How to hack Whatsapp Messages Spy Tool For Android IOS PC

How to hack Whatsapp Messages Spy Tool For Android IOS PC
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What is WhatsApp? Here is the explanation for those who are still inconversant: WhatsApp is an application accessible for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, or Nokia. It allows arranging message conversations between all those phones without paying the cost of SMS. It is possible to use Spy WhatsApp Messenger for free because the application is connected to the same Internet plan that is used by you. You can communicate with your friends or relatives without any limits. All the users or WhatApp Messenger can make different groups and share with each other an unlimited number of video, audio messages, or images.

But sometimes it becomes necessary to hack WhatsApp messages . Probably you are the parent of a teenager worrying about your kid’s problems or jealous lover – the reasons could be different. But if you really want to hack WhatsApp messages of another person – it is possible and here is the complete guide.

Below you can find some methods that will be helpful for you if you need to have a look at someone’s WhatsApp messages.

 How to hack Whatsapp Messages


To use monitoring software is probably the best way to read someone’s WhatsApp messages. There are a lot of online companies selling different tracking software for WhatsApp messages. It is clear that some of them aren’t substandard. However, it is still possible to find excellent and genuine programs that will help you to hack those WhatsApp messages. One of the best software, in my opinion, is SPY24 – it is definitely worth considering and it is very popular thanks to high quality and easy usage.

Using SPY24 gives you the ability to read all the WhatsApp messages that were sent or received through a certain phone. How to hack WhatsApp messages with the help of SPY24? It is easy as you will be able:

To view all the chats and messages sent/received in WhatsApp Spy

To see all the numbers and names of those people the target person had conversations with

To find out the exact dates and time when this or that conversation had happened

To obtain admittance to all the images, audio, or video files that were sent or saved to this certain phone you are interested in.

To upload all those WhatsApp chats and messages to the online dashboard of your SPY24 in order to read them at any other moment in the future using an Internet connection.

SPY24 software is really the best way to hack WhatsApp messages as it has a lot of profitable features. Its method of procedure is the following: all the activities that took place in the target phone are tracked and shown to you. It includes GPS location , images, SMS, Skype, videos, web history, WhatsApp, and even more. Using SPY24 software you can:

Monitor GPS location

Track call logs and recordings

Restrict the incoming calls

Get access to all SMS and emails

Use the program’s control panel and monitor the calendar

Track using of Internet

Trap the messages sent via Viber , Skype, WhatsApp

In addition, you will stay undetectable which is very important for your snooping activity.


In case if you don’t want to deal with any monitoring software, you can get access to WhatsApp messages of another phone spoofing its MAC address from your own phone. However, keep in mind – you are to have certain technical skills in order to succeed.

Being a user of WhatsApp, you should remember that the application has a small vulnerability – it allows using the same account on two phones in case both of them use the same MAC address. Therefore, the first you are to do is to find access to the phone you are interested in and to write down its MAC address. After that, you are to spoof that MAC on your own device. In order to find the MAC address of the target phone, you can do the following:

Android: go to “settings” – find “About phone” – find “Status” – note “Wi-Fi MAC address”

iPhone: go to “settings” – find “General” – About – Wi-Fi address

Windows phone: go to “settings” – find “About” – find “More Info” – MAC address

BlackBerry: go to “options” – find “Device” – find “Device and Status info” – WLAN MAC


This method is even more difficult as in order to trap the WhatsApp notifications, you are to create an application that will give you the possibility to catch incoming messages of WhatsApp.


You are to have plenty of technical skills and knowledge in order to realize this plan. Use Root Explorer in order to find the WhatsApp app database. You are to find a database named msgstore.db. Here is the path: /data/data/com.whatsapp/databases.

If all the steps are done correctly and successfully, you will have the exact copy of the WhatsApp account of the target phone on your own device. But of course, it is clear that the easiest way is to use SPY24 software as using it is simple though very profitable.

Spy WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is one of the most liked applications presently which was basically meant for socializing and exchanging important messages. Having this in mind, it might be shocking to realize that your kids or employees may not be using this app as intended. Children might be getting the wrong ideas from an unwanted company, or employees exchanging important and exclusive business information that may put your company in jeopardy. All you need is to take control of the situation by looking at all their activities on WhatsApp using a highly thought-out and affordable Whatsapp spying tool.


Our Whatsapp spying application will highly assist in monitoring WhatsApp conversations on your kid's or workers' phones. Let’s get a description of what you really need and we won’t hesitate to provide a highly sophisticated yet simple spying app to carry out your wishes making your family and company safe. The software will give you the ability to:

Spy WhatsApp

Have the controlling power over all conversations carried out on WhatsApp and realize every bit of data including the day and time of an occurrence

Monitor and spy on every contact exchange on the targeted WhatsApp account

Gain access to WhatsApp past recordings, accurately stating the day and time

Check out all the files exchanged on the WhatsApp platform

See the information needed about spy Whatsapp on your PC without the internet connection by hitting on download and the report will be in your hands in form of a spreadsheet.

WhatsApp Spy App Free

SPY24 allows you to monitor some of the most popular communication apps, like WhatsApp.

Track all WhatsApp chats.

Access the information directly from your Control Panel.

WhatsApp Hack Spy On Your WhatsApp Contacts! 100% Success Rate

Welcome to the official site of WhatsApp Hack Spy - The ultimate hacking tool used for spying on your desired contact who's using WhatsApp messenger to speak with friends, partners, and family with mobile devices (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Nokia). Our tool is not just made for spying purposes, but there are also options to type and send messages from your desired target's WhatsApp account to someone of their contacts. You can also update their status message and many more! Choose any phone number you want, from any country in the world and hack any desired WhatsApp account in just a few minutes!

How does it work?

WhatsApp developers don't have any security or encryption set gone sending and receiving messages, they are traveling in plain text and because of WhatsApp sniffer can snip the conversation easily. WhatsApp Sniffer is a tool that roots terminals to the right of entry WhatsApp conversation of any network operator. It captures the conversation, pictures, videos, and coordinates that are sent or traditional by any smartphone vis--vis speaking the same network.

This sniffer is designed to cas that the security of the WhatsApp network and communications is null. WhatsApp Sniffer uses the TCPDump tool which reads all the network packets and filters completely those which are on the destination WhatsApp server. All messages are in seek text, hence it does not decrypt any statement, thoroughly definite terms of WhatsApp ("While we obtain not disallow the use of WhatsApp sniffers such as ethereal, TCPDump or Httwatch in general.")

For whom this app is intended:

The WhatsApp Hack Spy is made for those people who want to keep their things under control or for the ones who want to protect someone from outside danger. For example, a parent wants to know what their child is doing when he/she gets out, with who is he/she hanging out, talks to, etc. Nowadays there is a lot of online crime spread all over the social networks, WhatsApp and other messengers, emails, and other platforms. So this is a big reason why there is more suspect between people. Our application will also help people who are in a relationship so wants to know who their partner is talking to, are cheating each other, and many more reasons! If you suspect in anyone, here is your chance! Download WhatsApp Hack Spy and discover your partner's hidden secrets, Investigate their messages and see the stuff that you were always wanted to know!

Video Tutorial Showing How This Tool Works:

WhatsApp Hack 3.0 Features:

< Read Chat Logs

< View all their pictures

< Send out mass amounts of messages

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About WhatsApp Hack:

Our tool is made by a group of SPY24 developers who are working on many technologies and online security projects all over the internet. Mostly in white hat manners, but the WhatsApp hack tool was our big challenge to produce. It took us months to find an exploit in WhatsApp's security database system, and after many exhausting testings, coding, and bug fixing we finally succeeded. The biggest credit goes to our team member Feyenor who managed to find the main exploit in WhatsApp's database code, where all these ideas to made a working spying application started.

To prevent privacy, you are required to fill out a simple survey to prove that you are a human and not like spam/bot private.

Downloading Instructions:

1. Click on the download button below. A window with the different surveys will pop up.

2. Choose one survey that requires you to submit your email or choose the offer which requires you to confirm your mobile number.

3. Completing an offer may hardly take 1-2 minutes of your time.

4. After following any of the above-mentioned steps to complete the offer, your download file is unlocked.