How to get back hacked Gmail?

How to get back hacked Gmail?
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Gmail is one of the oldest free services designed by Google and offers users up to 25 GB of free email space. Gmail has been hailed for its security and chatting to users on every email. But despite the high security, there are still people who can hack gmail using special software and access your account.

Gmail Recovery

If your gmail is hacked and someone else is abusing it, you can stop that person from accessing your hacked gmail by resetting your gmail password and changing your gmail account password. To increase the security of your Gmail account, be sure to enable two-step authentication for it. Also, adding a mobile phone number to your account is another reliable way to protect your account from being hacked. Mobile number registration has the advantage that if your account is hacked, they can reset your password because Google will ask you for authentication and a verification code will be sent to the account to enter the mobile number.

If for some reason you did not do the above methods and did not follow the security measures and for any reason your Gmail was hacked, in such a case, do not worry, keep your spirits up. The following method can give you control of your hacked account again, but this method works when the hackers have changed all the methods of recovering and resetting the password (mobile number or email). In general, hacking a Papan account is not a job and there are ways to recover these accounts.

1. Last password you used to sign in (absolutely required)

2. Last time you were able to log in to your account Exact date (day, month, year)

3. Date of account creation (month and year)

4. Correct answer to the security question set in order to reset the password

5. Have at least a few emails that you have the most correspondence with.

6. Name 4 on the label that you used in your Google account.

Like (Update, primary, ....)

7. Email or phone number that has already been set for password recovery.

8. Other devices such as tablets or mobile phones through which you have logged in to your Gmail account.

9. General information about changing the password.

Now if you have forgotten the exact date your account was created, you should at least answer the following questions accurately so that Google can be sure of your identity that this account belongs to you. .

The general process of these questions is the same, but the way they are written may be different depending on the type of Gmail account used and incoming and outgoing messages.

To do this, go to the Google login page and enter your username and password and click the sign in button and then click the Need help option.

How to get back hacked Gmail?

The next page that opens for you, select the I do not know my password option. Now a box will open at the bottom of the page where you have to enter the hacked Gmail address in that box and then click continue.

How to get back hacked Gmail?

In the next section you have to enter the given security phrase and in the next step you have to enter the last password you used.

How to get back hacked Gmail?

In this section, there are options for unhacked accounts, but since your account has been hacked and its information has changed completely, click on the verify you identity option at the bottom of the page.

How to get back hacked Gmail?

Answer this list of questions in this section. These are the basic questions that were set by the user when creating the account. The more you answer the right questions, the better your chances of getting your account back. If you have forgotten their answer, skip them.

How to get back hacked Gmail?

Important note

Note that you do not have to work hard to recover your hacked Gmail account or ask another hacker to hack your account again. For this purpose, it is enough to prove to Google that the account in question was in your possession before it was hacked, according to the questions that were asked to you.

In the end, if you answered the questions correctly, Google will recognize that you are the original owner of this account, and at the end, boxes will be displayed to set a new password for you, but if not, a message will be displayed based on Lack of authentication. Answer the given questions correctly as much as possible to solve the problem of your Gmail account and get it back.

So to prevent your Gmail account from being hacked, first enable two-step authentication and then increase your account security by adding a mobile phone number to your account. Because when you follow these steps, if someone wants to misuse your Gmail account, Google will make it harder for them to use this phone number. This phone number is not given to the abuser, it only loses the ability to access your account because a confirmation code will be sent to you to log in to your account, so as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

How to get back hacked Gmail?