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Peace of Mind Track and monitor calls, texts, browser history, and much more from afar. If you buy something through one of our links, we will get a cut of the sale. You don't have to have been cheated on or be suspicious to use a reliable text message spy tracker for iPhone. SMS tracker apps are used every day by companies that want to make sure their employees are doing their jobs and by parents who care about their kids and want to make sure they are safe. A well-made SMS tracker works in the background, doesn't get in the way of work, and can do more than just track SMS messages. Even though there are a lot of SMS trackers on the market, there are three that stand out.

Best iPhone SMS Text Message Spy Tracker

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SMS Tracker will help you keep your child safe.

  1. Monitor text messages: With Android 2.1 or later, you can see both the text messages your child sent and the ones they got.
  2. Viewing MMS multimedia messages lets you see photos and other images they have seen.
  3. You can look at your child's browser history to see what he or she has been looking at on the Internet on Android 5. x and later.
  4. Review your child's phone call logs to find out about all the calls made and received on their phone.
  5.  child's movements - You can see where your child was when they used their phone in any way if you track them with GPS.
  6. Find out who your child is hanging out with - SMS Tracker works with your child's contact list so you can see who they are talking to.
  7. Look up your text messages - If you have a specific worry about your child's behavior, you can search messages for certain words.

iPhone App to Track SMS

SMS (Short Message Service) has been around for more than 20 years, and it doesn't look like its popularity is going to go down any time soon. A new report says that 16 million SMS messages are sent every minute around the world.

Even though SMS is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, most people now use it to do bad things. Teens can, for example, send each other sultry pictures via text. Your partner can also talk to a secret lover through SMS.

So, it makes sense that "how to monitor text messages on an iPhone" is one of the most popular searches on Google.

Your Google searches will give you a lot of answers. But what other way can you rely on to read your child's or spouse's text messages without putting your information at risk?

Well, some of them are grouped under the name "SMS tracker apps."

This detailed guide will explain what SMS tracker apps for iPhones are and why they've become so popular. Also, if you're not sure about SMS tracking, I'll explain why it's okay to track someone's texts.

Are you ready to find out how to track text messages on an iPhone? Let's dive in!

  • Track Messages on an iPhone

When Should You Track an iPhone Message?

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to use hidden tracking apps on your iPhone. Here are a few of the most common reasons:

  • Teenage Children

As a parent, it's your job to keep your children safe. With cyberbullying and sexting on the rise, it's important to keep an eye on your ward's SMS texts to see if they're doing anything wrong.

Use a dedicated SMS tracking service that works in Stealth Mode to make sure you don't lose their trust.

  • Partner Verification

If you want to find out if your partner is your "ride or die," you need to spy on their text messages to see if they're having an affair.

Since your partner might be sneaky and delete all of their raunchy chats, you should use an SMS tracker app to find them and talk to them about it.

Parents Who Live Far Away from Scammers are getting smarter about how they try to trick people.

If your elderly parents live far away and you want to keep track of them, install an iPhone SMS tracker app on their phones.

Why? To make sure they don't click on strange URLs and talk to cyber criminals who are pretending to be their "friends."

  • Entrepreneur

If you own a business, you know that productivity is key to growth and getting a good return on investment. But some staff members might waste valuable time texting at work.

You might want to be brave and install SMS tracking apps on company devices to find out which employees are pushing your business forward and which ones are holding it back.

So, you can separate the good clients from the bad ones and meet your firm's long-term goals.

How to Use a Spy App to Keep Track of Text Messages?

When you type something like "track text on iPhone" into Google's search bar, a tonne of options will show up on your screen.

  • Still, you need to be careful.

Most mediums have glitzy extras that aren't very good and can't give you access to the basics. It's getting worse because some of them are scams. But there is one way I think is best: spy apps!

Spy applications, as their names suggest, are one-of-a-kind pieces of software designed to look into the data bits on an iPhone. Because they work in "Stealth Mode," these apps don't leave any traces behind.

A spy app is known for its SMS tracking add-ons and other features. SPY24!

When it came to phone monitoring in 2011, SPY24 set the pace for everyone else to follow. SPY24 has more than 30 features, on top of giving its users access to the best SMS monitoring tools.

SPY24 is a safe and reliable spy app that uses encryption that banks use. With this service, you can be sure that you will be able to spy on an iPhone without any help from a third party.

What else? If you run into problems while using the platform, SPY24 has a helpdesk that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter how complicated things are, you won't have to wait long for an answer.

  • How much does SPY24 costs

So, do you have to write out more than one check to pay for SPY24? Not quite. Even though this spy app has a lot of advanced features, it is still affordable.

sms tracking iphone apps

Here's a look at the SPY24 premium plans that are available:

  1. 1 Month: free
  2. $37.99 per month for 3 months
  3. $11.66 per month for 12 months

DID YOU KNOW: SPY24's Refund Policy is great. For example, you can get a refund if the service doesn't match your preferences 14 days after you sign up. Talk about a spy app that cares about its users.

Features of SPY24 let you read iPhone text messages

SPY24 is a reliable spy app that has a long list of top-notch features. For some background, this app has more than 30 functions, which is more than most spying services on the Internet showing off.

sms tracker iphone app download

As a premium user of SPY24, you will have access to the following features:

Would you like to know what your child or spouse is talking about on the phone without them knowing? You can use SPY24 to get detailed information about the target's incoming and outgoing messages, as well as their times.

If you don't want a certain number to talk to the target, you can block these contacts with SPY24.

Even though iPhones might seem like rock-solid devices, SPY24 can sort through text messages on them. This SMS tracker for iPhone gives you full access to the multimedia files on the texts as well as the texts themselves.

It's no longer hard to find out where someone is right now using GPS. With SPY24, you can see where your child or partner goes when they leave the house.

So that things go more smoothly, a detailed map will show where they are.

SPY24 also lets its customers mark dangerous areas on a map. So, let’s say you added a local hotel to your list of restricted spots. If your target comes to this place, the SPY24 app will let you know right away.

Spying on social media is one of the best things SPY24 has added. You can see what the target is doing on popular social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, Tinder, and Kik by using this feature.

  • Apps and programs can be managed.

SPY24 shows you a list of all the apps and programs that are on the target iPhone. You can also stop the target from using apps that will hurt them in the long run.

  • Look at media files

After installing SPY24, you will have full access to the multimedia files of the target. As soon as they take a picture or video, it will show up on your SPY24 dashboard.

You'll also know exactly when these files showed up on the iPhone of the person you want to spy on.

Would you like to see in real-time what's being typed on an iPhone? SPY24's "Keylogger" makes this endeavor possible. With this feature turned on, you can keep track of every tap on the keyboard on an iPhone.

What else? You can set up word alerts. So, SPY24 will let you know if the target uses any of these words in an SMS text or a Bing search.

  • Watch what people do on the Internet

There are a lot of shady people on the Internet. As a parent who wants to keep your kids safe from cyberbullying and child predators, SPY24 will help you keep an eye on what they do online.

If you see something strange, you can use SPY24 to block their access to websites you think are dangerous.

SPY24 is one of the best iPhone text trackers, but it can also read emails on a target device.

Whether the person you want to spy on uses Gmail or Yahoo Mail, SPY24 gives you access to their emails on both platforms.

Through the SPY24 app, you can also see the contact information of the people who are getting the messages.

Apps for the iPhone that let you track text messages: legal or not?

Even though spy apps like SPY24 are great for sorting through text messages on an iPhone, people who want to use them want to know if it's legal.

In some countries, you can use spy apps without getting in trouble with the law. But using a spy app can get you in trouble in some places.

sms tracker iphone app

I suggest talking to a technology lawyer about phone monitoring laws in your area so you can find out what the rules are.

Even though it's against the law in the US to use spyware, you can still use it to keep an eye on your child's iPhone. Still, if they are 18 or older, you need their permission to spy on them.

Tracking iPhone text messages for free: Myth or Reality?

Spy services put a lot of time and money into making sure their apps work well. So, it's almost impossible to find a good spying app that will let you use all of its premium features for free.

Your search for "apps to track texts on iPhone for free in 2022" might bring up a lot of results, but many of them are fronts for scams.

But all is not lost because many apps now offer a "Free Trial." No matter what, don't get too excited. Make sure you read reviews of apps from sites you can trust.

If something doesn't seem right, you should stay away from it. At this point, it's clear that there are several problems with free spying services.

Choose a good spy app like SPY24 to get the most out of your money. Their plans are cheap, and you can get access to all of the data on a target device without doing anything else.

IMPORTANT: SPY24 is different from other spying services because it has a feature called Demo Mode. If you go to this section, you should be able to see a "copy" of SPY24's dashboard. So, you can try out SPY24's paid add-ons before you buy them. What a good thing!

How to Put SPY24 on an iPhone to Track Text Messages?

You might think that installing a sophisticated app like SPY24 is a hard task that requires a lot of tech know-how.

This idea, however, is wrong. Follow these simple, straight-forward steps to get your SMS monitoring project going:

Step 1: Sign up for an account

  • Go to the official site and click the "Try Now" button to use SPY24. On the next page, type in your email address and check the box that says "Terms and Conditions."

Step 2: Choose an OS to target and sign up.

  • After making a SPY24 profile, choose an OS to spy on. Tap "iOS" since you want to spy on an iPhone.

Then, choose a plan that fits your budget. SPY24 has plans for a month, three months, and a year.

Step 3: Put the SPY24 app on the device you want to spy on.

  • Once you've made payment for your chosen package, you'll receive an email from SPY24.

Don't send this email to anyone else because it has your dashboard login information and an installation guide. Using this guide, put SPY24 on the iPhone of the target.

If you have problems, there is customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Step 4: Start keeping track!

  • After installing SPY24 on the iPhone you want to track, open your web browser and sign in to your dashboard.

Now, you can see the target's SMS messages, call logs, GPS location, social media chats, and emails.

NOTE: With SPY24, you can track any iPhone through its iCloud logins. But make sure 2FA is turned off to avoid installation problems.

You can use a spy app to keep track of someone's iPhone SMS texts. You can spy on a target's GPS location, social media interactions, and Internet history with these apps. You can also read all of their messages.

Even though there are a lot of apps for tracking text messages on the iPhone, SPY24 is the best one.

If you use this spy app, you can expect to have a monitoring experience that is 100% effective. To get started with SPY24, go to their website and choose a subscription plan.

You can also use SPY24's demo mode to learn more about what it can do. Before you use the SPY24 app, make sure it's not against the law where you live.


Parents worry more and more about their kids making bad decisions because they hear so much about child predators, cyberbullying, drug and alcohol abuse, and other things on the news. Constant cell phone use means that you worry about them not only when they're not with you, but also when they're at home and can use their phone. "How can I read my child's text messages?" is a question that many parents are asking.

SMS Tracker is a great way to make sure that your child is safe, but it's not all we have to offer. If you put this app on a phone with Android 4.4 or higher, you can keep an eye on multimedia messages, phone calls, and the history of your browser. When your child's contact list is integrated, you get more than just a list of the phone numbers they sent or received messages from. You know the names of all the people they're talking to.

Problems with drugs or alcohol are every parent's worst fear. If you think your child is doing this or talking to someone who is, the GPS feature is a must-have. SMS Tracker uses GPS to find and record where your child is every time they use their phone. When you log in to your account, a map will show you where they were every time they did something on their phone. And if you're worried about something, in particular, you can even search their text messages for any keyword you want. Have more than one little one? SMS Tracker can be used on more than one phone.


Install the SMS Tracker app on your child's phone to finish signing up and making an account. The tracking of activities will start right away. We will make logs and send them to our servers. You can get information about how your child uses their phone by going to this site from their phone or a computer with any browser. We'll show you every text message and multimedia message that your child sends or gets. Though, we don't just show you the message. We even integrate with your child's contacts so you can see who is sending or receiving your child's messages. We also give you a log of your phone calls that shows the time, how long they lasted, and who they were with. SMS Tracker also uses a GPS to tell you where your child is every time they use their phone. Want to know where they've been with their phone since they left your house? The website shows you a map of every place your child used their phone. Worried about someone in particular or another possible threat? You can look for a name or any word you want in their text messages. If you're a parent in the 21st century, you worry about many dangerous people and things that can put your child in danger. You want to keep them safe, but it can be hard to know how to do that, especially with all the technology they have now. SMS Tracker is for you if you've been wondering how to keep track of the text messages your child sends and receives. But it's much more than just a way to track text messages. SMS Tracker gives you the most peace of mind of any app. It lets you keep track of what your child does on their phone, where they do it, and who they are with. Protect them from dangerous people and situations by keeping an eye on their cell phones, which is their main way of getting in touch with others. Get the SMS Tracker app and sign up for our service!

Best SMS Text Message Spy Trackers for iPhone in 2022

1. mSpy free hidden SMS tracker for iPhone

With 95% customer satisfaction and many paying customers from all over the world, mSpy is the best mobile tracking software on the market right now. mSpy works with both iOS and Android, as well as Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. If you buy mSpy's monitoring bundle kit, you get the world's most advanced mobile and desktop monitoring solution for one discounted price.

how to check sms in iphone

mSpy for iPhone lets you read and send text messages, get a log of all calls in order, keep track of popular instant messaging apps, view photos and videos on the monitored device, check email history, find the location of the monitored device, and do a lot more.

mSpy gives you more than just the app itself. You can also store all data safely in the cloud. Their dedicated support team works around the clock to help customers by email, chat, or phone. The Huffington Post, ABC, Forbes, Fox News, CNN, and others have given mSpy their stamp of approval, praising its high level of polish and excellent reliability.

2. Mobile Spy hidden SMS tracker for iPhone

Since its founding in July 1997, Mobile Spy has sold its mobile tracking app to more than 150,000 customers in over 150 countries. They understand why parents want to keep an eye on who their kids talk to and why businesses want to make sure employees value the time and money of the company. Mobile Spy is the name of the company that makes it. It is cutting-edge software for tracking mobile phones that works on most Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone devices. The official website has the full list of devices that work with it.

free hidden sms tracker for iphone

Mobile Spy lets you see incoming and outgoing call logs, SMS and MMS messages, the device's current location, and different usage statistics, just like all good mobile monitoring apps. It can also show you the full list of contacts on the target phone and give you an overview of recent social media and IM activity.

Mobile Spy doesn't need to be jailbroken, and it comes with clear instructions and a list of the most common questions. If you need help, there is a support line open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a free trial version of the app, and you can subscribe to get the full version every month, three months, or a year.

3. SpyBubble SMS tracker iPhone free

SpyBubble is a simple and effective way to keep an eye on a mobile device. It has a money-back guarantee for 60 days and works with iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and even Symbian. The app has been made from the ground up so that even people who don't like technology can use it.

SpyBubble's most important features include the ability to read the user's sent and received messages and to see where the user has been on a map by looking at their history. The app can also give you access to all the phone numbers saved on the phone, a list of the websites the user has visited, all incoming and outgoing emails, and popular instant messaging conversations, among other things.

hidden sms tracker for iphone

The only problem is that SpyBubble isn't as hidden as the official website makes it sound. A recent update changed how the app works so that the app's icon is always visible. This shouldn't be a problem for businesses that want to keep an eye on what their employees are doing, but SpyBubble probably wouldn't last long on a teenager's phone.

Here you can get it now:

4. Create a shared Apple ID

If you want to be sneaky, you could buy a cheap iPad and use your partner's Apple ID on it. This way, all of your partner's messages would go through the Messaging app, and you could easily read them on that iPad. You'll just need to make sure that the iCloud Messages sync is turned on, and then all of those messages will go through the iPad.

sms tracker iphone free

We don't recommend spying, but this is a great way to keep an eye on text messages when things seem weird in a relationship or you want to make sure your kids are safe.

Best SMS Text Message Spy Tracker for iPhone Verdict

As you can see, the iPhone can be used with a few spy trackers. Most of the time, it's hard to set up spy trackers on iOS because Apple makes iOS pretty secure, encrypted, and locked down. But if you have to have something, these three can work pretty well with the iPhone.