How to Spy on a Cheating Husband via Mobile Spy App for Free

How to Spy on a Cheating Husband via Mobile Spy App for Free
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Your husband can’t put down his phone and refuses to tell you with whom he has long conversations? He chats for hours using his smartphone’s applications, but he assures you that he talks with his friends? Why not find out whether your suspicions have any ground? There is a solution that will arm you with tools to monitor your beloved’s communication and he will never suspect that you have been reading all his messages. You will receive total control over his cell phone and ability to monitor every step he makes.

To get this working, you only need to follow three simple steps. First step would be visiting SPY24 official website. Second step is to click the download link to get the app. Third step is to install the application onto your husband’s smartphone. Now you are equipped with everything necessary to discover whether you have a cheating husband.

This app works on Android devices. If your husband has iOS operation system, you need to jailbreak his iPhone first because this application is not available in App Store.

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How to Spy on a Cheating Husband for Free?

You have a unique opportunity to spy on your second half without paying any money. SPY24 app is absolutely free during the first 48 hours. It’s a wonderful chance to test an application and figure out whether your husband has got a lover. Two days should be enough to find out about any secret chats or meetings. If you want continue spying you should purchase the app on the official website.

Features You Will Receive

1. Track current GPS location

You will know now for sure where your man is. Due to this feature you will receive information about the actual whereabouts of your husband. So, for instance, if he tells you that he is stuck on the road on his way home, you can always get the proof if it really is so.

2. Check text messages

Due to this feature all messages on the cell phone become accessible for you. If your man has some secret friend with whom he always chats, you will know about it, even if he deletes messages.

3. Track phone calls

You will receive detailed information about all calls both received and sent. This feature reveals the phone number, the duration and time of the call and you can even record the call. So, if your husband has been trying to fool you, you will get enough proof to expose him.

4. Monitor Browser History

If your husband visits some online dating website, it will not stay hidden from you. Due to this feature you can monitor his browser history and see all websites that he visits.

5. Control calendar and contacts

You will know the full list of the phone contacts on your partner’s cell, including information about the last calls. You also receive an opportunity to check all events in his cell phone’s calendar.

6. Spy on messaging services

If your cheating husband uses messaging services like Skype, Viber , WhatsApp or social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can track them too. With SPY24 you can examine your husband’s activity on all mentioned messaging services and even read his messages in social networks.

7. Record his Surrounding

You can record your husband’s surrounding. This feature uses his microphone as a bug, so you can hear everything that happens near your husband.

8. Check Media Files

This feature provides an opportunity to view any photos or videos that your husband saves on his smartphone. You also receive access to those photos that he makes using his phone camera. All these files can be viewed in your personal account.

9. Receive Remote Control

This feature will give you an opportunity to control the phone remotely. You can swap any file you want or block the phone completely.

For You to Decide

If you are really convinced about your husband having an affair, but you lack the knowledge of how to spy on a cheating husband, this app will provide all the answers. It is an easy solution to find the truth and not to ruin the relationship and your family with it in case your suspicions turn out to be groundless. So, if you cannot speak directly with your husband about his late meetings and you want to prove your suspicions, install SPY24 onto his mobile phone. It is for you decide whether you want to continue living the life of uncertainty and distrust with a cheating husband or finally discover the truth once for all.

How to spy on your girlfriends text messages for free

You have a girlfriend and want to build with her really great and healthy relationships. But sometimes you can’t be sure about her feelings or actions. It’s normal indeed, but without trust your relationships may get worse and worse. Is it what you want? No, of course not!

But here is a solution of your problem. Your girlfriend has a smartphone or iOS device, so you can get access to her personal life and find out everything about her. You will get access to spy on girlfriend’s text messages, browser history, emails…

To help you in such situation can special spy software which main aim is to collect personal data at target person tablet or smartphone and transfer it to you. So how to spy on girlfriend’s phone without any problems?

Let’s acquaint you with SPY24. This is a modern spy app lication with large amount of features from calls recording to location defining that means the full spy on girlfriend.

How to start using this application? Only simple installation is required. You have to visit special page on official website and download it for free. If you have done everything as in this how-to the spy software will work stable and send you all information via Internet. It’s important: SPY24 works no matter conditions are but it can send you reports only if target device has a good Internet connection.

Why you should spy on girlfriend’s text messages?

99 per cent of modern people are using this kind of communication at least once per day. That’s why it is a great channel to talk with friends, colleagues, etc, so you need to spy on it.

Besides, using SPY24 is quite easy. You should follow common recommendations using wizard and complete the process. After this you must install software on target device. This step is obvious. Note: software has a hidden feature so after installation you can hide it and your girlfriend won’t find it on own phone or suspect you doing something behind her back.

With SPY24 you can:

Read girlfriends texts

You are able to see when the message was sent or gotten, who did it, what is inside, etc. Besides, you can track multimedia which is sent via sms application.

Track her location

Most modern cell phones are equipped with GPS navigation, which allows customers finding right ways, public transport, etc. SPY24 can tell you where your girlfriend is and history of her movements.

Notice her calls

Now it doesn’t mean your lover is with you or not. You will be able to check information about her income and outcome calls, listen to records, etc.

Check her browser history

You may be interested to spy on girlfriend and her surfing in the Internet. Dating websites, chats – there are plenty or harmful recources you may know about.

Read messages in instant programs

Among them are Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. You can easily hold your girlfriend spy without any additional software.

Control each phone feature

Thank to SPY24 you can not only read girlfriends texts, but know everything is going on her cell phone.

Have a remote control

This feature works wireless, so you don’t need any cables to switch to sent message, make a call, and so on.

Check downloads

With remote control you can open any folder and check its content. You can easily find out what files and when were downloaded.

Get reports

If you need more information about her life then continue the girlfriend spy. Special feature will analyze her actions and show you detailed report.

Now you know how to spy on girlfriend’s phone. Quite easy, isn’t? Thank to SPY24 everything will be in your hands. Besides, this application has wide appropriation. It would be useful for careful parents, who aspire to protect their child form cruel world; for responsible employer to control subordinates, etc. And everything is for $4.99!

Sms tracker free download mobile spy

Spying on someone may be so exhausted. You have to follow the target person, check his or her cell phone, while he\she is washing in the shower. Besides, you will live in constant fear, that someday you will be exposed. Is it obvious to say that the quality of such spying will be very low? So what’s the point to do it without insurance of doing good job and getting the truth?

That’s why free sms tracker exists. It is a kind of special software which allows spying someone else’s texts in a hastily manner without a fear to be caught. Look at SPY24. This application is quite popular among people because of its comfort interface and productive work.

What kind of tasks do this free sms tracker meets?

monitor your staff activity.

People, who run small or large business, aspire to reach the highest results. They do their job day and night, live their corporate life, and want own employees to be self consistent and honest. But unfortunately not everyone deserves to be honored. To control your employees’ corporate cell phone you need free sms tracker;

take care of your children.

Don’t you know how dangerous can be the age between 8 and 18 years? The child faces with new troubles, bad people, and jealous classmates. These people want to be the best no matter what, so they can use your child to reach this stage of life. SPY24 will monitor her or his sms activity and prevent lots of problems.

spy on your beloved.

It is directly that you have doubts about own wife or husband. But it’s much better to hold situation in own hands and be sure that no important thing will come across you.

Here is the list of its features:

Tracking the target person location. This application uses the GPS inside any cell phone and sends the location to you. It’s a great feature to monitor children.

Listening to calls. Now you shouldn’t wait till someone calls your target person and you can listen their talk. It becomes available thank to call recording feature.

Saving texts and emails. Most people still use this kind of communication, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Viewing Internet activity. If you have children it is additional instrument to protect them from bad influence after blocking software. This feature allows checking history and downloaded files even if they were deleted.

Spying on instant messages. Popular programs such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc are totally free comparing to common sms messengers, that’s why people usually prefer this kind of communication among texts and calls.

Having a remote control of the target device. Do you need to uninstall a program or to send email from target device? Then this feature will be very useful.

SPY24 can monitor the following applications:

common messengers for cell phones using Google Android and iPhone;

special Apple application iMessages (for iPhone ).

SPY24 is a cool free sms tracker, because:

it costs only $4.99 per month. It’s a small fee for the large variety of its features;

you will have your money back if software won’t satisfy your needs;

it has a simple interface, where you can easily find a feature you need;

the target person will never find this program on own cell phone, because it has a hidden feature and consumes less power.

So buy this free sms tracker and estimate all its advantages as lots of people have already done. You will be surprised with additional features which are also available for you only for $4.99!

How to spy husband’s call recording free

No matter how long you two are married but time after time you may be attached by strange feeling. What if he has someone else? So think about this situation and say does it bother you or not.

What if he spends all money on poker or slot games? What if he is creating on you? What if he has second life or dark side you haven’t known about? What if… This list can be continued. But what does it change?

So agree such questions in your mind really hurt, cause lots of problems in relationships between men and woman, cause depression, etc.

But you deserve to know the truth. Maybe it’s time to leave him beside and start new life or to make sure he is a great husband and careful father for your children…

How to do it? Here is a solution – try to spy husband’s calls.

SPY24 is a special application which allows you being always alert about the ‘cell phone life’ of your husband. Using this spyware you are able to monitor his calls, texts, media files, etc. In general it helps you to spy husband’s calls.

All you need is to download the software from official website, follow the wizard recommendations and install it to target device. Notice, that SPY24 supports iOS and Android platform, which are most popular for tablets and smartphones . As soon as you do it you get a wide array of instruments to spy on your husband.

What to do after installation?

In short you shouldn’t do anything, because this software will do it for you. For instance, you want to read your husband’s emails, so you open the dashboard, choose proper category and do it.

Notice, that this application is not available in Apple App Store, because the target device requires being Jailbroken. Playmarket doesn’t let customers to download it. In case if you want to spy on Android device, it also may be rooted.

What are the most popular features of SPY24?

GPS location.

SPY24 connects to target cell phone GPS system and transfers its location to dashboard. As a result you’ll always know where your husband is right now and a history of his movements.

Sms tracking.

Application gets access to standard messenger and allows monitoring sms and mms. Besides texts you can view media files, such as sounds, music, pictures, videos, documents, etc.

Calls spying.

It can record and save logs of income and outcome calls which are making with cell phone. The contact list spying is also available feature.

The Web activity monitoring.

Application gathers information from browser history, logs and downloads.

Remote control.

By using this feature you obtain an opportunity to manipulate with target device by your own.

Spying on contact list.

It allows seeing all numbers in address book and monitor the communication with exact person.

Check instant messaging.

This feature supports Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. You will be able to read texts, view media files, listen to voices, etc.

Notice: this application can send you reports only in case the target device uses a good Internet network.

SPY24 has the following advantages:

it cost only $19.99 per month. This is a quite low price for application with such wide variety of features;

you can take your money back in 1o days in case you won’t be satisfies;

it is totally hassle-free. This software supports most popular mobile platforms;

target person won’t detect this spyware on own mobile device, because it is invisible and needs few battery energy;

it allows you being alert to any danger of inappropriate situation.

So now you can spy husband’s calls without any risk. Choose SPY24 and keep calm! Developers insists you will be satisfied with all its variety of advantages or get your money back in 10 days after return.

Spy Gmail

Making sure that your family and company are in good hands as far as security is concerned as a very vital thing. Moreover, what it takes to attain this is least important. Getting hold of Google email account of workers or kids can be of very great assistance in getting to understand what each group has up their sleeves. It’s easy for example to understand your employee’s behavior if you’re able to read their Gmail emails beforehand. Should they be sending vital business info to the competition? Then it would be easy to capture them before the damage is done. When the occasion to do this is at hand, then get our most advanced monitoring software Gmail spy, and your job will be half done.


The software spying solution that we have come up with will greatly help you in achieving your Gmail monitoring activity. Gmail tracker application has the capability of tracking both emails that have been received or sent. The spying software is capable of:

gmail spy

Keeping the counting of the Gmail tracker for both incoming and outgoing messages, including draft copies and spam on the targeted mobile phone device

Getting an access to music and video folders sent or received via Google mail

Examining all the address book on Google emails plus the history of the owners

Performing timing and daily recording of all Gmail tracker activities of the targeted cell phone

Making you have a look at all the information from the tracking of the Gmail account without connectivity on your computer through a worksheet download

Skype Spy

Most popular social media on the phone is the Skype. It entertains and assists in socializing and eases work, but the intended good use can fall in the bad hands. It can either be your kids or workers who might end up using this app wrongly. It’s your right as an employer or parent to monitor what is taking place in the social media when in use by the mentioned group. This might come in handy when the need comes to stop what can be harmful to your kids or company.


Our Skype spying application would come in as an aide in monitoring the Skype chats of your kids and workers. You will be able to read incoming and outgoing conversations, which take place through chats on the target device. It is essential if you are watching your children or employees. Skype spy tools of SPY24 will gather all data for you - content and accurate time of messages, Skype account data of receiver and sender. Thus you will be well-informed day-to-night with our Skype monitoring tool.

What are you worried about? Let us know and we shall give you a definite solution for your problem with spy Skype. Our skype spying application comes with the following provisions:

skype spy

Reveals all Skype conversations with an inclusion of contact details, the timing and when exactly that took time

Get all addresses on Skype tracker

Logging data from Skype can be accessed with the dating and timing

Can monitor all the documents received or sent via SPY24 Skype tracker

The ability to get all this information with or without internet connectivity, and the result can be saved on a computer in form of worksheet

Spy Viber

Viber invites to communicate and engage in fun related activities on one hand, and the other hand it assist the employees to exchange work-related information with a lot of success. On the other side, Viber can be misused by both groups and this calls for the close monitoring of the happenings on this platform. The good news is that you have the ability to carry out efficient and secretive surveillance, all this through our professional help Viber spy.


Our spying application automatically becomes your guide towards achieving your goal of tracking all the Viber activities including calls and chat messages. All we need to know is what your concern is all about and we provide you with the spying application that comes with an assurance of privacy when carrying out the monitoring activity on your own exclusive control panel. Viber spy chats monitoring tool on the phones used by your children/workers. The spying application makes you able to:

spy viber

Make an assessment to all details of a targeted Viber activities going a step further by providing the exact time and the day the communication was carried out

Have the tracks of all the necessary data stored on Viber

Have an eye to all data including the dates and timing

Follow closely the documents exchanged via Viber

Have the ability to check out all the necessary information with or without an access to the internet through a worksheet that’s provided to your computer by just clicking on the download

Spy Email

When it comes to the security of those that are dear to you or your business, then there is no compromise on how far you can go to. Electronic mail can be a very challenging source when it comes to the security of your children or company. Ensure that you do not get a headache due to this by getting the necessary email spy application that will keep you on the knowledge.


Our email spying application will provide you with an enabling ability to overcome the challenge of reading these emails through various skillfully designed apps on the target device. After the installation of SPY24 you will get an unlimited access to all received and sent emails, recipients’ info and the full content of the letters. Have you ever imagined that spying and reading someone’s emails can be that easy?! This tracking application is going to exceed all your expectations.

Your tracking power will be able to cover:

spy email

The account of all emails received, in all folders (including spam folders) of the target mobile device

Get an access to all music and video files either received or sent

Examination of all emails address book and the data saved in the contacts (with an inclusion of private information)

Timing and day tracking report on all emails

Viewing of the gotten information without connectivity by hitting on the download and it is brought to you in a form of a worksheet


Our Android keylogger is magical in how it functions; keylogger for android enables you to read all those messages on a targeted mobile phone device remotely. This includes those messages that have been deleted and draft folders. If you need a highly functioning security app, then you need to get yourself keylogger app for android.


Keylogger android is made specifically for all your needs in mind. It will come in handy when it comes to defeating the secured walls of a targeted mobile phone device to track down all their messages, including those that have been erased or in draft folders.

So, if you ever will need to find some particular word phrases or messages, or any other text data typed on the target device, SPY24’s android keylogger spy feature will be just the right thing to use. You can get access to all collected data in your personal control panel from any device you want just by logging into your SPY24 spying account.

Keylogger for android will be advantageous to you by:

keylogger for android

Tracing all keyboard strokes made by the targeted cell phone user

Getting on all entries made and erased from the find field

Getting you all the viewed information gotten through the app on your PC with or without internet connectivity through a worksheet download


Calendar Monitoring. The calendar gives someone the convenience to plan activities and add their recordings in the mobile phone device, this can make you aware of all the plans and activities that your children or workers are undertaking. This ensures that they use their free time as it’s supposed to.


The application that we have come up with is a definite easy to use solution that will assist you with taking control over the calendar activities of a targeted cell phone of either your family or workers. You will benefit from the following:

calendar spy

Enable you to access all calendar activities made on the targeted mobile phone device

Give out the timing and day of all calendar activities on the cell phone

Keep records of all activities related to the calendar on your PC

Make you have a look at all information on concerning the calendar without internet connection on your computer via a worksheet download


Apps installed. Monitoring some applications is essential while some can be very time-consuming and affect the productivity of your business. As far as it comes to your kids, some apps may cost a fortune and dig into the extra money you have set aside for more helpful spending. You totally control any apps through tracking of all the apps installed on your workers or children’s mobile phone devices.


The software that we have designed is highly efficient in carrying out the tracking of apps present in the cell phones of either your children or workers. This software will:

applications tracking

Let you check out the apps present and preview their features

Enable you to conduct the timing and day of all the apps on the targeted mobile device

Give you the ability to make a saving of all the apps on your PC and enable you to have a closer look at them and determine their relevancy

Help in giving you a spreadsheet copy download on your computer with or without internet connectivity

Voice memos

Voice memos tracking. Voice memos are very suitable for day-to-day usage. However, they can be misused by your kids and workers. Due to this, it’s very important to listen to them and take the necessary measures as far as security of your company or family is concerned. Our application will be helpful for such occasions.


The application that we have in store for you is the ultimate easy to use tool that can be very handy as far as the process of tracking voice memos is concerned. With our application you can:

voice memos spy

Have an access to all the voice memos made on your target cell phone

Get the timing and day on all the voice memos on the targeted cell phone

Keep all the data concerning the voice memos on your PC and listen to all the voice memos at your own free time

Have a look at the information you need anytime and anywhere on your computer with or without the internet connectivity in form of a worksheet download

Incoming calls blocking

Incoming calls blockage. Don’t be amazed by the fact that some incoming calls need to be blocked. For example, a rival company seeking some important information about your company might direct the call to your worker. Failing to stop such a call may result in a loss of your company information. On the other hand, your kid might be receiving calls from a bad company or a person that you might find not fit to have a conversation with. Stopping such a call can be very good for them. We have the solution for you to be able to block an incoming call either on your children’s or workers’ cell phones.


Our advanced yet simple to use application will be very helpful in efforts to block all incoming calls that you may deem to be risky for your either company or family. It can do this by:

incoming calls blocking

Getting a complete blockage of all unwanted incoming calls including the private numbers that have the caller ID

Recording of calls trials from the already blocked ones

Make a review of all stored data concerning the blocked numbers and you will get all this info in your control panel any time you need to

Have a look at the obtained data on your computer with or without the internet connection in form of a spreadsheet download


Block apps. Most apps on cell phones are good when used appropriately and at the right time. If a gaming app does not interfere with your children studies or your employee’s production, then it’s okay. However, an app that does the opposite should be blocked as soon as possible to prevent your children wasting their study time or your workers spending their crucial working hours on it. If you need help in this, then our application will come in very handy.

Can I use the app to block different mobile apps?

The application that we have designed will be really helpful as far as passing through the secured walls of a mobile phone device and assist you in blocking the unnecessary apps on the targeted cell phone of your employees or children. With our app you will be able to:

block applications

Get a chance to block any use of an app wherever you are

Make a recording of all trials to make use of an app that you had blocked before

Have a look at the information gotten on your computer without the availability of internet connection through a worksheet download


Block sites. If you find that the controlling of web history is not enough for your surveillance, then you can try out our feature that blocks potential dangerous sites for your children e.g. porn sites, and those sites, that prevents your workers from being productive in your business by keeping them online instead of doing their work, e.g. gaming and gambling sites. With a single click, you can secretly block such sites. Just make use of our application.


The application designed by us has a famed reputation as an aid in defeating the secured walls of a targeted mobile device and blocking the sites, you find to be risky for either your family or business. With this application you can:

website blockage

Get a chance to block a website remotely

Make a recording on all trials of browsing through the sites that you have already blocked

Have a look at the information gathered by the software on your computer with or without internet connectivity, that comes in form of a worksheet download


Music, which people listen to will definitely give out their characters and what is in their minds. From this, one can be able to tell if the concerned person needs assistance or not. SPY24 application will enable you to make a discovery of the type of music files present in the targeted mobile device. If the files are risky or you are in doubt with the content, then you can be able to get rid of them before any damage.


This software by our company is the best solution available on the market today for assisting in conquering the security concerned in the tracking of all sound files either downloaded or made by the target mobile device user. In addition to your secured toolkit, the application will have the following:

music tracker

A deep check on all sound files either made or kept in the targeted device

It will make a saving of any given audio file from the cell phone to your PC

Record the timing and day tracking across the music or audio files

Ability to have a look at the captured data on your computer with or without the internet connection in form of a spreadsheet download


If you are in doubt about the type of short videos your children or employees are exchanging, or shooting on their mobiles, then our solution will come in handy to rescue you. We have developed an app that will give you a complete access to all this.


We have the application (the best ever) that can highly help in getting to know what is held in the created, received and or video files. All the content will be viewable to you from the targeted cell phones of employees or your children. The application will enable you to make the following:

videos spy

Have a view of all video files made or stored on the targeted cell phone

Get a saved video file(s) from the mobile device to your PC when you want to

Get the actual timing or day tracking of all videos

Look at the information you get from the device on your PC without the internet connection in form of a worksheet download


Image shooting with a mobile phone or related device is a perfect way of developing skills and also in the preservation of good times for a long time. However, kids who might involve in shooting of illicit pictures can misuse them as well as employees who might use them to give out important business information to rivals. Hence for this factor, it is essential to monitor closely all the image present on their phones to avert a possible danger.


The application that we have come up with is famed for its high-end ability to deal with any security barrier that may come in the way of having an access to the images of a targeted mobile phone device. It gives out the following preventive measures:

spy photos

Reviews all the images created and kept on the targeted cell phone

Transfers any picture one may need to have a closer look at from the cell phone to the computer

Performs timing and day tracking of the images shot by the targeted mobile device

Makes one have a look at the data got on the computer without the access to internet by exporting them in a worksheet formation and saving on the computer

Making the use of small images and image sliding shows to give a careful examination of the images in a conveniently

Past Browsing Activities

In some cases, visited sites may show surprising data concerning your workers and what they are involved in online. You can understand their internet use better. Do they browse the internet instead of working? All this will be in your hands. Your children may also be involving themselves in unwanted sites that may harm their behavior. By checking out their browsing history, you will be on the top, and able to stop any risk that may be forthcoming.


SPY24 came up with this application to become your most trusted assistance in tracking down the visited sites of a targeted mobile device. This amazing application will enable you to:

spy browsing history

Get the full examination of the visited site by the targeted device user

Get an assessment of all online data opened via the targeted device

Make a counting on the number of times a certain site was visited

Get the actual timing and day the site was visited

Have all the information on your PC with or without the internet in form of a worksheet by hitting the download


Our application has made it possible to come over the security of a targeted mobile device and make you able to check out the bookmarked sites of a targeted mobile device. The software will make it possible to:

spy bookmarks

Have an examination of all web addresses that have been bookmarked on a targeted mobile device

Get a view of all the sites bookmarked on the cell phone

Get to know the exact time and date the site was bookmarked

Have a performance on the timing and day of all the bookmarking activities

Have a look at all the bookmarked data from a targeted cell phone on your PC with or without connectivity in form of a worksheet by download


The routes your children or employees sometimes follow may differ from what you expect them to follow, and the whole history of their movement around the city or district can tell you a lot. So be ready to monitor the location history of your dearest ones or employees any moment you may need it.


The application is specifically crafted and fine-tuned in order to meet your need in good location detecting tool, and while using it you can:

gps spy

Monitor with high precision the whole travel route of a target gadget with accurate time reference

Review the information without obligatory access to GPS data network

Store and look through the obtained data on your desktop independently of Internet access availability – convert it into a spreadsheet and store on your PC

Track phone location

Learning the truth about your kids or hired workers’ activities and chats is only a part of the solution, the second half is to track cell phone location where they are right now or what places they currently move to. If you need to know it any moment to avert some kind of threat from your close people or to prevent your company staff from breaching corporate policy it is high time to look closer at our application GPS phone tracker.


Do you need to find out the current location of your children or employees with a pin-point accuracy? Do you need to know how to track mobile location? SPY24 GPS tracker can easily do that for you. Do you want to know exact places, which were visited by the one you are spying on? The GPS cell phone tracker with precise locations will be shown in your personal control panel. You can’t even imagine how easy and effective is SPY24 when it comes to the GPS locating issue. Now you can track mobile phone location easy!

The app is purposefully crafted to match your need in good GPS spying tool, and while employing it you can with our phone GPS tracker:

spy location

Monitor with high precision their locations on a clear city map and know places which they like the most

Define “red line” segments on the offered map and receive signals when users of monitored devices trespass the limits of those segments

Review the information without obligatory access to GPS data network mobile GPS tracking

View the obtained data on your desktop independently of Internet access availability – just transform it into a spreadsheet and store it on your desktop


There are many definite causes of you staying in guard as far as those who are in contact with your kids or employees are concerned. There are multiple reasons why you have to be on alert about individuals your kids keep company with or about contacts your employees have in their address books, for the reason that they may decide to give vital data to your competitors, or maybe your kid is having an illicit affair online. For this to control, get our application and be on the top of information by getting a grip of the contact book on our monitoring software.


Our app will be your most faithful helper in secret and long lasting tracking of contact information on your children/workers’ cell phone. This is what our application will give you:

contact book spy

An access to all contact information available in the employees’ children’s cell phones

An inner look on the exact information including important celebrations (e.g. birthdays) work or electronic mail

The ability to have a look at the saved data on the contact book in an easy way on the tracking panel of your private account while you use any mobile phone device or computer

An access to all received information even where there is poor or lack of internet connection. The data will come to you through a worksheet format when the download is selected.

Record Surroundings

SPY24 provides a set of essential recording facilities of the intended phone whenever you need. Your SPY24 can help you to:

Record adjacent area of the intended phone anytime.

Simply send an easy text message or conduct recording by using the control panel of the SPY24 remotely.

Listen to the recorded sounds directly from the control panel of the SPY24 or you can download the same to your PC.

All the recorded files are uploaded to the memory of your SPY24 online that you can use with an internet connection from anywhere.

record surroundings

Why Do You Need This Feature?

Do you guess your children are lying about their movements and activities? Do you wish to track them every time they have fun with friends? Are you eager to ensure that your staff is not engaged in any unethical activities? Do you want to track their smartphones? SPY24 facilitates you to preserve all calls through recording everything happening around the target points. This way, you can get what you want including the facts in the recorded audio format.

Spy Call Record

SPY24 offers you the advantage of recording each and every call from your desired phone remotely spy call recorder. You will be given a unique opportunity to listen to recorded both incoming and outgoing call logs . It means that you will be able to hear not only a spied person speaking, but also a person he or she is talking to. SPY24 Call Recording feature runs perfectly both on Android and iOS-based.

With your SPY24 spy call recorder you can:

Record all received and dialed calls from the target phone.

Record incoming and outgoing calls from the numbers that are needed to be particularly monitored.

All recorded calls can be stored in your online SPY24 control panel and you are able to access them from any place using the internet.

You can listen to the recordings right from your SPY24 spy call recorder account whenever you need or download them onto your personal computer for more convenience.

call recording

Why Do You Need This Feature?

Do you want to know what your target people are chatting on their phones? Are you afraid of harmful activities of your employees that they might attempt over the phones? Are your kids engaged with the phone at odd times? Then it would just be great that you are capable of monitoring all their calls with a view to avoiding any untoward incident. Well, SPY24 can help you here perfectly. You simply use your SPY24 and record all calls being made by the target phone. Sounds great!