How to Hack Viber Without Target Phone

How to Hack Viber Without Target Phone
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If you use apps like Viber , WhatsApp, Telegram, and LINE, you're in luck. You'll notice that this software is updated in less than a week, which means that before a hacker realizes the weakness of such software, they can hack someone else's software; before the hackers realize the weakness, Viber supporters will fix the problem and close the hole, making it impenetrable to Viber hackers. This is why the Viber app will be updated in less than a week, and a new and more resistant to hackers version will replace the previous version, and the repeat of this procedure, as well as the improvement of Viber features, will be the reason for the app's early upgrades. In this essay, we'll show you how to hack Viber without a target number. Please stay with us...

Did you know that a Japanese firm called "Rakuten" paid $ 900 million for the Viber instant messaging and internet calling app?

If technology like Viber could be hacked, it would never reach such a high price. This indicates that the company's owners never paid a high price for this application.

If you're considering hacking into other people's Viber accounts with tools like Viber hack, Viber Hacker, or Spy Viber Hack Account, think again. You are completely incorrect, and you will not succeed.

How to Hack Viber

Note: Viber hack (any findings including such terms are worthless and without foundation):

Hacking software for Viber accounts is available for download.

Viber Hack Software for Windows is available for download.

Hacking software for Viber accounts

Viber hacking software is available for download.

App to hack Viber on Android

For Android, you may hack a Viber account.

How can you break into another Viber account?

Learn how to get into other people's Viber accounts with this Viber hacking guide.

How do you get into other people's Viber accounts?


There is a lot of software on the Internet that claims to be able to hack into other people's Viber accounts, but it's either unsuccessful or a surveillance tool. By installing malware on your computer or installing apps on your phone, you give hackers access to Viber, as well as your phone's image gallery, contacts, and email accounts. As a result, no tools should be installed.


There are numerous videos on YouTube purporting to educate others on how to hack Viber or operate with these applications and spyware, all of which are false.

Hacking Viber via hacking tools and online websites:

First and foremost, if you can purchase from foreign internet stores:

In connection with internet hacking or Viber accounts, a slew of websites has sprung up. They set up the demo panel before making a purchase, as well as for work and training. It's important to note that these are only online scams. Viber is the only app that can do this. Such services might be available through Viber will never offer its consumers such services.

Websites profit from visitor statistics in the following ways:

Many websites have provided information about this as well as a download link for the software. To download, for example, Spy Viber Hack Account Tool Free, you must click on this page numerous times, and in the end, you will notice that it will not be downloaded, and if you do, the file will be in a zip format. Then you unzip the software and discover that this file is contained within another zip or RAR file, with a text file containing the password for the file, which you must obtain by visiting another website owned by the same person.

As a result, you spend a couple of hours clicking on these sites and come up with nothing. This website, Google believes, is so thorough that consumers will spend hours reading and clicking on it. By doing so, you will only improve the rating of this site in Google, and they will appear first in Google's search results.

Interestingly, because you can't unzip the file, it provides instructions and software to help you crack the password for zip files and RAR files.

(In this case, the password unlocker WinZip and WinRAR are free to download, and each has its tale.)

Viber account hacking software includes a sample text file:

To prevent the file from being overused, it is password protected. For instructions on how to obtain a password, see the instructions below.


It is unrestricted. You'll spend a few minutes on this.

Visit this link to download:

Follow the steps below to obtain the password:

1 Paste the following link into your browser

2 Displays a pop-up window [to prevent spambots].

3 Select any mobile offering [credit is not an issue; see below].

4 You will be charged and given a password to unlock your phone if you complete all of the offers.

5 After you've unlocked the password, dial the number associated with the Offer and dial ldquo; STOPrdquo;

6 The credit will be restored and the offer will be canceled.

7 Have fun with this one!

Searching for the following words should be avoided:

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How to hack Viber and get into Viber calls and messages easily

You'll learn how to hack Viber in this article. You can keep track of all calls and messages sent and received through the Viber platform. This works on cell phones and tablets. I'll talk about why this is important, what you need, and the best programs you can use to get into someone's Viber account.

Find out how to easily hack Viber calls and messages. How does it work, what can you track, and what are the best ways to hack Viber right now?

The best part is that you don't need to know anything about technology to do this. If you've looked online for "Viber Hacks," you may have seen references to "Viber hacking tools." These are not real, though.

They say that these tools can be used to hack popular messaging and social media apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, but they are just a way to steal your money.

They keep you waiting until you fill out surveys, click on ads, or give them your email address.

This is how they make money, and the so-called tools are usually worthless or don't even exist. Avoid at all costs.

I'll show you real Viber hacks that work...

What is it?

Chances are, if you're an adult, you've never even heard of this one! It's hard to keep up with all the new chat and messenger programs that are coming out these days, but your kids will know about this one.

Viber is an app that you can download to your phone, tablet, PC, or iPad. It lets the user send text messages or make voice calls over the internet using the device's data plan or a Wi-Fi connection.

This could mean that the calls and texts are free because they are not using up the device's call tariff allowance.

Only devices with the Viber app will be able to use it, and the app is free to download. Kids love that they can talk and text with their friends for free. Other programs let you send messages like this, but Viber is one of the ones that is growing the fastest.

Why Would You Want to Hack Viber?

This site has a lot of information about how to use spy app s to get into a cell phone. You can monitor regular SMS text messages and at least keep a log of all calls made and received with any good spy program. These are pretty standard features of all programs. See my chart for a comparison of the best spy software and what it can do.

Because of how often people use programs like Viber, a lot of their calls and texts will stay secret. This is a problem because if the phone user is making calls and sending texts through Viber, most spy software won't pick them up, so you won't know what they are doing.

But now you have more ways to hack into Viber messages if you need to.

This is part of the Hacking Guides section of my website, where you can find a lot more information. Did you know that you can see people's Snapchats and Snapchat history, even if they have been deleted?

The better spy programs have been working hard to fix this "loophole," so you can now keep an eye on everything that happens with the Viber app. You need to know a few things before this will work.

How to Hack Viber on an iPhone or Android and What You Need

This is a very new kind of technology, and at the moment, only a few programs can hack Viber.

At the moment, you can only hack Viber on Android and IOS devices, like Android phones and tablets, and Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Another important thing to remember is that Android devices need to be "Rooted," and Apple devices need to be "Jailbroken." (If you don't know what these are, check out the Tech Guides section.)

Now, if you want to spy on Viber on these devices, you can, but you need the best spy program, right?

Viber Hacking Apps

Right now, I would only suggest

The best app is SPY24 , which has the best price and works well.

Mobistealth , a spy app for phones, is another good option.

With this version of the Flexispy spy app, you can even listen to and record Viber calls.

They all have to do the same things – Rooted Android and Jailbreak for iPhone, plus Viber spying and monitoring are only available if you pay extra for the advanced features.

What is being said?

The text of all Viber text messages sent and received.

Numbers, dates, and timestamps for both parties' texts and calls.

Call logs will show the phone numbers and the length of each call.

With Flexispy Extreme, you can now record real phone calls. Getting access to all of this information is just another step toward complete monitoring.

Which is the Best Viber Tracker?

I've tried it on both Flexispy Extreme and SPY24, and they both work well. As usual, FlexiSpy was the first to release this feature, so they might have the upper hand when it comes to fixing any problems that might arise at first.

I tested SPY24 and found that it worked well and was a good deal.

You probably won't make a decision based only on Viber monitoring. Instead, you should look at how valuable the program as a whole is and if it meets your needs. Before you jump in, check out my full reviews to see how they compare.

Check the prices and the features that you need. When it comes to monitoring Viber, there isn't much difference between these two programs; they both do a good job.

Now that you know how to hack someone's Viber, you might be interested in these other articles on this site:

Think you've been hacked on Viber?

A big part of this site is about online safety and how to find spyware on your phone and see if you are being watched. Here's where you can find my guide on how to tell if your Viber account has been hacked.

I only agree with the legal and moral use of spy apps, and I know how to find them if someone is using them to spy on you illegally.

Check out my main guide, "How to Tell if Your Phone Is Hacked." One of the best ways for someone to get into all of your accounts and profiles is to hack your phone. as well as Viber.

Use this main guide along with my guides for Android and iPhone. You'll find everything you need here.

Then you can start learning how to get rid of a hacker and how to get rid of hackers from your phone.

4 Easy Viber Spy Tutorials That Don't Need Rooting or Jailbreaking

You might want to spy on Viber for more than one reason. Your employee might be using a work computer for personal reasons, or you might be worried that your child is being bullied online. No matter what, it's important to keep an eye on Viber without them knowing.

There are several ways to spy on Viber on either an Android or an iOS device. If you want to keep reading someone else's Viber messages, you can do so in several safe ways. In this piece, we'll talk about how to:

How Can I Spy on Someone's Viber Without Them Knowing?

How to Restore Messages from a Viber Backup: Using Viber's built-in restore feature to move a backup to a new device.

You can read their Viber messages from your computer by using Viber Web: You can check your messages online by logging into Viber Web on a PC or Mac.

Use Free Viber Spy Websites: People have often used "Hack tools" to try to spy on Viber. These are bad and will hurt you by installing malware and ransomware on the target phone.

Use Viber Spy Apps to Viber spy apps let users see call logs , date and time stamps, and other information about the app.

You can spy on someone's Viber by restoring from a Viber backup.

The Viber backup and restore feature is one of the safest ways to spy on Viber activities without installing anything on the target phone. If your child, spouse, or worker has a backup of their text messages on an Android phone, you can easily restore it.

This is because Viber lets them back up their Viber activity by linking their Google Drive or iCloud accounts to their devices. The good news is that it just means you can easily restore this backup to another Android or iOS device. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to restore a backup of your Viber account and read other people's Viber messages.

Step 1: Install Viber on the new phone and link it to the Google account of your child, spouse, or employee.

Step 2: When you set up your Viber account on the new target device, you'll be given the option to restore a backup you've already made. Note: If you don't see the option, go to Settings > Viber Backup and tap "Restore."

Step 3: Check the details of the backup file and tap "Restore" to get back to the saved Viber messages. Note: If you turn on Viber on the new phone, it will turn off on the target device! This means that a tech-savvy person may know something is wrong.

If there are no backup files on the device you want to use, do as follows:

If there is no backup file on the device you want to use, you will have to create one. This is not hard at all.

Open Viber on the target device>

Choose the screen with more options, then click "Settings."

Tap "Account," then tap "Viber Backup," and then tap "Back up."

You can read their Viber messages from your computer by using Viber Web.

Because the target device is turned off, the backup and restore method might not be for everyone. You don't have to worry because you can spy on their Viber calls and messages with Viber web for PC or Mac. With Viber Web, users can sync easily between devices and read the target's instant messages. This won't turn off the target phone like backup and restore do. You will also be able to:

View all of your Viber calls and messages.

Join in on group text messages.

Make sticker labels

See all of your contacts, pictures, and videos.

This means you will have a lot of control as a parent. But if you start a Viber chat, the child, spouse, or worker will know that they are being watched.

How to Hack Viber Without Target Phone

Here are the steps you need to take to read their Viber messages from your computer:


The most recent version of Viber on the phone you want to hack

Strong internet connections on both your computer and the phone you want to track.

Access to an Android or iOS device in person

Step 1: Get the desktop version of Viber for Windows or Mac

Step 2: At the bottom of the screen, click on the file you just downloaded.

Step 3: On a PC, click "Install" and then, when Viber opens, follow the on-screen instructions. When asked, click Yes to confirm that you're getting the file from a reliable source and finish the installation.

Step 4: On a Mac, drag the icon for Viber into the folder called "Applications." After the link, double-click on Viber. When asked, click Yes to confirm that you're getting the file from a reliable source and finish the installation.

Step 5: Sync Viber on the target phone with your computer by opening Viber on the phone, tapping on More, tapping on the QR icon, and scanning it on your computer.

Step 6: Choose "Approve" or "Yes" when prompted. The last step is to tap Sync to start sending data to your computer.

Free Viber Spy Websites Let You Read Other People's Messages

"Viber hacks" have broken the hearts of many people who use the Viber spy app. Many of these hacking tools for spying on Viber messages claim to be able to spy on the app from afar, but they are all big cons!!! They steal a lot from internet users who don't know what's going on. You can't just hack into Android phones from afar. Also, Viber is very safe, just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Users know that what they say is safe because of this. The only time this isn't true is when you use a spy app like SPY24 to watch what people do on Viber. SPY24 will give you a lot of information about your child's or spouse's Viber without putting your security at risk.

Websites like the Viber Hack tool and the Viber Hack Spy, which let you enter the target's phone number and promise to hack their Viber, require a survey or a software download. Attention!!! These websites are bad and will try to steal money from you.

How to Spy on Viber with SPY24

If you want to keep track of what your child does on Viber without them knowing, you should use a spy app like SPY24. You can protect them from dangerous or unwanted interactions with its advanced features, which you can use from the comfort of your computer screen. SPY24 lets people read other people's Viber messages and find bullies and predators who try to trick kids, spouses, or employees into dangerous situations.

With SPY24, you can:

Keep track of all Viber messages sent and received, even those that have been deleted.

See your Viber call logs and what you've done.

Stop or limit things you don't want

Watch how people talk in groups

Find out what has been kept track of

View their other messaging accounts, like WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

Access social media—snoop on their Facebook account

From a Control Panel, you can easily and remotely keep track of devices

As you can see, SPY24 users have access to a lot more tools and features for Viber spy. You only need to install SPY24 on an Android or iOS device that has been rooted or jailbroken. Then, you can start monitoring from the SPY24 dashboard in three easy steps.


With advanced and cool features like location tracking, Viber spying can be done from anywhere in the world.

There are many other ways to keep an eye on something.

There is no security risk, unlike hacking tools.

Access even information that has been deleted.

Rooting or jailbreaking is required. A Premium package is needed.

How do I get free access to my Viber messages on another phone?

People say that cheap is expensive, and they're right! When I tried to get a Windows activator, I once had to deal with a ransomware attack. Not surprisingly, this didn't end well. This is usually what happens when people like you and me try to spy on Viber without a paid subscription to a spying app.

There is software that lets you see what's going on in an app without a subscription, but we only recommend using the Backup and Restore method or using Viber for the web to keep an eye on chats. The best way to do it, though, is to use apps like SPY24. Even if you have to pay for it, root your phone, or jailbreak it, once it's set up, it's easy to spy on Viber.

Thanks for stopping by!


Before the prominent social network Telegram was founded, Viber Messenger was one of the most popular chats and messenger services. The Viber messenger was rapidly forgotten as the Telegram social network became popular, and many of its users left. However, it should be noted that some users continue to use and install this program on their devices. If you use this software, you should know that hacking and access to the information contained in this app, as well as other apps, is extremely rare. We discussed the reasons for hackers releasing Viber hacking software in this article. We hope you found this article to be informative.

At some point in life, everyone will have to deal with scammers, partners who cheat, children who don't know enough, or employees who can't be trusted. Chat apps that let people sign up for free accounts will also still be around. If you care about your family and yourself, you need to keep an eye on what people do online with apps like Viber.

The Backup and Restore method and Viber for the web are the best ways to spy on someone without installing Viber spy apps. But because of how they work, it's easy to find out about them. This is why we recommend a spying app like SPY24. Once you buy and install it on a cell phone, you can use the control panel to easily and remotely monitor and control a Viber account.