how to prevent spotify account from hack?

how to prevent spotify account from hack?
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Keep Spotify up to date While Spotify, like most sensitive apps, is not usually targeted for heavy attacks, you still need to install updates in a timely manner. Running the latest version will protect you against abuse in older versions. When a new update to the Spotify desktop app is available, you will see a blue dot in the top-right menu. Click this, then select the available update text to restart the program and install the update. Even if you do not do this, the update will be installed the next time you restart Spotify. If you want to check for updates manually, go to Help> About Spotify in Windows or Spotify> About Spotify in macOS. This will bring up an information page about Spotify, which may contain a line pointing to the new version available for installation. Click the download text to start the process, then click the text again to restart Spotify when done. About Spotify About the Spotify Window To update Spotify on your mobile device, simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store and install the updates just like any other mobile app. On most modern devices, auto-updates should be enabled by default, so there is not much to worry about.

Keep your Spotify profile

Keep your Spotify profile secure You now know the various tools and methods you can use to keep your Spotify profile locked. While Spotify lacks two-step authentication and retrieval methods such as phone numbers, implementing these steps will definitely increase your protection. Aside from security options, there are many other Spotify tips that you should consider

Sign from public devices

Do not sign in from public devices If you have ever logged in to Spotify on a public device such as a computer at a hotel, make sure you are logged out when you have finished using it. Like any other account, you do not want random people to follow you and track you down after you leave. In the Spotify desktop application, right-click on your profile and select Log Out to log out. In the mobile app, you will find a logout button at the bottom of the home screen> Settings. Spotify Open an account If you use Spotify on your computer at work or another place with a lot of people, lock your computer away from it to prevent unauthorized access.

How to quit all sessions from Spotify?

Quit all sessions if needed If you suspect that someone is using your Spotify account without your permission, or you have lost a device with your Spotify account, Spotify has a solution. On your Account page, click the Account Overview tab on the left and go to the Signout Everywhere section. With the Sign Out Everywhere button, you can sign out of any place you already have on Spotify. If you can not remember all the logins you have and you want to force all the devices to log in again, it is useful. Make sure you do not forget your password before doing so! Sign out of Spotify everywhere As Spotify points out, this does not take you out of "partner devices" like the PlayStation. In such devices, you have to log out manually. Of course, this button takes you out of Spotify web, mobile, and desktop applications.

How to check the security of Spotify?

For Spotify, account security Check the security of all your online accounts from time to time. Basic accounts like your email or bank may come to mind at first, but you should not forget about other profiles like Spotify.

how to prevent spotify account from hacking

How to access the Spotify profile to make these changes?

you need to open your Spotify account on the web, as you can’t change these options using the Spotify desktop or mobile apps. Go to the Spotify Accounts page or from the profile menu at the top right of the desktop app, click Account to open it.

A strong password is king

Set a strong password The most basic step you can take to protect any account is to use a unique and sophisticated password. As we hope you know, a long password containing a combination of characters is much harder and not easy to guess. In addition, using a unique password means that if one website is compromised, no one can access multiple accounts. See our guide to changing your Spotify password for instructions on how to do this. For best results, use a password manager to generate and store your password, so you do not need to memorize it yourself.

Secure your Facebook login

If you use Facebook Login, enable 2FA If you have registered with Spotify using your Facebook account, you will not be able to change your Spotify password (other than assigning a device password to your account). However, any 2FA authentication settings you use on Facebook also protect your Spotify account. We've covered how to use two-step authentication on Facebook, so if you haven't already, follow these steps. Doing so, in turn, protects your Spotify account, as you need to use your Facebook 2FA method to use Spotify on any new device. Unfortunately, Spotify does not yet offer two-step authentication alone. While if you use it to log in to Spotify, you have to enable 2FA on your Facebook account, if you use a separate login to Spotify, you do not have this option. I hope this company adds this soon.

Third-party access since Spotify

Eliminate unnecessary third-party access Since Spotify is so ubiquitous, it works with a variety of platforms and services. These include PlayStation (lets you play music while playing), Shazam (lets you save tagged songs to playlist), and more. To use Spotify with these apps, you must log in with your account and enable it. Over time, you may have allowed some apps to use your Spotify account that you no longer want to be in. To view these, click Apps on the left side of your Spotify account page. Shows all the programs you have linked over time, along with a summary of them. Click Delete Access for any apps you no longer want to link to your Spotify account. You should check this from time to time to make sure only trusted apps can use your account. Do not license any new applications unless you know they are legal

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