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What You Need to Know About the Life360 App Selling User Data Like Crazy: There are a lot of apps that make it easier to be a parent. They let you know where your child is, who he is talking to, and a lot more. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, it's not always that easy, and sometimes parents have to face some hard truths. Here's an example.

What Happened When Life360 Shared Too Much Information?

Life360, a popular app for families to share where they are, got into trouble when it was said that it sold users' location information to third parties. The company that just bought Tile is in a lot of trouble because many parents no longer trust one of the most popular apps for families. Since more than 30 million parents use it to keep track of their kids, you might think it would be more careful with its users' information.

The company, which says it is the "leading family safety platform," was recently criticized after The Markup released a bad report. People who used to work there have recently said that the company may have worked with data brokers and sold user information to them. This could hurt the company's reputation and slow down its growth, which has been so fast over the past few years that it's hard to believe.

This is a very scary development because this app is used by 33 million people and is especially popular with worried parents who want to keep an eye on their children. This means that the location data, which included sensitive information about young children and even whole families, were given to dozens of third parties without their knowledge.

life360App Review

The #1 family safety and location sharing app.

Protect each family member with advanced driving, digital, and location safety features. Choose the plan that fits your family’s size and life stage.

The Markup's report is based on information from two people who used to work at Cuebiq and X-Mode. People who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Life360 "worked in the shadows with few safeguards to keep sensitive information from being misused."

Another person, who used to work as an engineer at X-mode, said that the "sheer volume and accuracy" of this location data made it one of the most valuable things that Life360 could offer. Just by selling this kind of information, the company made a huge $16 million in 2020.

Chris Hulls, the founder and CEO of Life360, refused to either deny the whistleblowers' claims outright or show that they were true. He just said, "We see data as an important part of our business model that lets us keep the core Life360 services free for most of our users, including features that have made drivers safer and saved many lives."

The Unreliable Ways of Getting Data

Now, Life360 is buying Tile, which is a big company that has become as well-known for its Bluetooth trackers as Fabreeze is for its air fresheners. Concerned parents and current and potential users will think twice next time before buying the product. Even though Hulls tried to make customers feel better, most people thought his comments were at best half-hearted.

The serious accusations made against the company that calls itself a top-notch "family safety service" hurt its reputation a lot. Sure, a lot of other companies, like Google, Facebook, PayPal, and Amazon, also use user data like there's no tomorrow. The problem is that, unlike Life360, these companies don't market themselves as safety companies that want to give you peace of mind.

To top it all off, both Life360 and Tile went out of their way to tell users that they have no plans to sell the information the Tile tracker gives them. Will they keep what they said? Just wait and see. Users' trust in the app has been broken, and a certain line has been crossed. It will be hard to get that trust back.

Is there a safe alternative to apps that invade your privacy?

When hearing such bad news, it's hard not to feel down. Most apps that say they can help parents keep an eye on their kids don't care about privacy, even though they say they do. They still keep sensitive personal information. Even worse, they eventually sell it to other people. No parent would want people to talk about where their child is like it's nothing. Is there anything else you can count on?

Here comes SPY24 Free, an app for controlling kids like nothing else. It does collect and send your child's location information, but only so that you can get the best service and the most accurate results. Still, it doesn't sell it to outsiders, especially not in such a sneaky way.
Try it out for yourself and see what it's like to use a product you can trust to keep your family safe.

 Your family stays safe with the help of Life360. Its award-winning networking app shows your loved one's location and driving statistics in real-time and connects you with roadside and medical help when you need it. The service protects both your identity and your data, making it an all-around way to stay safe.

Does this app not do anything? It has 35 million active members, has been written about in Forbes and TechCrunch, and is backed by celebrities, all of which show how useful it is in everyday life. It also doesn't hurt to have more than 230k followers on social media.

What can you expect to learn from this review of Life360? All the important information about the brand and its services, such as prices, customer reviews, special offers, and more. First, let's talk about what came before.

A Brief Look at Life360

Even though Life360 seems like a new brand, it was started by Chris Hulls and Kailash Ram back in 2008. In its first few years, the service's great technology won several awards, such as Google's Android Developer Challenge and's Reader's Choice Award.

Even though Life360 is known for being used by parents who want to keep an eye on their kids, the company has added more services over time. It now has tools like SOS alerts, ID theft protection, and travel planning that adults can use to feel safe.

When it first came out, Life360 was a big deal because it was one of the most advanced location services available at the time. Using 77 different technologies across its platform, it attracted high-end brands like BMW, which added its services to the navigation systems of its cars.

Life360 can be used in eight different languages and can be used all over the world. It's one of, if not the most, popular location services ever, with more than 1 million downloads each month.

Now that you know a little bit more about the brand, I'll keep going with my Life360 review. Here are the most important parts.

  • Highlights

Features for finding your way, keeping your information safe, and getting help in an emergency

  1. The best app for family safety and location sharing
  2. Affordable
  3. It is available in eight languages.
  4. Free trial for 7 days
  5. There is a free choice.

Accidents and crimes can occur. Having the right help makes everyday situations a lot less stressful, whether it's a stolen ID, a car accident, or a dark parking lot. Life360 gives you this help by putting help at your fingertips.

In the next part of this Life360 review, I'll look at the service piece by piece, examining and explaining each part so you know exactly what to expect when you sign up.

Life360 App Review

Life360 works through an app that you can only get to with a smartphone. Depending on what kind of membership you choose, all of your features will be listed on your dashboard and ready to use whenever you want. Just make sure to add family and friends to your Circle.

In the next part of this Life360 review, you'll learn about the app's different features. Platinum members can use all of them, but the free, silver, and gold services have limits on what they can do.

  1. Let's start by looking at the features, and then I'll show you what's included in each plan.
  2. Review of the Life360 Membership
  3. Review of the Life360 Location's Safety

This service is known and loved for its Life360 Location Safety feature. It's why this brand was made, so a lot of technology has gone into making accurate location services.

You can use the Location Safety feature's "Location History" to see where your loved ones have been and how long they have been there in the last month. This information is organized by day.

If you worry that Location Safety is too open, you can use the Bubbles feature to show your general location for a short time instead of your exact location. This gives you more privacy without sacrificing safety.

You'll also get place alerts when people in your Circle arrive at their destinations. If you need to, you can use SOS with emergency dispatch to send an alert to your Circle with your location. With the crime reports feature, you can find out about crimes that happen in places you and your family go.

Review of Life360's safety on the road

When you give your kids the keys, you have to trust them and worry a lot. The crash detection, emergency dispatch, and roadside assistance features of Life360 Driving Safety help reduce stress. Life360 will alert your Circle and send your location if you are in a crash that happens at over 25 mph.

You'll be able to see a summary of your family's driving (where they went and for how long) and individual driver reports (top speed, texting while driving, etc.) to hold them accountable and teach them better habits. Only Gold (5 miles of free towing) and Platinum (50 miles of free towing) members can get roadside help.

Life360 Digital Safety Review

It's a good idea to keep an eye on your Digital Safety if you're going to keep an eye on your physical safety. This feature lets you know when a data breach has happened and protects you from ID theft.

Monitoring your credit also helps you stay on top of credit fraud and stop theft. If someone steals something, Life360 will pay back Gold members $25K and Platinum members $1M.

Review of the Life360 Emergency Assistance

Bad days are a normal part of life, but it's how we deal with them that makes all the difference. The Life360 Emergency Assistance feature offers stolen phone protection ($250 for Gold members and $500 for Platinum members), roadside assistance, and free towing (5 miles for Gold members, 50 miles for Platinum members).

You can also use the emergency dispatch feature to send SOS alerts to your Circle, call an ambulance if you need to, and find out about natural disasters, disease outbreaks, and active shootings. With this feature, you'll also have access to a nurse helpline that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can help you get medical, dental, and pharmacy referrals.

The Emergency Assistance feature can also help you get an emergency evacuation and stay in touch with your family while you're in the hospital. With local health reports, visa requirements, and translators to help you before and during your trip, taking a vacation is a little less stressful.

Plans and Prices for Life360

When you sign up for the service, you can choose from four different plans, each of which costs a different amount each month. In this part of my Life360 review, I'll explain each one so you can find the best one for you.

  • Membership is free.

This plan gives you free access to your location history for two days, two Place Alerts, and an SOS Help Alert. You can also use Driving Safety and Digital Safety features like data breach alerts and crash detection.

  • The Silver Level is $5/month

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 7 days of Location History, 5 Place Alerts, and an SOS Help Alert. You'll also get data breach alerts and $100 worth of stolen phone protection through the Driving Safety feature. It will also find crashes and give you a summary of how your family drives.

  • The Gold Level is $10/per month

This level gives you Location History for 30 days, unlimited Place Alerts, and an SOS Help Alert. With crash detection, driving summaries, driver reports, and roadside assistance with 5 miles of free towing, you can keep track of how your family drives.

Gold members also get emergency dispatch, data breach alerts, ID theft protection of up to $25,000, and $250 worth of protection for a stolen phone.

  • The Platinum Club $20/month

Get Location History for 30 days, Place Alerts for as many places as you want, and the SOS Help Alert. Get crash detection, family driving summaries, reports on each driver, and roadside assistance with free towing for up to 50 miles. There is also emergency dispatch.

Plans and Prices for Life360

As part of the Digital Safety package, you'll also get alerts when there's a data breach. You'll also get protection against identity theft and reimbursement for up to $1 million in stolen funds. Features of Emergency Assistance that make life easier include $500 in stolen phone protection, disaster response, medical assistance, and travel support.

How do you use Life360?

With the Life360 app, you can find out where your family members are and send help if they need it. There can only be one person logged in at a time, and you add people to your Circle through your main account.

You can always see where the people in your Circle are, and if they need help, they'll send you a message. Depending on the plan you choose, you can use certain features like travel support, get up to $1M in ID theft reimbursement, and see driver reports for each member of your Circle.

For whom is Life360?

Life360 is mostly a service for tracking and sharing your location, so your family and friends can let you know where they are and get help when they need it. It's helpful for families with kids who travel alone because it's easy to figure out where you are.

The premium service also gives you access to data and identity protection, roadside assistance, and medical help. It works almost like an insurance plan, covering accidents, stolen phones, and stolen funds.

What Do Customers Say About Life360?

Since no review of Life360 would be complete without customer feedback, this section has a variety of comments from users around the web. The App Store was the first place I looked.

With an overall score of 4.6/5 stars from 627,800 users, there seems to be a divide between the positive feedback from parents and the negative feedback from kids. This is normal since it keeps kids from going where they shouldn't. Is this something bad?

One review of Life360 said, "As a parent, I know where to find my kids if they need help. I never criticize or question them about where they are, and they don't mind if I know where they are. They must feel safer now that they know I can find them."

As a parent who uses Life360, you have the power to see where your kids are, but you also have to control what you do when you're watching them. You can check on them at any time of day or night with this service, but you don't have to.

That's where helpful services like this one start to blur the lines. You can use technology if you want to, but it's up to you how much you use it.

Google Play gives us the next bit of feedback. The service has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1,492,891 users, and most of the comments thank the service for all the ways it can be used. One review of Life360 says:

"This app has been useful more than once. It has helped us find people in our family who got lost. It has helped me find my phone when it got lost on a trail in the woods. It lets me know where my family is when they are on their way to my house, so I can make sure they are driving safely.

Life360 has proven to be a very useful tool for everyday life. You can use it for more than just keeping an eye on your kids. I'll add one more thought just for good measure. Here's a review of Life360 from Site Jabber:

"The app makes it easy for my family to know where I am when I travel alone around the world. There is a chance that I could be found if something bad happened to me. My teenager also has the app. When his car broke down in the middle of the night, it was easy for us to find him and help.

Having an app like Life360 gives people a sense of peace. There are a lot of accidents and scary things that can and do happen every day. It's nice to know that if you need help, you can just push a button and get it. This makes it more likely that you'll be found in places where you don't know where you are.

When I looked at Life360 reviews, one of the most common problems was that it gave the wrong locations. Only a small number of users say this, but in general, members say they feel safe knowing where their family members are.

Is Life360 Legit?

Life360 is a real service, and if you don't need to use its advanced features, it's even free. Just to be safe, I looked at its Better Business Bureau profile and found that it had a B score.

There have been 38 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, but Life360 has followed up on all of them. Working with its customers until a solution is found, the reported problems were all different and didn't show any alarming trends. The most common problem was false location alerts that showed family members in places they weren't.

Overall, it seems like Life360 does a good job of solving customer problems and meeting customer needs.

Does Life360 Pay Off?

You get more than just a location tracker with Life360, even though that's what most people use the service for. More than anything, it's about giving you peace of mind. You can get that by knowing where your loved ones are and getting them the help they need if they ever need it.

Life360 gives away some of its services for free, so the answer to this question is very simple. But even if we think about how much its paid services are worth, the answer is still pretty clear.

Promotions and discounts for Life360

In this Life360 review, I looked all over the brand's website for information about the service so I could tell you everything you need to know. That means we have to keep an eye out for deals, and we found that the company's Silver, Gold, and Platinum services all come with a 7-day free trial.

You can always choose the free service if you don't want to use Life360's more advanced features. The free service only has a few alerts and features, but it's a great way to see how the app works.

Promotions and discounts for Life360

  • Want more? You can sign up whenever you want.
  • Life360: Where to Buy

You'll need to download the Life360 app before you can use its services. Go to the App Store or the Google Play store to do this. The download is free, and then you can choose which level of service you want to sign up for.


Who runs Life360?

In 2008, Chris Hulls and Kailash Ram started Life360. From what I can tell, it looks like the two still own a big part of the business.

Can I ever stop using Life360?

You sure can. If you just signed up and are taking advantage of the free 7-day trial, you must cancel at least 24 hours before the billing date. For example, if you signed up on the 13th at 10:00 am, you must cancel your subscription by the 19th at 10:00 am at the latest.

You'll need to go to the App Store or Google Play store to cancel your subscription. Do these things:

  1. Click on the icon of your profile at the top right of the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Click on "Subscriptions."
  3. Go to
  4. Tap 'Cancel Subscription

How does Life360 protect your privacy?

Life360 takes care of a lot of your personal information, like where you are. Before you sign up for a service, you should read its privacy policy if you care about what information is collected and shared. Here's a list of what the app collects when you use it:

  1. Information about signing up and your profile (username, first and last name, email address, phone number, billing information)
  2. Other information about the profile and demographics (emergency instructions, home, and work addresses)
  3. Where you are (IP address, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS coordinates)
  4. Driving Event Data (locations, arrival times, driving speeds)
  5. Messages & User content (any messages you send and receive through the app)
  6. Social Media (linked accounts)

Life360 needs to share your personal information with other services to give you its services. The company may share information with up to 12 other companies for payment processing, medical help, roadside assistance, and other things.

You always have a choice about what you share with Life360, but you should know that if you don't give the service your name and credit card information, for example, you might not be able to use it.

How does Life360 handle refunds?

You can cancel your Life360 account whenever you want, but you won't get any money back for the time you didn't use. For example, if you paid for a whole month of service but only used it for two weeks, the company won't give you a refund for the other two weeks.

This is true for people who pay for a year of service but only use a few months of it. Even after you cancel, you can still use the service for as long as your subscription lasts. When you cancel, auto-payment stops on your next billing date.

How does Life360 change where you are? 

Life360 updates your location by using both the signal from your phone and GPS. We also suggest leaving WiFi on all the time so that your phone can find nearby WiFi routers and give you a more accurate location. 

How correct is Life360's location? 

Depending on how Life360 is set up, location information can be accurate to within 15 meters. Still, accuracy depends on many things, like where you are and what kind of phone you have. Sometimes, you won't be able to get a very accurate location because there might be no signal or a very weak signal in some places. 

Will sharing my location use up the battery on my phone? 

Any app that uses your location will use a little bit more battery. So, Life360 is the best locator app because it uses the least amount of power. We use a sophisticated algorithm to figure out when to wake up your phone and update your location. This means that we never just leave our GPS on. 

Does Identity Theft Protection and Data Breach Alerts cover everyone in my Circle? 

Yes, everyone in your Circle is covered by Life360's Data Breach Alerts and Identity Theft Protection. 

How does Life360 help if my family's information was leaked or if someone stole the identity of a member of my family? 

If personal information about you or your family gets out, we'll let you know and tell you what to do next to protect your information. If your family member's identity is stolen, our Gold and Platinum memberships give you access to trained specialists who can help restore your family member's identity. 

How do I sign up for protection against identity theft? 

When you sign up for our Gold or Platinum memberships, you get Identity Theft Protection, as well as all the other benefits that come with those memberships. 

Does Family Safety Assist protect everyone in my Circle? 

Yes, all of the people in your Circle can use the services that come with Family Safety Assist. 

How do I use the services of Family Safety Assist when I need to? 

To use Family Safety Assist, open the Life360 app and tap on the Safety tab to get to the services you need. Our experts are available 24/7 to help. 

Are there any restrictions to remember? 

Family Safety Assist can help you and your family get help in an emergency by putting you in touch with experts and third-party service providers. Some costs of services, like an ambulance or a medical evacuation, might not be covered by Disaster Response, Medical Assistance, and Travel Support.

Getting in Touch with Life360

If my Life360 review didn't tell you everything you need to know, you can get in touch with the company by:

  • Contact form for the help center
  • Send mail to 539 Bryant St., Suite 402, San Francisco, CA 94107

The best GPS tracker should have useful features, which is not something you see very often in GPS tracking apps. But the Life360 GPS Tracker is not the same. The Life360 app is mostly a GPS tracker for finding your family. It's a top contender for Best GPS Phone Tracker because it has cheap subscription plans, coverage for families and transactions, and a good list of features. Check out our reviews of the best GPS trackers for more options.

We like it because Life360 GPS Tracker

The Life360 GPS Tracker is something that will help keep you and your loved ones safe. Unlike a lot of other tracking apps that charge outrageous "subscription fees," this one has a monthly cost that isn't too bad.

  • Pros
  1. Help from tech experts in real time
  2. Coverage for a stolen phone, ID, or transaction
  3. Security for the whole family
  • Cons
  1. There aren't many safety features.
  2. Performance

It lets you share your location with family members in real-time, so you can find them right away. Unlike the Glympse spy app, this one doesn't take up a lot of space or use up a lot of resources. Even on older phones with less powerful hardware, the Life360 Family Locator GPS app running in the background barely slows down the phone.

Read our review of LandAirSea to learn more about this tool.

  • Battery

We already talked about how the performance goes down, and the same is true for battery life. Even if running the Life360 shortens the battery life, it's not noticeable in everyday use. It is different from the FamilyTime Parental Controls & Screen Time App in that it has a section just for checking the battery. From that section, you can also turn off the apps that are using more power than usual.

  • Simple To Use

Again, the interface of the Life360 app is sleek and very easy to use, which is not the case with the Cocospy tracker. On Android, many widgets make it easy to send a silent SOS quickly. Even if you can't talk to your family, the Life360 app can contact them on its own.

Check out our review of the Linxup GPS vehicle tracker to learn more.

  • Durability

With GPS tracking apps, you almost always have to worry about where the data goes beside you and your family. If you're worried about the same thing, don't worry. The Life360 Family Locator GPS tracker app on the Google Play Store has won the Editors' Choice award for tracking apps.

  • Value

This tracking app is great for the whole family, but keep in mind that all of its features only work in the United States. Sharing your location in real-time and other features of GPS tracking are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Life360 GPS Tracker Wrap Up
  • The Life360 GPS Tracker app is pretty good overall, and the premium subscription is a great deal for the money. If you need a tracking app but can't afford more expensive ones, this is a good choice.