How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free 2022

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free 2022
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SPY24 Social Security Magazine demonstrated how to get an Instagram verified badge in a matter of seconds. If you're curious, click to discover more!

In only a few seconds, you can earn an Instagram verified badge!

In a matter of seconds, you can get an Instagram verified badge: If you use Instagram frequently in your everyday life and spend a lot of time there, you've probably noticed the Instagram verified label on some pages. Many people nowadays work on Instagram and have a large number of followers. Celebrities, musicians, actors, and more are among the Instagram users. In this post from SPY24 Social Magazine, we'll show you how to earn an Instagram verified badge in a matter of seconds, as well as the uses and advantages of doing so.

Requirements for Instagram verification

You've probably seen the Instagram Verified Badge on popular pages and celebrities' profiles. This blue tick serves as a visual cue to distinguish genuine pages from forgeries. If you use this app, you've probably noticed that when you search for a specific person's user name, you get a lot of results with the same name. It's impossible to tell the difference between the real account and the bogus pages in this circumstance.

The Instagram Verified Badge was designed for this purpose, so you can tell if a page is genuine by looking at the blue tick on their page. People who are celebrities, have well-known companies, or have popular pages are more likely to get their Instagram accounts verified. First and foremost, anyone interested in receiving a verified badge must submit a request to Instagram, which will then be reviewed. If the application meets Instagram's requirements, the verified badge will be granted to their page for free!

In just a few seconds, you can earn an Instagram verified badge:

If you want to learn how to receive an Instagram verified badge in a matter of seconds, follow these instructions:

To begin, log in to the account for which you wish to receive the badge and navigate to the "Settings" area.

Select "Account" when the settings page appears.

Then click "Request Verification" on the following step.

Following that, a new page with a form appears, which you must fill out with the needed information and upload your ID card or passport in the designated part.

Finally, your request will be sent to Instagram by clicking the "send" button.

What is the purpose of the Instagram verified badge?

In the continuation of the article "How to get Instagram verified badge in just a few seconds," it should be noted that: One of the most common problems in cyberspace is the existence of people who try to defraud and abuse people; they engage in activities such as Instagram hacking or creating fake accounts. One of the most popular behaviors of fraudsters on Instagram is to create bogus pages, which confuse and abuse ordinary people. There have been so many incidents of scams perpetrated by fraudulent pages that Instagram has established a feature called Verified Badge to combat them.

In addition to preventing scams, getting an Instagram verified badge in a matter of seconds has other benefits. One of the advantages is an increase in followers; this is because Instagram places pages with verified badges at the top of the search results list, so users are more likely to follow these pages. Verified accounts are also introduced to others in the Instagram suggestions section so that they can follow them.

Instagram badge of approval

In a matter of seconds, you can get an Instagram verified badge: As previously stated, the Instagram verified logo was added to the app's multiple functions in order to minimize scams and abuse. We discovered how to receive an Instagram verified badge in just a few seconds in our SPY24 social series! In addition, we discussed the applications and benefits of the Instagram verified badge in this article.

In 2022, how do you get verified on Instagram?

In 2022, do you want to have your business verified on Instagram? Here's everything you need to know about how to verify your Instagram account.

The verified badge is an elusive social media status indicator that you can't buy, making it highly wanted and extremely valuable.

According to a February 2020 research, 73.4 percent of Instagram accounts with more than one million followers had a verification badge. 22.4 percent of the accounts in the next group (100,000 to one million followers) were verified. Only 0.87 percent of accounts with 1,000 to 5,000 followers were found to be verified.

One question you could have as a business on Instagram is, "How do I get my account verified?" For the mighty blue checkmark on your profile, most social media networks have some kind of "verification" process:

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free 2022

But why should you bother with verification? And how difficult is it? This tutorial will address those questions and explain the Instagram verification process so you can verify your account as well.

Why should you get Instagram verified?

The majority of larger Instagram accounts, according to data, are verified. You'll want to get verified as your Instagram profile grows to stand out from the crowd. Verified accounts are more trustworthy than unverified accounts, with an average interaction rate of 30% higher.

Other reasons to verify your identity include:

It eliminates impersonation. The main purpose of the verification badge is to ensure that account holders are who they claim to be. The blue check on your profile lets people know you're the real deal, not a fake.

It establishes trustworthiness. As a result of Instagram followers realizing you're a brand's official business account, you become more credible and trustworthy. The blue tick is also a status symbol, indicating that your account is worthy of being followed.

You have access to exclusive features. The Swipe Up function is one of the most wanted features for both companies and influencers. Sharing links on Instagram Stories might help you increase engagement and conversions on the platform. Normally, you'd need at least 10,000 followers to use this feature, but if you're verified, you can use it regardless of your following.

In search, verified accounts appear higher. Finally, if your account is verified and users look for content in your category on Instagram, you may rank higher in search results:

Other reasons to verify your identity include:

This means you're more likely to gain new followers and raise brand recognition directly from search results (in the Instagram app).

You're probably thinking that getting certified will be difficult with all of those amazing rewards. But is it? Let us investigate.

Is getting verified on Instagram difficult?

The good news is that becoming verified on Instagram is really simple (as demonstrated in the tutorial below). The bad news is that actually getting accepted might be challenging.

Instagram's verification process is well-known. Its rules specify that your account must match the following criteria:

Authentic. You must be a real person, a public personality, or a legally recognized business. To verify it, you'll need formal company paperwork and identification.

Unique. It is not possible to have multiple accounts for the same individual or company (unless they are language-specific accounts). Instagram also doesn't check for things like memes or fan accounts.

Complete. When you apply, your Instagram profile should be public, have a bio, a profile image, and be active at the very least. "Be active" isn't specified, but it might be interpreted to suggest that you routinely post, share, or comment on content.

Notable. This is the part that most people have trouble with. Your account name must represent a "well-known, highly searched for" person or brand to be notable. Instagram looks at accounts that have been mentioned in several news outlets, but not paid or promotional content.

These are in addition to the fundamental community guidelines and Instagram's terms of service. These criteria also mean that you don't need a set number of followers to be verified—you can seek verification as soon as you sign up and fill out your profile.

How to Obtain Instagram Verification

Instagram's verification process is straightforward. If you believe you meet the requirements, follow these steps to apply:

Go to your profile page in the Instagram app.

When you're on your profile page, pick Settings from the hamburger symbol (three lines) in the top-right corner.

You'll find the option to Request Verification near the bottom of your settings page.

You'll then need to fill in information about your company, such as:

How to Obtain Instagram Verification

Your entire name (or business name), which you'll need to prove with a photo ID like a driver's license or business documents like business registration papers or utility bills (for physical stores).

Notability is determined by the industry category and target audience you choose. You'll also need to list any brand names that you may be known by.

Supporting links to bolster your credibility. You can use this space to connect to other verified social media accounts, news or press releases about your brand, your website, or other (non-promotional) links you think are important.

Once you've completed the verification application details, click Submit and your request will be delivered. Instagram will let you know whether your application was successful or failed in your Activity feed after 30 days. If that's the case, you'll immediately receive the Instagram verification badge.

Tips for obtaining verification

Before you submit your application for the coveted blue badge, keep the following things in mind to help you increase your chances of having a verified Instagram account:

  • Do not purchase a badge.
  • Obtain genuine followers
  • Fill up your profile.
  • Observe the community's rules.
  • Obtain publicity
  • Do not purchase a badge.

Instagram will never allow users to buy, sell, or otherwise transfer their verified badge. Don't fall for the scam if you see an account like the one below that promotes the chance to get one for free or for a "little cost."

Use Instagram with caution. Do not engage in unethical practices such as purchasing badges, followers, likes, or comments. Otherwise, your account may be suspended.

Tips for obtaining verification

Obtain genuine followers

Don't spend money on Instagram followers. Concentrate on organically growing your account. When someone buys followers, their account will have a large number of followers but poor engagement. These "followers" are usually bots or dormant accounts who never interact with your brand. Because of the absence of involvement, your content will not appear on the explore pages or in the feeds of your audience.

Although the number of followers you have has no bearing on verification, having a large and active following can help. Here are some ideas for increasing your Instagram followers:

Using the appropriate hashtags to get your profile in front of the relevant people

Mixing Instagram Stories, Reels, and feed posts in your posts

Giving away prizes

promoting user-created content

Curating your grid of profiles

Creating information that can be shared

Instagram followers are more than a number; they are members of your community. Real followers will help you improve traffic to your site, increase sales, and create influence in your space even if you don't get verified.

Fill up your profile.

One thing that all verified accounts have in common is detailed profiles. Each of them has a succinct Instagram bio, a strong profile photo, an external link (to their website or a Linktree, which links to many sites), and well-designed Story Highlights.

Fill up your profile.

Sure, every account's Instagram profile has the same format. However, each Instagram bio—the brief description that appears beneath the username—is distinct. Users will judge whether or not to follow you on Instagram based on your bio, so make it count.

The bios of verified users have several purposes:

Important business information should be highlighted (brand name, category, company overview)

Provide a means for users to contact you.

Showcase the personality of the brand.

Create a distinct selling proposition.

A call-to-action will elicit a reaction.

A solid profile can help your brand make a positive first impression and persuade people to follow you.

Observe the community's rules.

You're most likely already following the community guidelines and selecting this box for verification if your brand is consistent and you only submit your own content—content that is safe for public viewing.

In order to be more specific, Instagram has provided a summary of the community guidelines:

We want Instagram to remain a genuine and secure space for creativity and expression. Assist us in building this community. Always observe the law and only post your own photographs and videos. Respect others on Instagram by not spamming them or posting inappropriate content.

Instagram may (and does) punish accounts who don't follow these fundamental principles, whether they're a worldwide corporation or a regular Joe.

Obtain publicity

Collaborate with a public relations firm or a journalist to assist you get your name out there. Some agencies also have access to Facebook's Media Partner Support facilities, which allow them to submit requests and have their accounts confirmed.

You'll need to do something newsworthy to gain attention. What is considered noteworthy varies by niche, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Participate in or organize a community event (for charity or otherwise)

Participate in a podcast or other kind of media as a guest.

Pledge to make a one-time or ongoing donation to a worthy cause.

Create a white paper or other original data that is relevant to your target audience and publish it.

Getting involved in activities outside of your company is a great way to raise awareness and get your name in front of the media. When the Instagram verification team searches these news channels to see if you're famous, they'll find you.

What should you do if you are not verified?

Even if you meet all of the above guidelines, there's still a potential that Instagram will reject your application. So, what happens after that? Take a look at the following suggestions:

Check the verification requirements twice.

It's worth double-checking the four primary characteristics we discussed earlier: authentic, distinctive, comprehensive, and significant, as easy as it sounds.

To establish authenticity, make sure you have the right business paperwork. Make careful to delete or remove any old accounts you may have created. Compare how complete your profile is to those who have already been confirmed.

Finally, conduct a Google search on your company's name. That could be the problem if you don't see any mentions of it outside of your own website.

Reapply once some time has passed.

It's not the end of the world if Instagram rejects your verification request. After 30 days, you can reapply. However, be patient—repeated applications within 30 days will result in the request being canceled.

Instead of hoping to get authorized in the next 30 days without making any adjustments, use that month to find out how to improve your chances utilizing the recommendations above.

Other ways to demonstrate sincerity

If you can't get a blue check certified, there are other ways to demonstrate your brand's credibility without it.

To help establish you're the true owner of your company, Instagram recommends linking your account to your official website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Creating video content of you or your team behind the scenes is another method to demonstrate your genuineness.

Showing how your business looks on a daily basis is a terrific approach to develop trust, and it also follows the multi-format content suggestions for growing followers.

If you can't be confirmed, don't worry.

Obtaining the verification badge on Instagram (or any other social media platform) is a significant achievement for your company. It demonstrates that your account is interesting to watch and interact with. All of the advantages, however, come with a catch: getting accepted might be difficult.

Getting the basics right is important, as is expanding your brand outside your small social circle. Following the suggestions in this article will assist you in meeting those standards.

Regardless of whether you're verified or not, you may still make money on Instagram by driving visitors to your ecommerce store, creating an Instagram shop, becoming a brand affiliate, and more.

FAQ on Instagram verification

Is it possible for an individual to become verified on Instagram?

Instagram can be verified by an individual or a small corporation. It must be the sole valid Instagram account representing you or your business, and it must reflect a real person or entity.

How many Instagram followers do I need to be verified?

Instagram does not provide an official verification number. According to one survey, even accounts with only 1,000 followers received verification badges. It was also discovered that the larger an account's following, the more probable it is to have a verification badge.

What does it cost to have your Instagram account verified?

The Instagram app offers a free verification application. There are companies that will verify you for a fee, but this is not recommended.

How can I get my Instagram account verified?

Log in to the Instagram account you'd like to confirm.

The hamburger icon should be tapped.

Go to Settings > Account > Verification Request.

Fill in your name and the requested information.

Send the form after completion and wait 30 days for a response.

I have 1000 Instagram followers. Can I get verified?

Keep in mind that you don't need a specific quantity of followers to earn a verification badge. If you match the conditions listed above, you can apply whether you have 100,000 or fewer than 10,000 followers.

Is it possible for a regular individual to become verified on Instagram?

With the exception of language-specific accounts, only one account per person or business may be confirmed. You must have a public account with a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Your account must be associated with a well-known, highly sought-after person, brand, or entity.