally by the third quarter of 2021.

In contrast to Netflix and Hulu, it does not provide content that is rated M or R. This helps to explain its unexpectedly high level of appeal. That is one of the reasons why many parents regard Disney+ to be a safe environment for their children.

The parents must realize, however, that there is no such thing as a perfect streaming service, and it is time to consider installing Disney Plus parental controls on their children's gadgets.

How to Block Disney Plus Shows: 3 Parenting Tips

Disney+ has the potential to cause screen addiction in children.

Despite the fact that there is a lot to like about Disney+, it is far from being perfect. While viewing television, you may encounter a variety of problems, ranging from the common "freezing" of the screen to poorly constructed parental controls, among other things.

It is true that there will be no adult or highly violent content on Disney+ aimed specifically at youngsters. Even the most innocent of shows, such as the Disney Plus Android app, can cause screen addiction in children who abuse the app.

Disappointing behaviors, sleep and food issues, and trouble socializing in the real world are all possible consequences of screen addiction.

It's comforting to know that by implementing well-thought-out parental boundaries, you may prevent your youngster from becoming screen-dependent.

Using Disney Plus, modern parents may set parental controls in three different ways.

We can't argue that Disney Plus's parental restrictions are well-thought-out or comprehensive because they are neither. Despite this, the program provides a few safeguards that adults may find useful.

(1) Incorporating a PIN Code into a Disney Plus Kid's Profile.

A new parental control option has recently been introduced on Disney Plus. Parents can now add PIN codes to their children's Disney+ profiles in order to restrict their children's access to inappropriate information.

Using your child's mobile app, you can set up a PIN code as follows:

Open the Disney+ app and sign in with your Disney account.

Select the child's profile that you wish to make changes to.

Select the PIN code sector from the drop-down menu.

To enable the setting of a PIN, select it from the drop-down menu.

To lock the profile, enter the four-digit code that was provided.

2. Establishing Content Ratings for Specific Television Shows

The Walt Disney Corporation announced in February 2021 that they would be expanding their Parental Controls to include:

According to Disney+, "additional parental controls have been implemented, including the ability to impose restrictions on access to material for specific profiles based on content ratings and the ability to add a PIN to lock profiles with access to mature content," the company said.

Block shows on Disney Plus if you want to restrict access to specific content on the service. You can do this by setting the rating. When this option is enabled, videos that are not labeled as G or TV-7FV are automatically restricted from being seen.

Here's how to use Disney Plus's parental settings to restrict access to certain shows:

You can log into your Disney+ account.

Select your child's profile from the drop-down menu.

Select Content Rating from the drop-down menu.

Choose the appropriate rating for the content that you want to restrict.

Your tiny children will no longer be drawn into films aimed at teenagers.

3. Using SPY24 to activate Disney Parental Control features

You might consider using a parental control program that has a complete range of functions if you want to go above and beyond the basic parental restrictions for Disney+.

Another alternative is to use SPY24, which allows you to watch all of your child's online activities, including streaming and social media apps, browser history and history of connected Wi-Fi networks, as well as their keyboard strokes.

Installing SPY24 on your children's smartphones is as simple as following these steps:

Create a free account at by clicking here.

Make a decision on a subscription. To make a payment, fill out the billing information and click "Submit Payment."

The installation instructions will be sent to you through email.

Install SPY24 on the device that your child uses.

Start by logging into your SPY24 dashboard, giving the app a few minutes to collect the data, and then beginning to watch your child's internet behavior.

Please keep in mind that some SPY24 functions may necessitate the rooting or jailbreaking of the target cell phone. You may, however, install the software without having to root or jailbreak your device.

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As a result, you can create a Disney+ profile for your child. A PIN code can be assigned to their account, and content ratings for certain episodes can be set as well. However, it is insufficient in terms of safeguarding your children from something they should not be exposed to.

Nowadays, children and tweens are shockingly intelligent. They will be able to simply circumvent Disney Plus parental controls by switching to their parents' Disney Plus profiles.

Using an advanced monitoring tool to keep track of your children's Disney+ activity is the only way to ensure that they are completely protected.

Why SPY24 Is the Most Effective Option for Parents.

You should now be aware of how to keep your child safe on Disney+. You are also aware that basic parental controls may not be sufficient to prevent kids from accessing objectionable programming.

A parental control program, such as SPY24, can, on the other hand, address the safety concerns. You can keep track of what your children are watching on Disney+ and other applications with its assistance. When and where they connect to the Internet, who they chat with on the phone, and what digital assets they've shared are all available for you to discover.

You can also receive keyword alerts and record the screen of their phone from a distance.

If you don't know what you're doing, SPY24 is simple to install and far more difficult to delete. You only need to set it up once and then watch your child's activity until you decide to uninstall the app altogether. SPY24 operates in stealth mode, so youngsters (unless they are over the age of 18) are not required to be aware of its presence.