Mmguardian App Download Reviews Android & iPhone

Mmguardian App Download Reviews Android & iPhone
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Parental Control App | Manage and MONITOR PHONE Usage | MMGuardian.Get an advanced parental control system to help keep your children safe & teach them responsible phone usage habits. DOWNLOAD OUR PARENTAL CONTROL APP today.

Mmguardian App Download Reviews Android & iPhone


MMGuardian is the best AI-powered Parental Control solution


If necessary, read your child’s sent and received text messages, even if they are deleted.


MMGuardian automatically scans and analyzes messages and pictures to alert parents to situations of concern.

MMGuardian has alerted parents:

82,000 times for suspected child predators

398,000 times about cyberbullying

604,000 times about suicide ideation or depression

4 Million+ times for drugs and other categories


Android Phones

Android Tablet

iPhone and iPad

  • Message Monitoring

View detailed reports of SMS texts and messages from selected social messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook messenger.

  • Time Limits

There will be times when you don’t want your child to be able to use their phone such as when they should be asleep. Use Time Limits to define times when their phone will be locked and cannot be used, other than for emergency calls.

  • Comprehensive Reports

Detailed reports of messages, web browsing, and phone activity enable you to see the big picture or dive into specific areas of interest or concern. The reports are available at the secure Parent Web Portal or in the MMGuardian Parent App which we recommend you install on your own phone.

  • App Control

Block Apps including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and PlayStore. Control which apps your child gets to use and when and set daily usage limits to preventing excessive use of social media apps or games.

  • Safety Alerts

Receive an alert when a message is indicative of cyberbullying, drugs, suicidal thoughts, violence or one of several other categories. Or, if an image in an MMS message or saved on the phone may be inappropriate (nudity).

  • Call and SMS blocking

Protect your child from bad influences or bullying by blocking calls and SMS messages with undesired contacts. Contact Block allows you to either set a block list for specific numbers and contacts or create a list of allowed numbers and contacts.

  • Web Filter & Safe Browsing

Block Websites containing porn, adult, or other inappropriate content using the Web Filter function. Select which categories of websites are allowed or should be blocked, or set up specific URLs and domains to allow or block.

  • Location and Track

Worried that your child is not where they are supposed to be? Use the Parent App on your phone or the Parent Web Portal to instantly find out where your child’s phone is on-demand or at pre-set times during the day and week.

Android Parental Control App | Phone Monitoring App | MMGuardian

Our Parental Control for Android phone provides an easy way to monitor children’s activity with features such as SMS text monitor, web filter & app control.




Is possible to monitor Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber , Kik, TextFree, or similar messaging apps?

Reporting of text messages sent and received using popular social media apps is possible. At present WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are supported. More apps will be added in the near future.

How can I view web browsing reports?

Either install the MMGuardian Parent App to your own phone or log into the secure Parent Web Portal using a web browser on your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Can my child make emergency calls (911, 112, 999, etc.) when their phone is locked?

Yes, there is a special Emergency button on the MMGuardian lock screen. Tap that to get to the phone’s emergency call dial pad.

Can my child call or text me when their phone is locked?

Yes, there is a special Contact Admin button on the MMGuardian lock screen. Tap that, then select to call or SMS the parent (admin) phone.

I have an iPhone, but my child has an Android phone. Will this work?

Yes, install the MMGuardian Parental Control child phone app for Android onto your kid’s phone and the MMGuardian Parent App for iPhone onto your own phone.

Does my child’s phone need an always-on internet connection or a mobile data plan?

Ideally, yes. While on-device functions such as Time Limits and App Control will work without an internet connection, commands to the child phone app and alerts and reports from the app will either not work or at least be subject to potentially long delays unless the phone has an internet connection.

I’ve tried other parental control apps, and my child was able to defeat them. Will I have the same problem with yours?

We incorporate a number of sophisticated mechanisms to prevent a child from working around the app and believe that MMGuardian has the best tamper prevention protection in the industry.

Getting Started With MMGuardian | Child’s iPhone or iPads Control App

Monitor your child’s iPhone or iPad use with the MMGuardian Parental Control app. Designed to safeguard your child’s device and give you peace of mind.

Get Started with MMGuardian for Your Child’s iPhone or iPad.

Install Child Device App

Download the MMGuardian Parental Control app to your child’s device.

Register the app using your email address and choice of password.

Install the device management Profile

Close the MMGuardian app, and open the Settings app

Click on Profile Downloaded, near the top, and follow the guidance to enable the profile.

When the above steps have been completed, the app is ready to be configured, proceed to step #2.

Note: We recommend configuring Apple Screen Time for use with MMGuardian.

Install Parent Phone App

Download the MMGuardian Parent App to your own phone.

Log in to the app using your MMGuardian account email and admin password.

Configure child app features.

Manage and Monitor

For Web Filter configuration, select the relevant menu item.

The Device Usage menu item is where to view web usage reports.

The Location menu item is where to request a location update.

Apps that have been downloaded to the child's device can be disabled on-demand or based on a schedule, using the Quick App Control and App Block Schedule functions.

How to Use MMGuardian for iPhone/iPad

Application registration on your child’s phone

The application must be registered before it will start functioning and your trial period can commence. The following information is entered in the registration screen:


Your choice of password. If you already have an MMGuardian account, please enter your existing password.

Password Confirmation:

Repeat the password!

Parent Email Address:

This will be your MMGuardian account name. Please use an email account that your child does not have access to as it’s used for things such as password recovery and reset. If you already have an MMGuardian account, please enter your existing email address.

Enter the information described above and then tap on the Register button.

iMessage and SMS message reports

The Sync App, downloadable from the MMGuardian server, is required if you wish to get message reports from your child’s iPhone and should be installed onto your own computer.

Once set up, when your child’s iPhone or iPad connects to the same WiFi network that you also use for your home computer, the app will collect the messages from your child’s device. These messages will then be available for you to view either in the MMGuardian Parent App installed on your own phone or at the MMGuardian web portal.

For full information please see: Message Reports for iPhone


The last known and historical locations can be viewed on a map. Tap the Update Location button to get the device’s current location.

Web Filter and Safe Browsing

Prevent your child from accessing websites that are not appropriate for children, using the Web Filter function.

Your child must use the MMGuardian Safe Browser to browse the internet.

To enable Web Filter, select Web Filter from the menu, then tap the on/off button to turn it on.

Select the appropriate child age range. This will configure the Web Filter with default allow or block settings for each of the many categories that the web filter uses. The lower the age range, the more restrictive the default settings will be.

You may view and edit the category settings to match your specific needs.

Overrides can also be created. These are specific website URLs (addresses) that should always be allowed or blocked and will ‘override’ the site’s categorization.

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Please get in touch with us if you have an inquiry about the parental control solutions that we provide. If you’re looking for support on how to download, register or use MMGuardian, please head over to our FAQ page.

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