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Mycircle Meetcircle App Dashboard Reviews Login
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Parental Control & Internet Filtering Device and App Meet Circle: Circle is the easiest parental control device and app to manage screen time across all your family’s connected devices. Keep kids safe online: block inappropriate content and set online time limits.

parental controls for all your devices.

Circle’s award-winning parental controls let you manage screen time and monitor not just some, but ALL websites and apps. With our complete in-home and on-the-go solution, you set the rules for sites like YouTube, TikTok, Discord (and many more) across all your family’s connected devices.

Family screen time, covered.

From social media to gaming, start managing your kids’ online activity. Customize what’s right to keep your family safe online. Set healthy time limits and filter content—across every device—from one simple app.

Protect your family with Circle’s safety and security features.

Circle makes it simple to view network activity and prevents Internet traffic to dangerous sites.

Limits access to malicious sites to protect unsuspecting families from harm Identifies and blocks network intruders by monitoring every device on your network.

Mycircle Meetcircle App Dashboard Reviews Login

About Circle Media Inc

A category leader in delivering screen time management and parental control solutions to families, Circle is committed to making families’ lives better, online and off.

The circle is devoted to helping families thrive with technology and with each other. We envision a world where families find balance, set healthy limits, build good habits, and get the best out of their digital experiences, rather than being consumed by them. Circle’s screen time management and parental control solutions are the easiest and most comprehensive way to manage all your family’s connected devices—everywhere. Circle also collaborates with strategic partners to bring our service to more families.

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If you have questions, need help, or want to inquire about a partnership or distribution, use the list of emails below to route your request to the right place.

Best Family Internet Filter for Web Content & Apps - Circle

Customize internet filter settings to limit content for each family member with Circle and extend content filters to iPhones and Android devices, anywhere.

Internet and Website Filtering

Customize settings to limit what can be viewed online for individual family members by choosing age-appropriate (or blocking inappropriate) app and website content for social media, video and gaming apps, and more.

Why Internet Content Filters Matter

For parents, the Internet offers tons of positives, including entertainment for their kids and opportunities for education. It could even be an outlet for creativity! But the Internet can also be a scary place to imagine your kids wandering around without limits. Many moms and dads of the digital age are looking for a family Internet filter that provides additional control over age-appropriate content and screen time, beyond what a router or even mobile device settings can do.

If you’ve ever tried a router as your parental controls solution, you already know, the options are limited, and probably not worth the time it takes to figure out.

That’s where Circle comes in for the win. By setting up the Circle content Internet Filter feature, parents can easily select the apps, devices, games, streaming services, and websites that need limitations or restrictions. Then, add filters to each family member’s profile accordingly.

Each profile is easy to manage, no matter where you are. Just open up the app and boom. You can change Internet filters with a few taps on your phone.

Benefits of Circles Internet Filtering on Apps and Devices

Managing and monitoring your kids’ Internet habits can be tough. The circle can do all the hard work for you. Our parental controls allow you to choose a filter level for each member of the family that’s totally customizable for their age and interests.

Want to allow TikTok but block Facebook?

Need to make sure your kid never accesses dating sites?

Looking to block a specific website?

Want to let your kids listen to music without counting against their screen time?

We cover all of those concerns and more. The circle breaks down the Internet into a set of popular platforms and categories. Those platforms cover both apps and websites. For instance, when you set a content filter for YouTube, it will apply to both its website and the app.

If you know your kids are spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media or video games, you can restrict those apps through their individual profiles. The specific websites you know your kids should not be visiting can also be blocked, and you can check in on what they have been visiting at any time.

Here’s How Circle’s Family Internet Filtering Works

With Filter, parents can have peace of mind that their family will have an online experience that is designed just for them.

Setting up and navigating the Filter feature is simple. Once you’re in the Circle app, select the appropriate family member's profile. From there, tap Filter, and scroll down to adjust what’s allowed versus what’s restricted.

Each Filter Level comes with its own apps, specific to that level of filtering, as well as Category and other setting defaults based on appropriateness.

Circle lets you assign different filter level defaults to each family member's profile. You can assign a profile to the Kid, Teen, Adult, or None level.

Circle Filter Levels Explained

Kid - Works for under 12 years old. Apps or websites like education and kid-safe experiences are available by default while filtering out sites designed for older age groups, like social media.

Teen - Crafted for teens 13-17 years old. Most apps or websites and categories are available while limiting access to many popular apps or sites that are 18+. Inappropriate categories are filtered and invisible by default.

Adult - Appropriate for ages 18 years old and up. Access to nearly all apps or websites, and categories is available, though explicit and mature content is filtered out by default.

None - The "none" filter level is unique in that it disables all of Circle's tracking AND tracking features for that profile. It can be useful for situations where filtering doesn’t matter as much, like for adults in the household. You can learn more about the "none" filter level here.

Each of these filter levels has a default set of popular apps, websites, and categories settings. The more restrictive a Filter Level, the more categories, popular apps, and websites will be missing from the default lists.

What the Circle Internet Filter Feature Can Do for You

Circle uses a database loaded with millions—yep, millions—of websites, and bundles them into a few easy-to-understand categories, like Education or Online Games. You can filter Internet content and apps by category or by individual websites and apps/platforms.

Manage or Block Apps, Website Content, and Internet Categories with Filter

Within the default settings for each age, platforms and categories can be toggled to allowed, not-allowed, or “unmanaged.”

Allowed vs. Not Allowed

Content that is “allowed” is available for their use, and you can customize Time Limits as well. On the flip side, content that is “not allowed” will not be available online, no matter what. So, if you want to make sure your tween cannot access YouTube at all, you can toggle to “Not Allowed” for that app.


When you choose the “unmanaged” option that means the selected content is always 100 percent available and not tracked in Usage/History. For instance, if you’re okay with your tween having unlimited access to music streaming or educational content, you can toggle to “unmanaged” for those apps, websites, or categories. No matter what time it is, or how much online time they’ve already used, they can always access this content.

Filtering a Category

A few examples of categories are things like social media, education, music, news, or even games. Curious about what’s in a particular platform or category? Just tap on that category for a handy description of what it contains. If you are unable to see a category listed for a profile on a particular filter level, that means it is always filtered for that level. It’s also important to note that individual app or website settings will override and take precedent over the category settings.

Custom Filters

If you want to get more specific with what your kids can access on their devices, that’s easy too. Try the Custom Filter. Here you can add individual websites to either allow, filter out, or unmanaged entirely. For more information on how to manage filters for each family members’ profile, check out this helpful resource.

Circle also offers Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode, which automatically eliminate sexually explicit content from search results.


Circle has both Kid and Teen Filters (and more) built in to match your family’s needs. Filters are fully customizable for each family member’s Profile letting you decide which apps and websites are allowed and not allowed.


Monitor your family’s online screen time. Compare online behavior to yesterday, last week, or last month. With Usage, you can see how much time your family is spending on different websites and apps.


Get a detailed view of the sites each family member visits throughout the day across every connected device.

Time Limits

Worried about kids spending too much time with one game or app? With Time Limits parents decide how much (or how little) family members should spend on certain websites, games, or apps.


Make late-night scrolling a thing of the past. Set an internet Bedtime for each family member’s devices (yes, yours too!). You decide when each Profile should disconnect from the Internet.

Focus Time

Create a customized screen time schedule that benefits everyone in your family. Preset time offline for important moments like practicing piano or dinner with the family.


The internet now has a Pause button. With a quick press of one button, the internet stops and you have your family’s full attention. Parents can Pause a single Profile or the whole house.


Keep track of your family’s mobile devices. Enable location services and track mobile devices (and your kids) wherever they go.


Grant extra online time when chores are complete or good grades are earned. With Rewards, parents can extend Time Limits, disable a Focus Time, or give a later Bedtime.

Additional features

Safe Search

Safe Search defaults Google and Bing search to remove explicit content from their results.

Every Device

Whether tablet, smartphone, or gaming console, Circle knows every device connected to your home network.

Guest Devices

Circle even recognizes when a guest joins your Wi-Fi. All new devices are set to be unmanaged until assigned to a profile.


Circle also gives you the choice to not manage a device or profile through the Circle App.


Receive push notifications when a family member reaches a time limit or when a new device joins your network

Internet Security

Circle makes your family’s Internet more safe and secure by identifying network intruders and blocking adult and malicious sites.

Easy to Use

Plug it in, download the app, and it’s ready to go. You never have to touch it again.

Covers Everything

Circle Home Plus manages every connected device in your home, including phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

Unlimited Customizable Profiles

You can set and adjust each family member’s settings individually, customizing access to different types of content.

Works Unplugged

A built-in backup battery keeps Circle Home Plus running even if it’s unplugged. You’ll get a notification telling you it’s been disconnected.

Super Fast

Circle Home Plus is built for fast networks with a 1GB Ethernet port.

Device Identification

Circle finds and identifies any connected devices in your home, allowing you to block unknown devices and protect your network from intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the subscription include?

A Circle subscription includes access to all features: Filters, History, Usage, Time Limits, Bedtime, Focus Time, Pause the Internet®, Location, Rewards.

Subscription Pricing: $9.99/month or $89.99/year (USD).

Lifetime subscriptions are available for those who don’t want to worry about monthly subscription fees.

To manage all your devices anywhere, choose your Circle Home Plus device and app subscription package.

To manage mobile devices only, try the Circle Parental Controls App free for 14 days. Start by downloading the Circle Parental Controls app.

What types of screen time can Circle manage?

The circle can manage online screen time for any Internet-connected devices on your home network once Circle Home Plus is connected to your router.

As long as the Circle Parental Controls App is installed on any iOS or Android mobile device, or many Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets, you can also manage online screen time on that mobile device away from home, on any data connection, or network.

Does Circle show what websites are visited?

You can monitor web use with the Usage and History features.

Usage gives you a view of all Internet activity by day, week, and month, by category, app, and site.

History shows all sites visited, what has been filtered by Circle, and lets you create custom filters.

However, popular sites like YouTube, Google, Netflix, and Facebook are fully encrypted, which limits Circle from seeing what was searched for or the content on that site.

Does Circle monitor texting?

No. Circle does not monitor texts, phone calls, iMessages, emails, or in-app messages from Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Since SMS-based text messages and phone calls are transmitted through your cellular carrier, these types of communication are invisible to Circle.

The circle can stop in-app messages like those from Snapchat, Instagram, etc. from being sent or received.

What’s the difference between Circle and other solutions?

Circle’s award-winning parental controls device and app combo is the most comprehensive solution for families looking to manage screen time and content on all devices, including mobile device management for iOS and Android.

With Circle, you can manage all your Internet-connected devices, at home and away, from one app. Circle offers the most customizable features so you can set limits and manage content across an unlimited number of devices, from computers to smartphones to gaming consoles.

What types of sites or apps can Circle filter?

Circle has many popular apps and websites preloaded for easy management (Amazon, Disney+, TikTok, YouTube, etc.). You can manage these from the Filter menu settings. For more details, refer to our Filter support article.

Can Circle manage specific apps, like YouTube, TikTok, or Netflix?

Yes. The circle can manage access and set time limits for popular sites and apps, including YouTube, TikTok, Fortnite, Instagram, Netflix, Snapchat, Disney+, Zoom, and more.

Does Circle filter search results? What about image searches?

Circle adds another layer of protection on top of existing safety restrictions. Activate SafeSearch settings and Restricted Mode from the Circle App. You can even require that SafeSearch is turned on for certain family members and their devices to ensure inappropriate material is filtered out when your kid's search.

This feature functionality is managed by the respective search engines.

Can I customize Filters?

Yes. Circle has different Filter levels for Kid, Teen, Adult, or None—all with default apps and websites blocked. You can custom manage these defaults along with other apps and websites within the Filter settings.

Can Circle manage offline games or other content?

No. Circle manages online time but can’t manage anything that does not require an Internet connection to work, such as games that can be played offline or pre-downloaded movies.

How does Circle manage at-home devices? What types of devices?

Circle Home Plus manages your home network Internet traffic through your router to monitor online screen time and content on all your Internet-connected devices, including:

iPhones and iPads

Android phones and tablets

Windows, Mac computers and laptops, Chromebooks, and Kindle Fire tablets

Smart TVs

Gaming consoles like PS4 or Xbox

Kindles or Kindle Fires

Streaming devices, smart assistants, and more

iOS and Android mobile devices, along with many Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets, can also be managed anywhere they go by installing the Circle app (set up as ‘kid device’) - including all cellular, data, and Wi-Fi networks.

Can Circle manage mobile devices away from my home Wi-Fi?

The circle can manage iOS and Android devices, along with many Chromebooks, wherever they go. The Circle Parental Controls App extends coverage to manage mobile devices away from home on any data or Wi-Fi network. The circle does not manage laptops outside the home.

Once installed, Circle’s parental control features are extended to devices through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Track and manage online activity on any data network—even Wi-Fi networks away from home.

Can Circle manage Chromebooks?

With Circle Home Plus, families can manage Chromebooks on their home Wi-Fi network AND away from home. Once Circle finds your Chromebook, assign it to an individual profile in the Circle App to apply parental controls settings. To manage your kid’s Chromebook away from home, be sure to install the Circle app and follow along to "Set Up as Kid." Learn more.

Can Circle manage Zoom?

Circle’s customizable settings allow you to directly allow or block Zoom through Circle’s powerful filtering system. Look for the Zoom app to show up in a profile’s Usage details, then use the management options to allow, block, or completely unmanaged it. Learn more.

Does Circle work with Google Classroom and Google Meet?

You can easily allow apps like Google Meet or Classroom with Circle’s Custom Filters or by adjusting your standard Filter Level settings. Learn more.

Can I allow access to only school websites but not other apps or sites?

The Focus Time feature allows you to set up customized times throughout the day when only certain Apps or Categories of sites are allowed and all other Apps and Categories are blocked by Circle. That way, you can be sure only educational and learning sites are available for your kids’ profiles, and other distracting apps or sites are unavailable.

Can I customize to ensure certain school sites are always available?

With Circle, you can easily switch websites, apps, or categories to allowed, not allowed, or always available. You can also set up Custom Filters for any sites not automatically managed by Circle’s default settings. Learn more about Filters.

Is my router compatible with Circle Home Plus?

Circle Home Plus is compatible with most routers. The Circle App also has the option to enable Compatibility Mode to ensure the best experience and connection.

What does the Circle hardware device do?

Circle Home Plus connects to your router at home. Once connected, Circle Home Plus identifies devices on the network and allows you to assign them to your family’s profiles for management while connected.

Can I use the Circle Parental Controls App without the device?

Yes. The Circle App, on its own, can manage Android and iOS smartphones and tablets (including Chromebooks and Kindle Fire) anywhere they go, on any data or network.

Without Circle Home Plus, you are not able to manage devices on your home networks such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, Kindle Fire devices, desktop computers and laptops, and other Internet-connected devices.

Will Circle work with my router?

Yes. The circle is designed to work with as many home routers as possible. When setting up your Circle Home Plus, you can run Compatibility Mode to ensure it will work on your network.

What are the Circle App system requirements for Android or iOS?

App requirements:

iOS 13 and newer

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and newer

What app should I use to set up Circle Home Plus (2nd gen)?

To set up and manage Circle Home Plus, download the Circle Parental Controls App (available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store).

What app should I use to set up Circle with Disney (1st gen)?

Download the Circle 1st generation app to set up and manage a Circle with Disney device (1st gen) or Circle on NETGEAR. You will experience errors if attempting to pair the Circle 1st generation app with the Circle Home Plus device.

How does Circle Home Plus compare to Circle with Disney?

Circle Home Plus (2nd generation) features several upgrades from Circle with Disney (1st generation):

Extended coverage to include mobile device management

New features like Chromebook management, Focus Time, and location tracking for mobile devices

Faster network connection

Fewer disruptions (upgraded hardware, parent notifications, and app deletion restrictions)

More flexibility and security so settings are always saved

How do I set up Circle Home Plus?

Once you have Circle Home Plus, download the Circle Parental Controls App from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to begin. Follow the instructions in the app for the most seamless setup experience.

You can also check our User Guide or Get Started for a detailed walkthrough to setting up.

Do parents believe Circle is helping their family?

92% of users agree Circle makes it easier to manage screen time in their family.

92% of users agree Circle helps keep their kids safe online.

84% of parents agree Circle has helped their family create more healthy habits online.

Survey of more than 1000 Circle users who have loaded the app at least 10 times and set a time limit or paused a profile.

What are Circle features and what do they cost?

Features include Filters, Usage, History, Time Limits, Bedtime, Focus Time, Pause the Internet®, Location, and Rewards.

Circle subscriptions include access to all features: $9.99/month or $89.99/year (USD). Lifetime subscriptions are available for those who don’t want to worry about monthly subscription fees.

What is the return policy?

You can return Circle Home Plus for any reason within 30 days and get your money back (US and Canada only).

If you purchased your Circle device through another retailer other than Circle, please contact that retailer for return information.

What’s included in the lifetime subscription?

All features are always included with the lifetime subscription. Never pay a monthly subscription fee.

Lifetime Subscription upgrade is only available for consumers who have already purchased a 3-month or 1-year bundle with the Circle Home Plus device. Not applicable for Circle 1st generation or Circle on Netgear.

Is Circle available internationally?

The circle is currently available for sale and shipping in the United States and Canada only. Check back occasionally for updates on international availability.

Download the Circle App - Manage Screen Time & Monitor Devices

Download the Circle app to get started managing screen time. Keep kids safe online and prevent online risks with Circle. Start monitoring your family's devices today.

Circle Parental Controls App

The Circle Parental Controls App lets you manage Circle from anywhere. Download the Circle Parental Controls App today to get started.

How it works

Setup is easy. To get started, download the Circle Parental Controls App so it can walk you through the installation. Connect your Circle Home Plus to your home Wi-Fi using the provided cable and plug it into power it on. Circle Home Plus will immediately begin managing all devices connected to your home network.

Don’t have Circle Home Plus and still want to manage kids’ mobile devices?

Subscribe to the Circle App for parental controls on any data or Wi-Fi network that your kids join.