How To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely

How To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely
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Parents are always concerned about their kids. And due to this concern, parents start looking at their kids with beady eyes. This happens especially when children are in their teenage. It’s a phase of life when the kids should have some set goals and a zeal to fulfil those goals.

But unfortunately, most of the students and teenagers shift their focus on relationships, social activities, parties, and other unfruitful activities.

And it’s tough for the parents to track these activities of their child. But what if you’re able to listen to all the conversations of your kid?

Won’t it be awesome as you’ll be able to keep track of all their conversations? Moreover, you’ll always be aware, with whom the kid talks, what all do they discuss over the phone, and the type of language they use.

Most importantly, you’ll be aware of whether the kid is completely safe or not.

These reasons compel the parents to take a step to safeguard their kids from all the threats by getting access to the calls and listening to them remotely.

Similar is the case when a spouse or employer wants to know what their partner or employees discuss with others on their cellphone. The employer just wants to make sure that the company’s information is not being leaked while the spouse wants to find out if their partner is cheating on them or not.

And how is it possible? With the help of either of the two monitoring apps to listen to someone’s phone calls that we are going to mention in this tutorial. So let’s see how these apps let the user record and eavesdrop on the calls and that too remotely.

Apps To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls

1. Listen To Others Calls Recording With SPY24 .App

Firstly, you need to register on SPY24.App. After that, a successful installation and set up of SPY24.App. Is necessary to eavesdrop on the child’s phone calls.

It becomes straightforward to hear the phone calls remotely once you’ve set up the SPY24.App. App on the target device and logged in on your device.

Whenever the target person receives a call, SPY24.App. Starts recording it. And a few minutes after the call ends, SPY24.App. Uploads the complete call recording of your child or your partner with the other user in your SPY24.App. The account which you can listen remotely anytime it’s convenient for you.

Impressively, the voice from both ends is crisp clear as if you are listening to their calls live.

SPY24.App. Makes it possible for you to simply listen to the call recording once it is uploaded on the portal just by tapping on Play Audio. And also gives you an option to Download the call recording as well.

Downloading the recording can be a great idea when you want it as proof to be locally saved on your device.

This app doesn’t limit itself just to call recording and listening. Do you ever wonder where’s the target person located while they are on a call with someone?

Simply tap on the small location icon given below the call. This will reveal their location while they were on a call with another person.

This feature can be a lifesaver for the future if you find them calling from an extremely vulnerable part of the town.

Similarly, SPY24.App. Offers many other handy features as well. You can learn about them in our detailed review of SPY24.App...

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How To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely

Things To Keep In Mind

There are 3 pricing plans in SPY24.App. that the user can choose. And with all the plans of SPY24.App., it’s possible to record and listen to someone’s phone calls—no need to root the target device for recording as well.

SPY24.App. Only works for Android devices if we talk about its compatibility with smartphones.

Make sure you’ve taken the consent of the target person before installing SPY24.App. On their device. It’s illegal to monitor someone or listen to their conversation by recording their calls without letting them know.

Even if you’re using SPY24.App. To secure your kids or employees, do let them know about the installation first. It might result in a distortion of the relationship if they find out about the apps themselves.

2. Listening To Another Person’s Cell Phone Calls With SPY24

Just like SPY24.App., first, you need to register an account on SPY24 and then perform the installation and setup process as well, to record and listen to the calls successfully.

You can learn the setup process and other features of SPY24 in detail in our review.

SPY24 provides its users with heaps of amazing features, and one such feature is Call Recording.

Kids are easy to manipulate, and if you have given them a cell phone, you never know when they might receive a bogus call asking for the personal or bank details.

So it’s better to keep a constant eye on the calls they are receiving by tapping their mobile phone calls with the help of SPY24.

Under the Call Recording section, you will see all the recordings that SPY24 has done. Identify the call you want to listen using the date and time stamps given with each call recording.

Once you know which call you to want to listen to, just tap on the Download option given. It’s not possible in SPY24 to listen to call without downloading.

How To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely

SPY24 also shows the contact name, number, duration of the call, and if the call was incoming or outgoing.

If the target cell phone is rooted and you have an EXTREME plan, your call recording options further increase, and now it becomes possible to record and listen to the VoIP calls from the target mobile phone. The instant messaging and social media apps whose calls will get recorded are WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Skype, and Facebook.

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Things To Keep In Mind

In the case of SPY24, you get 3 pricing plans to choose from, LITE, PREMIUM, and, EXTREME plan. Go for the EXTREME plan to make it possible to record and listen to the phone calls of your lover, employees, or your kid.

Unlike SPY24.App.,  SPY24 works for both Android and iOS devices. On Android devices, it’s possible to record the calls without rooting.

But for listening and recording phone calls on an iOS device, it has to be jailbroken first.

Just like in the case of SPY24.App., make the target person aware of the installation of SPY24 on their device, be it your employee, kid, or your lover.

Final Words

Now we know that SPY24.App. And SPY24 make it easy for the parents to track their kids and allows listening to their calls remotely with just a single click.

But there are many other exciting features that both the apps offer to monitor the loved ones in a better way.

Some of these features include screen capture, remote photos, location tracking, and social media tracking.

So if you are truly dedicated to protecting your kids, lover, or employees from any danger coming their way, make use of any of these spy services.


Can you record the phone call without letting the other person know?

Yes, both the apps make it possible to record calls without letting other people know as the app works in stealth mode. However, it's not appropriate to do so without the consent of another person, and it's illegal in most cases.

Can you listen to previous phone calls?

After installing SPY24 or SPY24.App. App on the target device, you'll be able to listen to the upcoming phone calls but not the calls that took place before the installation was done. However, checking the details of the calls is possible on SPY24.

Can you intercept calls?

No, it's not possible to intercept the call and listen to the conversation on SPY24.App. In SPY24, if you root or jailbreak the target device, then it's possible to do so.