Kidgy App Review: Find my Friends & Family Phone

Kidgy App Review: Find my Friends & Family Phone
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Best app for parents to keep their kids safe - Kidgy: With Kidgy, the best parental control app, you can keep an eye on your child's GPS location, calls, texts, browsing history, and other smartphone activities. You can also block unwanted sites and apps. After seeing "A Cinderella Story," a movie about how teens met through blind chatting, your child might want to find a mysterious stranger to talk to about their thoughts, which they think their parents can't possibly understand. In the movie, this stranger seems like a nice person with good intentions. What about the real world? Can parents step in at the right time to protect their kids?

The Kidgy Family Assistant App is a great way for parents to understand and control their children's digital lives.


  1.  Find my friends and family's phone numbers!
  2. Always keep an eye on what your child does online.
  3. Find out where your child is right now using GPS
  4. Let your loved ones tell you if something goes wrong.
  5. Set up geo-fences and get alerts right away
  6. The Kidgy daily Scheduler lets you do things from afar.

Mobile Tracker App - Kidgy – Apps on Google Play

Kidgy: Find My Family on the App Store

What does it mean to be kiddy?

Kidgy was made by digital parents to make being a parent in the 21st century easier and more fun. This parental control app is like a digital assistant that lets you keep an eye on your child's online activity from afar. You can look at and block adult sites and apps that encourage bad behavior. You can track your child's GPS location and set safe zones (school or home, e.g.)

and get a message every time they go in or out. With the Kidgy Daily Schedule, you can also give them simple tasks and get a message when they're done. Kidgy's parental control software is in line with the goals of international groups like UNICEF, which work to make the Internet a safe place for kids.

  • Monitor

Don't know what your child is doing online or who he or she is talking to? Or do you want to know where they are right now after school? Watch what your child does online and read his or her texts and phone calls. Use GPS to find out where your child is. Set up safe and unsafe areas around your home, your grandmother's house, etc. Every time they cross one of these zones, you will get a message.

  • Manage

Worried about how much your child uses apps? YouTube is already competing with you for the attention of kids. Set limits on apps like Snapchat and Facebook that let people know where your child is. Block sites that are for adults or that are violent. You should limit how much time your child spends on social media so that they can pay more attention to schoolwork, chores, etc.

  • Applications

By now, cyberbullying is one of the leading causes of depression in kids. Have you looked at their Facebook to see if they've posted any selfies that could hurt their reputation? Keep your kids from getting in touch with online predators who pose as teens. Put limits on what your child can see on the Internet. Block sites for adults. Don't let people use social media at school or when they should be sleeping.

  • Educate

Do you want to keep an eye on their homework from afar? Or do they just want to do better in school? With the Kidgy parental control app, you can give tasks and check to see if they were done. Show them how to use their time well. You don't have to call them every time you aren't there. With Kidgy, you'll know when they're done reading that book or doing their homework.

Features of the Kidgy App

With Kidgy, you can make sure that your child is where they should be at that time.

Find out where your child is right now using GPS.

Set up boundaries (like school, home, etc.) on a virtual map and get a message when they are crossed.

You can look at your child's device's route history.

  • Applications

You don't have to worry about your child using too many apps because Kidgy makes it easy to keep track of that.

Keep an eye on the apps your child has on their device.

Limit or stop the use of apps

Get a personal one-page report onto your device's control panel

  • Messages

You don't have to take your kid's phone to read their text messages, which can be embarrassing.

Look at messages coming in and going out (even the deleted ones)

See what messages say and when they were sent.

Get a personal report sent right to your device

  • Calls

There's no need to ask your child who's calling. Access all call logs and contact details.

Look at all calls (made and received)

  • Stop unwanted calls

View call details (date, time, duration)

  • Timetable for Children

Kidgy daily planner lets you set simple tasks and get remote notifications when they're done.

Set tasks and make sure they're done.

Manage your child's homework from afar.

  • Applications
  • Internet filter

With Kidgy, you can control what your kids do on the Internet and keep them from getting into trouble.

Watch what your teen does online.

Block sites that are for adults or that promote racism and violence.

Internet use should be limited during school and bedtime.

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Controls for your children's iPhones

Check where your child is and what they are doing online from afar. Look at your text messages and call history. Use an app for your iPhone to keep your kids safe online.

iPhone Parental Controls

  1. With the #1 iOS parental control app, you can keep an eye on what your child does online.
  2. Follow your child's GPS location right now
  3. Control what they do on the Internet
  4. tooltip: See your text messages and call logs
  5. Block apps you don't want to use
  6. Don't let people use the Internet during school and dinner.

Meet Kidgy

Kidgy is an iPhone app that lets parents keep track of their kids and acts as a digital assistant for them. It makes it easy to keep track of what your kids do offline and online. The iPhone parental controls were made to give modern parents more free time by letting them check on their kids' whereabouts and online activities from afar.

It's easy for parents to use and helps them keep track of apps and online activity. You can block numbers from a phone book, manage and block apps and sites that you think might be harmful to your child, and more. Parents can see where their kids are right now, set limits on a map, and be notified when those limits are broken.

App for Android that lets you keep an eye on your kids

With the best parental control app for Android, you can keep your kids safe online. You can manage what they do online, block dangerous apps and adult sites, and more.

Android Parental Control

  1. With the Kidgy parental control app for Android, you can become a digital parent.
  2. Find out where your child is right now using GPS.
  3. Control what they do online
  4. Check your text messages and call records.
  5. Use Daily task manager to set up tasks.
  6. Block school and sleep apps and sites
  7. Meet Kidgy

Kidgy is probably one of the best apps for Android that lets parents keep an eye on their kids. It was made so that busy parents could save time by keeping an eye on what their kids were doing online from afar. Kidgy is what happened when digital parents tried to make the Internet a safe place for kids. It lets parents keep an eye on what their kids do online and off.

remotely. This includes the GPS location, call logs, contacts, text messages, apps, and text messages. Parents can control their child's daily schedule and block access to the Internet and calls coming in and going out. Kidgy is here to help parents understand and control their kids' Internet use, as well as protect them from the most common online dangers.

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Features in general

Take control of your child's online activities.

  • Messages

Check the text messages your child sends and receives. Check the time and date. You can look at even the ones you deleted to get useful information sent right to your phone.

  • Where GPS Is

Place and time stamps let you know where your child is at any given moment. Check on them from afar when they go out with their friends, go to school, or leave their grandmother.

Mark safe areas on a virtual map and use it to track where your child is. Find out when your child passed these zones, along with the time and location.

  • Panic Button

Let your child tell you whenever they need help or something to be done right away. Find out where the person is and what time it is on your phone.

Control how the apps are used. Block ones that aren't educational and suggest ones that are. Change your child's schedule to give them more time for school and sleep.

  • Calls

Be aware of who and when your child is calling from afar. View a child's phone book and block unwanted contacts to keep them from getting involved with people who are bad for them.

  • Internet Filter

Watch and manage what your child does on the Internet. Look at the sites and block the ones for adults. Get more time to spend with family and do things outside.

  • Planner for each day

You can teach your child by giving them tasks from afar. Keep track of their progress and help them when you can. Develop good habits and self-control that will help you as an adult.

Talk to us! You can always use Kidgy Kidgy to keep an eye on and protect your child online. We want you to have the best possible experience with us, so we offer customer service around the clock.

Kidgy Review 2022: Few Features Compared to Internet Dangers

Kidgy might not be the best app to use if you want to keep your child safe from the dangers of the Internet. It can only do a few things and is easy to get rid of from a target smartphone.

We all use gadgets and benefit from digital technologies in the modern world. Children are no different. They usually know more about technology and spend a lot of time on the Internet.

But along with all of the good things, kids face serious risks in the digital world. Online predators look for victims day and night until they make friends with a child. This is because people tend to share too much personal information on social media.

So, when parents want to keep their kids safe, they often choose parental control apps.

If you are one of these parents, we think you should try the SPY24 app right away. You can also read this review to learn more about Kidgy, which is another app that parents often use to keep an eye on their kids.

App for keeping kids safe that stands out

As a caring parent, you know how important it is to keep an eye on what your child does on their phone. Smartphones are a big part of our lives, after all. They give us everything we need, like the ability to talk to family and friends who live far away and to shop and bank online. But when it comes to your child, things are a lot harder. You have to be a digital parent with a reliable phone monitoring app if you want to keep an eye on your kids these days. Also, keeping an eye on your child's phone use is just as important as keeping them safe in other ways. Unfortunately, the digital world is full of risks that teens and tweens can be seriously hurt by. Phone monitoring is the only way to stop it from happening if you don't want it to. You can easily keep your child from getting into trouble if you have a powerful parental control app. Here is where Kidgy comes in! This smart parental control tool takes care of most of your monitoring needs all at once.

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There are ways to track a phone

Kidgy is the only software that lets parents track their kids' phones most easily and effectively. It was made just for parents. This parental control app is built around several important features that parents can use to keep their kids safe both online and off:

  1. GPS location lets you see on a detailed map where your child is right now;
  2. Geofencing lets you set up forbidden and allowed zones and get alerts when someone enters or leaves one;
  3. Call logs let you keep track of all your outgoing and incoming calls, along with the numbers and names of the people who called you;
  4. Text messages – lets you see the content of every incoming and outgoing message, even ones you've deleted;
  5. Installed applications – tells you about all the apps you have installed and lets you block the ones you don't want;
  6. When you press the panic button, an alert is sent.
  7. With all of these parental control and mobile tracking features, it's easier than ever to keep an eye on what your kids are doing.

Why watch what your child does on his or her phone?

If you're still not sure if you need a parental control app or not, think about what your kids see when they're on their phones. Most likely, you don't want them to be able to use their devices whenever they want. But it's not the answer to say that cell phones can't be used at all. If not, you can use a reliable parental control app to track a phone right away. This can help you in many ways. For example, our monitoring software gives you all the tools you need to track a mobile phone to:

You'll learn more about your child, their needs, and how they act. You'll also be able to protect them from many online dangers, stop your child from becoming a victim of bullying, and know exactly where they are at all times.

  • check all mobile activities with just a few clicks.

In addition to all of this, tracking a child's phone with Kidgy is not only easy but also cheap for any parent. Try this app for controlling what your kids can do right now, and you'll be happy with the results!

What does Kidgy mean?

Kidgy is an app that lets parents keep an eye on what their kids are doing online. It was made so that parents could control their kids' screen time and phone use from afar.

You can see what someone else is doing online after installing the app on their device. You can keep track of their chats, phone calls, where they are, and even give them daily tasks.

The Kidgy parental control app works on both iOS and Android devices without having to jailbreak or root.

How Does Kidgy work?

If the question "Where can I get the Kidgy app?" is bothering you, we have good news. Kidgy is easy to get from Google Play or the Apple Store. Like other apps like it, this one works well on both systems.

When the Kidgy app is installed on someone else's device, it keeps track of what they do online and sends that information to your user dashboard. You can look at the information collected at any time, right from your phone.

The app works with iOS 9 and newer. It works well on the iPhone 5+, iPad Air+, and iPad mini 2+. (till the 6th generation).

Apple has a Family Sharing setup that lets you install Kidgy for up to 6 people. It lets family members connect and share photos, calendars, iTunes and App Store purchases, an Apple Music family membership, and the iCloud storage plan. You don't have to share an account, though.

Kidgy isn't a secret monitoring app, so its icon can be seen on the device it's monitoring.

What kinds of things can I keep an eye on with Kidgy?

Kidgy is a multipurpose app that lets you keep an eye on:

  1. Messages. You can look at your child's text messages, see when each one was sent and received, and even read deleted chats.
  2. Calls. View call logs, see information about each call, and block people you don't want to talk to.
  3. Location by GPS. Find out where someone else is from far away and set geofences around dangerous areas.
  4. Panic Button. Helps kids tell their parents when they are in trouble. Parents get alerts about where their kids are at all times.
  5. Apps were installed. You can see what apps are installed on a target device and block them.
  6. Internet filter. You can keep an eye on and manage your child's Internet use, look at the sites they visit, and block content that isn't appropriate for their age.
  7. Planner for each day. Set up tasks for kids remotely, keep an eye on their progress, and help them when they need it.
  8. Before you decide to buy the app, you should know that it works differently on iOS and Android devices.

Every 15 to 20 minutes, Kiddy changed the information he had gathered. It means that you will get new information about what they do online. But the number of times can depend on how a child's device connects to the Internet.

Kidgy Review: The App to Keep an Eye on Kids

After seeing "A Cinderella Story," a movie about teens who met through blind chat, your child may want to find a mysterious stranger to talk to.

How do I get Kidgy set up?

To use the Kidgy app, you have to get to the target device. You don't have to do anything sneaky to use the app, but you do need to figure out how to get into your child's device.

Kidgy was made for parents, so it's a simple app that any parent can set up in just a few clicks. Here's what you need to do:

  1. You and your child can both get Kidgy from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Put the app on both of the devices.
  3. Set up accounts for you and your child.
  4. By entering a code on your child's device, you can link it to your account.
  5. Allow the app to keep an eye on your child's phone.
  6. Start keeping track.
  7. If you have any problems with installation, you can reach out to their support team at any time.

Note that you have to pay for the Kidgy service before you can start watching what your child does. You'll get a payment confirmation email as soon as your payment is accepted. Then, you can go to your user dashboard and see what your child is doing on his or her phone.

Kidgy vs. SPY24: Simple Functions or Advanced Features?

How kids act in cyberspace affects their lives, their relationships, and the things they do. Because of this, they are less safe in their everyday lives. It means that parents need to protect their children more strongly.

Since Kidgy only has a few functions and basic monitoring features, adults may want to try something else. For example, SPY24 is a multifunctional app that gives parents advanced ways to keep track of their kids.

Parents can use SPY24 to make sure their kids are safe and sound online. The following are some of the benefits of the app:

  1. Interactive demo. You can try out the SPY24 app before buying it to see how it works. It is free to use and can be found on the main page of
  2. assistance. Unlike other parental control apps, SPY24 will help you set it up from a distance if you can't do it yourself.
  3. Screen recorder. With SPY24, you can record the sounds around a target device from a distance. You can always listen to them by going to your dashboard.
  4. Keylogger. You can see what words a person types on the keyboard of their device. SPY24 listens to every word and copies it to your user panel so you can easily keep track of what is going on.
  5. Locations and alerts based on geofencing. With one click, you can find out where someone is right now using GPS. Set up geofences and get notified when a person you want to keep track of enters or leaves a certain area.
  6. Prices that are easy to change. SPY24 has different subscriptions for different needs. You can choose between packages for iOS and Android, as well as between Basic and Premium subscriptions. There is also a free trial for 14 days with the option to upgrade.
  7. To sum up, SPY24 is a better solution because it is made to meet even the most complex needs of parents. It makes it easier for adults to take care of their kids because they can see what their kids are doing online.
  • Kidgy

Kidgy was made to save you time and keep your child safe from online predators, cyberbullying, and other dangers that come with using the Internet. Kidgy is a global brand that lets you keep track of everything your child does online. With this family assistant, you can make the most of your online time together and build trust.

How do you use the app?

You need to get the family app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store before you can use it to keep track of your child. Then you will need to make a profile for your child and one for yourself. You will start getting updates straight to your phone from the app.

You can do things with Kidgy

You can do the following things with the app:

  1. With the GPS tracker, you can see where your child is while they are on the Internet.
  2. The app lets you set up "geo-fences" around places like "home" or "school," so you can keep track of when your child enters or leaves.
  3. You can block apps that you don't want your kids to use and also watch how they use them.
  4. It's also easy to keep track of what people do on the Internet. You can either keep track of what they look at or block them. Moreover, you can also set limits on the web.
  5. You can also keep track of calls and text messages, even if they were erased right away.
  6. In the case of emergencies, your kid can inform you of their whereabouts immediately by pressing the Panic button. You will be able to find out where your child is right now.
  7. You can decide who can call your child. You can block people you don't want to talk to by using the blocking feature.
  8. You can also make a list of tasks for your child and make sure they get done.
  • More about what it has to offer

Here is an in-depth look at what Kidgy has to offer:

  • Geofencing and tracking your location

With these features, you can always know where your child is. With the family locator feature, you can rest easy knowing that your kids are safe. With the Geofencing feature, you can set up virtual fences and get notified when your child enters or leaves the virtual fence. So, you'll know if the kids are still at the place you left them or if they've left to go somewhere else. So if your child goes somewhere you didn't know about on the Kidgy map, you'll know about it for sure.

  • Phone calls and meetings

If you try to get to know all of your child's online friends, you will be able to build a lot more trust with your child. With this tracking app, you can find out the names and phone numbers of everyone your child talks to on their cell phone. You can also see all the calls your child made and all the calls they got. You can also keep your child safe by blocking people they don't want to talk to.

  • Messages

With the Kidgy app, you can keep track of all text messages sent and received. You can even see messages that your child might have deleted because they were too scared or embarrassed to talk to you about them. Cyberbullying is a common example of this. A lot of kids hide it from their parents and have trouble with their minds. You can see what the message says, when it was sent, when it was received, etc., to make sure your child is safe.

  • Alarm button

As the name suggests, the Panic button on your child's phone acts as an alarm button so that they can call you with just one click if something goes wrong. When you click the panic button, the panic mode turns on and you can see the GPS position and the location trace in real-time. Once your child is safe, you can turn off your phone's panic mode.

  • App block and list of apps

If you think your child spends too much time on social networking sites and YouTube instead of sleeping and reading, you can also control that with the app. You can find out what apps your child has and uses with this app. You can also see what apps they have on their devices. The Kidgy app shows you how much time your child spends on each app, so you can decide what to limit.

  • Scheduler and task manager

This feature is a helper for families (a virtual one, though). You can set up things you want your child to do with this app. This helps your kids stay on track with their daily plans and builds trust. This is a good way to teach kids how to plan how they spend their time.