Is There a Way to Spy on Facebook Messenger?

Is There a Way to Spy on Facebook Messenger?
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Spying on Facebook Messages for Free Without Using a Phone

Facebook app Spy is the most popular social network, with 2.6 billion monthly active users. In spite of its many advantages, some people abuse this social media channel, especially when it comes to children. 

Online predators, cyberbullies, scammers, hackers, and other malicious actors are always looking for new victims to exploit. So, if you think your child is in danger, you can intercept their Facebook messages. Or even if your partner is cheating on you. 

This article will cover 17 free Facebook Messenger spy app s and five additional Facebook spy methods. 

17 Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps: Must-Haves or Must-Passes? 

Facebook has nearly 3 billion users worldwide. Almost everyone we know uses Facebook, or at least its chat platform, Facebook Messenger. Messenger has replaced the text messages we used to send only ten years ago. When you see people starting a group or private chats on Messenger, you wonder, "What are they talking about?"

You're worried your partner is sending messages to others? Do you think your child is participating in a harmful group chat? Have you noticed your coworkers talking about you on Messenger? Whatever the reason, if you are wondering "Is there a way to spy on Facebook Messenger?" we have the answer! Let's look at the top 17 Facebook spy apps that will simplify your life. 

17 Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps 

If you've ever tried to access someone's Facebook messages, you know it's more difficult than texting. That's why you'll need a spy app to help you out here. Sadly, not all apps are as good as they seem. Some of them may be phishing scams. To avoid all the drama and risks, here are our top 11 free Facebook spy apps: 

Using Facebook spy apps is the easiest and most reliable way to read Facebook messages secretly. These tools are simple to use, affordable and provide real-time updates. So you know, we only recommend top-notch software. So, without further ado, here are the best Facebook spy apps: 

1- SPY24

2- eyeZy

3- iKeyMonitor

4- Google Family Link

5- xnspy app

6- cerberus app 

7- cocospy app 

8- Spyera

9- KidsGuard Pro

10- TheTruthSpy

11- MobileSpy

12- Spyic

13- Spyzie

14- FlexiSpy

15- SpyBubble

16- T-SPY

17- mSpy

These apps work on both iOS and Android. But, as you may be aware, some apps work better on one or the other. So we split the top spy apps without a target phone into two lists. So, if you don't already know, find out! 

17 Android Facebook Spy Apps

If you know your target's device runs Android, be sure to check out these five apps that work perfectly with it. However, to install the app on an Android device, you will need physical access. 

SPY24: The Most Effective Facebook Spy Software

You can use SPY24 to track Facebook Messenger. After extensive testing, our experts recommend SPY24 as the best solution for reading Facebook private chat messages. It has some of the most advanced Facebook Messenger spy options available, and they are all very simple to use. 

SPY24: The Most Effective Facebook Spy Software

The Most Effective Facebook Message Spider

To spy on Facebook messages for free, use T-SPY. The app tracks Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat chats, calls, images, and messages. The Facebook Messenger Spy App is a covert way to monitor someone's online activity. Nonsense! You can easily track Facebook messages. Do you want your own Facebook Messenger spy app? 

3 steps to spy on Facebook Messenger 

To use the tracking feature, simply follow these steps: 

You can create a free T-SPY online account. You must enter your email and password. 

After downloading the tracking app, you must install it from your online account to track Facebook activity. 

If the app is installed on an Android device with the proper root, saving Facebook messages is automatic and requires no additional settings. T-SPY is so simple. 

Why use Facebook Messenger Spy? 

With billions of users, Facebook is the most widely used social network. As everyone knows, many employees waste hundreds of hours chatting instead of working. A website is a great tool for communication, but it also wastes time and attention. More reasons to install Facebook Messenger Spy: 

Children use Facebook to send prohibited images, for example. 

Kids learn bad habits like drug use and early sex from the internet. 

Employees who waste time on this social network can cost a company money. 

An ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend can send obscene messages to 

There are many more reasons, but you may have your own, such as wanting to help someone you care about. Is it possible to stop this? Sure, sure. 

The modern Facebook Messenger Spy App T-SPY can help you in any situation. It allows you to keep an eye on your kids, teens, coworkers, and loved ones on this popular social network. Use a Facebook tracker app like T-SPY for personal and business purposes. 

Who needs Facebook spying? 

People who don't need Facebook Messenger tracks are rare. T-SPY is useful for parents, spouses, and business owners. 

Your kids, relatives, and coworkers will use Facebook to communicate frequently at home, work, and elsewhere. in relationships, work, and school. 

Sure, every parent wants their child safe, and every spouse wants to know their partner is trustworthy. A boss needs to know his employees aren't wasting time or divulging company secrets. Facebook Messenger tracking is useful in all situations. 

T-SPY and its features 

To truly know someone, T-SPY can monitor their online activities and private messages. It allows you to control any Android chat conversation. This app records both sent and received messages. 

T-SPY is a great tool. You can use it to check: 

Chat conversations; names of people with whom your teenagers, employees, or loved ones have communicated

Chat dates and times;

Videos, audio files, images, and photos are sent via chat. 

All of this and more will be uploaded to your T-SPY control panel. It's always on, so you can track anyone at any time. This simple program will inform you of everything going on around you. 

Are you still considering Facebook Messenger spying? Create a T-SPY account, download the app, and start tracking social activity. You will get the best free spy app, which you will need to ensure your children aren't misbehaving, your loved ones are being honest, and your employees are earning their wages. 

This Facebook chat spy app updates all data in real-time, which is great. You can see all the information and messages as they are sent and received. 

SPY24 works with Android 4.0 and up. It works with all iOS versions on both iPads and iPhones. SPY24 offers a generous 14-day refund policy. You can expect the following features: 

T-SPY and its features

Take a look at Facebook's

View Messenger contacts 

Posts on Facebook 

See the target's Facebook feed in real-time.

Blowing up their Facebook 


Real-time data display 

Installation takes only 5 minutes, and data sync is lightning fast.

Some advanced spying features only work on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). 

Get SPY24 

mSpy – Private Facebook Chat Reader

Also, mSpy, a leading Facebook messenger spyware, can help you read all text messages shared via iOS or Android devices with ease and perfection. 

Its ability to capture real-time data is why we and millions of others trust it. It's great that each data entry delivery has timestamps. 

With this tool, you can easily check Facebook messages online. The app is simple to use and takes only a minute to load. The app has a small battery imprint, so it won't drain your phone's battery. You can expect the following features: 

View all Facebook messages 

See all the Facebook photos See all the Facebook videos 

Facebook group chats: spying 


Friends' profiles on Facebook 


Apps for Android and iOS 

Features abound.

Support in multiple languages 

Some features require jailbreaking. 

SpyBubble: The Best Spy App for Facebook Private Chat

SpyBubble is a reliable Facebook spy tool that is less expensive than most on this list. While it lacks some of the features of other solutions, it is more than enough to obtain your target's Facebook data. 

SpyBubble has a lot of discounts on their websites, so you can get the software for a very low price. The setup is simple and quick, allowing you to start monitoring Facebook messages minutes after purchase. It can also track WhatsApp and Tinder. 

SpyBubble: The Best Spy App for Facebook Private Chat

Snoopbubble's Facebook page

You can also take screenshots of the device in real-time, so you can see what's going on in their Facebook feed. It works on both iOS and Android. 


Complete device compatibility.

Cons: Simple setup, invisibility

No phone or live chat support.


FlexiSPY – Facebook Spy Software

FlexiSpy is a free Facebook message spy app for iOS and Android. This app's advanced features will make you feel like a superspy. It not only records your target's surroundings but also allows you to control their phone remotely. Perfect for spying on Facebook messages without a phone. 

You can also track voice calls made on Facebook Messenger. Facebook and other social media platforms allow easy tracking of digital communication. 

Facebook Spyware by Flexispy

It has a high-end keylogger to monitor Facebook messages. Its keylogger is good and does not slow down the phone while tracking messages. Features include: 

Read all the Facebook messages 

Search for people or places on Facebook. 

Keep track of important Facebook messages.

Find keywords in messages.


Stunning feature-set 

a user-friendly 


Refund restrictions 


Spyzie-Simple Messenger Spyware 

Spyzie is a great Facebook spy app for Android and iPhone. Customer trust websites have countless positive reviews where users praise Spyzie's awesome customer service. 

This Facebook spy app installs in 3 minutes and is completely hidden. All you need to do is visit Spyzie's website, sign up, choose a subscription package, and install it. 

spyzie FB Direct Messagesecret agent

Spyzie isn't as feature-rich as some of the other Facebook messenger spyware we've reviewed, but it's still a great contender. You can expect the following Facebook monitoring features: 

Incoming and outgoing Facebook messages 

Seeing all the sent and received images 

Check friends' Facebook profiles for pros: 

A third-party remote dashboard delivers data. 

Online payments are safe and secure.

Stunning compatibility 

The app has some minor bugs that can be easily fixed. 


Social media tracking tool Spyera 

Spyera is a well-known name in the Facebook spy industry thanks to its long history of happy customers and top-notch spyware solutions. It has some of the best features on the market, which we'll cover later. 

It offers a 10-day money-back guarantee and won an award for best spying software a few years ago. It works with the iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows. 

Facebook sniffer spyera

Live phone call listening is an intriguing feature. That means you can listen in on your target's messenger calls. Other features include: 

Call recording on Facebook

Facebook calls can be accessed.

Spy on all text messages sent and received.

Examine the contacts and dates

Keyword search in Facebook Messenger 

Data synchronization via Wi-Fi or mobile.

All-device compatibility 

Multi-data type support 


Some app features are slow. 


No more worries and hassles associated with Facebook message spying with Spyic Spyic Facebook spy chat messenger app. This Facebook message spy app has been featured by many leading media outlets. 

spy messenger tracker

It captures real-time data while minimizing the involvement of the targeted phone. It can monitor multiple social media platforms at once, including Facebook. 

You can expect the following Facebook message spy features: 

Incoming and outgoing Facebook messages 

Seeing all the sent and received images 

Check friends' Facebook profiles for pros: 

Stunning dashboard 


Affordable sons: 

There are no advanced spying features.

Spyic apk 


Cocospy made our list because it can spy on someone's Facebook messages without rooting or jailbreaking. This Facebook spy chat messenger works by syncing data from the target device to your device while protecting the target device. Another great WhatsApp spy app. 

Millions of others have trusted Cocospy and used it for remote phone monitoring before us. It also includes an Android and iPhone keylogger. 

Cocospy is a Facebook spy app.

It is one of the best phone monitoring deals as it can monitor up to 35 phones at once. Along with Facebook messages, it tracks: 

Incoming and outgoing Facebook messages 

Seeing all the sent and received images 

Check friends' Facebook profiles for pros: 

During work, no data is saved on the server. This activity protects critical data from cyber threats. 

No overheating with its keylogger. 


Its customer support isn't always responsive. 


We recommend KidsGuard to read Facebook messages on Android. Its Android keylogger is unique and helps you track all Facebook text messages without any hassle. It can also monitor Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Viber. 

With its simple interface, even people with no prior knowledge of Facebook message spying can easily complete the task. It is used in over 200 countries and has a customer satisfaction rate of 97 percent.

Facebook Spyware for Children

The software provider recently enabled iOS compatibility, so iOS users can finally use it. Its Facebook spying features include: 

Facebook calls are being recorded.

Facebook private messages

Make a secret Facebook photo album.

It works on Facebook, Facebook Lite, and Facebook Messenger.


Finally, Hoverwatch Sadly, this app only works on Android devices, so iOS users can't read someone's Facebook messages. This app is the easiest to use and does not require rooting. 

Hoverwatch has a simple and easy-to-use interface. Its low cost means you won't have to break the bank to use it. Hoverwatch runs on Android, macOS, and Windows. 

android spy hoverwatch

It also includes a keylogger that records all keystrokes on the target device. Features of this Facebook message reader include: 

Save audio from Facebook

Facebook Messages- 

Pros: Save Facebook images and videos


It illuminates the target device. 

Extra monitoring features 


It doesn't work with iOS. 

Get Hoverwatch 


MobileSpy, like all other Facebook Messenger spy apps, has a great interface and works well. It is simple to set up and the logs are available in real-time when the target phone is used. This app allows you to easily view all the images and videos shared on Facebook Messenger. This app is great for keeping track of all your Facebook conversations and screenshots to make things more transparent between you and your partner. 


TheTruthSpy is one of the most effective apps designed with parents in mind. It won't let you down once installed, and you can access it from any device. All Facebook Messenger activities are automatically sent to your online account, so you don't have to worry about missing them. 


This is one of the most accurate apps for tracking your kids' online conversations. Unlike similar apps, it also allows you to track deleted Facebook Messenger messages. You can get a week's free trial before buying. 

Spyera Spyera is designed to secretly monitor Facebook messages, calls, and even the location of your loved ones. Spyera is one of the most reputed and powerful cell phone spy apps, which will help you monitor all the activities remotely. KidsGuard Pro is your best bet for monitoring your children's online activity. 

How to Read Facebook Messenger? 

If you decide to use a spy app to hack someone's Facebook Messenger, follow these steps: 

Create an account on the app's official website. So, enter a valid email address. 

Select the target device's OS. 

Pick a subscription plan that suits you. 

Pay the bill. 

Be sure to watch their Facebook Messenger. 


Online communication is vital in our lives. Involve yourself in your loved ones' lives. If you want to spy on someone's Facebook Messenger, you need an app to spy on their Facebook Messenger. These apps are among the best on the market. If you want to know more about spying technology and other alternatives, this is the place to go. 


Cocospy, which works on both iOS and Android, lets you access information from apps like Facebook Messenger that are otherwise inaccessible. This app allows you to spy on Facebook voice and text messages, group chats, and multimedia files. This is software that has earned the trust of its users over time. 

certus app.

You can also use Cerberus to hack someone's Facebook Messenger. It has all the basic features needed to obtain someone's Facebook data. 

With a starting price of $5/year, you're right to doubt the app's quality. As a result, it is ranked last on our list. 

The Best Spy App

How to Freely Spy on Facebook Messenger? 

If you're wondering how to spy on Facebook messages without a phone, you can do it! Nowadays, most apps are designed to allow you to remotely spy on a target phone. Do you want to know why you get so many alerts? Wondering what is said on Messenger? You'll find out! 

Do you have a favorite spy app? It's time to learn how to download it to your iPhone or Android. Of course, each software has its own installation method. That is why you must complete the first three steps in order to receive the platform's installation instructions. 

Setup an iPhone

How to install a Facebook chat spy app on an iPhone? We've got you covered. No need to hack the target Facebook Messenger account; just follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Create an account.

This is a crucial step on your path to success. After selecting from our list, you must create an account. Create an account on the software's website. You will need to register your personal information, so choose a software with good reviews like mSpy. 

Tip #2: Select

At this point, all apps will ask you to select a device. You must specify whether the target phone is an iPhone or an Android. The app will not be installed or used in the same way depending on the phone's brand. 

Step 3: Select a Strategy

Online spy apps to monitor Facebook Messenger are not likely to be free. The best apps offer plans starting at around $25 per month. Selecting the best plan for your needs to spy on Facebook Chat Messenger is now your task. 

Beginning monitoring 

After all the preparations, it's time to install the software on the target phone and start listening in. The software will email you a link to download the app. Then your dashboard will have all the information you want, like who the person is talking to and what photos they send. 

Setup for Android Installation

Looking for a Facebook spy app for Android? Our top pick, mSpy, requires you to go to their website to download the app onto the target's phone! Here are the steps to take regardless of the software you choose. 

Step 1: Create an account.

Spy software is no different from any other service that requires an account. After making your choice, you will need to create an account on the website or app to access more information. That's why you should use trusted software like mSpy. 

Step 2: Download "T-SPY"

Once your account is created, you must select the device on which the app will be downloaded. As previously stated, mSpy is the best choice for an Android phone due to its simplicity and discretion. 

Step 3: Select a Strategy

We've never seen anything work well in life and be free. While some software may offer a free trial or a discount, most are paid services. Then you must choose the plan that best suits your needs based on length. For example, mSpy offers 1–12 month plans. 

Beginning monitoring 

After all of that, and after installing the app on the target's phone, here it is! The app will send all your phone data to your monitor so you can access it. With apps like mSpy, you can access their phone's photos, text messages, and other data. 

Read their Facebook chat summary

We hope we've answered your question about how to spy on Facebook Messenger for free! There is no doubt that any of our top ten apps will deliver the best results. 

Whatever you use those apps for, remember to protect yourself. No app can provide you with complete security. That's why we recommend the top-rated For example, mSpy is the only app we found to be completely safe, which is why it is our top pick. 


XNSPY also has a Facebook Messenger feature that lets you view all Facebook messages, find out who your target is chatting with, view photos, videos, etc. It also saves Facebook chat records that you can access from anywhere at any time for only $7.49/month. 

5 Spy Apps for iPhone Messenger

Installing on iOS devices is even easier than on Android. Simply enter your target's iCloud credentials and turn off two-factor authentication. 

Google's "Family"

Google Family Link is a free Facebook Messenger spy app designed for parents who want to teach their children good digital habits. It gives you complete control over your child's Facebook and phone usage. 


iKeyMonitor is another excellent Facebook Messenger spy app that allows you to access all Facebook messages, pictures, and voice messages sent to and from the target phone. Of course, it's not cheap at $39.99/month. 

Installation of iKeyMonitor takes only 15 minutes. 


eyeZy is a powerful spyware package for monitoring someone's Facebook account. Unlike other spy apps, this one uses a modern, cutting-edge framework. Because AI is built into its core functions, the end-user doesn't have to do much. 

eyeZy can also track incoming and outgoing Facebook messages and alert you to any new activity. You can also view all the tracked data on a secure central dashboard.  

17 Free Ways to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat 

Even though Facebook spy apps are the most reliable and convenient way to spy on someone's Facebook, we've decided to highlight some other less successful but cheaper methods. Come on. 

Reset your password.

The old password reset method is great for free Facebook message spying. Unlike the above-mentioned Facebook spy apps, you will have much less success with this method. It requires first knowing your target's email address and password for their Facebook account. 

Due to the popularity of this Facebook spying method, Facebook has implemented two-factor authentication, making the process even more difficult. If your target has enabled 2-FA, you'll need to use SMS codes, one-time passwords, or authenticator apps to verify your identity. 

This method only works if you have access to their phone and their email credentials. How to Spy on Facebook Messages without a Password 

Click "Forgot Password". 

Enter the target's Facebook-linked phone number or email address. 

Wait for an SMS code on the target's phone. 

Enter the code, then read their Facebook message. 

Reset Facebook Spy


Phishing is another free Facebook spy method. All the other methods mentioned in this article are easier and faster than phishing. Phishing involves posing as someone else, usually an authority figure, and convincing your target to click a link and enter their credentials. Then you just grab the data and use it as you please. How to do it: 

Find an entry-level Facebook employee on LinkedIn. 

Pretend to be them. Make a new email account for them. 

Be sure to include Facebook's banner and logo. 

Create a phishing link and a bogus Facebook page. 

Send an email informing them of the breach. 

Then send the phishing link. 

Check the code and extract their Facebook log-in data.

Phishing on Facebook for spying


A keylogger is a program that records all keystrokes on a single computer. Keyloggers can be used on tablets, phones, and computers. Many of the above Facebook spy apps, like SPY24, include a keylogger. You can also use third-party keyloggers, provided they are safe and free of malware. Install the keylogger on their device, collect the typed data, and extract the password. 

The SPY24 Facebook Spy Method 

Make use of Web Cookies

Web browser cookies collect and save your browsing data, including usernames and passwords. So, if you want to free spy on someone's Facebook chat history, browser cookies may be your salvation. One issue is that you need their Gmail login information or access to their computer. 

Assemble them both on the same Wi-Fi network. Then install a browser extension that saves their cookies. Because stored cookies make Facebook think you're already authenticated, you might be able to trick it into letting you in without knowing your password or email. 

Spying on Facebook cookies

Phone cloning 

Cloning your target's phone is another way to access their Facebook messages. Use tools like CLONEit or Dr.Fone to accomplish this. Install these tools on both your and your target's devices. Share a Wi-Fi network among the devices. Then select the option to send all the data from the target's phone to yours. 

Facebook clone software

How to Read Facebook Messages Without a Password

Use Facebook spy software to read someone's Facebook messages without their password. These apps allow you to monitor targets in stealth mode, so they are unaware they are being watched. They also don't need passwords or credentials. 

How to Freely Spy on Facebook Messages? 

Free Facebook message spying isn't possible. The success rate of free methods is low, especially when compared to Facebook chat spy apps, and they are risky. So, buy a cheap subscription and spy on your target's Facebook without any hassle or risk. 

What’s the best free Facebook Spy App for the iPhone? 

Our experts say SPY24 is the best Facebook spy app for the iPhone. It not only has advanced features exclusive to iOS devices, but also an excellent customer rating and service. 

What’s the Best Facebook Messenger Spy App for Android? 

mSpy is the best Facebook Messenger spy app for Android. Other Facebook spy apps on the market require rooting to use advanced spying features. Also, the installation is quick and easy.