Browser History Tracker | Phone Internet history tracking app for android

How to Monitor Browsing History Via SPY24?

Watch a tutorial to learn how you can monitor browsing history via SPY24 ?

Browser History Tracker: View Someone's Browsing History

Need to know what websites they've been visitng recently? Use SPY24's browser historing tracking feature to find out. Keep an eye on their internet surfing in real-time from any web browser.

Browser History Tracker

Check the phone's or tablet's web browser history.

Browser History SPY

Phone History Tracker for Internet Browser, Calls and SMS on Android

Web History Tracker

With SPY24 parents can view and monitor internet browsing history on child’s targeted phone. Install SPY24 and spy on all browsing history directly from dashboard panel.

Browser History Tracker | Phone Internet history tracking app for android

Monitor Internet Browsing History and Bookmarks More than 88% of teens view pornographic content online at least twice a week and equally alarming situation is at offices with 70% of traffic on pornographic sites generating during 9am-5pm. So it is very important that you monitor browser history on your children and employees’ phones and tablets. With , you can remotely track their Internet browsing activity even it’s deleted using any computer or smartphone. Internet History Tracker Monitor what sites your child visits on the Net with SPY24. You will be able to track and store all the activities taking place on your kid’s web browser. Besides, you can protect your child from objectionable content using SPY24 website blocking feature.

What Is Internet History Tracking Software?

With this, you can get your hands onto the browsing history of your kids and employees and determine if your provided cell phones are rightfully used. If you are monitoring cell phones, a browser history tracker is a must-have. also lets you:
Check the list of all websites’ URLs visited.
Check the number of times a website has been visited.
View time and date stamps for each website.
View all the bookmarked websites.
View how often the favorite websites are visited.

internet history tracker free.

Phone History Tracker for Internet Browser, Calls, and SMS on Android
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Track Internet history for iPhone and Android
Monitor Incognito Browsing with the best internet history spy app

What’s the point of monitoring your child or employees’ browsing history when you can’t find what they surf in private mode? If someone is keeping things from you, they won’t really take the chance of keeping any loose digital footprints, i.e. browsing history. Your only bet then is to have a spy app that monitors private browsing too. SPY24 is amongst those very few spying apps that provide private-mode web browsing from the monitored device.
Works both on iPhone & Android

SPY24 isn’t just an app to track internet history on iPhone, but it also works with all Android phones and tablets. Our extensive compatibility is what makes us stand out from others. Whether it’s an old Gingerbread-powered Android device or the latest iOS device, SPY24 monitors browsing history smoothly on all compatible devices.
Even Get Bookmarks

SPY24 is the complete browser history spy app. Why? Because you can spy on every facet of internet browser of your children or employees; even the web pages they bookmark on their phones. If you are looking for an app to track internet history, there’s no better way to do it than with SPY24.

Frequently Asked Questions - Web History Tracker

How Can I Track Internet History On A Cell Phone With SPY24?

Using SPY24 to track internet history on a cell phone is simple. All you need is to open your SPY24 web account and choose the “Internet History” tab from the “Phone logs” drop-down menu. If you want to have a walkthrough of how it works, you can try the SPY24 Demo. For more details please click here.

Can I Monitor Internet Browsing History From All The Web Browsers On The Monitored Device?

You can monitor your internet browsing history from select mobile browsers. On iOS, it’s Safari; on Android, it’s the “Internet” app and Chrome.

Can I Track Internet Browsing History Off The Monitored Device In Real-Time?

Yes, you can monitor browsing history in real-time, because if the monitored user is browsing the web, he must be having a working internet connection on his/her device. However, this holds true only for Android. If you are using SPY24 on iOS, you would have to wait for the next iCloud backup. If the browsing history is deleted prior to the backup, you won’t be able to access it.

Can I Track Private-Mode/Incognito Browsing History On The Monitored Device?

It’s not possible to track private internet browsing sessions on the monitored devices.

Why is this feature useful?

It’s not a secret that the Internet is filled with websites that are not appropriate for children and teenagers. The age restrictions on these websites are often ignored. If you want to make sure your kids are safe, this browsing history feature is perfect for you.

Phone History Tracker for Internet Browser

  • The Internet teems with adult sites and other content you may not want your child to see. Some sites have explicit content or promote racism, violence or suicidal thoughts. Using SPY24, you will be notified immediately if your child visits questionable sites or accesses objectionable content.
  • Use the browser history feature alongside our website blocking option to manage the content that you find inappropriate. Prevent your child from visiting the wrong sites with SPY24.
  • The title of web pages visited by the user on the target device is also saved for viewing convenience. This information is stored in the user panel and can be accessed online from any device with Internet connection.
  • Saving the browsing history in SPY24 software is enabled by default, so there is no need to change any additional settings to make web history log work.
  • This history tracker saves the list of websites that were visited not only when using default Android web browser but also the ones visited using Google Chrome.
  • There is no need to obtain the root on the target device to save this information using Android smartphone tracker.

Browser History Tracker: How to View Someone's Browsing History

The SPY24 internet history tracker helps you check someone's browser website history on the target device in real time.

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