Learn how to block inappropriate websites on Android and your computer

Learn how to block inappropriate websites on Android and your computer
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The internet is full of weaknesses, and it has the potential to disturb, be hazardous, and even be violent to everyone who uses it. People have problems online, and they want to restrict access to inappropriate websites on their digital devices, such as their phones, PCs, and other computer-related gadgets. It is possible that the unwelcome information will have harmful ramifications and repercussions. People enjoy blocking websites on various web browsers, such as Chrome, on their smartphones and computer devices. First, let's have a look at the information provided below before we talk about how to block undesirable websites on Android and desktops.

Learn how to block inappropriate websites on Android and your computer

Who Is Interested in Blocking Unwanted Websites?

Are you only concerned with your children's parents? However, aside from parents, many people these days wish to do away with the internet for a variety of reasons. The following are some of the reasons why people desire to block access to inappropriate content on their cell phones and laptop desktop devices.

What is it that parents are concerned about when it comes to protecting children from inappropriate websites?

Parents are concerned about their children's access to adult, pornographic, and social media content, as well as their children's social media preoccupation. They wish to protect children from hazardous and nude stuff that may be found on the internet, which is available on millions of unsuitable websites. They want to be able to set parental controls on digital devices such as phones, PCs, and computers used by their children. There are numerous parental control options available, such as SPY24, which blocks problematic websites by word, such as adult, online dating, social networking, and many more, and many others.

What is it that causes employers to restrict access to websites on official devices?

During working hours, business professionals frequently encounter a lack of productivity and dedication on the part of their employees. Do you have any idea why? Employees spend the majority of their time on business phones and PCs perusing the internet and visiting time-wasting websites. As a result, they wish to restrict employees from engaging in undesirable browsing on company-owned devices. During working hours, they have little choice but to ban websites that are deemed undesirable by management. Employers can manually block websites, but they prefer to utilize apps and software, such as cell phones and computer monitoring solutions, such as SPY24, to do so.

When using a computer, how can you prevent adult websites from being accessed?

Whether you are a parent or a business executive, you want to keep your children and workers away from unwelcome, inappropriate, or adult websites. Using the best parental control and employee monitoring software, you may block any website on your phones and PCs, regardless of their content.

Install monitoring software on your Windows or MAC computer.

You can browse the SPY24 official website and look for solutions such as spy software for Windows and computer monitoring solutions, among others. You can subscribe to any of these solutions based on the operating system of your target device and then follow the steps outlined below to get started.

Sign up for the computer tracking application.

Upon registering to a solution of your choosing, you will receive an email with a password and identification number.

Obtain physical access to the computer equipment.

In order to complete the installation procedure effectively, you must have physical access to your target device. Additionally, successfully activate the monitoring application for the machine (Windows + MAC).

Make use of website blocking tools.

To gain access to the online dashboard, you will need to enter your password and ID. Additionally, you can activate features and receive immediate results through the web-based control panel.

Websites can be blocked on both MAC and Windows computers.

Afterward, you may go to the dashboard and enable the options that interest you, such as blocking websites. You can activate the tool, and it will begin to operate on the target device as soon as it is activated. It gives you the ability to protect your youngsters and keep your employees away from pornographic websites. Create filters for explicit, undesired, and inappropriate websites by entering the URLs of the sites into the filters. It will prevent access to any website that you have added to the filtering system.

Other features for keeping an eye on obscene websites on a computer

Take screenshots of your work.

A screen recorder is a program that records what is displayed on your computer's screen.

History of web browsing

Recorder with surround sound

Screenshots available on demand

Keystroke logging, microphone, and camera bugging

When using an Android phone, how do you block adult content and inappropriate websites?

Do you want to prevent unwelcome websites from appearing on your Android phone or tablet? Here's how to prevent any website from loading on your target cell phone that is running the Android operating system.

Use Android parental control software to keep your children safe.

There are a plethora of covert spy applications for Android available on the internet that promise to be able to install parental controls on phones as well as block inappropriate and undesired sites. You may use the greatest parental control app for Android, SPY24, to keep your children safe. You can use this program on your cell phone device running the Android operating system to filter websites in order to protect your children and prevent employees from downloading undesirable apps.

Many different types of applications, including social networking sites, messaging apps, online dating apps, and gaming apps, can put your children's safety at risk. Employees who use these apps on their company's Android phones and tablets are wasting their time. Users may see which apps and websites they have visited by using the display installed programs feature and by monitoring their browsing history. In order to find out which websites your child or employees have visited, you can take screenshots or do a live screen recording.

Activate Android parental control and make use of the following features:

Websites can be filtered.


Spy on social media

Making a recording of the screen

The history of the internet

Apps that have been installed

Keep track of your whereabouts by calling in and recording them.


Android spying is one of the most effective ways of maintaining parental control over a child's phone, and it is also useful for tracking employees. In addition to filtering adult websites, you may also spy on every activity that takes place on the target phone in accordance with your timetable.

With a variety of capabilities that collect information from Android phones in a variety of ways, you may conduct surveillance on Android phones around the clock. To use the SPY24 application, you must first register with them. Additionally, complete the installation process and take advantage of web filtering and android spy features to complete the task. It will protect your children from accessing inappropriate websites and will boost the efficiency of your company.

Without the use of software, is it feasible to ban any website on an Android device or a computer?

Yes, it is possible, but manual techniques are time-consuming and stressful for parents, and even more so for business people in particular. Let's find out more about it in the following section.

In the absence of an app, how do you block websites on a computer?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the backbone of the internet. It is capable of converting domain names such as Google.com into IP addresses. The information obtained from your DNS server visit webpage is stored in your device's HOSTS file, which is located in local storage. It can assist you in blocking websites that are unwanted or adult in nature.

You'll need to gain access to your device as an administrator. You can get into your target PC's administrator account and go to the following website: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

Select the notepad from the list of programs by tapping on the file "hosts" and selecting it from the list of programs. Now is the time to open the file! You can select OK from the drop-down menu. Go to the last two lines of the host's files and make a note of them. "# localhost" and "#::1 localhost" are two examples of localhost.

You must modify the file, but if you are unable to do so, right-click the file labeled "#::1 localhost" and select "Save target as."

When you click on the Security tab, you can select to modify with the administrator account. You will see a pop-up window where you can choose the account once more and confirm that you have total control. Make use of the Apply>Yes option. Further, press the button that says "OK" to all pop-ups.

Once you have entered the URLs of the websites you wish to block, the program will redirect visitors to the site's home page on your local computer device.

If you wish to block Google, for example, you can put " www.google.com" at the end of the file without including the quotation marks. It gives you the ability to ban as many websites as you like on your target computer devices.

Please use this technique unless you have already included all of the websites that you wish to ban on your computer device.

Is It Possible To Block Any Website On Android Without Using An App?

Children's digital well-being is enhanced by the latest Android operating system devices, which allow you to ban and filter websites on your child's phone. You can adjust the settings and take your children to the digital-wellbeing section of the website.

You can access Internet Options by pressing the keys (alt+x) in the browser. To access the restricted website, you must first select the security tab and then click on the symbol for the restricted website. Using the icon, you may select the sites button located below. More importantly, take note of the pop-up; you can manually enter the websites that you believe are undesired, inappropriate, or pornographic in nature. Once you have entered the name of the website, you can proceed to click Add.


With the help of the SPY24 surveillance software, you may block any improper, adult, or unpleasant website on your Android and computer devices. It offers a variety of goods for cell phones, PCs, and other computer-related devices. You can utilize the product in accordance with the operating system and block as many websites as you like in order to maintain parental control and boost business efficiency.