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Instasheep: A Tool to Hack Instagram Accounts Is Now Available

Instasheep is an Instagram account hacking/session hijacking tool that takes advantage of a weakness in the Instagram mobile app.

Hacker wrote two days ago about a serious problem with the Instagram app for mobiles, which is the most popular way to share photos and videos. The problem lets an attacker take over a user's account and access private photos, delete the victim's photos, edit comments, and also post new photos.

Yesterday, a London developer named Stevie Graham released a tool called "Instasheep." The name is a play on the 2010 Facebook stealer Firesheep, which is a Firefox extension that can be used to automatically hack online accounts with a click of the mouse.

Instagram makes API calls to non-HTTPS endpoints with session cookies in the request headers allowing full session hijack by a malicious actor.

Steps to reproduce (on Mac OS X):

Jump on an open or WEP encrypted wifi access point
Put your network interface into promiscuous mode filtering on

  1. sudo tcpdump -In -i en0 -s 2048 -A DST
  2. Wait for someone to use the Instagram iOS app on the same network
  3. Extract the cookie request header from the resulting output
  4. Use sessionid cookie parameter to make any API call as that user Even HTTPS endpoints like direct messages.
  5. curl -H 'User-Agent: Instagram 6.0.4 (iPhone6,2; iPhone OS 7_1_1; en_GB; en-GB) AppleWebKit/420+' \
  6. -H 'Cookie: sessionid=REDACTED' \

This returns the user's direct message inbox as JSON

I was able to perform a session hijack on my own account on my laptop while someone else browsed instagram on my iPhone.

I was also able to:

  1. take the cookie sniffed from the iOS app
  2. go to as an unlogged-in user.
  3. set document.cookie = $COOKIE
  4. navigate to a profile
  5. see I'm logged in as that user

There is some screwy behavior where '' gets into a redirect loop, I will see if I can fix that. However, going to '' works and shows me as logged in.

I think this attack is extremely severe because it allows full session hijack and is easily automated. I could go to the Apple Store tomorrow and reap thousands of accounts in one day, and then use them to post spam.


Use SSL everywhere

Revoke all logged-in sessions?

Graham found out about the Instagram problem years ago. He was shocked to find out that Facebook still hadn't fixed it. He made the tool public after saying that Facebook wouldn't pay him a bug bounty for flaws he found in the Instagram iOS app and told them about.
Graham wrote a tweet about the problem: "Bug bounty turned down. The next step is to write an automated tool that lets a lot of accounts be taken over at once "He put words on paper. "Pretty serious vuln, FB. fix, please."

It was said that Facebook, the biggest social networking site, knew about the problem with its Instagram iOS app and was working on a fix by putting HTTPS on all of its sites. However, it is still not clear how long it will take.

Because Instagram sends some unencrypted data with the session cookie, a man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack could happen if the flaw was used in the right way. The attacker could then use these HTTP session cookies that were stolen on another system or browser to take over the victim's Instagram session.
"I don't agree that it's hard to exploit. Just one person with enough skill can put out a tool that is so easy to use that even a script kiddie can use it. At that point, Pandora's box was broken open "Graham put something on YCombinator.

Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, replied to the problem on the same YCombinator website and said, "We've been steadily expanding HTTPS. For example, Instagram Direct, which we launched at the end of 2013, is 100% HTTPS. For the rest of the app, especially read endpoints that are sensitive to latency like the main feed and other browsing experiences, we're working hard to roll out HTTPS while making sure performance, stability, and the user experience don't go backward. We hope to finish this project soon, and we'll write about it in our English blog so that other companies can learn from it."

Graham released an automated tool called "Instasheep" to make Facebook do what he wanted, but the company should move faster on deploying HTTPS.

How do I use Instasheep to break into Instagram?

This article will show you how to use Instasheep to hack Instagram and also give you some other ways to hack Instagram. Click to find out what you want to know.

If you use Instasheep to learn how to hack Instagram, you can start hacking with just one click. There is a very important flaw in the Instagram app. If you exploit this flaw, you can take full control of a user's account. In this SPY24 article, we'll talk about how to hack Instagram and show you how to use the InstaSheep app.

Typical ways to break into Instagram:

A hacker uses many different ways to get into a user's account and find out private information about other people. Here, we'll talk about some of these plans and ways to hack:

  1. Installing a spy app on the smartphone of the person you want to find out about.
  2. There are different ways to find the password for the user account.
  3. Access to information about Instagram users on Instagram's main servers.
  4. Access to the person's account from the device he or she is using to log in.
  5. Go to the person's email to find out his login information and password.
  6. Etc.

How do I use Instasheep to break into Instagram?

Most of the time, these are some of the most common ways to hack Instagram. Most people today know how hackers use these methods and are not easy to trick. Hackers use the tools they have or the information they already know to get the target person's account password. Once they have it, they can log in to his account. On the other hand, the victim doesn't know anything and finds out all at once that all of his personal information has been posted online.

There are many different ways to hack. For example, you can use social engineering to find out someone's password. With social engineering, you act in a way that makes the person trust you, and then you trick them into giving you their password. Stay with us until the end if you want to easily learn how to hack Instagram with Instasheep.

How to use Instasheep to break into Instagram?

Some websites teach you how to hack Instagram with Instasheep. They say that after you root your phone and install the Busybox app, you should run the Instasheep app (Extension) and type in the user name of the person you want to hack. The program will then run itself and start hacking the target's account.

But if you think about it, you'll realize that there isn't a simple app that lets you get into someone else's account just by installing it and giving them their username. Obviously, if Instagram has such a program and such a weakness, the company fixed the problem and made it so that unauthorized people can't get into user accounts.

  • Instasheep: A programmer makes a tool to take over Instagram accounts through Wi-Fi.
  • A bug that has been known for years makes mobile users' accounts vulnerable to a hostile takeover.

A developer from London named Stevie Graham recently sent a bug report to Facebook. In it, he described what he thought was a security hole in Instagram that would let someone take over a user's session by getting information from a public Wi-Fi network. When Facebook, which owns Instagram, told him he wouldn't get a bug bounty, he tweeted about it and started making a proof-of-concept tool to exploit it. "Refused to pay for bugs. "The next step is to write an automated tool that lets a lot of accounts be taken over at once," he wrote. "Pretty serious vuln, FB. fix, please."

As we said in our recent article about privacy holes in mobile apps, Instagram sends most of its messages using HTTP, which means that the user's account name and account number are sent in the clear. And, as Graham showed, there are other pieces of data that are sent between Instagram's iOS client and the service without being encrypted. Even though the user's credentials are sent over a secure connection, information sent back by Instagram's application interface to the phone client includes a cookie that can be used on the same network without reauthentication to connect to Instagram as that user and access private messages and other data. "Once you have a cookie, you can use it to authenticate yourself at any endpoint, whether it's HTTPS or HTTP," he wrote. Graham said he knew about the flaw for a long time.

Graham put up the steps needed to repeat his findings:

Connect to a Wi-Fi access point that is open or has WEP encryption.
Put your network interface's filtering on into promiscuous mode: Sudo tcpdump -In -I en0 -s 2048 -A DST
Wait until someone else on the same network uses the Instagram iOS app.
From the output, get the cookie request header.

  1. Use the sessionid parameter of a cookie to make any API call as that user. Even HTTPS endpoints like direct messages:
  2. curl -H 'User-Agent: Instagram 6.0.4 (iPhone6,2; iPhone OS 7_1_1; en GB; en-GB) AppleWebKit/420+' \ -H 'Cookie: sessionid=REDACTED' \ share/inbox/`

This gives back the user's direct message inbox in JSON format (JavaScript Object Notation).
This kind of attack is similar to the "Firesheep" attack that happened in 2010 and caused Facebook to switch to HTTPS for user sessions on its pages. Graham called it "Instasheep" in a Twitter chat about it.

Ars has tried to get Facebook to say something about the bug but has not heard back. We'll add new information to this story as it comes in.

If you want to keep hackers from getting into your account and make it safer, you should do things like:

  1. Choosing a password for your account that is hard to guess. (Use more than 8 characters, capital letters, small letters, symbols, etc.)
  2. Set your Instagram account up for two-step verification.
  3. Etc.

You can also read the article How to secure your Instagram account to learn more about how to keep your account safe.

  • Conclusion

Instasheep is an app that lets you get into other people's Instagram accounts. Once you learn how to use it, it's easy to do. In this article on SPY24, we talked about the different ways to hack Instagram and showed you how to do it with Instasheep. By reading this article, you can use this tutorial, and we hope you find it helpful.

Android app to hack Instagram How to spy on text messages with Instasheep

How to break into Instagram? Is there an app you can download to hack Instagram? Your mind is probably full of these questions. In this article, we'll talk about how to keep your Instagram account from being hacked and if it's possible to hack or break into an Instagram account.

SPY24 lets you read Instagram messages.

We've already found that there isn't a specific app that says you can hack someone else's Instagram account by installing it on your device. But if you install the SPY24 app on the target device, you can spy on Instagram account of that device and see Instagram messages, Instagram Direct, and other parts of the account.

Spy Instagram Messages

  1. Spy Instagram Messages
  2. SPY24 is a tool for spying.
  3. You can also keep an eye on social network apps like Instagram with the SPY24 monitoring tool.
  4. Keep an eye on direct messages
  5. Look at shared pictures and videos
  6. Keep an eye on all the Likes and Comments.
  7. Use your Control Panel to get direct access to all the information.
  8. Applications to hack Instagram

People all over the Internet know that Instasheep is the way to hack Instagram. It's interesting to know that you can't download this app or that it's hard to find the link to download it.
It's more strange to learn how to use the app than to download it. Different websites explain how to use the InstaSheep app. They say that after rooting the phone and installing the busy box app, you should run the InstaSheep app. If you give the app the Instagram user name, it will hack the account automatically.

It's clear that there isn't a program that lets you only get into your Instagram account if you install it on your phone and give your Instagram username or username.

Even if this happens, the people who work on Instagram will look for a way to stop it.

The keylogger can be used to hack an Instagram account.

instahack-hacking-instagram-account/">Hacking Instagram with Keylogger is another method that is talked about on the Internet. Maybe it would be better to start by explaining what Keylogger is and how it can be used to hack an Instagram account.

Keylogger is a common name for a software program that lets the user receive and record any character typed on the keyboard or other input tools. Keylogger is also used as spyware and a hacking tool for the same reason: by installing Keylogger on someone else's computer, a hacker can see all the words that person types.

  • You can use a Keylogger to read Instagram messages.

Instead, tutorials on how to hack Instagram with Keyloggers are called the way to hack anything else. In such a way you have to install the keylogger application on the person's system, and then if you enter the user's purpose and your Instagram password, you will know it and be able to access other people's Instagram accounts.

  • Don't let someone break into your Instagram account.

So, we can see that hacking other people's Instagram accounts or hacking, in general, is not easy, and you can't hack other people by installing an app on your device called "Instagram hack." There is a lot of false advertising about this topic.

But if you think about the fact that engineering is the most common way to hack an Instagram account with Keylogger. Hacking is a way to get the login information for a device without having direct access to it.

  • So, here are some tips to keep other people from getting into your account.

Make sure that strangers and people you don't know can't get into your Instagram account by using your personal device. This will stop the most common way hackers use to get in.

After installing a suspicious or unobtrusive app on your device, get rid of it right away, and do the same if you see an app you don't recognize.

Installing antivirus software is the best way to find malicious programs and stop hackers from installing their own. For instance, AVL is a free antivirus app for Android that you can use to protect your device.

  • Instasheep is a tool that can be used to break into Instagram accounts.

Yesterday, we talked about a security flaw that was found in the Android social network app, which let people steal other people's accounts if they didn't use HTTPS. A security expert put out an app called "Instasheep" that lets people steal other people's accounts. This has been explained as a way for Facebook to respond.

And the problem is that accounts can be stolen not just from people who use the social network on Android devices, but also from people who use it on iOS and Mac OS X. The security expert was in charge of letting people know about important security flaws on Facebook. He was also in charge of warning people two years ago about a security flaw on the social network Instagram, which was owned by someone else at the time. When he found out that the first social network didn't do anything to fix the problem, he was very shocked.

Instagram Hacker App - Get Instagram Hacking App

Get Instagram is another great Instagram hacking app for the iPhone that can be used to hack any Instagram account. With this method, it's easy to hack an Instagram account as long as you have the user's Instagram account. This Instagram hacker app is one of the best in the business because it has customer service that is open 24/7. To hack an Instagram account, all you have to do is get the app on your iPhone and enter the username where it says to. The app will break into the Instagram account and give you information about the account.

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The Instagram Password Finder is another app that lets you hack Instagram and gives you a 100% guarantee that it will work. This app for hacking Instagram works great on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices. The app is easy to use and hack an Instagram account with because it has a simple interface.

  • Free iPhone app to hack Instagram

To crack the password, you must first download the program, install it, and enter the IG username in the spaces provided.

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You can hack Instagram online, or you can get the app and install it on your iPhone. No matter which method you choose, you will get the same results.

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Free Instagram Hacker App For Android 1: To hack any Instagram account, click the "start hacking" button and enter the account's username in the box that appears.

2: To get the password, click the "Hack" button at the bottom of the pop-up.

3: The program will automatically secure a safe connection and use the password.

4: To get the password, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

2: Free Instagram Hacker App - Instagram Password Hacking Tool

By opening a loop, the Instagram password generator hack app lets you get into someone else's Instagram database. The Instagram password hack tool is a very useful piece of PC software that makes hacking someone's Instagram account easy. You have to download and set up this Instagram hack app before you can use it. Run the file to finish setting it up and start it.

Instagram Hacker App For Android Free Instagram Hacker App - Instaleak

With the Instaleak Instagram hacker app, you can get into any Instagram account you want.
Instagram Hacker Android App free

  • With Instaleak, you get:
  • A simple way to use it
  • There is a 100% fee for use
  • It has an IP spoofing feature that hides your real IP address.
  • To hack Instagram, all you have to do is;

1: Type the target user's username into the field provided and click the "Verify" button.
2: You will get a message telling you that the hacking went well.
3: Write down the password and use it to get into your account.