How To Track A Cell Phone Without Installing Software

How To Track A Cell Phone Without Installing Software
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Learn how to track a cell phone's location without having to install software on the target phone. Do you want to discover how to track a cell phone's position without having to use the software? It's enough of that! The few methods available for tracking a phone without installing software on Android and iPhone devices are discussed today.

Phone tracking applications that are installed without permission make claims that they are providing free location monitoring services for Android and iPhone users. On Android, you can discover freeways and services for tracking your position, but you won't be able to find them on iPhones. To track the position of your iPhone, you must purchase additional services.

We have evaluated a number of different methods for tracking a cellphone's position, and we have ultimately come up with two approaches for each operating system, such as for Android and iOS smartphones. Let's have a look at the most effective and ultimate methods of tracking a phone without the need for software.

How To Track A Cell Phone Without Installing Software

In this article, we will show you how to track an iPhone without installing software.

Without the need to install any software, you may track the position of your phone using the methods listed below. Let's take a quick look at them in the next section.

Methods: iCloud Methods, iTunes Methods

When using the iCloud technique to monitor an iPhone without jailbreaking it, it is necessary for the user to be able to obtain the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for users to employ any tracking software for the iPhone in order to track their whereabouts. Let's go over the procedure of tracking the position of an iPhone without the use of software step by step.

Installing an iPhone monitoring solution on your computer is the first step.

You must first download and install any free iPhone monitoring software on your computer device, after which you must log in with the credentials you received via email.

Step 2: Download and install iTunes on your computer.

Due to the fact that Windows PCs do not come preinstalled with iTunes, it is entirely up to you whether you want to use a PC or a MAC computer device as your device. iTunes must be downloaded on PCs regardless of the operating system.

Step 3: Enable the iPhone tracking service that you are currently using.

Having successfully installed a location-tracking program for iPhone on your computer, you will need to activate the service you are using by logging into your account with the credentials you have received via email. Furthermore, you will have the ability to enter the iCloud credentials that you have obtained for your target device.

There are several options for entering your iCloud credentials and pairing them with the device of your choice. Once you have completed the process, you will receive an email containing information about the data of the target iPhone into which you wish to gain insight.

In order to track the location of the iPhone device, you must first link the device to your computer device via Bluetooth. You must follow the instructions that appear on the screen in order to complete the installation process.

When you are going through the process, you must make sure that the shared box for tracking the position of an iPhone is checked in order to complete it. This time-consuming method can be used to keep track of contacts, SMS messages, installed apps, WhatsApp messages, and device information.

Note: There is a free technique for tracking iPhone locations that do not require the installation of software, but we are aware that doing so will waste your time and efforts. So, rather than relying on the free process of iPhone tracking solutions, you may track the position of an iPhone by utilizing the best commercial service to complete the task in the shortest amount of time possible.

Do you want to know how to monitor Android devices without having to install any software?

Android location monitoring has become increasingly vital for many people all around the world in recent years. Due to the potential dangers to children and businesses, this is the case. As a result, parents and business professionals want to be able to monitor Android smartphones without having to download and install the software.

Here are some methods for tracking the position of an Android phone that you can utilize.

Where Can I Find My Device?

An alternate and completely free technique of tracking android mobile devices without the use of the software is to use an android device manager. Every smartphone running the Android operating system includes the "Android Device Manager," which is a built-in feature.

Find my device gives you the ability to do the following things from a distance:

It activates the alarm on your lost or stolen cellular device.

Without the use of software, you can secure the target phone.

You can erase the data on a lost phone even if you do not have physical access to it.

You must log in with the Google ID and password that you previously used on the target device that was lost or stolen. When using the Find My Device technique, you can make use of your Google ID. Before you begin tracking your Android phone without installing software, ensure that the target cell phone is operational and has a reliable internet connection before proceeding.

If your Android phone is not connected to a reliable internet connection, you may have difficulty tracking its whereabouts. You can track the position of an Android phone without having to install any software if you go to the link provided below and log in to the target account.

Go to for further information.

The Google Find my device technique will provide you with the ability to locate the target smartphone device and its location. You can utilize the built-in feature of Android phones, "Find My Device," to track the location of your phone by logging into the Google account associated with your target phone.

Google's Timeline is a useful tool.

Do you want to follow the position of your Android device without granting permission or using an Android tracking solution? You can complete the task with the help of Google Maps. Users must log in with the Google credentials associated with the target phone, and you will be able to track your target device in real time. Visit the link provided below using either your built-in or installed web browsers to get started.

go to and log into your account

Select Timeline from the menu bar on the upper left side of the screen after selecting it from the menu bar. You will learn more about the GPS location of your Android phone. You are permitted to go through the menu>Places> locations you have visited. You must take care of a few things, such as the activation of the GPS and the maintenance of a stable internet connection, in order to track android devices and their concealed whereabouts.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location Using SPY24 Is a Better Solution

There is a better way for tracking the whereabouts of a cellphone, and that is to use the best cell phone tracker available. You do not need to waste your time and energy on ineffective and time-consuming procedures. With the help of SPY24, you may find out where your phone is right now using its live GPS location.

A tracking program that may be installed on the target mobile phone allows you to track the whereabouts of your device. It is simple to set up on the target device, and it just takes a short amount of time to complete the process. It is a non-rooted and covert tracking tool for mobile phones.

SPY24 has the following characteristics:

In order to empower you to monitor cell phone devices and provide insight into the target device with sheer power and accuracy, the finest cell phone tracking software should include the following functions.

GPS position tracker that updates in real-time


History of the location

Route Maps are used for tracking.

Making a recording of the screen

Text conversations and instant messaging chats are being monitored.

recorder of keystrokes

These are the most important functions of the SPY24 phone location tracking program, which provides you with real-time information about the position and other actions of a cell phone.

What is the procedure?

You must first sign up for a SPY24 subscription by visiting the company's website, after which you will receive login credentials through email. It is important to have physical access to the target device in order to set up the monitoring app. The mobile tracking app features can only be activated when you have logged into the dashboard. The data will be delivered to the user using the web-based control panel.


Avoid using free and time-consuming methods to track a cell phone's location without first installing software. Phone location tracking without the use of a target device is a skewed reality. We encourage you save your time and energy by using SPY24 to receive instant results rather than wasting time and energy surfing the internet back and forth.