How to hack YouTube account?

How to hack YouTube account?
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After Google and Facebook, this is YouTube, which is the third most visited site in the world!

Millions of people write plugins and scripts every day to make changes to give new features to YouTube and Chrome users.

In this post (source) we mention ten plugins for Chrome browser that can hack YouTube to provide you with interesting features.

Once a YouTuber inadvertently downloads the malicious software, it grabs specific cookies from their browser. These “session cookies” confirm that the user has successfully logged into their account. A hacker can upload those stolen cookies to a malicious server, letting them pose as the already authenticated victim. Session cookies are especially valuable to attackers because they eliminate the need to go through any part of the login process. Who needs credentials to sneak into the Death Star detention center when you can just borrow a stormtrooper’s armor?

Anything you do on Google these days, you can find at least one video about it on YouTube. There are many types of videos on YouTube that have a large audience. YouTube was originally a video sharing website where ordinary users shared their videos with others. But with the arrival of the big TV companies, YouTube has become much more serious than before and has emerged as a competitor to traditional TV.

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From a business perspective, the benefits of video marketing cannot be simply overlooked, as any business - retail or large scale - has provided evidence of growth and success over the years through video marketing, especially YouTube marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

Video marketing provides a unique and engaging platform for marketers to reach their audience. It is a versatile trend as well as a unique new generation medium for business development.

The average time spent watching Indian movies on the Internet has increased from two minutes a day in 1967 to 2019 minutes a day.

Internet video traffic will account for approximately 80% of total consumer Internet traffic from 2019.

In fact, one-third of all online activity is spent watching movies.

If you do not think why you should pay attention to YouTube Marketing for your business, when the Internet alone is global and countless websites offer similar opportunities, it will be very useful to know that with 300 hours of YouTube video loading - The famous video site, a site with the symbol of the big red rectangle, every minute on its hand, has maintained its reputation as the second most popular website in the world for many years, only after its owner - Google.

This website proudly welcomes 30 million daily visitors! This is actually a useful platform for marketing enthusiasts.

Since it is widely accepted that businesses that consider video marketing as part of their in-house marketing strategy have shown admirable improvement in terms of value and business, it follows that one must find a way Knowing YouTube video ads correctly and intelligently, the expected results are in his favor.

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You also need to know how to view it on YouTube. Knowing some free ways to hack YouTube comments at any time of profit will be beneficial for a businessman. Displaying YouTube views can be done in a completely ethical and efficient way.

Hacking a YouTube account means that users who are members of the 4chan forum by manipulating the YouTube commenting system divert users who wanted to see different pages and other pages appeared on the site. (They did this against a reader named Justin whose pages were on YouTube.) In fact, the security mechanism used on web pages is bypassed, allowing the attacker to access the victim user's sensitive information with full access. Slowly This is done by injecting malicious code. Other users used this method and dragged users who wanted to watch the videos to skewed pages. For more than 2 hours, the YouTube commenting system was disconnected and the experts defaulted it and reset it.

But the attack was via XSS. It is a hole in the web page that other users can see by injecting a script. An attacker gains control of access to a specific page. The first report of this type of cavity was reported in the 1990s. Eighty percent of the attacks recorded by Symantec security company in 2007 were of this type.

The tag is placed in the form of a script at the beginning of the comment by the hacker and the malicious contents are printed and whoever clicks on it inadvertently responds to the hacker's favorite command or command, such as a deflected page or an unnecessary pop-up. The hacker interest opened on his page.