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Minspy App Reviews Download Free
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Minspy Phone Spy: Best Cell Phone Tracker Online: Minspy is a top-rated, highly reliable spy app . You can use Minspy to monitor any Android or iOS device. It supports over two dozen unique features, including the ability to monitor social media , texts, locations, notes, emails, and calls. Control Minspy from any web browser and remain hidden as you monitor.

Minspy App Reviews Download Free

Monitor a Phone or Tablet in 3 Steps

Register for a Minspy account. Use your email ID as the username.

  • Install

Follow the setup instructions emailed to you. It takes a few minutes.

  • Monitor

You're ready to monitor! Access the Minspy control panel from your web browser.

Minspy App Download Free

Minspy: Top-of-the-Line Phone and Tablet Monitoring

See what they see, know what they know – no matter where you are. Minspy is a hidden, easy-to-use app to monitor modern smart devices. Track critical data like calls, locations, apps, and messages. It’s secure, intuitive, and browser-based.
Available for: android Spy + iPhone Spy

Control From Your Web Browser

Minspy is synonymous with freedom. It works via your web browser, meaning you can monitor the target device without being near it. You can access the monitoring data from any internet-enabled device – including your laptop, smartphone, and tablet – even when you’re on-the-go.
The app is compatible with most modern Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can install Minspy lightning-quick on either supported platform. Further, the app works in stealth mode. You’re never in danger of being found out!

Use Without Root or Jailbreak

Worried about having to root or jailbreak the target device? Don’t be! Minspy is a cutting-edge app that supports the majority of monitoring features without root or jailbreak. You won’t need to tinker with the target device, voiding the warranty or making it vulnerable to malware.
You can access Minspy’s powerful features without any technical skills. The app is the perfect tool with which to keep an eye on your loved ones and keep them safe – or make sure someone you know isn’t stabbing you in the back.

Advanced Feature-Set Minspy

View Calls Remotely
View all calls made or received on the target phone or tablet.
Who are they calling? Minspy helps you find out.
Check incoming and outgoing call details.
Access details like timestamps and call durations.
Take a look at the most frequent callers and number of calls..

Track in stealh mode, without root or jailbreak.

Track Phone Calls Remotely

Minspy offers an easy, reliable way to track phone calls. It works remotely from your web browser, once you set up the app. It's also discreet, so they will never know you're accessing their phone call log. Just log in to the dashboard to get started.

The Minspy dashboard has a graph that shows you the top 5 most popular callers. To take a look at the actual call log, look for the "Calls" option in the selection menu to your left. Selecting it will open up the Call Log window, which contains all the details about past calls.

Read Text Messages and iMessages

Remote Message Reader
Read someone's texts and iMessages from your web browser.
Use Minspy to find out what they're talking about.
View incoming and outgoing texts and iMessages.
Retrieve and read deleted conversations via auto-archive.
Check media files, contacts info, and time-date entries.
Get started in minutes by installing Minspy.

Why Read Someone’s Texts?

Text messages can be a priceless font of information. They can help you keep tabs on someone, clue you into their thoughts, and help you learn what they’re up to – and with whom. Reading someone’s texts can come in handy in a variety of situations.

Remotely Track Any Phone's Location

GPS Location Tracker
Find the GPS-based location of any smartphone or tablet in near-real-time.
Check where they've been with Minspy's location tracker.
Track their GPS and WiFi-based location activity.
View all their recently visited places with detailed addresses.
Take a closer look with Google’s integrated 3D street view.

Track Their Movement From Your Web Browser

Using Minspy, you can follow any phone or tablet on a virtual map. By tracking someone’s phone, you know all the places they’ve been visiting. It works remotely from your web browser. It’s easy to set up and get running and requires no technical skills on your part.
Once you have Minspy installed, you can follow the target phone’s location-related activity from the dashboard. Log in to the dashboard and then look for the “Locations” option in the menu to your left. Select it to open up the Locations screen.
The Locations window tracks where the device is in real-time. All the recently-visited locations are pinned on the virtual map. You can click the pins for more information. There’s a location log at the bottom that tracks details like the address details, time, date, and geographical coordinates. You can use Google 3D Street View to get a better look at any place of interest.

Set Up Geofence Alerts

Geofence Alert
Create geofences and receive alerts when your child crosses the boundary.
Use Minspy's geofence to set up a moniotered zone on a map.
Create one or more geofences on a map.
Receive alerts when the zone is crossed over.
View the monitored phone's real-time location.

What is a Geofence?

Wondering what a geofence is? It's a marked zone on a map. It can be any circular area on a map, like around a house, school, place of work, or neighborhood. When a device with Minspy installed enters this marked zone, you receive an alert on your email ID. You also receive an alert when the device leaves the zone.
You just need to install Minspy to set up the zone. After the app has been installed, log in to the online dashboard and look for the Geofence option in the selection menu on your left. Then click on it to open up the Geofence window. Choose the "ADD NEW FENCE" option to create the geofence around any location on your map.
Once you're done setting up the perimeter, you will be sent an alert when the device enters or leaves the zone. The entry or exit will be accompanied by a time and date stamp, so you'll be able to potentially track someone's location in real time. If you have email alerts on your phone set up, you'll be able to track suspcious movements.

Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat

Spy App for Facebook Messenger
Monitor someone's Facebook Messenger and see what they get up to.
Receive regular updates on someone's Facebook use with Minspy.
Check private and group Facebook messages.
See uploaded and exchanged photos or videos.
View contacts, including names and profile pics.

View Someone's Facebook Activity Remotely

With Minspy, you can monitor someone's Facebook activity in a stress-free way from any web browser. Minspy can access Facebook on any Android smartphone or tablet, provided you have Minspy up and running first. You won't need to root the target device to set up Minspy.
After you install Minspy, login to the online dashboard to access the Facebook-related activity. Look for the Facebook or Messenger selection in the menu to the left. The Facebook or Messenger windows are where you can see all incoming and outgoing messages. You can also see other related details.
Essentially, you can see almost everything the person does on FB. You can read both private as well as group chats. You'll also be able to check information available about their Contacts and learn details like names, profile pictures, email addresses, and much more.
There are timestamps attached to every conversation to allow you to determine when a conversation happened. Furthermore, you can also view and download Facebook-related media files too.

Monitor WhatsApp Remotely

WhatsApp Spy App
Follow WhatsApp private and group conversations remotely.
Find out what they're doing on WhatsApp with Minspy
Read their personal and group messages with Minspy.
Check the media files they send out and receive.
See their contact details and view profile pics.
Access WhatsApp without root or jailbreak with Minspy.

Monitor WhatsApp Remotely

Need to monitor someone’s WhatsApp activity, for whatever reason? Use Minspy to do it remotely and discreetly. The app allows you to keep tabs on someone’s WhatsApp use from any web browser. You can start monitoring in a matter of minutes. It’s simple, risk-free, and easy.
If you have Minspy installed, log in to the dashboard to get started. Look for the WhatsApp option in the selection menu on your left. The WhatsApp window gives you an overview of what’s happening in the messenger in near-real-time. The messages are arranged from newest to oldest.
What kind of details can you see? You can check all incoming and outgoing messages. That includes private and group conversations. If a message is deleted, Minspy still allows you to see it because of the auto-archive feature. The other details tracked are contact names, exchanged media files, display pictures, and timestamps.

Monitor Snapchat Remotely

Snapchat Spy App
Track someone's Snapchat activity from any web browser in secret.
Wondering what someone is doing on Snapchat? Minspy has the answer.
Track all incoming or outgoings messages.
Read deleted or expired Snapchat messages.
Find contacts info and exchanged media files.
Acess it in minutes from your web browser.

Why Spy on Someone’s Snapchat?

You can learn a lot by spying on someone’s Snapchat. Sometimes it’s the only way to determine the truth. If someone you know is lying to you, for example, you can keep tabs on their Snapchat use to find out the truth. Think your partner is cheating on you? Watch their Snapchat use to be sure.
Parents can also monitor their kids’ Snapchat account and make sure they’re safe from bullies and perverts. Kids make for easy targets and bullies or perverts are known to prefer Snapchat because of its auto-expiry of messages feature. With Minspy, you can keep an eye out for signs of trouble remotely.
Make use of Minspy to monitor anyone's Snapchat use in secret. It's stealthy and simple to use. Download Minspy now!

Instagram Spy : Spy on Instagram Activity

Instagram Spy App
Track someone's Instagram-use with Minspy from your web browser.
Use Minspy to monitor their Instagram activity long-term.
See all their sent and received messages.
Browse their follower/contacts information.
Check their Instagram photos and videos.

Get Remote Access to Someone's Instagram Account

You potentially access someone's Instagram activity in minutes with Minspy. The app allows you to remotely monitor someone's Instagram activity from your web browser. You may even be able to find their login credentials and log in to their account directly. Simply get Minspy up and running to start monitoring.
instagram spy
Do you have Minspy installed? Access the dashboard remotely from your web browser. In the selection menu that appears on your left, click or tap on the "Instagram" option. This will open up the Instagram window, which allows you to view all messages sent and received on Instagram.
Click on the refresh button to update the chat log. The window can display the latest 100 entries, with 10 as default. Every message comes with a timestamp, allowing you to tell when the messages were exchanged. You can also see who they were exchanged with. For more infromation on followers, check the Contacts screen for stored info.
Minspy permanently archives all messages for you. Further, because of the auto-archive capacity, the app can also retrieve deleted messages for you! What if you want to access their Instagram account directly? You can try using the keylogger feature.

Monitor Viber Messenger

Viber Spy App
Follow the user's Viber activity via your web browser.
Curious about what they're doing on Viber? Find out in minutes.
Read private and group Viber conversations.
View Viber-related media files.
Check deleted messages in your personal archive.
Find Viber contact details, including names and numbers.

Keep Tabs on Viber Remotely

Minspy allows you to track the user’s Viber-related activity conveniently from your web browser. You’ll need to set up Minspy on the target device first. Afterward, you’ll get daily updates delivered to your online account. You can decide the update frequency.
To access Viber activity, login to the dashboard and find the Viber option in the panel on the left. The Viber window gives you a detailed look at the user’s Viber messenger. The messages are recorded from the newest to oldest, in reverse chronological order.
The Viber window not only tracks all incoming and outgoing messages on the messenger app, but it also offers extra details. Every message comes with a time and date entry. The contacts information is recorded, allowing you to see who is messaging the user. You can see traded media files. Finally, if the user deletes a message, you can still access it via Minspy!

Remain Hidden with Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode
Use Minspy to spy on phones and tablets in secret. It's impossible to detect.
Use Minspy to spy on a phone or tablet without being found out.
Read text messages and social media messages unseen.
Track the phone location and set up geofences in secret.
View media files and web browser activity discreetly.

Why Spy on Someone's Personal Device?

Occasionally, you end up in situations where you desperately need to know the truth, which isn't immediately forthcoming. Is someone close to you lying to you? Is a partner cheating on you? Is your child in trouble? If you can't answer these questions, you may have no choice but to spy on someone.

Parents often monitor their children in secret because they have rebellious children who don't like beig supervised. Children are constantly getting into trouble. And they make for easy prey for scammers, thieves, bullies, and con artists both online and in the real world.

Employers sometimes need to monior their employees in secret. Not all employees are reliable and work problems are common. Keeping an eye on problem employees via company-issued phones allows employers to protect their business and keep everything running smooothly.

Minspy allows you to spy on anyone's phone or tablet without being discovered. You can see what they get up to in a convenient way and uncover the truth. Over a million people use Minspy for their spying needs. Sign up for a Minspy account now to get started!

Browser History Tracker

Browser History Viewer
View their web browser history and find out which sites they visit on their personal device.
Use Minspy to remotely track their surfing habits from your web browser:
Find the website names and URLs of the user's favorite sites.
Read one-line descriptions of the sites they visit.
Access details like timestamps, visit frequency, and bookmarks.

See Someone’s Web Browser History Remotely

With Minspy, you have the ability to remotely monitor anyone’s web browser history. You can access the browser history from your web browser, provided you have Minspy installed. You don’t need to physically access the target device.
Look for the Browser History selection in the Minspy online dashboard. Click on it to load up the Browser History window. Here, you can see the details of their website visits. There are a limited number of entries listed on every page.

Some of the details tracked are the website URL, the name of the site, the URL, the visit frequency, the bookmark status, and access times and dates. The website visit history is tracked in real-time, if you refresh the window. Even if the person deletes their browser history data, Minspy will preserve it for you.

SIM Card Tracker

Get SIM Card details
Find SIM card -related details like the location and IMEI number remotely.
Minspy allows yout to monitor SIM cards remotely and also track its location.
Find network-related info like carrier name and IMEI number.
Check the network-based location of the phone or tablet.
Opt to receive a notification on SIM card change.

Track Their SIM Card

Minspy lets you track and learn more about the SIM card installed on the target phone or tablet. You can access SIM-card related details and features from your web browser. It works remotely and it’s stealthy. You just need to install the Minspy app first, which only takes a few minutes.
After you have Minspy set up, you’ll be able to monitor the SIM card info remotely from your PC or smartphone. Log in the Minspy dashboard from your web browser and look for the SIM option in the menu on your left. Select it to open up the SIM window.
The SIM window gives you an overview of the SIM card. You can see details like the IMEI number and the carrier information. There’s a location window to the side that tracks the network-based location. Finally, you can opt to receive notifications in case they change the SIM card.

Phone Spy - Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak | Minspy

Use Minspy to monitor any iPhone or iPad. Minspy for iOS is a no-jailbreak, web-based phone tracking solution. And it's discreet — the person will never know you are watching. Access SMS, locations, social media, call logs , and much more.

The Latest iPhone Monitoring Features

Minspy’s cutting-edge iPhone spy app in the market.
• Minspy works without an initial jailbreak, allowing you to set it up in minutes.
• You can monitor the target iPhone or iPad from any web browser.
• Minspy is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS7 and higher.
• You get access to 12+ unique monitoring features, accessible remotely .
• Minspy works in secret, meaning you won’t be found out.

Minspy's iPhone Monitoring Features (No Jaibreak)

  • Location

Track the iPhone or iPad on a map. View the location history and access 3D street view.

Read all the text messages on the device. Also check contact details like names and display pictures.

  • Track Calls

Check detailed call logs. View incoming calls, contact names, call frequency, and timestamps.

  • Applications

View a list of all installed applications. Keep tabs on newly installed apps.

  • Photos & Videos

See all the photos & videos saved on the target iPhone or iPad.

  • LINE

Monitor user activity on the LINE social media app. View messages and contacts.

  • Browser History

Track website history of your kids. Make sure they are safe online

  • Calendar & Notes

View upcoming important dates on the calendar and see saved event descriptions.

  • Message Reader

Browse all iMessages exchanged by the target iPhone or iPad.

Watch Over What Matters With Minspy

  • Safeguard Your Kids

Your kids are priceless. You can better keep them safe through Minspy. The app allows you to monitor your kid’s personal iPhone or iPad remotely as well as discreetly, if that’s your preference. You can access the various parental control features from your web browser.
You can make sure your kids only access age-appropriate content and protect them from virtual dangers like bullies, perverts, and scammers. The app allows you to track their messages, phone calls, location, social media activity, installed apps, and much more.

  • Keep Tabs On Your Employees

Do you provide company phones to your employees? If the answer is yes, then you can use Minspy to keep tabs on them. You can set up Minspy to monitor any employee’s iPhone or iPad remotely, without the need of a prior jailbreak or software install.
What do you gain from monitoring your employees? Not all employees have good intentions or can be trusted. Some of them may steal from your company or sell company secrets to an employer. It happens often. Minspy allows you to determine which employee is trustworthy and which isn’t via their phone activity.

Android Spy - Monitor & Spy on Any Android | Minspy

With Minspy for Android, you can monitor an Android phone secretly from your web browser. It works remotely and offers advanced syping features. You don't need to root the target device, which makes it hassle-free for you to install.

The No-Root Android Spy Solution

Use our top-rated Android spy app to remotely monitor any target Android device risk-free.
• Track popular social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp.
• Check phone data like GPS Locations, SMS, Contacts, and Calls.
• Install on any Android device with OS 4 and up.
• Start monitoring device activity in minutes.
• Stay hidden thanks to Minspy's stealth mode.

Why Minspy?

  • Manage Your Children

Children face many dangers on the internet which they aren't equipped to handle. Inappropriate content, sexual harassment, phishing, huge bills, scams, and bullies are some threats kids commonly encounter. Use Minspy to keep an eye on them and keep them safe.

  • Keep Your Business Going Strong

Minspy allows you to find out which of your employees are truly loyal to you. Businesses lose trillions of dollars in lost productivity and revenue because of dishonest employees. With Minspy, you can keep an eye on your worker's company-issued devices and keep your business healthy.

About Minspy

Minspy is made by a team of veteran developers. We have decades of cybersecurity experience between ourselves. The app is designed to be a powerful tool with which you can safeguard your interests and watch out for your loved ones. The world is a dangerous place – and we want to help.

  • One Spy App – Many Uses

Minspy is versatile, all-inclusive monitoring software . You can use the app to monitor your children and family members to keep them safe – or to find out the truth and make sure the people closest to you are trustworthy. The app also makes for a great backup tool, not to mention allows you to check for fraudulent activity on your device.

  • Our Vision

Spy apps aren’t always reliable or easy to use. We wanted Minspy to be the exception. Our team worked hard to create a product that would be accessible for the average user, regardless of their technical knowledge. Minspy manages to pack in powerful features in an intuitive package. It’s made with care, dedication, and attention to detail.
Isn’t using Minspy unethical? We believe it isn’t if you’re trying to find out the truth or keep your loved ones safe. Privacy is a luxury we can’t always afford. And we strongly encourage our users to follow local regulations at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions: General & Android

What exactly is Minspy?

Minspy is a spy app that allows you to monitor phones and tablets remotely. It's stealthy and works without the phone user's awareness, hence the "spy" designation. The app supports most iOS and Android devices at present. The app offers multiple monitoring features, which you can access via your web browser. The app is useful in a wide variety of cases, including when you want to keep tabs on your children, employees, or a cheating partner. Your imagination is the limit.

How does Minspy for Android work?

Minspy for Android is a 2MB app that you install on the target device. After you install, you're allowed to hide it if necessary. The app is made to run in the background, without the user's awareness. It's small, doesn't drain the battery, or slow the phone down. As a result, it's impossible to detect. It sends monitoring data to your online account, accessible via your web browser.
Unlike many other spy apps, Minspy for Android doesn't need root. It's an advanced app that's capable of working on stock Android versions. You don't need to tinker with the target device much, if at all, to get it set up. You can set it up in minutes, without making the phone user suspicious or voiding the device warranty in any way.
After you install the app, you won't need to touch the target phone again. Minspy will auto update on schedule. If it proves to be necessary, you can even uninstall Minspy remotely with a single click via your web browser. What about Minspy for iOS devices? Read FAQs for Non-Jailbroken Target Devices for details.

Can I use Minspy from any location or device?

'Yes, you can use Minspy from any location via any internet-enabled device. You will need to have set up Minspy to work with the target device first, though. Also, note that you only receive updates when the target device is connected to the internet. If it's disconnected at present, you will need to wait to receive updates.'

On which Android devices can I use Minspy on?

Minspy will work with all Android phones and tablets with OS 4.0 and up. You will need to set up the app following the Setup Wizard's instructions.

Do I need a Minspy account to use the app?

Yes, you need a Minspy account. It's the first step of the installation process. The paid Minspy account will provide access to the app's control panel, from which you can access the various spy features.

Will there be an app icon visible on the Android phone or tablet I'm monitoring with Minspy?

That's up to you. You can choose to hide the app icon, something which might not be necessarry when you're monitoring kids. If you do choose to hide Minspy, the app icon will disappear from the app drawer as well as the installed apps list. It can't be brought up again without a special code.

Is using Minspy legal?

Minspy is a 100% legal app. But the usage of spy software may be restricted in your country. We recommend that you check your local laws before you purchase the app. For example, it's permitted in the US to use Minspy to monitor underage children or company devices issued to your employees. And you can use Minspy to monitor your personal devices. However, you will need permission from your partner before you can monitor them.

Can I install Minspy remotely?

You can install Minspy remotely for iOS devices only. Note that the solution works without a software download. The "installation" in this case refers to setting up a Minspy account and connecting it to the target iOS device. You won't be able to install Minspy remotely on Android devices. No app in the market can.

How can I install Minspy on a target Android device?

It's simple. You can refer to our installation guide for a step-by-step explanation. We'll summarize it for you here. Get a smartphone or PC ready, you'l use the device to install Minspy. Make sure you can access the target Android device for at least a few minutes.
You won't have to root the target, but you may get extra features upon rooting. Be aware that we don't recommend rooting, as it voids the warranty and makes the user suspicious. Minspy offers multiple powerful features even without root.
Next, turn on the "Allow installs from unkown sources" option in the settings on the target device. Search for the option if you don't find it.
Enable WiFi or mobile data on the target device, if necessarry. You're done! Minspy is now successfully installed. You can start monitoring Minspy by logging into your account. Refer to the iOS FAQs to learn how to monitor iOS devices with Minspy.

How can I uninstall Minspy from the Android device?

Login to the dashboard and uninstall Minspy with a single click from there. You can also uninstall it from the monitored device. Go to Phone Settings > Security, then tap on Device Administrators > Update Service > Deactivate. Finally, go back to the Settings menu. Move to Apps > Update Service. Find Minspy and tap the Uninstall option.

How do I monitor the target device after installing Minspy?

You can monitor the target device by logging into your Minspy account, which takes you directly to the online dashboard. Use any web browser to access said dashboard. The dashboard offers access to all of Minspy's monitoring features.

What does rooting mean?

Rooting is a process to receive root or administrator-level access to the device's operating system. Apps like Minspy sometimes need extra authority to give you access to advanced features like geofencing.

Can you help me find my lost phone?

If you had a Minspy account and the software installed on your phone, you may still be able to trace the lost or misplaced device. Log in to the Minspy account and then check the Locations tab. Or retrieve the IMEI number from the SIM card window and then get in touch with your network operator.

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We recommend taking a look at our FAQs page for basic information and troubleshooting assistance. Also, our Support Center can offer an idea of how Minspy works. Otherwise, please reach out and we'll respond within 48 hours.

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