Is It Possible to Monitor Facebook Messenger?

Is It Possible to Monitor Facebook Messenger?
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Without Using a Phone, Spy on Facebook Messages for Free

Facebook application With 2.6 billion monthly active members, Spy is the most popular social network. Despite its numerous benefits, some people abuse social media, particularly when it comes to children.

Predators, cyberbullying, scammers, hackers, and other harmful actors are constantly on the lookout for new victims to abuse. You can therefore intercept your child's Facebook messages if you believe they are in danger, even if your lover is unfaithful to you.

This article will go through 17 free Facebook Messenger spy programs as well as five other ways to spy on Facebook.

Must-Haves or Must-Passes: 17 Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

Globally, Facebook has nearly 3 billion users. Almost everyone we know uses Facebook, or at least Facebook Messenger, the company's chat program. Only ten years ago, we used to send text messages. Messenger has taken over. "What are they talking about?" you might think when you observe people establishing group or private chats on Messenger.

You're concerned that your significant other is sending messages to others? Do you believe your youngster is involved in a potentially dangerous group chat? Have you seen your coworkers on Messenger discussing you? Whatever the cause, we have the solution to the question, "Is there a way to spy on Facebook Messenger?" Let's take a peek at the top 17 Facebook spy applications to make your life easier.

17 Facebook Messenger Spy Apps for Free

If you've ever tried to read someone's Facebook messages, you know how difficult it is. That is why you will require the assistance of a spy app. Unfortunately, not all apps are as good as they appear to be. It's possible that some of them are phishing schemes. Here are our top 11 free Facebook spy applications to avoid all the drama and risks:

The quickest and most reliable approach to read Facebook messages surreptitiously is to use Facebook spy software. These instruments are easy to use, inexpensive, and deliver real-time information. As you may be aware, we only recommend high-quality applications. Here are the finest Facebook spy applications, without further ado:

1- SPY24

2- eyeZy

3. iKeyMonitor

4-Family Link on Google

5-xnspy application

6-cerberus application

7- cocospy application

8- Spyera

9. KidsGuard Pro

10. TheTruthSpy


12- Spyic

13- Spyzie

14. FlexiSpy

15. SpyBubble


17- mSpy

These apps are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, as you may know, certain programs operate better on one platform than the other. As a result, we divided the top spy applications without a target phone into two categories. Find out if you don't already know!

17 Facebook Spy Apps for Android

If you know your target's device runs Android, check out these five apps that are optimized for it. However, you will need physical access to install the app on an Android smartphone.

SPY24: The Most Powerful Facebook Spy App

You can track Facebook Messenger with SPY24. Our specialists propose SPY24 as the finest solution for reading Facebook private chat messages after comprehensive testing. It offers some of the most advanced Facebook Messenger spy features, all of which are quite easy to use.

SPY24: The Most Powerful Facebook Spy App

The Most Powerful Message Spider on Facebook

Use T-SPY to spy on Facebook messages for free. Chats, calls, photos, and messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat are all tracked by the app. The Facebook Messenger Spy App is a stealthy way to keep track of someone's online activities. Nonsense! Facebook messages can be easily tracked. Do you want a Facebook Messenger surveillance app of your own?

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger in 3 Easy Steps

Simply follow these steps to use the tracking feature:

A free T-SPY online account can be created. Your email address and password must be entered.

To track Facebook activity, you must first download the tracking app and then install it from your online account.

Saving Facebook messages is automated and requires no further settings if the program is installed on an Android device with a valid root. T-SPY is really easy to use.

What makes Facebook Messenger Spy so useful?

Facebook is the most popular social network, with billions of users. Many employees, as we all know, waste hundreds of hours chatting instead of working. A website is an excellent communication tool, yet it wastes time and attention. Additional reasons to use Facebook Messenger Spy:

For example, children use Facebook to send forbidden photographs.

The internet teaches kids unhealthy behaviors like drug use and early sex.

Employees who waste time on Facebook might cost business money.

Obscene messages might be sent by an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

There are numerous other reasons, but you may have your own, such as a desire to assist a loved one. Is there any way to stop this? Sure, sure, sure.

T-SPY, a cutting-edge Facebook Messenger spy app, can assist you in any situation. It allows you to monitor your children, teenagers, coworkers, and loved ones on this popular social media platform. For personal and business purposes, use a Facebook tracker app like T-SPY.

Who needs Facebook tracking anyway?

People who do not require Facebook Messenger tracks are few and far between. Parents, spouses, and company owners will benefit from T-SPY.

At home, work, and elsewhere, your children, family, and coworkers will use Facebook to interact frequently. in employment, school, and relationships

Sure, every parent wants their child to be safe, and every spouse wants to trust their mate. An employer needs to ensure that his employees aren't wasting time or leaking confidential information. In any circumstance, Facebook Messenger tracking is beneficial.

T-SPY and its characteristics

T-SPY may monitor someone's online activities and private messages to get to know them better. You may use it to manage any Android chat conversation. This software keeps track of every text sent and received.

T-SPY and its characteristics

T-SPY is a fantastic program. It can be used to verify:

Names of people with whom your teenagers, workers, or family members have interacted via chat

Dates and timing of the chat;

Chat allows you to send videos, audio files, pictures, and photos.

Your T-SPY control panel will receive all of this information and more. You can track anyone at any moment because it is constantly on. This simple software will keep you updated on everything going on in your environment.

Are you still thinking about spying on Facebook Messenger? Create a T-SPY account, download the software, and begin monitoring your social media activities. You'll obtain the greatest free spy app, which you'll need to make sure your kids aren't misbehaving, your loved ones are being truthful, and your employees are getting paid.

This Facebook chat surveillance app is fantastic because it updates all info in real-time. All information and messages are visible as they are delivered and received.

SPY24 is compatible with Android 4.0 and above. On both iPads and iPhones, it works with all iOS versions. SPY24 has a 14-day money-back guarantee. The following features are to be expected:

Take a peek at the Facebook page.

Contacts in Messenger

Facebook updates

Real-time access to the target's Facebook feed.

destroying their Facebook page


Data visualisation in real-time

Data sync is lightning quick, and installation takes only 5 minutes.

Some powerful espionage features are only available on iPhones and iPads (iPhone, iPad).

Get SPY24

Private Facebook Chat Reader mSpy

mSpy, a popular Facebook messenger spyware, can also assist you in reading all text messages transmitted over iOS or Android smartphones with ease and precision.

We and millions of others trust it because of its ability to record real-time data. Each data entry delivery has timestamps, which is fantastic.

You can effortlessly check Facebook messages online using this tool. The app is easy to use and only takes a minute to download. The app leaves a small imprint on your phone's battery, so it won't drain it. The following features are to be expected:

See all of your Facebook messages

View all of the photos on Facebook. View all of the videos on Facebook.

Spying on Facebook group conversations


Facebook profiles of friends


Android and iOS applications

There are numerous features.

Multiple language support

Some features necessitate jailbreak.

SpyBubble: The Best Facebook Private Chat Spy App

SpyBubble is a trustworthy Facebook surveillance tool that is less expensive than the majority of those on this list. While it lacks some of the functionality of other solutions, it is sufficient for obtaining your target's Facebook information.

SpyBubble: The Best Facebook Private Chat Spy App

SpyBubble's websites have a lot of discounts, so you can acquire the software for a very low price. The setup is straightforward and quick, and you can begin monitoring Facebook messages minutes after making your purchase. It can also monitor WhatsApp and Tinder conversations.

Facebook page of SpyBubble

You can even snap real-time screenshots of the smartphone to observe what's happening in their Facebook page. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.


Compatibility with all devices.

Cons: Easy setup, lack of visibility

There is no phone or live chat help available.


Facebook Spy Software - FlexiSPY

FlexiSpy for iOS and Android is a free Facebook messaging spy tool. Advanced features in this software will make you feel like a superspy. It allows you to remotely manipulate your target's phone as well as record their surroundings. Without a phone, this is ideal for snooping on Facebook messages.

Voice calls made through Facebook Messenger can also be tracked. Facebook and other social media platforms make digital communication easy to track.

Flexispy's Facebook Spyware

To monitor Facebook messages, it contains a high-end keylogger. Its keylogger is effective and does not cause the phone to slow down when tracking texts. Aspects include:

Go through all of your Facebook messages.

On Facebook, look for people or places.

Maintain a list of crucial Facebook messages.

Look for keywords in your messaging.


Stunning feature-length film

a user-friendly interface


Refund limitations


Simple Messenger Spyware Spyzie

Spyzie is a fantastic Android and iPhone Facebook spy software. Spyzie's excellent customer service has received numerous great evaluations on customer trust platforms.

This Facebook spy programme takes about 3 minutes to install and is entirely undetectable. Simply go to Spyzie's website, register, select a subscription plan, and install it.

secret agent spyzie FB Direct Message

Spyzie doesn't have quite as many features as some of the other Facebook messenger spyware we've looked at, but it's still a strong contender. The following Facebook monitoring features can be expected:

Facebook messages received and sent

Seeing all the photographs that have been transmitted and received

Examine your Facebook friends' profiles for advantages:

Data is delivered via a third-party remote dashboard.

Payments made online are safe and secure.

Exceptional compatibility

There are a few minor flaws in the app that can be easily resolved.


Spyera is a social media monitoring tool.

Because of its lengthy history of satisfied customers and top-notch spyware solutions, Spyera is a well-known name in the Facebook spy market. It offers some of the best features available, which we'll discuss later.

It has a 10-day money-back guarantee and just earned an award for best spying software. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Spyware for Facebook

The ability to listen to live phone calls is an exciting feature. You can therefore listen in on your target's messenger calls. Other characteristics include:

Facebook call recording

You may listen in on Facebook calls.

Monitor all sent and received text texts.

Examine the dates and contacts.

Facebook Messenger's keyword search

Wi-Fi or mobile data synchronisation

Universal compatibility

Multi-data type compatibility


Some functions of the app are slow.


With the Spyic Facebook spy chat messenger programme, there are no more problems or inconveniences related with Facebook message spying. Many major news outlets have covered this Facebook message surveillance programme.

tracker for spy messenger

It collects data in real time while limiting the use of the targeted phone. It can simultaneously monitor several social media platforms, including Facebook.

The following Facebook messaging spy functionalities can be expected:

Facebook messages received and sent

Seeing all the photographs that have been transmitted and received

Examine your Facebook friends' profiles for advantages:

Stunning dashboard


Sons within reach:

There are no sophisticated spying capabilities.

apk spyic


Cocospy made our list because it allows you to monitor someone's Facebook messages without having to root or jailbreak their device. This Facebook spy chat messenger protects the target device while transferring data from it to yours. Another excellent WhatsApp spy application.

Before us, millions of people trusted Cocospy and utilised it for remote phone surveillance. It also comes with a keylogger for Android and iPhone.

Cocospy is a Facebook monitoring tool.

It's one of the best phone tracking bargains because it can track up to 35 phones simultaneously. It monitors the following in addition to Facebook messages:

Facebook messages received and sent

Seeing all the photographs that have been transmitted and received

Examine your Facebook friends' profiles for advantages:

No data is saved on the server while working. This action safeguards sensitive data from cyber-attacks.

Its keylogger does not overheat.


Its customer service isn't always quick to respond.


On Android, we recommend KidsGuard for reading Facebook messages. Its Android keylogger is unique, allowing you to easily track all Facebook text messages. Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber can also be monitored.

Even persons with no prior experience of Facebook message spying can easily execute the operation thanks to its user-friendly interface. It's used in over 200 countries and has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating.

Children's Facebook Spyware

iOS compatibility was been enabled by the software supplier, allowing iOS users to finally use it. It has the following Facebook spying features:

Calls on Facebook are recorded.

private messages on Facebook

Make a private photo album on Facebook.

It's compatible with Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Messenger.


Finally, Hoverwatch is an Android-only software, meaning iOS users won't be able to view someone's Facebook conversations. This software is the most user-friendly and does not necessitate rooting.

Hoverwatch offers a straightforward user interface. You won't have to break the bank to use it because of its affordable price. Hoverwatch is compatible with Android, Mac OS X, and Windows.

hoverwatch android spy

A keylogger is also included, which captures all keystrokes on the target device. This Facebook message reader has the following features:

Facebook audio can be saved

Messages on Facebook

Advantages: You can save Facebook photos and videos.


The target gadget is illuminated.

Additional monitoring options


It is not compatible with iOS.

Download Hoverwatch


MobileSpy, like all other Facebook Messenger surveillance tools, is easy to use and effective. It's easy to set up, and the logs appear in real time when the target phone is used. This software makes it simple to examine all of the photographs and videos that have been shared on Facebook Messenger. This software is wonderful for keeping track of all of your Facebook chats and screenshots so that you and your partner can be more transparent.


TheTruthSpy is one of the most efficient parental monitoring tools available. Once installed, it will not let you down, and you may use it on any device. You won't miss anything because all of your Facebook Messenger activity are instantly sent to your online account.


This is one of the most reliable apps for monitoring your children's online activities. It also allows you to track deleted Facebook Messenger communications, unlike similar apps. Before you buy, you can try it for a week for free.

Spyera Spyera is a programme that can secretly monitor Facebook messages, phone calls, and even your loved ones' whereabouts. Spyera is a well-known and sophisticated cell phone spy programme that allows you to remotely watch any activity. KidsGuard Pro is your best chance for keeping an eye on your kids' online activities.

What is the best way to read Facebook Messenger?

Follow these procedures if you wish to use a spy programme to hack someone's Facebook Messenger:

On the app's main website, create an account. Enter a valid email address instead.

Choose the OS for the target device.

Choose a subscription plan that works for you.

Pay the invoice.

Keep an eye on their Facebook Messenger.


In today's world, online communication is essential. Participate in the lives of those you care about. If you want to spy on someone's Facebook Messenger, you'll need a Facebook Messenger spying programme. These apps are some of the best available. This is the place to go if you want to learn more about surveillance technologies and alternate solutions.


Cocospy, an iOS and Android app, allows you to access data from apps like Facebook Messenger that would otherwise be inaccessible. You may listen in on Facebook voice and text messages, group chats, and multimedia files with this software. Over time, this software has won the trust of its users.

certus application

Cerberus can also be used to break into someone's Facebook Messenger account. It includes all of the necessary capabilities to obtain someone's Facebook information.

You have every right to be sceptical of an app with a beginning price of $5/year. As a result, it's at the bottom of our list.

The Most Effective Spy App

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger for Free?

You can eavesdrop on Facebook communications without having a phone if you want to. Most apps nowadays are designed to allow you to spy on a target phone remotely. Do you know why you get so many notifications? Interested in what's being discussed on Messenger? You will learn!

What's your favourite spy app?

It's time to figure out how to get it on your iPhone or Android device. Naturally, each piece of software has its unique installation procedure. To obtain the platform's installation instructions, you must first complete the first three stages.

Configure an iPhone

On an iPhone, how do you install a Facebook chat surveillance app? We have you covered. It is not necessary to hack the target Facebook Messenger account; simply follow the methods outlined below.

Create an account first.

This is an important step on your journey to success. You must create an account after choosing from our list. On the software's website, create an account. You'll need to register your personal information, so go with mSpy, which has a lot of positive evaluations.

Tip #2: Choose

All apps will ask you to choose a device at this stage. You must mention whether the phone in question is an iPhone or an Android device. Depending on the phone's brand, the app will not be installed or utilised in the same way.

Step 3: Pick a Plan of Action

Monitoring Facebook Messenger with online surveillance software is unlikely to be free. Plans for the finest apps start at roughly $25 per month. It's now up to you to choose the finest plan for your Facebook Chat Messenger spying needs.

Begin your surveillance.

After you've completed all of your preparations, install the app on the target phone and begin listening in. You will receive an email with a link to download the app from the software. Then your dashboard will show you all you need to know, such as who the individual is talking to and what photos they're sending.

Installation of Android Setup

Looking for an Android Facebook surveillance app? To download the app onto the target's phone, our best selection, mSpy, requires you to travel to their website! Regardless of whose software you use, follow these procedures.

Create an account first.

Spy software is no different than any other account-based service. To get further information, you'll need to create an account on the website or app after you've made your decision. As a result, you should utilise reputable software like mSpy.

Step 2: Get the "T-SPY" application.

After you've made your account, you'll need to choose which device the software will be downloaded to. Because of its ease and discretion, mSpy is the perfect solution for an Android phone, as previously indicated.

Step 3: Pick a Plan of Action

We've never seen anything in life operate perfectly and be completely free. While some software may provide a free trial or a discount, the vast majority of services are paid. Then, based on length, you must select the plan that best meets your demands. mSpy, for example, provides 1- to 12-month plans.

Begin your surveillance.

Here it is, after all of that and after putting the app on the target's phone! All of your phone data will be sent to your display so you may access it. You may view their images, text messages, and other data with programmes like mSpy.

Check out their Facebook chat transcript.

We hope this article on how to spy on Facebook Messenger for free has solved your question. Any of our top ten apps will undoubtedly provide the finest results.

Remember to keep yourself safe whenever you utilise those programmes. No software can guarantee your perfect safety. That's why we only propose the best-rated apps. For example, mSpy is the only software we determined to be fully safe, so it's our top option.


XNSPY also offers a Facebook Messenger tool that allows you to examine all Facebook conversations, see who your target is conversing with, and see photographs and videos, among other things. For only $7.49 per month, it also stores Facebook chat recordings that you may access from anywhere at any time.

iPhone Messenger Spy Apps

Installing on an iOS smartphone is even simpler than it is on an Android device. Simply enter the iCloud credentials of your target and disable two-factor authentication.

"Family" on Google

Google Family Link is a free Facebook Messenger spy app for parents who wish to instil healthy digital habits in their children. It provides you complete control over your child's phone and Facebook usage.


iKeyMonitor is another great Facebook Messenger surveillance programme that lets you view all Facebook messages, photos, and voice chats sent to and from the target phone. Of course, at $39.99 per month, it's not inexpensive.

It takes about 15 minutes to set up iKeyMonitor.


eyeZy is a sophisticated spyware software that allows you to monitor someone's Facebook account. This espionage tool, unlike others, has a cutting-edge framework. The end-user doesn't have to do anything because AI is embedded into its main functionalities.

eyeZy can also monitor incoming and outgoing Facebook messages and notify you of any changes. All of the tracked data is also available on a secure central dashboard.

17 Free Facebook Messenger Spying Methods

Despite the fact that Facebook spy applications are the most dependable and convenient way to spy on someone's Facebook, we've chosen to highlight some less effective but less expensive alternatives. Come on.

Set a new password.

For free Facebook messaging surveillance, the old password reset approach works brilliantly. Unlike the previously described Facebook spy programmes, this strategy will yield far less results. It starts with knowing your target's email address and Facebook account password.

Facebook has adopted two-factor authentication as a result of the popularity of this Facebook espionage method, making the process much more difficult. If your target has activated two-factor authentication, you'll need to prove your identity via SMS codes, one-time passwords, or authenticator applications.

This strategy works only if you have access to their phone number and email address. Without a Password, Spy on Facebook Messages

Then select "Forgot Password."

Enter the Facebook-linked phone number or email address of the target.

On the target's phone, wait for an SMS code.

After you've entered the code, read their Facebook message.

Spy on Facebook Reset


Another free Facebook spy tactic is phishing. All of the other tactics discussed in this article are less difficult and time consuming than phishing. Phishing entails impersonating someone else, generally a high-ranking official, and convincing your target to click a link and enter their credentials. Then you simply grab the information and use it as you choose. How to go about it:

On LinkedIn, look for an entry-level Facebook employee.

Pretend to be someone else. Make them a fresh email account.

Make sure to include the Facebook logo and banner.

Make a fake Facebook page and a phishing link.

Send them an email notifying them of the security violation.

The phishing link is then sent.

Examine the code and obtain their Facebook login information.

Facebook phishing for spying


A keylogger is a piece of software that records all keystrokes made on a single machine. On tablets, phones, and laptops, keyloggers can be installed. A keylogger is included in many of the above Facebook spy programmes, such as SPY24. Third-party keyloggers can also be used if they are safe and free of malware. Install a keylogger on their device, gather typed information, and extract the password.

Facebook Spy Method SPY24

Utilize the use of web cookies

Cookies in web browsers capture and save information such as usernames and passwords. Browser cookies may be your rescue if you wish to free spy on someone's Facebook chat history. One problem is that you must their Gmail login details or computer access.

Connect both of them to the same Wi-Fi network. Install a browser extension that keeps their cookies after that. You might be able to trick Facebook into letting you in without knowing your password or email since stored cookies make it assume you're already authenticated.

Cookie tracking on Facebook

Cloning a phone

Another approach to acquire access to your target's Facebook communications is to clone their phone. To do so, use software like CLONEit or Dr.Fone. Install these programmes on your own and your target's computers. The gadgets can share a Wi-Fi network. Then choose to send all of the info from the target's phone to your own.

Cloning software for Facebook

Without a password, read Facebook Messages

To read someone's Facebook messages without their password, use Facebook spy software. These apps allow you to keep an eye on targets while they are unaware they are being monitored. They don't even require passwords or credentials.

How to Spy on Facebook Messages for Free?

Spying on Facebook messages for free is not possible. Free methods have a limited success rate, especially when compared to Facebook chat surveillance software, and they are dangerous. So, without any effort or risk, acquire an inexpensive subscription and spy on your target's Facebook.

What is the greatest free iPhone Facebook spy app?

SPY24 is the best Facebook surveillance app for iPhone, according to our experts. It contains advanced capabilities that are exclusively available on iOS devices, as well as a great customer rating and service.

What is the Best Android Facebook Messenger Spy App?

For Android, mSpy is the best Facebook Messenger surveillance programme. To use advanced surveillance functions, some Facebook spy applications on the market require rooted. In addition, the setup is simple and quick.