How To Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Messages

How To Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Messages
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Instagram is undoubtedly the most used social media platform today. Be it an elder or a teenager; almost everyone has an Instagram account. And it’s essential to cope up with the world. It’s not just a necessity, but there are many things that one can learn using Instagram and no doubt it’s the greatest place for entertainment too. But everything is not as wonderful as it sounds.

Be it Instagram or any other social media platform; all are filled with people with whom your kids should never come in come in contact with. These people might convince your child for something that can be harmful to you as well as your kids, like asking for the account details, photos of the bank details of the parents, or any other personal information. And these people are really trained in baiting the kids for doing so.

For this reason, it becomes the duty of the parents to always keep an eye on the activities going on in the kid’s Instagram account. And it can not be made possible without a spying app. You cannot be physically present all the time to take care of your child. But the spying apps are capable enough always to keep you updated about the Instagram activities on your kid’s phone, even the direct messages that they get.

Monitor Child’s Instagram Direct Messages Using SpyHuman

So let’s begin the article with SpyHuman, software which provides easy monitoring over the Instagram messages.

Why Should You Use This Method?

SpyHuman gives you a 7 day free trial of its premium pack. So if you’re one of those people who don’t purchase without trying out the things, then SpyHuman is surely made for you.

Secondly, if you’re out of money at the time and you’re in need to get a spying app, SpyHuman can be a great choice. You can use the app free for 7 days and purchase it when you’re economically stable.

How To Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Messages

How To Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Messages And Activity

Why Should You Not Use This Method?

Although SpyHuman provides 7 days free trial and it’s really inexpensive as compared to other spying apps, there aren’t enough features in the app. With SpyHuman, you can only monitor the messages received on Instagram. It is not possible to monitor the messages sent and other Instagram activities. If you want this and more advanced tracking, then skip to the second method – Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Activity in this tutorial.

1. Using the cell phone of your kid reach the official SpyHuman website and click on the Download option.

2. Next, tap on the Download SpyHuman App to download the app on your kid’s device.

3. Tap on Install on the next page that appears.

4. Now you have to agree to the terms of use. For that, tick on the checkbox and then tap on AGREE.

5. After that, tap on ACCEPT to agree to the user license agreement.

6. On the next page, you have to select the purpose of monitoring. In our case, we are doing it for the minor kids. After selecting, tap on CONTINUE.

7. To let the SpyHuman work properly, you have to disable the Play Protect option. For that, tap on PROCEED TO SETTINGS, tap on the settings icon and toggle on the button.

8. Time to enable accessibility after that. Tap on PROCEED TO SETTINGS, go to safe services and toggle on the button.

9. Allow safe services to capture everything from the device’s screen by checking the box and tapping START NOW. Similarly, give the notification access and device administration permission too.

10. In the next step, tap on ALLOW to let the SpyHuman manage your phone calls. Give similar permission to access the call logs too.

11. Tap on ALLOW to let the app take pictures and record videos. Similarly, give all the other permissions to the app.

12. To let the app run in the background, tap on ALLOW.

13. Now it’s time to register yourself with SpyHuman. Provide your credentials and tap on REGISTER.

14. After getting registered, you will get an email from SpyHuman. Open that email and tap on Activate Now.

15. The account verification is done. Now it’s time to log in.

The kid’s device has been finally set up. Now it’s time to monitor Instagram messages in the child’s account.

16. Now launch the SpyHuman website using your device and click on the Login option.

17. On the next page, provide the same credentials that you used to login to the kid’s device and click on log in.

18. On the left-hand side, you can see various options. Click on Social Media Received and then click on Instagram.

That’s it. With these simple steps now, you will be able to see all the messages that your kid received on Instagram. The drawback of using SpyHuman is that you will only see the received messages. The Instagram messages sent from your kid’s device can not be tracked from SpyHuman.

Monitor Child’s Instagram Account Activities Using Spyzie

Now let’s discuss the advanced method using which you can not only monitor the kid’s Instagram messages(sent and received) but also track the complete Instagram activities. This method includes Spyzie.  It is also paid but does not offer a free trial like SpyHuman but allows you to track the received as well the sent messages very easily.


1. Launch the Spyzie website on your device and click on the Login option at the top-right.

2. Click on Register if you don’t have an account on Spyzie and register yourself as you normally do. Log in if you already have an account.

3. Now go to the kid’s device and turn off the Play Protect option. Then install the Spyzie app using the following link ( To download the app, swipe right on Slide right to download.

4.  After that, sign in with your Spyzie account on the target device. Like SpyHuman, you have to give various permissions like accessibility permission, access to media, location, etc. as before. With this, the kid’s device will be all set to be traced.

For the detailed setup and installation of Spyzie, you can read our comprehensive review of the app.

5. On the parent’s device, click on Data from the various options available. After that, click on Social Apps and then click on Instagram.

After that, all the sent and received Instagram messages will appear on the screen in the form of text or a screenshot.

Not just the messages, you can monitor the complete Instagram account activity. Like other notifications from Instagram, photos liked and the Instagram stories of other people that are appearing on the target’s Instagram account.

Final Verdict

While the kid is using Instagram, it’s common for the parents to get worried. And they are always fishy about the activities that their kids do on Instagram. Not just the messages and activity on Instagram, with the help of these apps, you will be able to track the message from other social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. too.