How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing

How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing
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How To Record And Listen To Someone’s Phone Calls Remotely: listen to phone calls remotely

Parents worry about their kids all the time. Because of this worry, parents start to keep a close eye on their children. This usually happens when kids are in their teens. It's a time in life when kids should have clear goals and a strong desire to reach them.

But, sadly, most students and teens spend their time on relationships, social activities, parties, and other things that don't help them grow.

And it's hard for parents to keep track of what their child does.

But what if you could hear all of your kid's conversations?

It will be great because you'll be able to keep track of everything they say. Also, you'll always know who the child talks to on the phone, what they talk about, and what kind of language they use.

The most important thing is that you'll know if the child is safe or not.

Because of these things, parents are forced to take action to protect their kids from all threats by getting access to their calls and listening to them from a distance.

When a spouse or boss wants to know what their partner or employee talks about on their cellphone, the situation is the same. The employer just wants to make sure that company information isn't getting out, while the spouse wants to know if their partner is cheating on them or not.

And how can that be? With either of the two monitoring apps, we'll talk about in this guide, you can listen in on someone's phone calls. So let's look at how these apps let users record and listen in on calls from far away.

Apps that let you record and listen to phone calls

1. Use SPY24.App to listen to and record other people's calls.

You must first sign up for SPY24.App. After that, SPY24.App was successfully installed and set up. It's important to listen in on the kid's phone calls.

Once you've set up the SPY24.App app on the target device and logged in on your device, it's easy to listen to phone calls from afar.

When the person you want to spy on gets a call, SPY24.App. starts to record it. A few minutes after the end of the call, SPY24.App. Uploads the entire call recording of your child or your partner with the other user to your SPY24.App. The account that lets you listen from anywhere, whenever you want.

The voices on both ends are so clear that it sounds like you are listening to them live.

SPY24.App lets you listen to the call recording as soon as it's uploaded to the portal. All you have to do is tap "Play Audio." And you can also choose to download the call recording.

Downloading the recording can be a good idea if you want to keep it on your device as proof.

This app can do more than just record and listen to calls. Do you ever wonder where the person you're calling is when they're on the phone?

Tap the small location icon that's shown below the call. This will show where they were while they were on the phone with someone else.

This feature could save their lives in the future if they call you from a very dangerous part of town.

In the same way, SPY24.App. also has a lot of other useful features. Our detailed review of SPY24.App has more information about them.

Try out SPY24.App by clicking here.

Things to remember

SPY24.App lets users choose from three different pricing plans. With all of SPY24.App's plans, you can record and listen to someone's phone calls without having to "root" the target device.

SPY24.App. If we talk about how well it works with smartphones, it only works with Android devices.

Before you put SPY24.App. on the device of the person you want to spy on, make sure you have their permission. It is against the law to record someone's phone call and listen to their conversation without letting them know.

Even when you use SPY24.App. Do tell your kids or employees about the installation before you put it in. This will keep them safe. If they find out about the apps themselves, it could change the way they feel about each other.

2. SPY24 lets you listen to someone else's cell phone calls

Just like SPY24.

App., you must first sign up for an account on SPY24 and then install and set up the software to record and listen to phone calls.

In our review, you can find out more about how to set up SPY24 and what else it can do.

Call Recording is one of the many great features that SPY24 users can take advantage of.

Kids are easy to trick, and if you give them a cell phone, they could get a fake call asking for their personal or bank information at any time.

So it's best to keep an eye on the calls they're getting all the time by tapping their cell phone calls with SPY24.

You can see all of SPY24's recordings in the Call Recordings section. Use the date and time stamps on each call recording to find the one you want to hear.

Once you know which call you to want to hear, all you have to do is tap the Download button. You can't listen to a call without downloading on SPY24.

How to record someone's phone calls and listen to them from afar

SPY24 also shows the name and number of the contact, how long the call lasted, and whether the call came in or went out.

If the target cell phone is rooted and you have an EXTREME plan, you have even more call recording options. You can now record and listen to VoIP calls from the target cell phone. WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, Skype, and Facebook are the instant messaging and social media apps whose calls will be recorded.

Try SPY24 by clicking here.

Things to remember

When it comes to SPY24, you can choose between the LITE, PREMIUM, and EXTREME plans. Go for the EXTREME plan if you want to be able to record and listen to your partner's, employee's, or child's phone calls.

SPY24 works on both Android and iOS devices, while SPY24.App only works on Android. On Android devices, you can record calls without having to "root" the phone.

But an iOS device needs to be "jailbroken" before it can listen to or record phone calls.

Just like with SPY24.App, let the person you want to spy on know that SPY24 is on their device, whether it's your employee, your kid, or your lover.

Last Words 

We now know that the app SPY24.App. And SPY24 makes it easy for parents to keep track of their children and lets them listen to their calls from anywhere with just a click.

But both apps have a lot of other cool features that make it easier to keep an eye on loved ones.

Some of these features are screen capture, taking photos from a distance, tracking your location, and tracking your social media accounts.

So, if you want to keep your kids, your partner, or your employees safe from harm, you should use one of these spy services.


Can you record the call without the person you're talking to knowing?

Yes, both apps let you record calls without anyone else knowing because they work in "stealth mode." But it's not okay to do this without someone else's permission, and in most cases, it's against the law.

Can you listen to calls that have already been made?

After installing SPY24 or SPY24.App on the target device, you'll be able to listen to upcoming phone calls but not calls that happened before the installation. On SPY24, you can look at the details of the calls, though.

Can you intercept calls?

No, you can't use SPY24.App to listen in on the call and hear what's being said. If you root or jailbreak the device you want to spy on, you can do so with SPY24.

How to Listen in on Cell Phone Conversations From Another Phone

It's not hard to record or eavesdrop on phone calls anymore, and modern technology has a lot of software and apps that can track phone calls and get all sorts of information from different devices.

This article talks about some great apps you can use to listen in on phone calls from afar. These apps let users listen in on phone calls and record them from any device.

Can someone hear what you say on the phone?

Yes, people can hear you when you talk on the phone. People can mostly listen to you through your phone in three main ways, as shown below.

General Assumption: Many organizations can hear what you say. Some phones also let voices go through. This means that people near you might be able to hear what you say.

Spy apps: Many spy apps can get into a device and get you all kinds of information. Apps can listen in on any electronic communication, including voice calls and web connections. Also, some apps are made to record the information on your phone and the calls you make.

Hackers Attach: A hacker is another way for someone to listen to you on your live phone. In 2022, an American magazine did a news analysis that showed hackers can listen in on calls and find out where people are just by knowing their number.

Police: If you've done something illegal, the police have the right to tap your phone and listen to your calls.

Can I listen to what someone says on their cell phone?

If you are worried about what someone has been doing on the phone lately, you can listen to their cell phone calls to find out if they are in trouble.

People want to listen to the phone calls of everyone they care about, including their partners, spouses, and children. When there is something to worry about, this often happens.

So, with this guide, you'll be able to find out if it's possible and, if it is, how to do it.

Part 1: Can I hear what someone says on their cell phone?

Yes, it is possible to hear what someone is saying on the phone. You can listen to every word they say on the phone without them even knowing.

I don't mean listening in on them while they are on the phone. When I say that you can listen in on someone's phone conversation, I mean that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Part 2: How to Listen to Cell Phone Conversations on Another Phone

You don't have to get close to a cell phone to hear what's being said on it. You can listen in on a phone conversation from far away as long as you have a good phone tapping service. One of the best ways to do it is as follows:

2.1 SPY24: Listen in secret to someone's phone calls

SPY24 is a web service for monitoring phone calls that lets you listen to anyone's phone calls without them knowing. It's a web application, so you don't need to download anything to your phone or computer.

It has ways to listen in on both Android and iPhone calls. With the help of SPY24, you can find out everything a person says on the phone and who they talk to on the phone.

Also, the target device doesn't need to be rooted or jailbroken for SPY24's secret phone tapping to work. So, you don't have to do anything hard to listen to their phone calls.

How does Cell Phone Tapping by SPY24 Work?

SPY24's method for tapping cell phones is based on the next-generation design and is meant to be stealthy. After all, you wouldn't want someone to find out that you're recording their phone calls, right? How does this work?

How to Answer a Call on an iPhone:

SPY24 can listen in on an iPhone's phone calls without touching the iPhone at all. Yes, you don't even need one-time access to the iPhone you want to listen to to listen to its phone calls.

This is because SPY24 uses the built-in iCloud feature that comes with every iPhone. Because the iPhone has iCloud, all of its data is sent to the iCloud server. SPY24 takes this encrypted data, decrypts it to find out what they said on the phone call, and shows it to you on your dashboard.

So, you don't need to get into the target iPhone or install any apps on it. You only need the iPhone's iCloud login information for it to work.

How to Answer Calls on an Android Phone by Tapping:

To listen in on an Android phone's phone calls with SPY24 (or any other service), you need to install the app that lets you do so on the phone in question.

Still, SPY24 has taken extra steps to make it easier for you to listen to someone's phone calls. First of all, the SPY24 Android app only takes up about 3 MB of space. It only takes a few seconds to put this app on your computer.

After the app is installed, its icon will no longer be in the app menu. The app only runs in the background, without any alerts or use of the battery.

Even if you want to get rid of the app, you can do it remotely from any web browser using the SPY24 dashboard.

This video can show you how to do it step by step:

2.2 How to Use SPY24 to Listen to a Cell Phone Conversation

Follow the steps below to use SPY24 to listen to someone's phone conversations:

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the SPY24 website. Get a plan for either Android phones or iPhones, depending on which phone they have.

How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing


Step 2: a.) To listen in on an iPhone's calls, use SPY24 to check the iPhone's iCloud credentials.

How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing


b) To listen in on calls on an Android phone, download the SPY24 app and install it on the phone you want to listen in on.

How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing


Step 3: Click "Start," and you'll be taken to your SPY24 dashboard. From here, you can hear their calls.

How to Listen to Someone's Phone Calls Without Them Knowing


All of SPY24's features can be used through this dashboard. You can log into your SPY24 account through its website at any time to get to the dashboard.

SPY24 also records their phone calls and gives them information about their call logs, such as the date, time, and person they are talking to.

If you have trouble believing it, you can see how it works before you use it. For this, you can check out the free live demo of SPY24. There's no need to sign up or install an app.

Part 2: How to record the conversations on someone else's cell phone

There are also other ways to listen in on someone's phone call from a distance. But, unlike SPY24, these alternatives don't offer a way to listen to the calls in a discreet or hidden way.

You can find the apps on the Play Store (for Android phones) or the App Store (for iPhones) of the phone you want to install them on. With these apps, your phone can automatically record phone calls.

But if you want to listen to the recordings of their phone calls, you will have to use their device each time.


There are different ways to be able to listen in on someone's phone calls. Most of these solutions, though, need the user's permission, and there are only a few rare methods that can be used in secret.

So, think about what you need and use either of the two methods in the guide. Either will do what you want, as long as you know what you're looking for.