KidsGuard Pro + ClevGuard for iOS & Android - Monitoring App

KidsGuard Pro + ClevGuard for iOS & Android - Monitoring App
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Do you feel that your spouse is cheating on you behind your back? Their coming home late-night and then chatting on Snapchat and Instagram worry you? Or is your teenager always hiding their cell phone or tablet in your presence? ClevGuard provides comprehensive solutions for mobile phone parental control , online activities monitoring and location tracking in today’s digital world.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

Advanced iPhone Monitoring App to Keep Tabs on Your Children

  • Over 20+ features for iOS monitoring (SMS, calls, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • No jailbreaking is required, and it's 100% safe to use.
  • Effortless installation and startup within just 5 minutes.
  • Even deleted files can be checked and monitored.
  • Sync data over Wi-Fi every time without the USB connection.
  • Check the location history of the target iOS device.

If you can relate yourself to the above scenario, then you have come to the right place.

Keeping an eye on your loved ones will not be sufficient as you can’t be present everywhere all the time. Therefore the best way to keep them safe from the dangers of bad pursuers is by monitoring your loved one’s smartphone with spy app s.

There are various spying apps in the market that signify themselves as the best ones!

KidsGuard Pro

So how will you choose the right spying app for yourself?

At SPY24 , we excel in rigorously testing spying apps and sharing our unbiased opinion to help you select the perfect tracking app for your requirements.

We have recently tested KidsGuard Pro, and we can say that it is a feature-packed parental control app that can be your choice for your loved one’s Android or iOS devices.

So without saying anything further, let’s begin the detailed and comprehensive review of KidsGuard Pro.

Nowadays, smartphones are quite common. Even children in kindergartens know how to play with mobile phones and tablets. But do parents feel at ease that children are using these devices to surf the Internet and read some Internet information? Don't you worry about how children make friends on the Internet? What kind of photos and movies have they seen, or have they talked to someone on the phone, who they have been to and where they have been?

Kidguard Pro is a security monitoring software for parents. You don't need to jailbreak the iPhone or root Android device. You can use the web browser to monitor children's use of iPhone and Android at any time. Kidguard can also track children's location and where they have been and even view the photos, videos, calendars, memos, messages, communication, and so on stored in the device. All the contents can be viewed remotely in real-time.

What information can you get from Kidguard Pro remotely?

  • Phone call records
  • Content of SMS
  • Current location of mobile phone (very accurate)
  • browser webpage
  • Viewed photos
  • Watched videos
  • Screenshot of mobile phone (see the current mobile screen)
  • Message records of communication apps include KIK, Viber, Line, WeChat, etc.

If you want to use Kidguard Pro, you need several permissions to use it properly.

Need iCloud account and password

If you want to monitor your children, you must obtain an Apple ID and password.

Turn on two-factor authentication for Apple ID.

After iOS 11, the iOS system will automatically turn on two-factor authentication. After obtaining the Apple ID and password, you need to pass the two-factor authentication to enter normally. You need to do it once, and the subsequent shutdown and restart of the Kidguard will not need to be authenticated again. The fastest way is to create the "app password" directly to avoid authentication when you want to change the device.

Cutting-Edge iPhone Monitoring Features

KidsGuard Pro for iOS comes with more than 20 advanced iOS monitoring features for parents and employers, which allows you to track almost every activity on the target iPhone/iPad.

Monitor Social Apps

Monitor WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, and Kik chat history, as well as exchanged media files, emojis, and more.

Read Messages

Read all the text messages sent or received by the target user, including those deleted ones.

Track Calls

Track all incoming and outgoing calls, including the names, timestamps, and call duration.

Check Media Files

Check any type of multimedia files stored on the target iPhone, including photos, videos, or voice memos.

View Text Files

View the content added in Reminders, Calendars, Notes on the monitored iPhone or iPad.

Safari History & Bookmarks

Check Safari history and bookmarks to learn what the target user has been visited and what he is interested in.

KidsGuard Pro iPhone Monitoring App is Super Easy to Use

Unlike other iPhone monitoring apps, you don't need to jailbreak the target iPhone/iPad in advance. Our iOS tracking solution doesn’t involve any complex operations, so you can easily get started with it within minutes.

  • Step 1: Sign Up

Register a valid account for KidsGuard Pro and purchase a subscription plan.

  • Step 2: Download & Install

Download and install the KidsGuard Pro iOS app onto the computer used by the person you want to monitor.

  • Step 3: Scan the iPhone Data with/without Wi-Fi

Option 1: Scan the iPhone Data without Wi-Fi

Option 2: Scan the iPhone Data with Wi-Fi

  • Step 4: Start Monitoring

The program will display 20+ file types. Start monitoring right away.

KidsGuard Pro for Android - Reliable Android Phone Monitoring & Tracking App

KidsGuard Pro for Android

The Ultimate Android Monitoring App to Keep an Eye on Loved Ones

  • Monitor 30+ files: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Ins, SMS, Calls, etc.
  • 100% undetectable. Remotely track without knowing.
  • No need to root the target Android phone.
  • Get started within 5 minutes.

All Popular Social Apps, Covered

You can remotely track the activity of your staff and loved ones by simply monitoring social media apps. You can do everything from reading a chat history and viewing an app's interface to monitoring shared multimedia and checking app activity records. And, you can do all of this without the need to root!

Keep Tracking Whenever They Go

You can take advantage of the inbuilt GPS or Wi-Fi location tracking technology to track real-time locations. You can also set up a geo-fence and get alerts when your child enters or exits the virtual boundary.

  • Track GPS Location
  • View Location History
  • Wi-Fi Location Tracking
  • Set up Geofence

Access Phone Files from Anywhere

Get access to contacts, call logs, texts, photos, videos, browser history, and more. It's basically a record of everything on the desired device. When necessary, you even have the opportunity to export and save this data for future use.

Check How KidsGuard Pro Works

KidsGuard Pro collects data on the target cell phone and uploads it to your online account in real-time. Simply by logging into the online control panel , you can see all the data. This online panel can be easily accessed through any browser on phones and tablets. See below for a preview.

KidsGuard Pro + ClevGuard

KidsGuard for WhatsApp - Powerful WhatsApp Monitoring App with No Need to Root

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

Dedicated WhatsApp Monitoring App. No Need to Root

Monitor 10+ WhatsApp data, like WhatsApp chats, status, calls, voice messages, etc.

Easy to use and work with all Android phones & tablets, about 3 minutes for installation.

No need for a WhatsApp account or password. No login alerts.

Run in stealth mode and sync data to you in real-time.

Monitor Social Communication on WhatsApp

KidsGuard WhatsApp monitoring online dashboard is finely classified and enables users to access all WhatsApp data without hassle.

  • Read WhatsApp Messages

It's super easy to track WhatsApp messages your child has sent or received, like text/voice messages, emojis, photos, video previews, GIF previews, documents, etc.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

You can check who your child had taken a call with when the call was made, if it was a video or voice call, the duration, and any missed calls accurately. And call logs can be exported.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

  • View WhatsApp Status

You can view multiple WhatsApp statuses anonymously, like quotes, photos, videos (thumbnails), etc. Even deleted or expired status can be checked.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

  • Record WhatsApp Calls

All voice and video calls can be tracked remotely. Using the playback features is really a good way to find out what your kid is doing recently.

View & Save All Media Types on WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp Photos

Photos exchanged in WhatsApp chats or uploaded to Status can be easily viewed on the KidsGuard online dashboard. This feature allows you to track WhatsApp remotely seamlessly.

  • WhatsApp Voices

You won't miss out on any WhatsApp voice messages, either. You can check all incoming and outgoing WhatsApp voice notes and restore conversation details.

  • WhatsApp Videos

You can view someone's WhatsApp videos without knowing. However, please note that KidsGuard will only show a video's thumbnail to prevent additional data charges.

  • WhatsApp Documents

All types of WhatsApp compatible files (PDF/DOC/Excel/TXT/PPT/Etc) can be downloaded and printed off where necessary. This feature includes recovering previously deleted files.

Maximize the Information You Can Monitor

There are added features to monitor your child's WhatsApp more thoroughly, enabling you to explore all of their secrets.

  • WhatsApp Screenshots

Automatically takes screenshots when WhatsApp's in use.

WhatsApp screenshots can be previewed online or download-ed into your local files.

  • WhatsApp Activities

Data type includes screen time usage, using frequency, and exact login date & time.

WhatsApp activity records can be exported.

MoniVisor for Win - Invisible & Remote Windows Monitoring Software

MoniVisor for Windows

The First Choice for Employee Monitoring

Support over 20 features: WhatsApp chats reading, Gmail intercepting, screen capturing, etc.

100% invisible running mode on the target computer.

Remotely checking monitored data from the online dashboard anywhere and anytime.

Real-time data syncing and wonderful data exporting feature supported.

Monitor Social Media Conversations

What can it do:

Get all the chat messages from web WhatsApp, Facebook (Messenger), Twitter, Skype, and Instagram.

Check the profile, chat media files like images, videos, emojis, documents, shared contacts, etc.

View all the incoming and outgoing call histories, even the missed calls.

Why it's good:

It can monitor the contents without having the target's account info.

The data will sync with you in real-time.

Remotely checking the data without the target knowing.

Track Internet Activity & Download History in Workplace

What can it do:

Record all the created internet browsing history.

Check the specific visited page on your own computer.

Know the exact visiting time.

Check all the created download history, even know the file storage path.

Why it's good:

It supports the 5 main browsers globally: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer.

You can remotely open the visited page without physical access to the target computer.

Read Sent & Received Emails of Your Employees

What can it do:

Read all the emails sent or received via a web-based email platform.

Get into someone's email account without them getting a notification.

Know the full attached file path of each email.

Why it's good:

It can monitor the contents without having the target's account info.

  • Remotely check the data synced in real-time.

Keep an eye on employee's emails to prevent the leaking of confidential documents.

Monitor Social Media Conversations

Capture Screen Automatically and Silently

What can it do:

Take automatic screenshots of the target computer screen at specified intervals.

Sync the captured pictures to your dashboard in real-time.

Can download or delete the screenshots as you like.

Why it's good:

  • Start and stop the capturing automatically.

Stable data syncing brings good experience.

Know if the employee is working at the moment.

Monitor Social Media Conversations

Record Every keystroke from Employee's Computer

What can it do:

  • See everything that is typed on the keyboard.

View even the deleted keystrokes or those typed in incognito browsing mode.

Check all the keylogging activities with timestamps.

Why it's good:

Use the advanced technology to track the keystrokes with 100% accuracy.

Exactly distinguish the contents of the specific app.

Android Spy ware Detection

An anti-spyware tool that can protect mobile

phone data security

24/7 Protect Your Phone.

One Single Click to Eliminate Malicious Documents.

Real-Time Warning When Spyware is Found.

Free Version Is Available with Super Functions.

Super Anti Spyware App for Android

As we rely more and more on the Internet, our attention to Internet information security increases. ClevGuard as an Android spyware detection app which not only can pinpoint out the malicious files but also can detect spyware on Android phone. You can surf the Internet at ease with ClevGuard.

ClevGuard Android Spyware Removal Features

ClevGuard Scanner and Remover

Scan Phone files and add them to the allowlist or Blacklist.

Files that add to the allowlist can bypass the next time risk warning

Remove files from the allowlist and report app to block freely.

Scan and show unsafe App to you in 24 hours

Notification remind with unsecured App

App Audit for Android

Support for scanning all third-party applications installed on the phone.

Reporting each app access permission according to the risk grade.

Upload the suspicious hazard app to help you to check.


Real-Time Spyware Detector

24/7 heuristic scanning phone’s download files.

Highlight the abnormal documents.

Display 100 records.


More Features

Scan All Phone App

Remind you which app is the threat

the safety of your phone

App Whitelist Enumeration

Add your trust app to the allowlist

without security remind

Scan Spy Automatically

scan spy app in real-time and

add to backlist with own mind

One Step Delete App

Delete Any unsecured App with

one click

How to Use ClevGuard to Protect Your Phone

Who We Are

By combining our expertise and experience in the security of internet users, especially vulnerable kids, we’ve built ClevGuard. We are always striving to make ClevGuard the most reliable and trustworthy smartphone tracking and computer monitoring program. We focus a great deal on user trust and adopt every user’s ideas. Up to now, ClevGuard is always dedicated to becoming a preferred choice in the parental control industry.

Our highly proficient team of data security experts has gone above and beyond the call of duty to build customer data security solutions for globally renowned companies. At ClevGuard, we’re dedicated to helping you protect your loved ones and secure your data.

Trustworthy Tracking and Monitoring Solution

ClevGuard is the one-stop solution provider for parental control and remote monitoring across the globe. Its products included cell phone monitoring compatible with Android and iOS.

KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best Android cell phone tracking and monitoring solution on the internet. It includes over 25 monitoring features to track real-time location, text messages, call logs, incognito browser history, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. Also, remotely control the target's camera to take photos, record calls, or take a screenshot secretly.

KidsGuard Pro for iOS

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is a tool to monitor and get the contents from the target's iPhone; it supports 20 types of data tracking, include messages, calls logs, WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, Wechat, QQ, Safari history and Bookmarks, Notes, Reminders, etc.

KidsGuard for WhatsApp

This is an app specialized in WhatsApp monitoring; it compatible with almost all kinds of Android models and os systems. Its wonderful 10 WhatsApp tracking features impressed many, including messages, calls, status, voices, photos, videos, documents, screen capturing, and even the WhatsApp call recording .

MoniVisor for Win

MoniVisor is a creative Windows computer monitoring tool that compatible with Windows 10,8 and 7 well. It can monitor all the internet browsing history, web social media chats like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter or Instagram, webmails like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, track all the keystrokes, and take screenshots remotely with one click.

Privacy of Your Data

Privacy of your data was our prime concern while designing the product, and we've ensured that your data stay with you and not us.

Find out more about ClevGuard Privacy Policy.

Do I need to root the target device first?

No, there is no need to root the target device before using this phone monitoring app.

Can I install KidsGuard for Android remotely?

I'm afraid that you need to have one-time physical access to the target device to install the Android monitoring app.

What is required to use KidsGuard Pro for iOS?

To use KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you need to install the software onto the common-use computer. And you may need access to the target iOS device and connect it to the computer so that the target device can be identified successfully.

What if the data is not updated?

Please make sure the target iCloud account has enough storage space and its backup & syncing function is turned on.

What are the main features of KidsGuard for WhatsApp?

Monitor WhatsApp chats, including sent, received, and deleted messages if they’ve been read by the target.

Check WhatsApp media files, like shared photos, videos, voices, documents, status.

Record WhatsApp calls and captures WhatsApp live screen automatically.

You can head to its free demo and experience all WhatsApp monitoring features in advance.