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Hail the all-powerful, SPY24. Because your monitoring experience is getting a superlative upgrade with the new keylogging appendage. Monitor keystrokes and discover what you won’t otherwise with other average spy apps. SPY24’s keylogger works with all major instant messaging apps.

Free android keylogger secretly watches over the phones of your children or staff members, recording calls, camera, spy on SMS (text messages), MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, internet activity, calendar, contacts, and of course geolocation (GPS)

Keylogger app for Android
Android Keylogger

Android Keylogger – Best Free Keylogger App for Android

ndroid keylogger is a keystroke logging App for Android phones or tablets. SPY24 is the best keylogger app for parental control and employee monitoring, it records keystrokes, SMS, website history, call history, call recordings, surroundings, GPS locations, Geo-fencing and chat messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Hike, imo and more. This keylogger app for Android offers a free download trial apk, with which you can monitor the keystroke logs without root.

What is Keylogging?

Keylogger is a process of tracking the keystrokes from a keyboard. SPY24’s keylogger works by tracking the keys pressed on the monitored Android device. The keylogger works with all your favorite instant messaging apps, including:





Facebook messenger

Free Android keylogger functions

Android Keylogger Free

The real Android Keylogger!

No, it’s not one of those mediocre keyloggers you get to see everywhere on the internet; SPY24’s keylogger for Android is just as awesome as it reads here.

Keylogging comes with many benefits, especially when you are an employer or parent.

Productivity Check on Employees

You could see how responsible your employees are whenever they pick their phones during work. You could check if they aren’t spending time spreading office grapevine on instant messaging apps. SPY24 will tell you all that and even more when you use its Android keylogging software.

Maintaining check on children

With SPY24’s keylogger software, you can maintain an extensive check on your children’s cell phone activity. You can track down their habits, see if they aren’t sharing inappropriate texts or your credit passwords with the friends or strangers. Above all, you could prevent your kids from engaging in harmful activities online.

Undetectable Keylogger for Android

A fully-secure and discreet keylogger that’s also non-intrusive, so your kid or employees won’t feel uncomfortable with SPY24 Android keylogger app on their phones.

Why do you need SPY24 Free Keylogger?

SPY24 Keylogger is a free key logging software that allows the recording and monitoring of every single keystroke. This freeware can also capture screenshots of the active programs at specified intervals so that you can monitor all the activities going on your PC. It can also make reports about programs that are running.

Majority of people believe that spying is one of the worst things people can do, but some believe it is an essential element to keep an eye on activities that will directly affect and impact you. Moreover, it purely depends on the purpose the act of spying is being conducted for. It is immoral for spying on people in order to steal their identities but spying on your children using parental control software so that you are well aware of their online activities might be important.

Cell Phone Keylogger for Android and iPhone

If they type it, you’ll see it. That’s the power of the world’s top cell phone keylogger for Android and iPhone. It’s designed to help you stop potentially dangerous interactions. And it’s so easy to use.

Why use SPY24 Android Keylogger App?

Your kids could be sharing their passwords of social media profiles with their friends or acquaintances which can be extremely dangerous.

Your employees could be sharing classified business information to rivals through WhatsApp or other encrypted applications.

If you doubt that your kids are sexting, a keylogger app for Android will let you ascertain it.

You could see the number of texts that were sent every day through WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Skype.

SPY24 is the best keylogger app for Android with over 35+ monitoring features providing you the most extensive device monitoring.

Call Data and Call Recording

This android keylogger keeps a detailed log and records all conversations, allowing you to find out everything from contact name to the duration of the call.


Free Android Keylogger allows you to constantly track the location of the android device on which it was installed. Moreover, thanks to its energy efficient algorithms, this feature doesn’t drain the battery too quickly.

Monitoring text messages: WhatsApp*, Facebook*, Viber, SMS, MMS

All text messages, pictures, audio and video files are saved.


Even if your device is unrooted, Free Android Keylogger will remain completely invisible, unless the user knows exactly what to look for.

All features

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install SPY24 SPY24’s Android Keylogger App On A Phone?

SPY24’s keylogging comes as a feature along with 30+ other device monitoring features. You will need a valid SPY24 subscription (for Android), after which, you can download SPY24 on a phone and start using the keylogging feature.

What Kind Of Data Does SPY24 Keylogger Fetch?

SPY24 will let you monitor every keystroke from WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Is There Any Extra Fee For The Keylogging Feature?

No, it’s an inclusive feature when you subscribe to SPY24’s Android app.

Is SPY24 Keylogger Undetectable?

Yes, it’s an undetectable keylogger for Android that stealthily does its job.


A keylogger for Android can be a lifesaver. Think about it. The Internet is a fantastic tool, offering you instant communication with anyone. It opens up huge possibilities for adults and kids. But without parental supervision, those possibilities can turn dangerous and destructive.

The more connected your kids become, the higher their chances are to be exposed to the dangers that exist online and come across violent and inappropriate content — things that can harm them. That`s why when it comes to kid`s safety, parental control software is so crucial.

Software can`t do everything, but it can make parents` lives much easier, especially when your kids are getting older and want more independence. When choosing the right software for your needs, pay attention to phone keylogger solutions. They’re an integral part of sophisticated monitoring and a recommended part of any parent’s arsenal for more peace of mind. New to keylogging software? Below we will explain the ins and outs of a keylogger app and why you need it.


A keylogger (short for keystroke logger) is a tool that helps to record all the pressed keystrokes on a target device. Cell phone keyloggers apps are basically a kind of digital surveillance, revealing every touch and click, every download, and conversation. Mobile keylogger solutions work by tracking every key struck on a keyboard completely covertly, so the person you’re trying to monitor doesn’t know that you’re monitoring them.


We know what you’re thinking. Cell phone keylogger solutions sound kind of sketchy. These apps are only used by scammers, right? Not necessarily. There are actually a number of legitimate uses for keystroke logger apps:

  • Parents can monitor their kid`s smartphone activities and capture all the entered keystrokes on their device;
  • Law enforcement may use it to analyze and track incidents linked to personal computers use;
  • You may track your own devices;

But there’s also a negative side of remote Keylogger apps. They may be used with malicious intent by phone hackers to collect account details and sensitive info like credit card numbers, passwords, usernames and other personal data entered via the keyboard. Consequently, cybercriminals can use cell phone keylogger apps to steal your identity and money, or blackmail you or your family.

How to Use a Keylogger

Once the Keylogger app is installed on the computer, it runs invisibly in the background and detects all the activity made on the target device. And not just what they browsed and who they chatted with. Software Keylogger makes a note of each keystroke typed on the target device, and it lets you effortlessly read written conversations.

Even though hardware Keylogger has a negative side and may be used by mobile hackers for nefarious purposes, there’s definitely a positive use case — and it involves parents looking to keep their kids safe.

An invisible Keylogger is a perfect tool for parents who want to keep tabs on their kid`s conversations and find out what they are up to online. It may help parents to protect their kids from such destructive Internet phenomena as cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, scamming, etc.

Hidden keylogger can also be combined with other types of device-monitoring software or can be a built-in feature of parental control app.

How to Choose the Best Keylogger for Android

Many years ago, to view exactly what someone else had typed was the stuff of an espionage thriller only Hollywood could dream of. But in today’s digitally-developed world, the simple keylogger has been developed into much more powerful tools, offering an incredible number of functions.

Let’s start by considering the features you should look for when choosing the best Android keylogger solutions. The list might be long, but here are the key features you should look for:

  • Installation: First of all, Keylogger on Android should be easy to install. Some apps don’t require physical access to the target device and provide the possibility of being installed remotely.
  • Stealth: Keylogger Android should be able to run invisibly without any possibility to be detected by the target device owner.
  • Functionality: This is where the Android key features list may become astonishing long as each of us has their own wants and needs concerning the keylogger functionality. Now, the original function of keylogger is extended to an ability to check all text messages, emails, instant messengers (Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc.) and other ways of communication. Now the list is getting to become very long with GPS location, geo-fencing, calendar activities, contact list, photos and videos records, call logs and browser history. Each of the mentioned features can be used for sophisticated monitoring, informing you every time when a safe or dangerous area is left or entered. Besides, it is possible to restrict unwanted calls from certain numbers, block adult sites or apps.
  • Simplicity in use: Android keylogger should be comfortable and convenient in use, providing free keylogger access at any time from any device. Besides, all the information should be presented remotely in real time.

Why You Should Look for an Undetectable Keylogger for Android

Searching for a keylogger Android solution? Don’t just install anything you stumble upon. When it comes to finding a keylogger app, you definitely want one that’s undetectable. And not all options are created equal. In some cases, the cell phone keylogger could be visible to the person you’re trying to keep tabs on.

That’s why it’s important to find an undetectable keylogger for Android that operates in in stealth mode. Always do your research before downloading any random app.

How to Install a Key Logger

You don’t have to be a super spy to install a key logger. You just need SPY24. The app lets you install a cell phone keylogger and monitor their activities remotely. The process is extremely straightforward when using a reputable keylogger for phone app like SPY24. And if you run into any tech issues, someone is always standing by to help.

The Bottom Line About Phone Keylogger Apps

There are good remote keylogger for Android apps. And there are sub-par ones. In some cases, you might end up with a Keylogger for iPhone when trying to find a free Android solution. So do your research and find something that works on your device.

For parents

Some parents are hesitant about giving mobile phones to their kids.

On the one hand, a smartphone allows you and your child to call each other whenever the need arises. On the other hand, however, a smartphone is a very distracting piece of technology, and before the time when you could buy an android keylogger, there was no way of keeping track of how your child was using the phone.

track the location of the android device

Playing games during school hours is bad, but it’s not the worst thing your children can do using their cell phones.

A keylogger for android is the only thing that will allow you to find out if your kids are sharing sensitive information with strangers, placing themselves and your family in danger.

For Employers

Employers will also benefit greatly from using SPY24 app created by SPY24.

In the past, it was very challenging for a manager to keep track of all the employees, ensuring that they work diligently without wasting any time. No one likes to work too hard, and whenever we get the chance to slack off while no one’s watching, we’ll gladly take that chance.

android keylogger keeps a detailed log and records all conversations

SPY24 makes it nearly impossible for employees to wander around the office or spend too much time on their lunch break. This app allows the employer to know the exact location of every employee at any point in time, making it very easy to identify people who should be encouraged to work harder.

Additionally, due to the fact the SPY24 records all calls and text messages, it will no longer be possible for people to use corporate phones for personal use.

Free download

If you were Googling “free spy apps for android undetectable” or “cell phone monitoring” in hopes of finding a decent android keylogger free of charge, then you’ve come to the right place.

SPY24 presents you with one of the best spy APK that you can download online – The SPY24.

Despite the fact that you’re downloading a free android keylogger, you’ll have access to all of its amazing features including call recording and a “hidden” mode.

After you’ve used SPY24 for a while, you’ll realize how irreplaceable this tool really is.

Thus, when the time comes to prolong the use of this program, you’ll not hesitate to visit our website to do so.


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