Mobile Device at the Workplace – Reducing Security Risks

Mobile Device at the Workplace – Reducing Security Risks
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The new smartphones have already become a vital component of the corporate world. During the last few years, more and more companies decided to provide their employees with mobile devices to facilitate their work. However, if you think about giving smartphones to your workers, don't forget to think about the way you will control their proper usage.

Why do companies need to provide their employees with smartphones?

Mobile Device at the Workplace – Reducing Security Risks

The smartphones give employees the possibility to handle different tasks in an unusual manner, so to speak, on the go:

To keep in touch both with colleagues and clients even without being at the workplace

To post on social networks

To check and respond to the emails

To find the right way to the appointment place using Google Maps

To book accommodation and travel without any hassles

To analyze the traffic of the given website.

The employees that benefit the most from the corporate smartphones are the salespeople, technical support representatives, top executives, and people spending a lot of time out of the office.

If the employer makes a choice to provide his employees with smartphones, he expects to see an increase in their productivity more effective time and project management as well a higher control level of access to company information.

The negative aspects of smartphone usage at the workplace

The positive influence of smartphones used for business needs may seem to be a totally winning situation. However, there are also negative aspects that could cause some problems at the workplace. Some of the potential problems are mentioned below:

Wasting the time and resources of the company on personal calls;

The increasing risk of security breaches;

The higher possibilities for industrial espionage;

The growth of company's costs, in particular, when the phones are used to satisfy the personal needs of an employee.

How could these problems be solved?

Of course, the issues mentioned before could all be seen as disadvantages for the company-owned phones. But the tendency of a growing number of corporate phones can't be slowed down by any of them. The companies may use a simple method to secure themselves - mobile phone monitoring software of different kinds.

The software similar to SPY24 , aiming to monitor the employees’ phones, can both solve and prevent the above mentioned negative issues. The main question that employers wonder about while deciding to give smartphones to their workers is whether they will be used appropriately. Some companies’ owners state that due to employee phone monitoring they succeeded in significantly reducing, the costs on the maintenance of the firm’s equipment as the cases of phones used for personal needs have decreased. Consequently, it also has had a positive influence on work productivity.

In this situation, the phone monitoring software could help to identify how much time and money was spent by your employees for their personal calls. The cell phone tracking apps may also monitor sent/received emails and messages that can be used as a piece of evidence for applying disciplinary sanctions. In addition, when employees are aware of the fact that they can be tracked, they will think twice before using their corporate phones for personal needs.

The cell phone monitoring software can also play a large role in regards to the protection of confidential data as having such information on employees' phones arises security. With the help of software like SPY24, you can ensure how this information is used and prevent some unwanted issues. That is also the way to make sure that your employees are not involved in industrial espionage and do not share the information with competitors.

The monitoring software may also be of some help when the phone is stolen or lost. It is possible to prevent information leakage by locking or wiping the phone remotely. In addition, the GPS tracking option can help to identify the phone's location.

The monitoring of your employees’ mobile phones is a great idea for saving company time and money under the condition that it's handled appropriately. The most important is to inform the employees that they are monitored. This might be done through the contract where it is clearly stated that all company devices can be tracked.

Best Tips On How To Keep Company Information Safe

Nowadays the task of any employer is to find and hire professionals in some special field who will be honest and trustworthy. This task is enough complicated, that's why it's always better to verify everything about the person you hire than just rely on the faith.

Understanding the Risk

If you want to minimize the risk for your business, it is essential to make sure that you understand the nature of such risks. They can, of course, vary, depending on the field and type of your business. Nevertheless, there are some common risks to look out for. Some of them might be even not classified by you as a risk. In any case, the most common risk is employee productivity.

The employees who constantly spend their work time updating their statuses on social media or watching some funny content online are definitely not the most productive employees. Of course, such activities might also be transformed into surfing completely inappropriate websites and put you at real legal risk. This might create some problems for you as far as you are responsible to create a safe environment within your company. Another risk is confidential information leakage as your workers may share important data unintentionally or sell it to the competitors.

Protection Against These Risks

The risks mentioned above are only a small part of the potential risks facing your business. So, how can you protect your business against them? You will need to consider the following key points.

Limit access to a special list of websites that are definitely useless for your business. This is quite easy to block such websites on company computers and mobile devices. In addition, it doesn't require many costs.

There is always a need to monitor downloads on all company’s devices. In case of a security breach concerning confidential data, property, or files occurs, it will be much easier to trace the leak.

Limit copying of confidential files and sensitive data. The confidential information should be accessed only in case of necessity and shouldn't be saved onto external storage devices or emailed.

Regular inventories of the files on computers or mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smartphones) should be conducted. The important data shouldn't be stored on those devices. You also have to know who is storing what on those devices so it will be easier to prevent data breaches and minimize the risks.

Monitoring the online activities of employees is also a good idea. The workers have to know, anyway, that there is a company policy in regards to online activities. Such an approach would give a chance to identify the inappropriate behavior. Very often it is enough for the employees to know that they are watched. This kind of behavior is also useful when you want to find out who of your workers is leaking the information to competitors.

The company-owned smartphones can be equipped with spy app lications for easy monitoring. Such apps also allow you to back up the data, wipe information from the device in case it's stolen or lost and monitor its GPS location .

Every company that has never tried the employee cell phones monitoring software should think about this option as soon as possible. You have to do it with the purpose of not only protect the company data but also making sure that all company policies are respected.

Possible Internet Dangers: How to counter online harassment

Online harassment especially on children has rapidly increased. The victims of this type of harassment do not report in many situations. This problem has resulted in some cases of loss of life and numerous psychological problems for our young ones.

Social media bullying

Not a very long time ago, children used their free time to play with physical toys. But currently, the trend has changed and the internet is the in thing. A mobile device with connectivity can be used for gaming or even socializing. This is where our children join popular social media without our knowledge. This should be discouraged by their parents who should be a step ahead in knowing what their children's activities online are by having the Parental Monitoring Application installed on their kids' mobile devices.

What’s all this about?

Social media are increasing in popularity day in day out. Teens are highly obsessed with them. That’s why they fall prey to internet bullying by being targeted by all sought of bullies especially on social media. Internet bullying may include:

Making use of images, video clips, or virtual gifts to annoy or make fun of the other user

Posting of bad comments about

Posting insulting and abusive images or posts on a victims wall

Social Media bullying is just the same as physical one, the only difference is that it takes place virtually.

Facebook Bullying

Most cyberbullying takes place on FaceBook. An astonishing 89% of all teens on this Social Media platform reported to have suffered cyberbullying!

Why online bullying?

It’s easier to bully someone virtually than physically. Most bullies feel safe carrying out their activities online as opposed to physically where you face your opponent.

How to deal with social media bullying?

The best way to conquer social media bullying is to take care of your privacy settings. Make sure that your children have set their privacy in a way that no stranger can get access to the details. Secondly, avoid becoming friends with people who do not use their real images on social media. They can also:

Avoid the messages and postings from bullies

Get rid of friends with negative online behaviors

Blacklist bullies

Worst results of social media bullying

Characteristics of social media bullying

Except for teaching children how to resist social bullying, parents have to pay more attention to them and notice the signs of bullying at once. Some of them are:

No longer interested in normal activities

Keeping a distance from friends and family members

Having no interest in hobbies as they used to

Spending a long time in bed

Inability to eat

A parent has a very important role to play as far as the safety of their children is concerned. Social Media bullying can be avoided if a parent uses the Parental Mobile Phone Monitoring Application on their children's mobile devices. One has the ability to stop potential bullies and also get timely updates about their child’s online activities.