How to prevent Apple ID from hack?

How to prevent Apple ID from hack?
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To avoid becoming a prey for those who want to log in and hack your Apple ID, be careful not to reply to any fraudulent emails. These are fake emails from Apple, telling you to sign in to your Apple ID account.

You can usually tell phishing emails by bad grammar and spelling mistakes. You should also check the address from which the email was sent to you. This address is not just what is displayed; You have to click on the arrow next to the email address to see the real address, and if it is phishing, the real address will be completely different from the one displayed on the main page. To avoid any chance of being hacked, never sign in to your account from within an email and always go to

Another way to prevent hacking is to choose a very strong password for Apple ID.

Your Apple ID is a personal account for accessing Apple services. If you have entered your Apple ID into iCloud and someone else finds out about your Apple ID information (password or security information), that person can lock your device or access information backed up in iCloud And even erase all your phone data. Note that if Apple ID only enters iTunes & Appstore to download the app, it will no longer be possible to access iCloud information, lock the device, and track it remotely. Therefore, the security of Apple ID is very important and you should take it seriously and refrain from giving your Apple ID information such as password and security questions to others (person, site or store) and you should be the only person who has this information in Has authority.

In order to increase the security of your Apple ID, be sure to change and personalize the Apple ID from wherever you bought it, and do not keep any photos or screenshots of your Apple ID on your phone.

Use a strong password in Apple ID

Changing the password alone is not enough, you must also customize the security questions. Updating security questions is even more important than changing the password.

Your Apple ID password must be 8 characters or more and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter and one number. . And ... use and strengthen your password. Avoid using the number ... 12345 (consecutive numbers) and passwords that are easy to guess. If your Apple ID password is not strong enough, change your password right now using the Apple ID password change tutorial.

Apple ID is also called a kind of iCloud account and its security is much less than Apple itself and it is more exposed to hacking. In a way, it works like online accounts, which can be easily accessed.

If you want to increase the security of Apple ID and it is better to hack the iPhone than two-step login, in this case, each time a one-time password is entered, it will be sent to your gadget, which has higher security, of course, these one-time codes It is mostly used in Iran because non-Iranian users use more phone numbers and sanctions prevent the use of these conditions in Iran.

Again, it is good to know that using a two-stage entry is not 100% safe because, for example, by using "social engineering" there is a possibility to circumvent this method.

Account protection using two-step verification

Two-step verification requires confirmation of your mobile number, and currently because Iran is under sanctions and does not support Iranian phone numbers, it is not possible to activate it in Iran, and you can save from email instead. use.

how to prevent apple ID from being hack

Turn off Find My

With Find My, you can remotely track or lock your phone online. For example, if your device is stolen, you can put it in Lost Mode so that the person who stole it can not use your device. These are the advantages of Find My. But if your Apple ID has a problem for any reason (for example, Apple ID is not active, you forgot the password and could not be reset) if Find My is off, it is easy. You can remove Apple ID from the device even without a password or activation, but if Find My is on, you must first fix the Apple ID problem and remove it from the device with the correct password. In order to turn off Find My, after entering your Apple ID in the device, go to Setting, tap on the setting of your Apple ID at the top of Setting, and then go to the Find My option and turn off Find My iPhone.

To prevent hacking of iPhone and Apple IDs, a test can be done as follows:

To download the tool from the GateHub site, you must first enter the following command:

git clone

After downloading, you must enter the downloaded folder with the cd command and run the tool with the following command:


When the program runs, you will see the following page.

It has 5 switches which are as follows:

id - to enter id

idw - to enter a list of ids

wordlist - to enter the list password

proxy - to enter a proxy

tor - Used to use the tor network.

You should not forget that to prevent hacking of your iPhone and Apple ID, you must use a hard and complicated password for your accounts that is not available.

Do not install miscellaneous profiles

Due to Iranian sanctions, many Iranian applications are installed on users' devices through profiles.

These installed profiles may be problematic in some special situations in terms of security. If you do not trust the source of that profile, be sure to delete that application.